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  1. GillesDenver

    Unpopular opinions ?

    Do you have some unpopular opinions about storylines or characters that go against the general consensus ? There are some of mines : DYNASTY Sammy Jo : Most of people seem to enjoy the change of personality of Sammy Jo in the latter seasons of "Dynasty" and disapprove the fact that she is bad...
  2. GillesDenver

    Nick Toscanni was supposed to come back for Krystle in season 7's cliffhanger

    It was what I thought for years. And today I found out it was the original's idea of the writers ! :eck: James Farentino might have refused to be back so the producers called Bo Hopkins instead !!
  3. GillesDenver

    Dynasty Tribute Intro

    A very cool video assembled by a fan :
  4. GillesDenver

    This how the real interiors of The Colbys look like

    ... and it's very different from the set we know!!
  5. GillesDenver

    Tracy Kendall : the granddaughter of Walter Lankershim !!

    I've just bought the script of "Dex" (season 4), a first draft which differs a lot from the final version. In particular, there is a scene with Tracy Kendall (that I like to call "Trashy Scandal") in a hospice where she met... Walter Lankershim... who turns out to be her grandfather !! She...
  6. GillesDenver

    Dynasty in Blu-ray

    While "Dallas" was not remastered, while "Falcon Crest" and "Knots Landings" were not released entirely, "Dynasty" is going to be available in Blu-ray :
  7. GillesDenver

    Sean Rowan as the real Adam ?

    I do have the script of "the announcement" and, very strangely, Sean does not watch the tape of Blake's trial but the tape of Danny's custody. The part that Sean was supposed to watch was the part where Chris Deegan tries to prove that Bake is homophobic because he killed Ted Dinard. After that...
  8. GillesDenver

    Ron Howard as Garrett Boydston ?!

    On Ebay, the script of the first episode of "The Colbys" is on sale. Interestingly, the name of the actors are mentioned in one of the page (see the attached file) and instead of Ken Howard, the name of Ron Howard is mentioned. It must be a mistake but it is quite amusing I think. Also, the...
  9. GillesDenver

    Season 3 synopsis "As DYNASTY hurtles into its explosive third season, the Carrington family will face the unknown on all fronts. Dealing with the fallout from the startling second season finale, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) is surrounded by a...
  10. GillesDenver

    From aliens to Nazi secrets: Dynasty’s 10 most insane storylines
  11. GillesDenver

    Soap Opera Digest Special Issues : the results by year

    1985 (season 6) : Best Wedding - Ben & Val Most Romantic Scene - Greg's Dinner For Laura Most Intriguing Character - Joshua Rush Best Performance By A Celebrity - Ava Gardner 1987 (season 8) : Best Prime-Time Casting - Nicollette Sheridan 1988 (season 9) : Best Wacko on Primetime - Jill...
  12. GillesDenver

    Soap Opera Digest Special Issues : the results by year

    1985 (season 7 TV - Season 8 DVD) : Most Tortured Love Story - Bobby & Pam on Dallas Best Prime-Time Show 1986 (season 8 TV - Season 9 DVD) : Best Dream - Dallas Best Storyline - Sue Ellen Ewing's Alcoholism 1987 (season 9 TV - Season 10 DVD) : Best Scene Stealer (Male) - Ken Kercheval Most...
  13. GillesDenver

    Soap Opera Digest Special Issues : the results by year

    1985 (season 4) : Most Improved Show 1986 (season 5) : Biggest Letdown - Father Christophe 1987 (season 6) : Best Prime-Time Show Best Love Story - Richard & Maggie Most Shocking Twist - Richard Channing as Angela's Son 1988 (season 7) : Best Reconcilation : Richard & Angela Most Intriguing...
  14. GillesDenver

    Soap Opera Digest Special Issues : the result by year

    1985 (season 5) : Biggest Waste Of Talent - Billy Dee Williams Worst Casting - Ali MacGraw 1986 (season 6) : Most Melodramatic Show (is it good or bad ?? o_O) 1987 (season 7) : Most Pointless Show 1988 (season 8) : Worst Storyline - Rowan's Revenge Most Ruined Show 1989 (season 9) : Best...