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Sunday, April 2, 2028, Dallas at 50 Mini Series:

Main Cast of the Ewing Family (father, mother and 3 children living at South Fork):

John Ross Ewing III (48) - patriarch, head of the family, semiretired from Ewing Industries (Chairman of the Board and owns 42%), rancher, based on Jock Ewing, living at South Fork (owns 1/2), the "in charge" head of the business meeting with his lieutenants in his grandfather's den every Monday morning before sunrise

Pamela Rebecca Ewing (43) - wife, mother, long suffering from mental illness (an explanation for the issues of Rebecca's children), blue-blooded member of the DOA and President of the Ewing Barnes Family Foundations, owns her grandmother's mansion in the city of Dallas, Wentworth House, based on Rebecca Wentworth

John "Jay" Ross Ewing IV (26) - oldest son, unspoken but from an affair John Ross had in his early 20's, raised by Lucy as a young kid in NYC, adopted by and come to call and look upon Pamela as his mother, MBA and JD from Harvard, president of Rio Blanco, a small mining company looking to expand into rare earth, based on JR

Eleanor "Ellie" Sue Ellen (22) - only daughter, unspoken but from an affair John Ross had in his mid 20's, raised by Lucy as a young kid in NYC, adopted by and come to call and look upon Pamela as her mother, BA in Art from the Sorbonne, based on Gary (if JR and Jock hadn't have ganged up on him)

Steven Clayton Ewing (18) - middle son, unspoken but from Elena Ramos who's been in prison for her association with Trevino, adopted by Pamela as a baby, more interested in being a playboy than college and the business, based on Bobby

Supporting Cast Members:

Boaz "Bo" Harper Ewing (37) - brother, President and Chief Executive Officer (owns 42%) of Ewing Industries (a conglomerate owning Ewing Oil, West Star, CBC Financial, Branchwater mercenary, Rayland Transport, Wentworth Tool and Tie, Barnes Global media, Rio Blanco, Ewing Alternative Energy, etc.), lives in Dallas and jet sets around the world

Lucy Ann Ewing (70) - matriarch of the family, lives at South Fork (owns 1/2) and raises thoroughbred horses with Ellie, also a member of the DOA, patron of the arts, with seven marriages behind her, she's sort of a grandmother figure to the children, and she provides the connection to the original series

Marvin Pierce Anderson (48) - John Ross's best friend, grandson to Punk Anderson, lives on the Wade Ranch next door to South Fork, he was a Navy Seal and now semiretired to ranching with John Ross with stories of the two of them and Drew Ramos raising hell back in the day, he's also John Ross's go to person for any situation

Juan Carlos DelSol (48) - another of John Ross's good friends, son of Carlos DelSol, oversees the Carlos DelSol Trust which includes 16% of Ewing Industries, serves on the board, and owns properties around the world, including the Krebs Ranch, also next door to South Fork

Judith Brown (80+) - senator from Texas, old friend and mentor of John Ross's


J. (Jeremey) Paul Wendell (58) - son of Jeremy Wendell, Chairman and CEO of the Trident Corporation (based on Chevron)

Vicktor Sechin (76) - Chairman and CEO of Russian oil company Gazneft

Dia Long / Long Dia (58) - Chairman and CEO of Chinese investment company the Sino Group

Scene 1 (prior to credits):

Nondescript office works gather around a water cooler in a office workroom, printer, mailboxes, that kind of thing.

One person says, "Well you know all the conspiracy theories, like Jock Ewing being being involved in killing Kennedy."

"Or Jock Ewing involved in a coup to over throw a Latin American government."

"Or JR Ewing involved in some coup to over thrown a SE Asian military junta."

"John Ross Ewing involved in over throwing some Arab state."

"I hear his wife was involved with some Arab prince."

"Yes but he was gay and when John Ross sent him back home, they not only executed him, his father was overthrown and the uncle gave John Ross a deal on pumping up oil that gave him the money to fight for the company."

"You believe that?"

"That's what they say. Anything's possible. Fact is, John Ross and his brother Bo ended up with Ewing Oil, Ewing Alternative, West Star refineries and gas stations, the media company Barnes Global, Wentworth Tool and Die, Ryland Transport, Cattleman's bank, now," motioning around, "Rio Blanco."

"And what do the Ewing's want with a failing mining company anyway?"

"Who knows, but things are about to get interesting around here."

"You know what I want to know, who shot JR Ewing?"

"Which time? I hear that last time he did himself in."

"No way."

"Well is was two thousand and ten and that one year with no estate tax, and he'd worked hard to get it through Congress and then he died that year. Two much of a convivence. I heard he'd been really sick anyway, but still, he dies late in the year, just in time."

"I heard he's sitting on all that Mendez-Ochoa drug cartel money."

The camera pulls back, down the hall, through the office lobby and out the glass doors with the lettering 'Rio Blanco, Inc.' and 'A Subsidiary of Ewing Industries.'

The camera runs down the building outside and pans around the city of Dallas skyline.

Credits roll.


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The sun is just barely rising over South Fork.

John Ross walks down the wide upstairs hall way and runs into Lucy walking to her room. "You're up early."

Lucy says, "It's not early in the South of France."

"Oh you're just getting home. How was the partying?"

"Same old same old. Speaking of party. Are you going to Christopher's birthday party?"

"You don't really think anyone wants me anywhere near southern California do you?"

"Probably not. But Aunt Pam asks about you all the time."

"She could come to Texas if she wants to see me."

"Yeah, no. She's not going to ever stop foot in Texas. I'm just glad she and Uncle Bobby are happy."

"I don't see him happy to hear my name."

"No but that doesn't matter to her. Aunt Pam loves very much and this fighting, well she could are less about it. You took care of Trevino and that god awful Ramos girl after they almost killed Christopher. Uncle Bobby might not be your biggest fan, but Aunt Pam is. She even got to see her brother before he died because of you. You took care of Cliff when Uncle Bobby just locked him away in that Mexican prison. Rebecca Wentworth's kids are bat crap crazy, but not criminals, well Katherine is."

"I did that for Pamela. She deserved to know the truth, that her father was ill, not a monster."

"Well anyway, Aunt Pam would like to see you. And it all worked out anyway. They're all living on West Fork with my mom and dad and my brother and sister, like one big happy family."

"I'll think about it."

"Good." Lucy kisses his cheek and walks into her room.

John Ross walks down stairs, across the house and into his study where he finds four other people meeting. He says, "Sorry I'm late. Lucy caught me in the hall. So, Rio Blanco."

The one man in his late thirties speaks,
Ben Hardy as Bo Ewing - add 7 years for 2028
"I'm just confused. You had me buy the company to get into rare earth mining and you don't want to mine any rare earth. Now you want me to turn the company over to your son."

"Well Bo, one day you and I aren't gonna be here and Ewing Industries is gonna be my children's responsibility. Of course you could settle down and have some kids of your own if you wanted, brother."

"Go on."

"Jay has his MBA and JD from Harvard. He's not over his head. It's a good place to start."

"At the top of a company we just bought. That you had plans for."

"Rare earth plans," Judith Brown says, "But like I explained to your brother, there are places we can get rare earth on the cheap. Why deplete our resources. You're better sitting on them."

Bo says, "Hence Ryland Transport becomes Ryland Trade and Transport."

"That's right. To deal in commodities trading, like rare earth. Jay unturned with me on the Foreign Intelligence Committee. He's not over his head. Believe me."

"If I may," another man speaks up.
Pej Vahdat as Marvin Anderson at 7 years for 2028
"The real issue is dealing with Paul Wendell. He meet with Vicktor Sechin and Dia Long the other day. You wanted me to dig deep. Well I did and you're right. He's gunning for the Ewings."

Judith says, "Oh come on Marvin, it can't be to settle some score between John Ross's father and his, can it?"

John Ross says, "My father and Uncle Bobby set him up, as far as Jeremy Wendell was concerned. He spent the rest of his life in prison. He wasn't much of a father as far as I could tell, but something is better than nothing I guess."

"It's more than that," Marvin says. "My grandfather said that J. Paul Wendell was ambitious. He kept an eye on him even back in the day."

Judith said, "Well Punk Anderson would know."

"My mother's father."

"What would a Pakistani arms dealer have to do with the Wendells?"

"More like what would Paul Wendell have to do with arms dealing?"

The final person in the room says, "I want to get back Rio Blanco. The Del Sol group financed Ewing Industries buying it and you don't intend to turn things around?"
Kuno Becker as Juan Carlos Del Sol - add 7 years for 2028

Bo says, "We can cover it, even at a loss, but I don't intend for the company to stay operating at a loss."

Out by the pool the family begins to gather for breakfast. John Ross walks out of the back of the house with Judith, Marvin and Juan Carlos, saying good bye as they walk to their cars. Judith promises him everything is going to work out, that he's got this, as she heads back to Washington. John Ross heads over to the table with Lucy and Pamela.


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John Ross sits with Pamela and Lucy. Lucy asks, "Why didn't Bo come over to have breakfast?"

"He's in a huff."

"And why's that?"

"I wanted Jay to run this new company we bought, Rio Blanco."

"What's Rio Blanco?"

"A small mining company which went bankrupt."

"And why would you buy a bankrupt company?"

"Because it has assets that are very valuable."

A very handsome man about age twenty-six says, "Except I can't touch those valuable assets."
The look, preppy, slim, nerdy, not necessarily the actor in 2028

"Any why can't he touch those assets?" Pamela asks.

"Morning, momma," Jay says, kissing Pamela on the cheek. He then kisses Lucy on the cheek. "Morning Mimi. I didn't expect you back from France so soon."

"Well I wanted to be here for your first day of work. So I'm not understanding, if these assets are valuable then why wouldn't Jay be aloud to use them?"

John Ross answers, "Because they can be mined far cheaper in other countries and shipped here. So we hold onto our assets while depleting those of others."

"I guess that makes sense. But how is Jay going to turn around a bankrupt company if he can't get his hands on those assets?"

"Bo will be meeting with him today. They'll figure it out."

Then another younger boy, age eighteen kisses Pamela.
The look, young, hinky, Hispanic, not necessarily the actor in 2028
"Morning Momma." Then kisses Lucy. "Morning Mimi."

Lucy says, "And Steven's first day."

"Don't remind me. You know most kids when they take a gap year get to enjoy themselves."

"I don't know about that," Lucy says, "In my day we didn't have a gap year."

"But look how you turned out. You weren't forced to find a job."

"Several husband's later. No you should listen to your father. Everyone needs purpose."

John Ross says, "You want to enjoy yourself, that's fine, just get a job on your own and pay for that enjoyment, along with a place to live. Here you work or go to school. You choose. You don't want to go to work with your momma for the foundation, then you can come work on the ranch with me, and if that's the case you're a couple hours late already."

"How can I be late? You're not out there."

"You're not me. I've been up working for well over two hours already. Maybe I need to put your smart mouth on a oil rig."

"You choose to drop of our college to work an oil rig up in the Badlands. Don't put that off on me."

Pamela interjects, "That's enough. You'll work for the Ewing Barnes Family Foundation for one year and then go to school. I don't want to hear any more about it."

"I was thinking of going into the military afterwards. Be a Navy Seal like Punk."

Pamela says, "His name is Marvin. And no. You're not going into the military."

"Who's not going into the military," a beautiful young girl in her early twenties says.
The look, young, exotic (redhead), blue-blooded, necessarily the actor in 2028

"No one," Pamela declares.

Steven says, "See now Ellie doesn't work."

John Ross states, "She went to the Sorbonne for two years and some other stuff and now she's working with Lucy raising thoroughbred horses . She does do stuff."

Ellie says, "Well to be fair daddy, I don't work. We're Ewing's, none of us really work."

"There you have it, " Steven says.

"College, the foundation or the ranch. You pick."

"Ellie says, "You should have picked college." Ellie leans over and kisses Pamela's cheek and then Lucy's. "What a beautiful day."

Lucy says, "So Pamela, the Oil Barron's Ball? How are things going?"

"They're coming along. Are you going to be here today for the Daughters of the Alamo?"

"I don't know. I might be. Ellie staying?"

"Yes," Pamela answers for her. "We're working on the South Fork Rodeo, it's our biggest fundraiser."

"I might be around. See some of the old biddies. Oh say, John Ross, I saw your mother in Monaco. She sent her love and gifts for all kids."

"Gifts." Ellie's eyes light up.

John Ross says, "What does she do, just buy gifts and hold onto them until she has an occasion?"

"Yes," Lucy answers.

John Ross stands up, "Well I better get moving. Juan Carlos and Punk and I are going to a cattle auction." He kisses Pamela. "Have a good day today, OK. Just relax. You had a difficult night last night. You don't need to go in with Steven. He can find his way around. And let Ellie handle the DOA, you just show up and look pretty."

"Oh John Ross, go on, I'm fine." She kisses him.

"Love you darlin'." John Ross kisses her for a third time.

Jay stands up and says, "I better go too. Wouldn't be a good first day if I was late."

Pamela says, "Don't forget. Dinner is at seven sharp."

"I'll be there momma. Love you." He kisses her cheek and whispers, "You sure you're OK."

"I'm fine sweetheart. You better get going."

Jay leaves.

Steven says, "Really momma, I can go in myself today."

"Don't you start. But Ellie, I will need you to set up for the DOA. I'll be back in time for the meeting but I'll need you to set up."

Lucy says, "Oh I've got this."

"Thank you mimi," Ellie says. "I've got a meeting later today that I shouldn't miss."

"That's fine Ellie. I've got it covered."

Pamela stands up, "You know I might go take a nap. If you want to go in later with me, Steven."

"Sure when ever."

Ellie says, "No, he can come in with me."

"Of your meeting is for the foundation?" Pamela says. "Yes, that's a good idea." She then walks into the house.

Lucy says, "You're doing work with the foundation."

"No," Ellie replies. "But I'll be in Dallas and I don't want daddy to find out that Steven hung around here all day."

"I wasn't planning on it. They've got a new club opening up this Friday, a friend of mine. I was gonna stop by and help out."

"Yeah. No. You wanted to work at the foundation you're gonna work at the foundation. Why didn't you just pick college? Any college."

"I don't know if college is for me. The football part was fine, but I'm sick of classes. I'm sick of sitting in a desk while someone chaunters on." Steve looks at Lucy. "Did grandma say if she's headed back to London."

"I'm sure she is. Why?"

"I was thinking maybe I should visit her."

Ellie says, "So what did she send me?"

"I'm sure it's a piece of jewelry."


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Steven and Ellie walk out toward a long black limousine behind the garage, the license plate to which reads ‘Ewing.’ Steven makes a joke about Ellie not driving. Lucy cones marching up to Steven. “Now you listen to me, the world is full of idiots who just spout out about everything and anything to justify their own pathetic existence. That will not be you if I have to drag you through school kicking and screaming.”

“But . . .”

“Your mother loves you very much and it’s all the hell she’s been through that makes her so easy on you. But she’s got your father to take care of her. The three of you have each other. Ewing’s don’t fight each other and they also don’t drift around and let the rest of the family do all the heavy lifting. Believe me, I tried.”

“But Mimi.”

“All the money in the world can’t buy power. Money is just a tool used by those with power, and waisted by idiots. So listen to me very carefully.”

“Yes Mimi.”

“Your Grandpa JR taught me one very valuable lesson. Grandpa had a saying, that real power was something you took, it wasn’t something you were given. But JR explained to me, while he was right, real power isn’t something you’re given, it is something you have earn. Blood, sweat and tears, and even that won’t be enough. The idiots out there they’re out there to take what they want. JR sold his soul for power and even that didn’t work, remember?”

“Yes Mimi, the takers and the token.”

“That’s right. But most takers are just as stupid as the token, justifying little pieces of shit talking tommyrot, selling their souls. So let me be clear, we help each other, we’re Ewing’s. That’s something my Granddad didn’t teach his three children. But you know better. While you take everything you can take in this world, you help out the token, like your momma, lord knows her father took enough from her, and you keep an eye on your friends, some’ll be taken too and will need your help, that’s why you’ve gotta learn, so you can be of help. Other so-called-friends are really takers, the kind who babble on justifying themselves and their good fortune, more idiots than the taken. Don’t you ever let me hear you justify yourself. And don’t you ever sit there just waiting to get token.”

“Yes Mimi.”

Ellie says, “Don't forgive and never forget; do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves.”

“That’s right. The stupid little takers will do themselves in,” Lucy says. “I won’t let you be one of them anymore than I’ll met you get taken. Are we clear?”

“Yes Mimi. I’m sorry.”

“Ellie, I want you to take Steven with you. He can start at the foundation later. It’s about time he learns the family business.”

“How’s Ellie involved in the oil business?”

“The family business is power.”


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John Ross sits with Juan Carlos and Marin on the bleachers of a cattle auction. Juan Carlos says, “I never tire of watching you run South Fork. Best business decision I ever made is turn the running of the Circle K over to you. I’d have just poured money into like a slot machine.”

“Ranching is a business not a hobby. Speaking of such, when you gonna sell the old Kreb ranch to me?”

“Circle K.”

“Whatever. I just want the land. You can keep the houses.”

“You’ve got the cattle business already.”

“Ewing Industries owns the South Fork Cattle Company but the foundation holds the land, it’s the deal I made with my Uncle. And your land will be safer with the foundation as well.”

“He hound you like this Marvin?”

“Are you kidding? I turned the land of the Wade Ranch over to the foundation years ago. So’d my brother with the land from the Anderson Ranch. Easier than listenin’ to him.”

Juan Carlos says, “I get land conservancy but . . .”

John Ross interrupts, “But your land was originally part of South Fork so it belongs with the Ewing Barnes Foundation. Like the old Henderson place and . . .”

Marvin laughs, “You gonna own all of Braddock County and half of Dallas County again

“Working on it.”

Juan Carlos says, “Speaking of working on it, the Cartel?”

Marvin said, “Like I said this morning, China’s on the precipice of a revolution. When that happens the Ewing Process for methane extraction goes into play and the price of natural gas plummets. That should drive Russia into a revolution of its own. Not to mention the middle eastern countries. What we keep in mind is that in China they’re well educated. Very well educated. And we work with them to make sure their abundant earth reserves are protected in friendly hands.”

Juan Carlos looks at John Ross, knowingly.


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Ellie holds out her hand in the cattleman’s club. “Mr. Long. How are you? This is my brother Steven. Steve Dia Long. I went to school with his son in Switzerland.”

Dia says, “Nice to meet you Steven. I take it you’re tagging along.”

“I guess so.”

They’re walked to their seat and offered a drink. Ellie says, “Soda water and lime.”

Dia long says, “Tieguanyin?”

“Of course for you Mr. Long.”


The three sit down. Ellie says, “How did you get along with Adnan?”

“Wonderful. Thank you for the introduction.”

“My pleasure. You’ll need to meet with Herbert Bond next.”

“Ryland Trade and Transport?”

“Yes. They’ve got a subsidiary that can get your purchases into China.”

“I appreciate all your help with this.”

“I appreciate your consulting fee.” She smiles and waved someone over. “Here’s Mr. Bond now.”