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  1. Sarah

    Ashling Murphy - Foreign National charged with murder

    I welcome anyone into my country regardless of colour, creed, abilities, religion - as long as they are here peacefully and make some sort of worthy contribution to society. It has been tough enough this week to see another young woman murdered at the hands of a stranger, it would have been...
  2. Sarah

    Dallas Actors Bobby on The One Show

    Patrick Duffy will appear on The One Show tomorrow evening at 7pm BBC One to talk about his new play Catch Me If You Can :spinning::spinning::spinning:
  3. Sarah

    Dallas Character Digger Who?

    Apologies if we have had this thread before, but I was watching old clips of Dallas on You Tube last night and it was the scene where Digger shows up wanting to meet Baby John Ross believing Cliff is his father. I always loved any scene with Digger and particularly with Miss Ellie and Digger or...
  4. Sarah

    Betty White has died

    So so sad - she would have been 100 on January 17. I don’t normally feel sad when people of this age pass, but grew up with her as Rose on The Golden Girls. Can’t believe she’s gone.
  5. Sarah

    Ghislaine Maxwell - guilty!

    THIS is how long justice can take for victims of sexual assault. Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of recruiting and trafficking young girls to be sexually abused by the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein. The 60-year-old was...
  6. Sarah

    Patrick Duffy is coming to Belfast

    My home town! To our Grand Opera House to be exact in a new play. In this highly misleading poster I nearly peed my pants by accidentally missing the ‘Purl’ and focussing on the ‘Gray’. If you know, you know.
  7. Sarah

    Tales from the Attic (not that attic)

    I recently moved back home as both my parents have now sadly passed away. It's really hard going through things and deciding what to keep and what not to keep and it is a bit of a mammoth task moving your own stuff into a house full of stuff already. Anyway, I was in the attic and found.... a...
  8. Sarah

    In Loving Memory - Larry Hagman...23/11/12

    To the man, the myth, the legend that is our one and only JR Ewing forever, we miss you so much Larry!!! Tomorrow marks 9 whole years since we lost you and in the hearts of Dallas fans, I'm sure we can all admit that we will never really get over your loss or adjust to you not being here. Gong...
  9. Sarah

    All By Myself

    I'm very independent and my philosophy on life is that if I want to do something and no one wants to do it with me, I'll do it by myself. What are your thoughts on this? Life is too short as I've learned and I don't want to miss out on opportunities because I maybe have a different taste to my...
  10. Sarah

    The Conners

    Does anyone know if this is available to watch anywhere outside the US, or will it be made available? Thanks!!
  11. Sarah

    Do you agree with Covid passports?

    Today our (awful) assembly at Stormont voted in favour of Covid passports meaning people in Northern Ireland have to carry the document in order to go to bars, restaurants, theatres and live concerts. The disgrace that is the DUP of course voted against it and haven’t come up with a better...
  12. Sarah

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy and The Green River Killer

    You know when you have something on in the background and you think 'that's a very familiar voice'? I knew straight away it was Patrick Duffy but couldn't quite believe it as I didn't remember or know that he had done this. Does anyone know if this was just a presenting job he was doing or did...
  13. Sarah

    8 people killed at music festival in Houston Rapper Travis Scott says he is devastated by the deaths and injuries at his Astroworld festival and has pledged "total support" to the police. At least eight people died and scores of people were hurt after a crowd surge on the opening night...
  14. Sarah

    Lionel Blair dies

    Just in…
  15. Sarah

    Dallas Character Character Star Signs

    I have a great interest in astrology and do believe that people's characteristics and personality traits do very often match the sign they are born under. I was thinking about this the other day (as you do) and in a lot of cases, I don't feel that the Dallas characters match the star sign of the...
  16. Sarah

    Serious Offence! What the hell is this?
  17. Sarah

    Spot of Fiddling Aside from the horrific-ness of this storyline, this one particular paragraph had me roaring with laughter and disbelief. Has anyone else heard of any unbelievable accuses given when someone is caught out? "The jury rejected his claim...
  18. Sarah

    Prince Andrew: Deadline set for depositions in sexual assault case

    (Not entirely sure what the point of this is as it's not as if he will be held accountable for anything anyway.....) The Duke of York must answer questions in a civil sex assault case in the US by mid-July next year, a US judge ruled. Virginia Giuffre...
  19. Sarah

    French Fans

    Do we still have fans here from France?
  20. Sarah

    James Michael Tyler: The One Where Gunther Died

    I mean the title of the thread as a tribute to the wonderful James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther in Friends. He has sadly passed away at the age of 59. Friends stars including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc have paid...