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Dynasty and I: A 23 years old watches Dynasty for the 1st time


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But it wasn't just economic -- ABC actually hated the show.

DALLAS surpassed 100 episodes, went into syndication, pulled bad ratings during summer reruns, and eventually tanked during the regular season, but CBS didn't hate the show itself. In fact, Larry Hagman marveled in 1989 that CBS was "still hot" for DALLAS despite it being in 61st place.

one has to remember that DYNASTY mounted a very public "come back, we've fixed it!" PR campaign every six months beginning in Season 6, but to no avail --- there was little improvement in the show (at least until Season 9 once the audience really was gone). That makes people surly.

They could have done all the „We fixed it campaign“ in the world it was clear that they never fixed anything before S9 except the second half of 6B.
While season 6B war just sooo good, S7 felt as if they threw everything that came into their minds and looked how the audience reacted. It lacked tension and a complete narrative (But it is still better than that crime of a Reunion).
S8 was solid but without any real highlights.

Did any of the casts ever complained publicly about the writing while the shows was still going? Or did they voiced their concern with the producers? Spelling?The Shapiros?

„Listen folks, your ideas are BS! We’re losing viewers! No narrative, no tension!Fix this! Bring new people in! Just do something “ - Did such confrontation ever happened on the set?

I‘ve watched and read interviews with John, Joan, Linda, Gordon etc. *after* Dynasty and everyone of them said that the writers lost touch with the show or that the writing was the true weakness of the show.

They definitely should have brought in new people for S7 right from the start . If the writing had been a least a bit more existing and structured, I assume that it wouldn’t have burned and crash so fast as it did.
It is very likely that a better S7 would still loose viewers but the decline would have been more gradually just like with Dallas.
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As John Forsythe said, the producers didn't know what they wanted.

As Kate O'Mara said, one of the producers admitted that they made it up as they went along.

Both points are painfully obvious.