Angela's art of fishing.

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Angela explains about the art of fishing, as if Chao-Li didn't already know. Phillip has been working for the wine matriarch and one of her enemies, Richard. Understandably it hasn't gone down well, at all.

Angela goes to see Henri Denault, about her new arch enemy Richard and black mail is on the menu, (a scene from season 2, 1982 – ’83):

Henri: “It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Channing!”

Angela: “I just came from France.”

Henri: “Oh! France is lovely this time of year.”

Angela: “Well, I didn't go for the weather. I met an old friend of yours, Sister Marie Therese.”

Henri: “I don't recognize the name.”

Angela: “Of course you do. She told me all about your Nazi connections, in World War II.”

Henri: “That's absurd!”

Angela: “She was very convincing.”

Henri: “But obviously mistaken.”

Angela: “Was she mistaken when she told me that your code name was ‘The Dark Angel’?"

Henri: “I see no point in continuing this conversation."

Angela: “Well, I do! Now, you get Richard out of my way. Because if you don't I'll have you on the front page of every newspaper, in the western world and I can do it! Good day Mr. Denault!"