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By people´s request (thank you dear @Karin Schill for your interest!) I´m going to re-post all my Ewing Empire episodes while I finish my last one. It reprises the Ewings´ story overseeing both TV movies and TNT "Dallas" too. The Character Guide can be read here:

Episode 1:


- Bobby James Ewing, I don’t believe you... - she said, as she put a lock of hair behind her ear, unsuccessfully trying the wind not to ruin her hairstyle.

Pamela Ewing was in her late forties, but she still looked like a young happy woman. Her husband Bobby was driving his black BMW on the freeway to Dallas. They had spent the whole week in a luxury New Orleans hotel. But they had been married for five years, and it was their third marriage to each other. However, they never could have a honeymoon trip before.

- And what is that so unbelievable? - He said, taking a quick look at her, while he drove on to a nearby gas station.

- I can’t believe we spent four years away from Southfork, and, what’s more, away from our son.

- Oh, come on, Pam: you perfectly know that Chris is not an ordinary boy. He became independent of us long ago...

- I guess a mother always has a hard time letting her son live his own life, even if his I.Q. is so high, and he’s not a minor anymore...

- And now, we are living our second youth all over again, and we’re going back to where our family awaits to make a celebration...and, this time, be sure my folks won’t throw you off the ranch...

The couple laughed out loudly, as they remembered a very similar conversation they had had, not far away from there, but twenty-two years ago...

Also far away, a car with a Ewing 8 plate was heading to Southfork too. That was the Ewing family home, located in Braddock. The driver was John Ross Ewing III, the heir to one of the biggest fortunes in Texas, who was already twenty years old and had everything he could wish...everything material. Except for his parents...

Suddenly, as if it came out of blue, a fancier sports car went after Ewing 8. The driver was a man in his thirties, wearing dark sun-glasses, who drove his car closer to John Ross’s. Unexpectedly, he tried to get him off the road.

- Who the hell must that mad guy be? - John Ross whispered, as he sped off and let him overtake him. But the other driver seemed to be determined to cause an accident....At last, he parked his car on the right place and, when he saw the other do the same thing, he got out of his car to face him bravely. He got quite a surprise when he saw that the driver was none other than his older brother, James Beaumont Ewing, whose rare sense of humor used to kick John Ross off.

- Hi little brother - he said, putting his sun-glasses off...

- You damned pig... - the boy answered, hugging the young man...

- I’ve just come back from Miami and thought you’d like to be the first to admire my great tan...

- You’ll never change, will you?

- Nope, but my little brother did, and I’m so proud of him... - James pointed out to the sports car with personalized plate and all...

- So, what are you doing here?

- I’ve got good news: I’m gonna marry.

What he didn’t say to John Ross was the bride’s name: the one to become his wife was...John Ross’s ex stepmother.

Those two guys were on their late fifties and seemed to be brothers, though they just were half-brothers, sons of the same father. Gary and Ray had settled down in Southfork forever, after a long time living far away: Gary, in a Californian suburban area called Knots Landing, and Ray in Switzerland, with her late wife Jenna and her breed.

Now, Gary lived in his independent ranch house along with wife Valene and their twin kids, Bobby and Betsy. Ray owned the next door’s house, with his wife Donna and their teenage daughter Maggie. Five years before, the best-known ranch in all Texas had been demolished after a one-week storm shook the Braddock area, near Dallas, and ruined the basements of the white house that had been the Ewings’ home for many decades.

- Sometimes, I still look up and see the old ranch, down there, shining as ever at the morning light...

- Me too, Ray - Gary nodded. - After I ran away home, when I was a kid, every time I thought about Southfork, I didn’t think of the fights with my dad or my brother, but of the image of that big white house, where my mother used to spoil me and taught me how to ride a horse...Now, Southfork means a lot of things, partly thanks to you and Bobby, who worked hard to renew the waste lands and find another purpose to those acres of land...The Southfork family resort, the last Southfork oil fields, placed where the ranch used to be, and the Southfork Stables, where the best breed horses in Texas are born...

- Too bad Jock and Ellie are gone now, I wish they could see all this; they’d be damn proud of the results, and of you too, Gary...

- Thanks Ray. You are a good brother...Remember that Clayton will come back in a couple of weeks... - After that, they rode back to the ranch, where their families were waiting for them, at six o’clock, when the Ewings usually have dinner...

Bobby and Pamela had made a break by a road café, and were about to continue their way to Southfork. But they wanted to talk to his son Chris before. Finally, she got him to answer his cell phone...

- Hello honey. I find you at last...How are you?

- Mama, I am glad to hear from you, finally. Since you are on your honeymoon, it’s not been a surprise though...

Pam got slightly blushed up and then smiled at his husband.

- Chris, son, don’t be insolent to your mama... - she mocked - We decided to go to New Orleans anyway...Why that? Your daddy and I got married there the first time and...we were following the same route we did then...

- So it is a sentimental journey...You 20th Century parents are incorrigible. Everything’s fine here, though I haven’t been at the ranch for a few days...John Ross seems to be planning something, and plays the mystery man...

Then, Bobby firmly but tenderly took the cell phone away from his wife:

- Hello Chris. Are you still on your own? I thought you’d be bored to death and back to Southfork by now...

At that minute, an urgent message appeared on Chris’s computer screen. The sender was a familiar key name from which he expected really important information...

- Dad, I’m sorry, I must leave now, call you later...

Chris switched his cell off and clicked on the mail message, whose sender was "Illegal Eagle"...The contents of the message let him open-mouthed...

"KREBBS QUITS EEG: A COMPANY TO SINK, ANYONE?" - read the "Dallas Press" headlines. Donna had put the newspaper on her desk, for her husband Ray to read that malicious hint, as he was sitting in her armchair.

"Why, after so many years, cannot they understand what I did?" - She asked, expecting no answer.

"Very simple: out of ethics, ´cause you are an honest woman and had the chance to uncover one of the biggest cases of corporative fraud in Texas history..."

Ray, that simple ex Southfork foreman, had become a philosophical cheerful annalist of anything related to his family, the Ewings. Four years earlier, Donna Krebbs had discovered a number of secret files, hidden by the late family lawyer, Harv Smithfield, which exposed the dark reasons the biggest oil company of the State, WestStar Oil, went on uphill for, though it had to let behind a lot of murders, attacks a wide net of prostitution and gun traffic...

Donna had to choose between keeping the file secret or sharing it with the media, and let the people responsible for that pay for the crimes they committed every day. 95’s court trial following that was such a turning point for that year’s critical economy, and such a good business for the Ewings, who had just found oil in the house’s basement land, that Donna Krebbs, married to two State Senators but a proud mother and a cowboy’s proud wife, was immediately marginated from any public charge, political or administrative. After she overcame a depression, Donna concentrated on her family: Ray and little Margaret, and now, they all lived with the rest of the Ewings in the new Southfork mansion...

"Hold me...- she begged to her husband - ...and promise me that the world will forget it, some day..."

(Fade out)

Now a strawberry blonde, full of energy and owner of a singing voice adored by the Dallas audiences, Afton Cooper was the big star of one of the primetime shows of the local network. She finished her song and introduced her next guest, to act after the commercial break.

"And, how was I? - Afton asked to a blonde young woman who turned out to be her daughter. "Like always, mum. You are the best..." "Every time I mention the sponsors’ name, I have the feeling that someone just made it out, it sounds so fake..."

Afton was a very insightful woman and her long singing experience had made her a sly business woman who didn’t need an agent. Even so, it was so tremendously easy to her to find a sponsor for her show...The Afton Cooper Show was a talent-searching weekly program.

"Mum, when will you realize that your voice is worth a million dollars?" - "Why do you think I married her for? - Both women heard to say. It was Cliff Barnes, happy father and happy husband. "Sweetheart, why didn’t you call me before coming? I’m sorry, I have to be on air in a minute..."

The make-up girl came to give her the last touch. Beckie accompanied her mother on stage as Barnes was using his cell phone to make an urgent call: "Lloyd, get my wife’s contract renewed for two more years...no conditions. Anything she asks for, give it to her. Afton deserves that and much more..."

James Beaumont parked his car in front of his luxury apartment and came in, ready to have a cold shower as soon as possible...He began to take his clothes off vigorously and, once naked, he went to his equally well-equipped bathroom...His muscled body, marked by a few scars and a tattoo on his arm saying "I Love Mum", revealed what that good-looking young man had went through, since the death of his father, J.R. Ewing.

"James, I was waiting for you..." - a sexy deep voice yelled, from the Jacuzzi at the end of the bathroom. She stood up, lather all over, and exposing her exuberant, still youthful body...

James smiled openly and walked on her way, making slow but self-assured steps..."Maybe you don’t know, but I’m gonna marry soon...and you are a temp..."

"And, your would-be wife, what’s her name?"

"Cally" - he said. "You liar... - she joked mischievously.”You perfectly know that her name is Calpurnia...and that’s me."

The two bodies melt together and the couple made love for hours...

Far away from there, at the Texan island of Galveston, a sailing ship dropped anchor. Two blonde teenagers, a male and a female, got out of it and ran away, after warning their parents about it: "We are going for a drink, meet you at the marina club..."

Following them, came a mature blonde couple: she was utterly slim and her name was Valene. He was healthy, still attractive and almost sixty, as she was. He was the one considered, at a time, as that loser son of the Ewings, the family’s black sheet who, ironically, had become one of the richest Ewings on his own and, indeed, the one who had a most fulfilled personal life...

"Gary, it was a great idea to buy this ship, the boys are just crazy about it..."

"I wish Lucy came along with us once in awhile..."

"You know she is an independent woman, and her dear child comes first to her..."

"Little Pete...how old is he, three or four?"

"Five. Gary Ewing, you never were good at Maths..."

"I hope the kids will fit in the new high school, it’s uneasy to accept their parents’ decisions at their age...though they know best..."

"I do know what best for me is..." - she added, kissing passionately her husband, ignoring the fact that Bobby and Betsy were watching them from a distance, with a big smile in their faces...

John Ross had to return to college too, but there was a very important deal for him to close before...

"No, I won’t let it go - he assured as he was driving, talking to someone hands-off - I want that office, at any price, and IIII want it for this week. You say the amount and you’ll get it. And remember we the Ewings don’t forget our friends..."

John Ross Ewing III, though still was at S.M.U., had already learnt part of the advices his father J.R. had given to him since he was a child, including the one saying "Get close to your friends, and still closer to your enemies..."

John Ross was preparing a surprise for a very special person who was coming back to Dallas two days later...

The new Ewing mansion proudly raised fifteen miles away to West from the place where old Southfork Ranch had sheltered the Ewings. Presided by a high six-column portico, white and blue colored, with three independent wings belonging to Gary, the Farlows and the Krebbses...Leafy trees near the main house were a protection from the weather inclemency and its basement was the strongest ever built on lands like those, which had fed cattle for long decades...

A lonely woman in her fifties was staring at the house, suddenly feeling melancholic and missing it already, as if she were abandoning what she at long last achieved: her own roots and a family to count on. The woman’s name was Barbara Baxter, and she was the natural daughter of Ellie Southworth Ewing’s brother, Garrison, and, besides, now she was a co-owner of the wealthy Ewing estate, which included that house...

A couple of hours later, at a quarter to seven, the mansion opened its doors to the members of the family who gathered for the ritual, more unusual but not less important than it used to be. The Southfork family dinners were held at seven o’clock since ages and pity anyone who discussed business at dinner.

"Boys, I don’t want Bobby and Pam to be uncomfortable before your fights, so please behave yourselves, won’t you? - Valene begged with a smile.

"If I remember well, my youngest brother defends himself at the home front as he does in a bar quarrel with several drunken cowboys..." - Gary mocked, as he stared at John Ross’s new portrait on the mantelpiece.

"By the way, shall we count on our dear John Ross this evening?"

"John Ross called awhile ago - Beckie explained, since her parents Cliff and Afton also agreed to attend the dinner in honor to the prodigal couple.” He had some unfinished business in Dallas, and asked me to make excuses for him."

"John Ross is a nice boy, despite of his parents..." - Lucy honestly remarked, but she regretted that when she had time to think about it...

Donna came over and joined her husband and her beautiful daughter Maggie. "Teresa says today’s dinner will be very special, she has made Bobby’s favorite meal..."

"I can’t wait to see them...- Afton said - It’s been a year since we visited them up there in Toronto."

"Why did your parents moved so far away, Chris?" - Beckie asked.

"Some people hear the call of the wild; he seemed to hear the call of the crude..."

"Well, and speaking of liquid, what about a drink? - Cliff proposed. Afton’s look made him feel guilty...

Valene was the first one to get up and serve her husband a glass of...mineral water. With a slice of lemon.

Once everybody was served, Ray made a toast raising his glass of champagne: "As J.R. used to say, let’s toast...to the Ewings’ tradition...

"Can we toast too?" - the whole family turned around to the hallway and, 0over there, like two teenagers in love, holding each other’s waist, the best of the best of the Ewings and the Barneses was standing there: Bobby and Pamela.

Each and every one of them hugged the newcomers warmly. Despite of the journey’s fatigue, they were happy to be back home...Bobby and Pam only had lived in that house for one year, though they had helped to build it up after the tragedy of ‘95. As anyone else felt, it symbolized a new beginning and the fact that all their misfortunes could be left behind and they could look ahead. Shortly after, they were sitting at the dining-room, sitting at the big table, full of all kind of tasty dishes, cooked by the Ewings’ faithful servants, Raul and Teresa.

"So we went to the New Orleans City Hall and almost got married for the fourth time! in the same place where we celebrated the first wedding..." - Pam told happily.

"At last, I don’t know why, we thought that might be a bit over-the-top..." - Bob added.

"I could never live with a woman I wouldn’t marry at least thrice - Gary said, looking into Valene’s eyes.

"On a rainy day, I’ll tell you all about what we went thru before our very last marriage..." - Val said, appealing her sons’ interest. Was it due to your riding accident, mother? - Bobby asked. "Due to that and a hundred other nonsense things..."

"We lived a couple of years together, before...making apart." "Though, thanks God, - Afton slightly blushed up - our ways crossed again, and thanks to a little beauty called Pamela Rebecca..."

"Oh, you know I’d rather be called Beckie, that name is so affected..."

"You’d remember I named you after your father’s mum, an outstanding woman." - Pam put her hand over Afton’s, expressing affection and thankfulness for those words..."She would be so proud of the woman you have become, honey" Pamela said.

"Anyone here married the same person only once?" - Ray asked.

"Yes I did..." - a voice from the hallway said.

Another couple had just come in and joined the conversation. They were Cally Harper, J.R.’s ex wife, and James Beaumont.

"We knew you were having a special celebration this evening and thought the family reunion would be the best occasion to announce our marriage. Within a month exactly..."

(Fade out)

To Be Continued


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James and Cally’s arrival wasn’t as welcomed as Pam and Bobby, but these broke the ice and got up to congratulate them...

"Congratulations, nephew, and, if you wanna live here, just say it: we can always add another house."

"If Bobby had lived in Knots Landing, he wouldn’t offer them next door’s house that easily" - Val whispered to Gary, who laughed sarcastically...

"As I can see, my little brother is the only one missing the party..."

"Cally, sweetheart... - Lucy couldn’t repress herself any longer - hopefully you won’t be tempted to get married here in Southfork..."

"Well, Lucy, partly, that’s why we’re here. We wanna ask you to let us the Southfork garden to celebrate the wedding, so we could hold one of those entertaining reunions we used to have before...the floods."

"You are a Ewing almost so much as we are, if not more, since you survived to a two-year life here with my brother, and you deserve enjoying the best..."

"If you can call James the best..." - Lucy muttered to Beckie and Betsy...

Next morning, Donna and Valene went shopping to the biggest mall in Dallas. Their friendship had developed through the last five years, and Val’s support had been vital to Donna, who had been suffering so long, due to her unlucky divorce from Ray, Maggie’s illness or the way his unfaithful husband, Senator Andrew Dowling, blackmailed her back home. Not to speak of the WestStar affaire...

"You are such a good friend, Val" - Donna told her in confidence when they stopped by for a tea. "All through the years I was married to Ray, the first time, I only could count on Miss Ellie and Pamela’s friendship, until she left..."

"Funnily enough...When we left Knots Landing and came to Southfork to help to re-build the ranch, I was so sorry to let my friends the Mackenzies there. Somehow, you made me think of my dear Karen. You both are strong, idealistic women, you wanna improve the world...Karen raged when we said to her that, after all, she just wanted to be a Pollyanna, the movie girl, and she answered we were wrong, she really wished the world to be a much better place..."

"Also, I wanted to talk to you alone, Val, in order to be completely sure of one thing: you know that we are flying to Sydney on vacation the day past tomorrow. Jimmy, James’s son, will be living with his dad again, and, when we come back, we’ll start a new business...I need you to promise me that, come what may, nobody else will know our secret, especially Ray..."

Both women gazed at each other and Val, deeply moved, promised her girlfriend to keep their secret, as they hugged warmly...

In a fancy restaurant next to the "First Commercial Bank" Building, its Vice President, Clifford Barnes, chatted with his boss Dennis...

"My dear friend, you don’t know how glad I was to hear about your retirement...Time is right for you to enjoy life and stop thinking about the company’s and other people’s interests... "

"Cliff, I must confess that, without the Barnes Industries investment, this bank would have gone to hell just like that..."

"Qui pro quo, friend, and one thing for the other - Cliff pretentiously added, since he hardly passed the Latin exams when he was studying Law...- I know that I can count on you in the future, when you need someone reliable..."

"I think I already have the perfect candidate for my charge and, believe me, it’s been the easiest choice I’ve ever made..."

"I believe you, that’s for sure, hahaha... - Cliff laughed out loudly, very self-assured - Alea jacta est! He he he..."

Little Jimmy was twelve years old, a happy blond kid, though his father James’s absences had caused him a bit of emotional confusion. He had spent the last year with the Krebbses in Southfork, as a special favor to James, who had spent so much time devoted to business, shoulder to shoulder with Gary at the Ewing Energy Group.

Now, James wanted to have a family along with Cally and his son, but things didn’t seem that easy. Donna was very fond of the boy, and, as for Ray, he was like the son he never had: he took him out to ride his pony and drove him to the Braddock school personally, with his daughter Maggie. Cally was determined to win the child’s affections. James told her that his mother had given him away, but truth was very different. She had been a pawn in the fight for power following J.R.’s suicide. That afternoon, James, Cally and her ten-year-old daughter, little Ellie, went to the Krebbses to pick up the boy.

When he was getting into the car, Jimmy looked back and ran to the people who had been his parents for a year. He hugged them good-bye tightly, which was a sign for the younger couple to keep the child away from them, to ease him accept James and Cally as his own dad and mum...Cally was silently crying inside the car...

When Monday came, John Ross received an unexpected visit. Not the person he had been waiting for, but his aunt Barbara, his late father’s cousin. She had come to say good-bye, since she was going to move to Houston...

"Almost all my friends are there, though my family will always be that group of people who live in a place called Southfork. - she confided to John Ross - My rooms in the main house are ready for you whenever you want to..."

"You are a great gal, Auntie Barbara - he said, embracing her.” But I don’t think I’m able to bear the pressures of living there. I still remember the last months I spent in the old ranch and how I was about to die at the floods, but my brother James saved me..."

"Keep the bad things in mind to regain the strength we the Ewings must always have: we are survivors, even me, just a Southworth..." - Barbara took a pack out of her purse: "I’ve brought you a present: your dad disposed in his last will to have this video tape given tot you when you are twenty-one, but I think you should watch it now..."

John Ross gazed at the tape his aunt had given to him, and a thousand memories of his father came to his mind. "Thanks, Barb. You are my favorite aunt, and I have quite a lot of them..." Barbara laughed out loudly and hugged the boy again. "I’ll get back in four months, on time for the EEG Board Meeting, but remember, kid: if you ever need to talk to someone, to a friend, this is my cell phone number..." - she said, giving him a personal card.

John Ross was standing alone in his apartment. The video tape was on his bed, still packed. Suddenly, he took it and put it into the safety box he had in his library. He locked the box and laid on the bed...The person he was waiting for would be coming soon...

At that moment, he looked up as he was feeling watched: up there, staring at him tenderly, he could see his daddy, the only and one J.R. Ewing...

"Hi son!" - He said. John Ross just twinkled...

"I just came to give you some advices...I hope you took up notes and use them in the future."

"Ol’ J.R. Ewing’s number one rule was: trust yourself only. Whatever you do in your life, do it for you, not for the others...Don’t believe the weak people’s lies...

"My second rule is: when there’s a will, there’s a way. Anything goes and you can use anybody for anything. If it was okay for Machiavelli, why not for us the Ewings...

"Number three: Get close to your friends and still closer to your enemies. I think you know that, he he he, we are two of a kind, yeah..."

"Four: Your granddaddy used to say that power is something you take: no one can give it to other person...

"Five: When they blame you for something you’ve done or play moral to you, remember there’s always a way to make them believe that you did it for the family’s sake, or for the company’s...even if it’s not true..."

"Six: If you got trouble when putting these advices in practice, think that, once you forget integrity, the rest is a piece of cake..."

"Seven: Lie, theft, con and betrayal are words that weak people made up for themselves. Don’t feel guilty for what you did, but for what you didn’t ...

"Eight: Never get angry to anyone, just get even: smile like a snake and show your teeth. Then, strike back with revenge. Everybody has a weakness...

"Nine: Women are one of the true pleasures in life, but just for one night. When you look down, they wanna change you and manipulate you. Find a powerful gal who got enough with her personal goals...

"Ten, last but not least: Never, and I say never, lend a cent to your mama. As our marriage lasted, she made a hell out of my life with her jealousy, her vices and her boyfriends...And now, I gotta go...There’s a little man in red chasing me and he thinks he can catch me, me! Ol’ J. R. Ewing...Ha ha ha!"

That laughter echoed for a few minutes in his head. When he opened his eyes, daddy was not there any more. Had it been a dream? Or did his dad return from the dead to talk to him? And, above all, why didn’t he ask him if his death had anything to do with him, with the way he rejected him, earlier that same day in 1990...?

(Fade out)

The Barnes brothers took flowers to their parents’ graves: Willard Digger Barnes and Rebecca Barnes Wentworth, he died in 1980 and she, in 1983. Cliff and Pamela embraced at the graveyard. Many years had passed by since the last time they had visited the cemetery...

"At last, they ended up together..." - Cliff whispered, with tears in his eyes.” I wish they’d never made apart and we’d been a happy family..."

"We’ve got to think about all the good things they left us - she said - we were sure that, despite of all, they both loved us and made us what we are now. If Beckie and Christopher are the way they are, maybe we owe it to them..."

"Thanks God you came back when I was shot, Pam. My life was awful without you. I was becoming a new J.R. and I wouldn’t have been strong enough to walk again. I wouldn’t have agreed to undergo surgery in Paris and I’d still be paralysed..."

"And thanks to you, my dear Cliffie, I got to see my son again, and my relationship with Bobby grew up into love again, and now, we are happier than ever..."

"Let’s go back with them - she said, looking at Bobby and Afton, waiting for them by the cars.” When I think that, if she didn’t kill herself, Katherine would have killed us off..."

Far away from there, at the Wentworth family pantheon in Houston, a cold flowerless headstone said:

"Katherine Wentworth. 1958-1991. Gone but not forgotten."

That evening, Bobby Ewing was going to be interviewed for a local TV show that would be re-cast on the national network. One of the most important TV hosts of Texas wanted to offer a profile of that Texas-born successful business man, who also made it big in a country like Canada.

"Tell us, Mr. Ewing, why you went to work to Toronto, leaving his Dallas family company and the Ewings’ Ranch in Braddock..."

"A former business associate I worked with in Ewing Oil, Thornton McLeish, called me one day for some advice. His brother was deceased and Canadian laws were giving him a hard time for the oil drilling in his country. I just felt I had the obligation of turning him a favor back. Once there, I realized I’d been missing oil business unknowingly and it might be interesting to spend some time in the Toronto head offices..."

"And time passed by and you’ve been there four years, no more, no less...Why did you quit business in order to devote yourself to Southfork, Mr. Ewing?"

"As you must know, Boyd, my second wife was killed in a terrorist attack in an OPEC convention. That made me get rid of Ewing Oil and dedicate my life to what I cherished the most: taking care of the land my mother had left me and that she had inherited from her father...Later on, came the New Southfork Project, along with my brother Ray, and we renewed the Ewing lands to be able to share them with anybody who wanted to spend some days in a peaceful place with a Texan skyline as a background and where they could have a quiet ride along with their kids. To sum it up, a sort of a dream season resort..."

In her Southfork bedroom, close to Bobby and Pam’s, Lucy was packing up to return to her Florida house. Her five-year-old Peter was staying there, at charge of a good friend. Lucy worked as a talent-seeker who financed young talented artists and enjoyed careless life.

"Cally, you know that I wish you the best, but, do you think that James will be a proper husband for you?" - Lucy asked to her friend and associate on the phone... "Yes, all right, of course I’m gonna respect your decision, yeah, I know James has changed but don’t forget that a Ewing is always a Ewing...and you already went thru that experience."

Once she hung down, Lucy received the visit of her mother.

"Hello, sweetheart. I’ve brought you a couple of things I bought for the baby..." - Val said, putting two wrapped packages on the bed. "I’m sorry, but this time I cannot take them along, my bags are about to explode..."

Valene was not able to speak with her older daughter in confidence. They had spent all their lives separated, and the fact of living in Southfork now, didn’t change a thing, because Lucy was travelling more often than ever.

"Sometimes I wonder if you’re just escaping...from us, from your brothers, from the Ewing name..."

"Why don’t you get to the point, mother? Are you gonna ask me if Mitch is my son’s father again?"

When they met face to face, Valene felt as a loser. But she reminded herself of worse times and thought that the woman was the same baby daughter who was taken away from her...

"Baby, I’d love your brothers to know you better before attending university classes, you still are a stranger to them..."

"I did not decide to move to California and spend fifteen years there with no life signs. When I came over, you pretended to play the good parents and everything went wrong...

"Years went by and you divorced dad married that horrible blond, Abby, and then he got involved with one neurotic woman after another. And you, instead of telling him that your two babies were his, shut up and kept on dating guys who were still weirder than dad’s women..."

"I see that you have been reading the gossip section of the Californian press..." - Valene turned around, with a sad look in her eyes..."I just want you to know that I’m gonna be here, if you ever need me..."

Lucy walked on to her mum and hugged her, saying:

"My best memory of those years is the day that father, you and me went to the beach and took a swim and splashed about the ocean, with our clothes on..." - Mother and daughter were touched and made up, though none of them said anything else...

At the TV network studio, the interview to Bobby was going on. Behind the cameras, Afton, Beckie and Pam were watching with a smile in their faces...

"Tell us, Mr. Ewing. Is it true that you are going to run Ewing Energy Group again?"

"No, I’m afraid not, Boyd. This company wasn’t created just for making money, but also for joining the efforts of all the Ewing family: my brothers Ray and Gary, Donna, my cousin Barbara and my stepfather Clayton...and, of course, my nephew John Ross and my son Christopher, when they are old enough..."

"If our source is right, your son already owns a computer research company and finished two careers, at only nineteen...Do you think that he needs your help?

The audience laughed shyly...

"Well, maybe he doesn’t but I do might need it from him..." - at this point, everybody was laughing openly... - "Five years ago, we had this idea of funding a company to canalize our experience in oil business to explore new energy resources. Therefore, my nephew James specialized in wind and sun energy, Gary in hydraulic and natural gas, Ray and Donna in environment care..."

"What about your wife Pamela? What is her specialization?"

"Me, just me." - More laughs again. "No, just kidding, Pam...She is a dream wife and, what’s more, an experienced P.R. and helped us to re-launch McLeish Oil around the world..."

"Now, we request Pam’s presence..." - Afton winked at her sister-in-law...

Pamela finally agreed to join her husband on camera and sat by him - "Bobby’s got a great sense of humor..."

Cliff was walking nervously thru the corridor leading to the Boardroom of the First Commercial Bank...he got the feeling that he was going to be announced as the new President of the company. At last, all the efforts and investment rewarded...without dirtying his hands with the oil business. At last, he went into the already full room, and sat in his armchair. He said hello to Dennis, and he began his speech. Cliff got more and more nervous and felt happier and happier, picturing himself as the new master of the Dallas banks, controlling every business in town...without listening to Dennis.

"...Therefore, I proudly introduce you my successor, the new president of FCB, Mr. J. W. Monahan...

Cliff went to reality in a shock, and saw a man in his forties coming in, elegantly dressed, self-assured, and bright-eyed and smiling a naughty smile that Cliff powerfully reminded him to himself, twenty-five years younger...Who the hell was that stranger...?

Somewhere else in town, a limo was driving thru the streets to the building formerly known as Ewing Building. Inside the car, a woman dressed in black, short-haired, a blonde with brown streaks and a glass of Perrier on the car’s table, was speaking on her cell phone:

"Oh, no, Deborah, you just can’t be pregnant, think that you’ll have to go to the Milan fashion show and I’m gonna need you to cover the event...Sorry, I have a waiting call..." "Yes, hello, Ian. Oh, really? Remember what I said: if shares go down, you sink down with them, and, especially, buy a lot more of Warner. They weren’t able to promote our last two TV movies; we’ll be the last to laugh..." "Yes. Oh, Josh...I was missing you. London’s got all my attention. Of course. Talk to Don about all this but don’t forget that I have the last word about it..."

The limo reached its destination and the woman got out elegantly, getting her slim legs out of the car in the first place..."Thanks, Ken" - she kindly said to the driver. The woman looked up to the building with reverence, raising her eyes up there to that office where her husband had spent so much time...

Five minutes later, Sue Ellen Lockwood came in the former Ewing Oil executive offices. As she walked in, she saw a solemn picture of J.R. Ewing hanging on the front wall. She raised an eyebrow and winked at him, stepping in. She found her son John Ross there. After kissing him, she asked:

"You’re gonna tell me what’s on your mind, won’t you?"

"Very simple: I’m gonna win the town of Dallas back. Once again, we the Ewings are back in oil business."

Sue Ellen ironically stared at J.R.’s portrait and whispered: "You were a great master, weren’t you, darlin’?"

End of Episode 1

Karin Schill

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Thanks for reposting the first part of your story for me @Toni . :pals:

I've enjoyed reading the first episode. You've made some very creative choices with it, such as changing JR & Cally's son to a daughter and inventing a cousin for Bobby, Ray and Gary.

I love the fact that Bobby & Pam are married again. :heart:
The beginning was such a throwback to the original opening of the show with them in their car going back to Southfork. Kudos for bringing me right back to that.

I'm glad to see Cliff & Afton happily married with their daughter too. Such a nice change compared to what Dallas TNT gave us.

It's nice that Ray and Donna are married again too and back at Southfork with their daughter. :)

It's also great that your story includes Gary & Val and their teenage twins. I like that you've given Lucy a child too. I wonder who the father is?

I guess this story takes place in 1999?

James & Cally as a couple is also a rather bold choice, although there's certainly enough on the show to support that. I mean they were better suited than JR & Cally that's for sure!;)

What happened to Debra Lynn?
I find it hard to believe she would give up her son. :confuse:

It's a bummer that JR is already dead though, do you ever regret that you had him killed off?:eyes:

Too bad Jenna is dead too. She's always been a favorite of mine. :(
Also since Jenna is dead, what happened to Lucas?

Anyway I look forward to read more of this. :love8:


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Thanks for reposting the first part of your story for me @Toni . :pals:

I've enjoyed reading the first episode. You've made some very creative choices with it, such as changing JR & Cally's son to a daughter and inventing a cousin for Bobby, Ray and Gary.

I love the fact that Bobby & Pam are married again. :heart:
The beginning was such a throwback to the original opening of the show with them in their car going back to Southfork. Kudos for bringing me right back to that.

I'm glad to see Cliff & Afton happily married with their daughter too. Such a nice change compared to what Dallas TNT gave us.

It's nice that Ray and Donna are married again too and back at Southfork with their daughter. :)

It's also great that your story includes Gary & Val and their teenage twins. I like that you've given Lucy a child too. I wonder who the father is?

I guess this story takes place in 1999?

James & Cally as a couple is also a rather bold choice, although there's certainly enough on the show to support that. I mean they were better suited than JR & Cally that's for sure!;)

What happened to Debra Lynn?
I find it hard to believe she would give up her son. :confuse:

It's a bummer that JR is already dead though, do you ever regret that you had him killed off?:eyes:

Too bad Jenna is dead too. She's always been a favorite of mine. :(
Also since Jenna is dead, what happened to Lucas?

Anyway I look forward to read more of this. :love8:

Thanks for your feedback Karin! As they used to say on "Soap", all those questions and a few more will be answered in the next episodes of "Ewing Empire"...The year is 2000 (I didn´t count the Dream year as such for the youngest characters´ ages, so every other date post Bobby & Pam´s reconciliation is - one year referred to the show´s dates. So J.R. shot himself in 1990 instead of 1991. Actually, I didn´t kill him, for 5 years I was sure "they" killed him, so blame on the Katzmen...

That was when I first wrote the "midquel" assuming J.R. was dead, and before "J.R. Returns" was aired thus confirming he wasn´t dead! J.R. does appear once in awhile here though not as a living person if you know what I mean...You will also have a detailed telling of the day Jenna died in the future, and why Ray has a bad relationship with both Charlie and Lucas. I also addressed Debra Lynn´s absence in one of the latest episodes (I can tell you she´s not dead).

More eppis coming soon! :dance::D

Karin Schill

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Thanks for explaining. I guess since you didn't really answer any of my questions I will just have to keep on reading and see what happens! :)

So basically you wrote "The Last Years of Southfork" prior to this one and it ended with a big storm that ruined the house and then there was a five year gap?

So I guess Lucas is living with Charlie then?

Also I think the end of Dallas left enough room for you to imagine that JR was still alive. I mean we only heard the shot we didn't actually see if he had shot himself, the mirror or if he'd shoot himself in the head or where. So well the first thing my sister Jenny and I did when we began writing on our Dallas fanfic "Dallas in the 90s" back in 1994 was established that JR was still alive after having tried to commit suicide!

Dallas without JR sure is different. But I'm glad you brought in Gary & Val to sort of fill the gap a little. It's also a bold choice having James and Cally in it. Especially since so many fans didn't like the later season characters. I did by the way.:)


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Thanks for explaining. I guess since you didn't really answer any of my questions I will just have to keep on reading and see what happens! :)

So basically you wrote "The Last Years of Southfork" prior to this one and it ended with a big storm that ruined the house and then there was a five year gap?

So I guess Lucas is living with Charlie then?

Also I think the end of Dallas left enough room for you to imagine that JR was still alive. I mean we only heard the shot we didn't actually see if he had shot himself, the mirror or if he'd shoot himself in the head or where. So well the first thing my sister Jenny and I did when we began writing on our Dallas fanfic "Dallas in the 90s" back in 1994 was established that JR was still alive after having tried to commit suicide!

Dallas without JR sure is different. But I'm glad you brought in Gary & Val to sort of fill the gap a little. It's also a bold choice having James and Cally in it. Especially since so many fans didn't like the later season characters. I did by the way.:)

As I told you, I wrote TLYOS only in synopsis form to have some kind of closure in my mind, so to say. Years after that I used it as a backstory to reprise the fanfic as a complete narration. About Lucas and Charlie, I guess I can tell you they might be living together now, though the events lead to a separation when Lucas was a little child (just wait a little for further info...).

Right about the 5-year gap: they spent them building another house in a different area of the Ewing lands with the help of Gary and Val, who eventually decided to move back to Southfork. Don´t worry about the latter days characters: as you will see right away, most of them will be here at some point, and even April will be mentioned. Oh and I liked James too, though I´ve tried to give him an edge and he is more morally ambiguous here (though he was too in the OS, but they didn´t trust on the actor enough to give him meaty scenes...). Keep tuned in.:)

Karin Schill

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Right, I thought you had written "The Last Years of Southfork" first but hadn't translated it from your mother tongue into English yet.
I remember now that it was the other way around. :)

Anyway I'm looking forward to read more and I hope you will enjoy my new story too even though it picks up after Dallas TNT! :D


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Here is Episode 2, I hope you like it (esp. @Karin Schill).

Episode 2:

The limousine was crossing the streets of Dallas as the lights keep changing the profile of the city. Sue Ellen and John Ross had a table reservation at one of the fanciest restaurants in downtown...

- I really wanted to see you, my son... - she said, as they were served a refreshment.

- But if we met last month in Albuquerque, at grandma´s funeral...

- Yes... - the woman glanced away and remembered the image of her mother, for a few seconds. Soon, she smiled at his son tenderly.

- You didn´t wanna stay for her last will´s reading. Was Ewing Oil what required your attention calling you from here...?

- Partly. In any case, I´m not interested in her money at all. Hope she had visited us more often in the last years...

- Your grandmother was a very special woman... and full of surprises. This is one of the reasons I have returned to Dallas for... and you are number one.

Cliff Barnes woke up of the half-sleep he was immersed in since the beginning of the meeting. The "First Commercial Bank" Management Board Meeting was then closing its first session with the new Chairman, Mr. J.W. Monahan...

- How are you doing, cousin Cliffie?? - All the other executives had left and the newcomer put his hand upon Cliff?s shoulder while he stretched out the other hand to him.? Both men shook hands as Cliff tried to guess who that self-assured man was.

- Don´t you remember your own cousin? I am James Willard Monahan, formerly known as Jimmy. You can call me Will now.

Cliff disguised his surprise and gave a hug to cousin Will.

Bobby and Pam had driven Lucy to the airport and had just arrived at the house, now desert.

- Poor Val... - She said - It seems that she and Lucy had a few words before leaving and Val is depressed... and Gary, out at a business dinner...

- Yes, I hope that Lucy makes up with them once and for all, even if they do it only for little Peter´s good.

- We have hardly seen Christopher since we arrived, we should spend more time with him...

- Yes, it´s time we talk to him about his natural mother...

- I can´t believe what you are saying... - Pam told him nervously - We are his parents and talking to him of Kristin will just cause him problems... him and us!

Sue Ellen and John Ross already were at desserts. In spite of the excellent food they had ordered, neither of them had emptied their dishes.

- Grandmother wanted my sister and me to live the life she never could live... or so we thought. When she phoned me, shortly before his death, she was living in a great mansion in Beacon Hill, and seemed to have everything she wanted. But, the day of the testament reading, we knew that she had many debts, due to her very last addiction: stock-market options. She wanted to be able to leave something to her grandsons when she would die...

- Her grandsons?? So, am I not her only grandson?????

Sue Ellen held her son´s hand with affection, and stared closely to him:

- No, darling. Your Aunt Kristin had a son before she died...Promise me to keep it secret...for a few days.

At one of the Dallas suburban areas, a group of homeless people was having their own celebration. Apart from that group, one appears was curled up in a dark corner. She was a young woman, in her thirtysomethings, dressed in an old hat and a still more abraded raincoat, who tried to protect herself from the cold of the night.

She finished up the bottle of cheap she had been hiding in her pocket and, when took it out, a small purse fell down. She opened it and checked that there only were a couple of dimes left. She took a folded photo from the bottom: the man was James Beaumont-Ewing.

"Damn, damn, damn..." - she shouted as she threw the bottle against a fence...

(Fade out)

Donna and her daughter Margaret had finished their breakfast. It was then when Ray Krebbs appeared at the kitchen´s door with a sleepy face... Young Maggie volunteered then to prepare a special breakfast for him, leaving her parents alone at the patio.

- We have the best girl we ever could wish...

- Yes - she agreed -. She fit to her health condition so quickly...For a diabetic person, she is as healthy as she can be...

- And as pretty as her mama...- he said enthusiastically, kissing Donna...

- We can offer her a lot of things to compensate her for the years we lived in Washington...and to compensate you too.

- There´s nothing to compensate for, baby... I love you, and we gotta forget our past. These holidays will help us to overcome bad times... Within one week, we´ll be down under, in Australia, and you´ll only think about the kangaroos...

-What´s gonna happen with the Ewing Group?? Do you think Gary is ready to run his part of the company?

- You seem to have forgotten that Bobby is back. Besides, Gary is a fine guy...

At the Ewing Group Offices, Gary was chatting with his friend and ex workmate Frank Williams...

- That´s good news, Frank!? So you are going to be a granddaddy...I´m afraid I won you at that race...

- I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get experienced in Commercial Law when you hired me as a legal adviser of the EEG...

- We´d already worked together and been neighbors for many years... I´m sorry you gotta leave Dallas for L.A., to live with your daughter Julie and her family...

- I will give regards to Mack and Karen from you...They are the only ones left from the old gang living in Knots Landing. I guess I´ll come around...?

Frank looked suddenly sad: he wasn´t able to forget his wife Pat had died there...

- You deserve to have your piece of happiness, pal...and thanks for recommending me that lawyer you worked with at the Chicago office...What´s his name??

- Beam, Alan Beam...

Christopher parked his car a couple of apples away of his destiny and walked to an old abandoned warehouse. Right opposite, there was a bench where he expected to meet somebody...

He realized he was prompter than the other person but, a few minutes later, he came up: he was a twentyniner with messed hair and thick glasses, dressed in a black leather jacket...

The young man, whose nickname was "Illegal Eagle", accompanied Chris into a wrecked car parked in the backside of the building. He switched his portatile computer introduced the diskette he was holding in his hand, that he intended to sell Chris.

Chris began to read its contents onscreen. It was a transcription of a trial: "Lisa Alden Farraday versus Bobby James Ewing, trial for the custody of minor Christopher Mark Shepard."

Christopher had his eyes wide open and gave to the man the package he had brought, containing a huge sum of money. "Eagle" counted it and returned the diskette to him. Chris got out of the car and took a roundup before walking back to his own auto, the one with the plate Ewing 9.

Donna looked up to the attractive man she had in front of her: blonde, thin, blue-eyed and smart-looking. He was her psychiatrist.

- What are you thinking about, Donna??

- Just about our plans for when we return from Australia... - she said after thinking for a few seconds.

- It is very important to me that everything works out fine. I have spent these last years watching over my brother-in-law at the company, just to do a favor to his brother...and now, I go back to where I was before: no work, no reputation, no future...

- There is a lot more aside from work, Donna...

- Yes, I do know, Oscar. But I always put my career in the first place, until I met Ray. From the day I married him, loyalty to him and his family came first, and the things kept changing bit by bit. And when I got pregnant, I felt that way for the first time: I felt I had lost my identity and had to choose between being a mother and having a career. And I chose both things, but I let Ray go...

- But Ray and you are together again, and have a daughter you are very proud of...

Donna felt obligated to be true. Actually, she had been thinking about little Jimmy. She explained to the doctor the situation. They had just given the boy back to his family...

- When he looked back and returned to embrace us, Ray started to cry and I thought...that, thanks to that boy, he had been able to feel what to grow up a son is... Something I cannot give him anymore...

- Enjoy your holidays, Donna. When you come back, everything will be back to normal. But, if you need me, you know where I am...

Cliff and Will were having a drink at the Oil Barons´ Club...

- Great thing you´re coming home, Jimmy, I mean, Will...I suppose you´ll not want to be called J.W., hehehe... - Cliff laughed out loudly, thinking about the irony: for a brief instant, he had thought that the newcomer could be a secret son, called just as the illegitimate son of his deceased but eternal archrival J.R.

- I really want to see. How is she?

- Oh, very well...When did you meet her for the last time??

- At mother´s funeral. Your absence there surprised me...

- I just couldn´t, completely impossible. My baby daughter was ill, so... you already know that I have a beautiful daughter, don´t you? Her mane is Pamela too, Pamela Rebecca, although we call her Beckie. My sister and I used to visit your mother in Tennessee, she was so alone... But, tell me more about you. How have you made your way to the "First Bank"??

- When Digger died, my mother kept on pressing me to improve myself and make a future and not to waste my life, so I began to work in anything and, after a couple of years, I could afford college. I graduated in Harvard and was hired by a financial advising company...Sorry I wasn´t told I was going to find you there. Dennis seemed to be in a hurry to retire and find a substitute.

Cliff changed his face expression but chatted on:

- What about girls?? Have you ever married?

- No, in fact, that Ewing barbecue I accompanied you at, marked me somehow. I remember that Ewing granddaughter...What was her name, Boozie?

- No, Lucy...She still looks very pretty but she is as insolent as her uncle J.R. was. That was a very sad day for Pamela, I don´t know if you can remember that she miscarried her baby then...

- Let´s toast to this reunion...and to get back the lost time.

At the opposite end of the city, a woman was being carried into the Emergency Rooms of the Dallas General Hospital. She was the same woman swelling in that dead end, the previous night. She had swallowed a mixture of alcohol and synthetic drugs that had led her to the verge of death...

But, in a dark corner of the ambulance, her small purse was lying on the ground, with the young woman´s only belongings inside... including James´s photo...

(Fade out)

Ray Krebbs was watching his wife without being noticed: she looked emotionally fragile and he wished, deep in his heart, that she could recover and be the strong, independent and happy woman she always was.

All the family had gathered to say good-bye to the Krebbses. The day of leaving had arrived. Ray, Donna and Maggie were leaving to Sydney, where they would spend one week, and later would visit other parts of Australia.

Bobby, Pam, Gary, Val and the twins were standing there. They embraced the couple warmly. Val gave Donna an old clock that had belonged to her grandmother and a gold chain for Maggie. Pam asked her to buy her a couple of things, while Ray checked that Bobby had the right data of the Sydney hotel...

Both couples were left behind, and Donna strongly grasped her daughter´s small hand, as she took a deep breath...

James had a meeting with his brother John Ross at the old Ewing Oil offices. What he didn´t expect to find was the same name at the entrance...

Once inside, he was welcomed by Sue Ellen, in an executive suit and a surprisingly friendly attitude. Both of them had had their disagreements in the past, mainly when James tried to manipulate John Ross to control his inheritance, even if Sue Ellen had to drive off the wagon again...

But also Sue Ellen had learnt to act following some of her ex husband´s rules, and, after all, James was her son´s brother... and John Ross had no more brothers. James hugged his brother tightly and, soon, the three of them went into John Ross Ewing III´s brand new office.

- Well. What?s your plan??

- We want you... - Sue Ellen said somewhat mischievously. - We want you on our side. We have founded the new Ewing Oil and we want you to be our partner.

John Ross and Sue Ellen smiled at each other, as a surprised James shook his head...

Christopher looked at the screen of his computer for a few seconds, verifying the page numeration of the document he had just bought? illegally.? Suddenly, he noticed that, when his aunt Sue Ellen and his uncle Bobby were going to testify, several pages of the transcription were missing. Any other reference to any of them had disappeared, as well as the final verdict of the judge...

Chris contacted "Illegal Eagle" via Internet.

- You conned me, half pages are missing...

- That´s the whole file, dude...?

- It´s unintelligible. It?s not worth what I paid you for it...

The other guy ignored the message and got disconnected from the net...

At the Dallas General Hospital, a life had come to an end. The young blonde who had come in hours before, had eventually died.

The doctor who had tried to save her was talking to a nurse.

- Where are the blond girl´s belongings??

- Here - the nurse said, as she put out the purse found in the ambulance.

- A couple of dimes, a folded photo... and a certificate of marriage...

The nurse united two halves of the photo and said:

- I know that guy: he´s a Ewing, James Beaumont...

(Fade out)

To Be Continued...


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James Beaumont-Ewing turned his head to Sue Ellen.

- What´s the knack?? - He asked.

- No knacks, no tricks - John Ross answered self-assured - We need somebody experienced in oil business. You worked with dad at Ewing Oil, with Cliff at Barnes-Wentworth and, then, you passed to alternative energies...and now, you are one of the biggest chief executives of the Ewing Group.

James smiled and, when he noticed Sue Ellen´s ironic expression, decided to avoid the roundups...

- All that is for sure, but also that, years ago, our relationship was not friendly at all. What is more, we could say we were almost enemies...

Sue Ellen decided it was time for her to speak. She didn´t either love roundups...

- This is our proposal: we want you to help us to turn the new Ewing Oil into a powerful company fit to the new times. The Ewing Group will soon be closing its last fields, and the oil price is stabilized again... Without WestStar or Barnes-Wentworth, we can only be winners...

James looked askance at his brother and soon he looked back to Sue Ellen.

- Besides, you belong to this family: you are John Ross´s only brother. - She added.

- Just gimme a couple of days to think about it...- James asked, self-assured.

Sue Ellen knew that, the following day, an extraordinary meeting of the Management Board of the Ewing Group was going to be held. Mother and son looked at each other, and agreed.

- One more little thing: - Sue Ellen softly added - Like in old times, this is not only businesses, but family too. If you betray this confidence, nobody in this city will remember who James Beaumont was...

Next morning, at the main offices of the Ewing Group, Bobby, as the Chief Executive of the corporation, had gathered all the members of the family with a say and a share in the company:

Founded after they found oil in the subsoil of Southfork, it was born as a way to keep the family united in a time when the atmospheric misfortunes and the personal revenges had sunk the family down, being symbolized by the demolished house. Several fortunes had merged to create the company: on one hand, Bobby and Pamela, married again; on the other hand, Gary, whose inheritance had become a number of ambitious but unsuccessful business deals; thirdly, there were the estates of Lucy, John Ross and Christopher, inherited from Ellie, which had been controlled by Bobby and Pamela until now; the Farlows, Clayton and Dusty, also were other partners, and Dusty, now co-owner of the ranch, who, along with Barbara Baxter, had really kept the property in the family. James was part of the business too, he had invested the rest of Ellie´s inheritance to support the family morally.

- I´m not gonna bore you with any formal speech: this always has been a family company and we know each other better than we´d like to...- The Ewings present there couldn´t help but smile - so we are going to go to the point: within a month, there´s gonna be the Meeting of the Management Board and we´ll deal with two issues: first, the re-organization of the company after my return and Ray and Donna´s resignation, and second, the issue of the Southfork fields. We gotta decide if they stay open or they are closed forever, and with them, the oil business associated to the Ewing name. When Clayton returns from Switzerland, we´ll vote for the first issue and, within three months, for the second. Until then, be happy. I´ll be waiting for you all at James and Cally´s wedding, to be celebrated within three weeks in Southfork.

Chris was driving his sports car through the streets of Dallas: he retired his left hand off the wheel to press a button in his free-handed cell phone. The female voice that answered at the other side was his aunt´s...

- Hello, Auntie Sue Ellen. My mother asked me to invite you tomorrow to have lunch at Southfork, so you´ll can update your gossip...

- All right, honey...I´ll be there. But I would like to see you too...

- Do you have anything in particular to talk to me about?

- No, just family talks...

Cliff received his cousin Will friendly...

- What a surprise, didn't know you were coming, Will...!

Will stared at him and punched the desk off.

- And I didn´t know I had a lousy warp as a cousin...

Cliff blinked pretending to be the victim.

- What the hell are you talking about?

- I am talking about the detective that you hired to investigate my past, beginning with my college years in Harvard. A good friend said to me that somebody begun to make questions about my private life to the professors and some career fellows still living in Boston...!

- Jimmy, I believe that you are wrong...

- Do not call me Jimmy, now my name is Will. Mr. Monahan for you. You have deceived me, Cliffie. I thought that, at heart, you worried about my mother, though you didn´t visit her in her last ten years...Only Pamela remembered her birthday and always called her. I ought to have seen through when you talked about Tennessee, because my mother never lived there, but in Kansas.

- This is not what you think.

- No, it´s much worse: you are such a manipulator as was that enemy of yours who won you so many times, what was his name, J.R.??

- I was the one who won him, once and for all... - he assured as he got up of the chair and tried to strike back.

- I have just presented my resignation. Funny enough, when we were kids, Maggie insisted on Pammie, you and I bless the table before lunch. You always began to eat without waiting for us and got up when you had finished. I hope you can remember some of the prayers that Maggie taught us because you are going to need them... the day that our roads will cross again...

Cliff gasped for air when Will left, leaving the door open...

Sue Ellen had checked in the best suite of the most expensive Dallas hotel, as her mansion was getting re-opened for her to live in. She had decided to switch off his cell phone and not to be bothered with business calls...She had a ticket for the Metropolitan Opera House, presenting Bizet´s "Carmen".

Before the end, Sue Ellen left her seat and walked outside. She walked along the gardens of the site, elegantly dressed, wearing a green handkerchief to protect herself from the summer cold of Dallas.

When she reached a pond, she looked away in the distance and thought about every time she and J.R. had attended that same theater, when they still behaved like a happy couple. Everything was past, he already was dead and Sue Ellen clung to her life fiercely. But she could not help to drop a tear. It was going to be hard, returning to Southfork. The opera finished, inside the theater.

James, Cally and little Jimmy were ready to have dinner, when the doorbell rang. James got up to open. When he found two cop-looking strangers in the threshold, he got astonished...

- James Beaumont?

- Yes, I am. What´s wrong?

- We want you to come with us to the police station - the first man said, after identifying itself by his Dallas Police plate.

- We gotta talk to you about the murder of your wife - the other policeman said, while Cally appeared from behind, looking even more surprised than James.

-What is all this about?

- It´s about the murder of your wife, Michelle Stevens Beaumont. She died yesterday in the Dallas General Hospital.

Pamela was waiting for his son Christopher in the main house, savoring a cup of tea and reading one of her favorite books. The previous day, he had called to tell he wanted to meet her at Southfork to talk with her. She was glad of him being the one who wanted to see her instead the opposite, more frequent. His only son, 19 years old, adopted by her and Bobby in 1981, had a high intellectual coefficient and had spent several years in a special school for gifted young people. She had enough reasons to be proud of him, but she knew that the future would bring pleasant surprises to her about Chris...

A car was parking at the entrance of the mansion. It was a gray-color Mercedes, from which prompt Sue Ellen got out. She gazed at the house and looked up and down the facade of that mansion she had never been living in. She breathed out relieved. "How different this would have been if I had returned to the old Southfork..."

Right then, Chris was driving and parking his motorcycle at the back patio of the house, and entered by the door in front of the swimming pool...

Pamela walked downstairs when heard the car, first, and then his son´s bike roaring and breaking the silence of the house. Nobody else was there, at that moment. Halfway, Pamela stopped, when recognized her former sister-in-law...

- Hello, Pamela - Sue Ellen said, smiling shyly...

- What a surprise, Sue Ellen...

- Surprise?? But if Chris told me you invited me for lunch...

The arrival of the young man dissipated their doubts:

- Don´t worry, Aunt Sue Ellen.? You have come on time...

- On time, what for?

- For you to tell me all the truth about my true mother, your sister...about Kristin Shepard.

The two women stared at each other, in such a way that the young Ewing thought that one of them was going to faint right there at any time...

End of Episode 2




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And today I will post another complete episode, number 3...

Episode 3:

Pamela tried to smile at that woman who used to be one of her best friends...

- Are you feeling O.K., Pam? - Sue Ellen asked.

- Yes, of course. I just...didn´t expect to see you here. None of you - she added, as she suspiciously looked askance at her son Christopher.

- Come on in, aunt Sue Ellen... - he said, as Pam did a kind gesture towards the luxurious room, trying to break the ice...

The three of them got into the living room of the manor, making themselves comfortable at the armchairs around a small table.

- The house is decorated so tastefully, Pamela - Sue Ellen remarked. -Did you take care of it yourself?

- Yes, with the help of Donna and also Valene and Barbara, Bobby´s cousin...Oh, I forgot you already knew her.

- Yes I did. I was there when she came up at the old ranch, claiming for her share of the Southfork Estate...

Christopher was losing his patience and interfered in the conversation:

- Mother, I forgot to tell you that aunt Sue Ellen was going to come with me today...

Pamela stared and asked him, in a soft but determined way:

- Chris, you´ll excuse us, won´t you please?

After a little of arguing, Chris got up and left outside...

- I am so sorry, Sue Ellen...

- I see...Christopher didn´t tell you about my visit...

- No. But I´m really glad to see you. About his question of Kristin...

- I am not here because of her, but because of my mother. Patricia died one month ago...and left something for Christopher, her second grandson, in her last will...

Away from Southfork, at the town of Dallas, James was awaiting at the police station to talk to one of the detectives who had come home for him...Finally, the man appeared carrying an old small purse in his hand.

- Why the hell have you arrested me?

- You´re not arrested, Mr. Ewing...- the detective answered.

- Mr. Beaumont, if you don´t mind - James corrected him, since he only used his natural daddy´s last name in order to sign up the business papers.

- We wanna know what kind of relationship you had with late Michelle Stevens Beaumont .

- I thought she was still in prison, she was serving a sentence for murder... - James hinted innocently, knowing it was not true...

- The woman was set free two years ago. His sentence had been lengthened almost three more years for violent behavior and authority contempt. Miss Stevens was found in a Dallas blind alley a few days ago and died of an overdose at the General Hospital.

James was speechless and, suddenly, he remembered one of the very last times he saw Michelle. They had a date a fancy restaurant to talk about their relationship: he was going to tell her that he was leaving Michelle for his son´s mother, Debra Lynn, still legally his wife.

- You do know that I am the right wife for you, James - she had said to him with tears in her eyes, as she finished her drink.

James had decided to annulate his marriage to Michelle, since Debra Lynn had never suited for divorce and they remained married, and, what´s more, they had a son in common, little Jimmy.

- Mr. Beaumont...? - The detective brought him back to reality.

James began to feel the pain he felt when he broke up with her, and thought that the best would be getting that matter finished, as soon as possible.

- We were married for a few months, but we got an annulment right after my father J.R. Ewing died...Then, I visited Michelle at the prison, once, and I knew through the press that she had been sentenced for killing her sister April´s murderer.

- We found this purse by her dead body, along with a folded photo of yours and the marriage certificate, circa 1990. There are the names of you both on it. And you still are registered as husband and wife at the City Hall Registry....But, if you don't mind...the body should be identified...

Back to Southfork, Pam listened to the story of Sue Ellen's trip to Beacon Hill, and how she made up with her mama just before her death.

- My mother obviously suspected something devious behind Kristin's death at the ranch's pool. She hired a private eye and found out, not only about her drug-impelled suicide, but also about her baby. However, when she knew that this baby had been adopted and was living happily with his family, she gave up the research.

- My God, Sue Ellen... - Pam was beginning to feel towards that woman the same sympathy and compassion she had felt all through the years, when they used to live at old Southfork. - I wish we didn't cause any trouble to your mother by adopting Christopher...You know he always was the most important person to both Bobby and me, though I had to leave him for awhile...

- I am here to tell you that Chris has rights to his grand-mother's inheritance, even if you don't wanna say to him the way he was really linked to her. That's up to you both. But I wouldn't like to lose our long-time friendship because of these years of absence. It was so hard to us to really like each other, Pam...

Pamela hugged her old friend, the only person she had considered her loyal sister, though, as Sue Ellen had said, she used to pull her down during her first months at the Ewing home. Outside, Christopher decided to drive off his motorcycle and get away from there...

Afton was taping one of her performances for the show. She used to play live at the studio, but lately she had been feeling somewhat uncomfortable as she was singing, and was afraid of that becoming obvious to everybody. Therefore, she had suggested to get tapped at least one of her acts, in order to give more display to the new talents she featured in every show.

That day, Afton had to stop singing twice, but, at last, she performed beautifully a great song, that made the crew clap enthusiastically.

Afton went straight to her dressing-room, after asking about her daughter to the make-up girl, who seemed to ignore where she was...

When Afton opened up the dressing-room door, she had the biggest surprise...she just could yelled out:

- Pamela Rebecca Cooper! But how can you...?

A young man, almost naked, rushed out of there...

At the morgue, a blonde, young, not-too-tall woman, with curled long hair, high heels and a yellow tailored suit, was following the man in charge to the place where Michelle´s dead body presumably was shelvered. When she took a look at her white, pale, clean face, the woman started to whimper:

- Oh, my God...! It can´t be... - she took a scarf and pretended to be overwhelmed, as she nod before the man - Yes, let her rest in peace.

- So she's your sister, miss...

- Stevens, April Stevens.

When James and the detective arrived at the morgue, the woman had just vanished out...and the identification was not necessary any more. Then James considered her dead and buried.

(Fade out )

The next morning, Pamela and Bobby went out to ride before breakfast. Sue Ellen´s visit and Chris´s questions had exposed past stories they tried hard to forget. Though they knew that, some day, they had to tell the truth about his mother to Chris.

- At one very moment, I was so afraid that Sue Ellen had already told Chris everything...and that he had a negative reaction.

- But Pam... - Bob stopped, choosing his words carefully - Chris is nineteen years old now. Last year, when he called us up in Toronto, for his summer holidays, that idea was in his head yet...He´s a grown-up, settled person, in spite of his age. He deserves, for many reasons, to know what happened to his mother.

- What about his mama sleepin´ with her brother-in-law and you thinkin´ he was J.R.´s baby? What about Kristin shooting his uncle or you faking his birth certificate to be able to adopt him?

Pam´s words were getting Bob more and more upset.

- Remember what you have been repeatin´ to me for years: we should forget the past and be happy today, with the people who´re by our side, without thinking of all that wasted time...

Bob holded Pam as tightly as he could and then put her on her horse, and they rode back home...

"Illegal Eagle" finished his burger and his drink and dropped down the leftovers. Once he was in his old car, he opened his PC and switched it on. He had several messages in his email, one of them signed by CME, the young man who bought his old court file about the custody trial...

He opened the message as he didn´t get any virus alert...and then, a Mr. Smiley popped up, along with the line: "Is the water valve open in your house..."dude"?"

For 30 seconds, "Illegal Eagle" wondered what that could mean, and when he looked back at the display, he saw that all his computer files had been deleted by that unexpected visitor. He closed down the PC and drove off, rushing to the place he called his "den".

Once he was at the doorway, he took out his keys and, when he was getting them into the keyhole, he noticed his feet were wet: the water had flooded that "den", including the security copies of his court files with which "Eagle" used to bootleg..

"Eagle" pronounced the dirtiest words he could remember and began to cry, as he put on his knees at the corridor...

At that moment, Cliff Barnes was arriving at his "First Commercial Bank" office. His personal secretary, Chow, welcomed him, in a kind and coldly competent way.

- Mr. Barnes, the 10 o´clock meeting is about to start...I put the urgent messages by Rebecca´s portrait and your new jacket on the left rack...

- Hmm, thanks, Chow... - he absently answered, and then added: But, before that, I gotta dictate a letter to you, very important...

Chow twinkled and put on her fashion glasses. Then she followed her boss´s steps and closed his office door behind them.

- Chow... - he said, pointing at the couch at one of the office corners.

- Yes, Mr. Barnes - she answered, putting off her glasses again...

- And pleease, call me Cliff! After all, you are my pychotherapist...

Chow was the daughter of the owner of Cliff´s favorite Chinese restaurant, where he had been introduced to his biggest pleasure. By request of her mother, he had employed her as a secretary, and two years later, she had become his personal secretary and part-time psychotherapist. Because that was Chow´s real profession...

- Oh, Chow...All is goin´ downhill again...I´ve achieved that President charge I wanted steppin´ over the only livin´ kin I had left...Will just resigned and I am the biggest executive in the bank...and all Dallas. I feel so guilty about it...Besides, I´m sure Will is gonna tell all to Pamela, as he used to do when we were kids, and she will make me a speech again. I let her down again...What´s more, Afton has found our daughter with another boy in her dressing-room, both of them undressed...If J.R. were alive, I could blame him...

Chow, sitting by his side, stared at the picture that Cliff had hung over there, featuring himself with a big happy smile...

- Listen up to me, Cliff: J.R. is dead. For 10 years. And your nightmares are only nightmares. You´ve got a family who loves you and your sister is back in Dallas. Everybody obeys your orders here. You´ve got hundreds of millions in your personal account and a big number of investments spread along the whole country. Now, you´re going to put on your feet, you´ll put on your new jacket, your favorite tie and you´ll go into the meeting room, where you are awaited to prove that you deserve that job and deserve to be happy. The Barnes curse is over. Your fortune cookie says: "Enjoy the present day and, above all, forget J.R."

Cliff got up, very cheerfully and with an ear-to-ear smile.

- Chow, I don´t know what I´d do without you...but, what about my daughter...?

Sue Ellen and John Ross arrived at their manor in Turtle Creek, one of the wealthiest suburban areas in Dallas. At last, the house had been re-conditioned for mother and son to live there. John Ross had decided to move in there temporarily, though he was going to keep his apartment. The courses were beginning again the next week, and, with a bit of luck, this would be his last college year. Afterwards, he would take over Ewing Oil as its President and major shareholder. But, if he didn´t pass the final exams, his father´s inheritance would remain being managed by Bobby...upon J.R.´s last will.

- I never liked the other mansion very much... - the young man remarked.

- Nor its tennis courts neither? - she looked askance at him, knowing that his tennis skills had been developed there, during his games with Christopher.

- You know me too well mama... - John Ross changed of subject. He was worried about his mother and Christopher - You didn´t tell me what happened in Southfork...though I think my cousin played no fair game...

- You know him well too. He didn´t say to Pam that I was coming over, and tried to find out things about his mother...

- Kristin...I just can´t believe that she got drown in the Southfork pool...

- There are many things that you don´t know son. Nor Christopher neither...

That evening, at the new Southfork...

- My God, I can´t believe it... Michelle, dead...

- No, Bobby - he was corrected by James, who had come with Cally to report his uncle. After all, the late woman had briefly been his sister-in-law. - Michelle had been murdered, up to the police´s version. They found in her body remainders of alcohol and drugs, but her fingerprints couldn´t be identified any more, her finger tips were burnt...As it seems, her prison time was like hell to her...

- I suppose that´s not all, am I wrong?

- No. They found a copy of our marriage certificate and the police checked it out and found it´s still valid: in this state, we were husband and wife. J.R.´s lawyer didn´t get the annulment done, as he promised to. Then, Cliff formally accused Michelle for Hillary Taylor´s murder and she was sentenced to several years in jail...

Bobby dried the sweat on his forehead as he was beginning to feel anguished.

- Don´t worry, I´ll go to the point: the police think that Michelle was poisoned by another person, and her corpse was identified by somebody called...April Stevens.

When he heard his late wife´s name, killed in Paris, Bobby looked astonished, as Pamela did, since she had just come into the room...

(Fade out)

To Be Continued


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Pamela walked to her husband and the couple, still surprised by what she had just heard...

- What´s happened, Bobby?

- A poor young woman has been found in a blind alley...She died from overdose at the hospital and turned out to have James and Michelle´s marriage certificate. Besides, someone with a weird sense of humor posed as April in order to identify the body.

Cally was feeling so dizzy that she decided to sit down in one of the armchairs. So did Bobby and James, as Pam went to the kitchen to have some herbs done...

The night fell over Southfork like a rock. Bobby and Pam had many questions for each other, but none of them dared to break the silence. Finally, Pam talked...

- I know we promised to let past go, but I just can´t help thinking...what kind of woman was April...? Cliff only told me funny things about her...

Bobby hold on his wife, while his second wife´s image returned to his memory, for first time in a long time...and he felt guilty about it.

- She was a very special person...and very different from you in everything. Blonde, curled hair, blue eyes. And so tenacious, very tenacious...She had to wait a long long time for me to feel emotionally secure.

- I´ve regretted so many times to have taken that decision and caused you all so much trouble...

- It was the hardest thing for me to understand, but now I think I do. Just wanted to save us from suffering to see ya die, when they made you believe that you were sick...April tried very hard to gimme her friendship and compassion, before goin´ further...Things were uneasy to her, and never lost hope...

- What about her sister? Was Michelle somewhat like her...?

Bobby smiled as he remembered the very first time he saw her, lying down on April´s condo´s ground...

- She was completely mad...and I´m afraid she got really mad in prison. She adored James since the moment she met him. Shelly did all her best and even more to get his love and giv´m what he wanted most: Ewing Oil. But... - Bobby took a breath and caressed Pam - what happened in Paris changed our plans...forever.

Pamela stared at him and whispered:

- I love you, and I´ll never get away from you. I promise.

The next morning, Gary Ewing drove to the Dallas Love Field Airport to pick up his new lawyer. His plane was coming from Chicago half an hour late, and Gary didn´t have any photo of Alan, so he was afraid of not being able to find him. Alan told him by phone that he did saw his picture in a paper, so he could be relieved.

Gary heard his mobile ring, and accepted the call: it was his wife Valene. A stranger walked on to him, waving his hand. Thinking he had to be Alan, he apologized to his wife and hang off the phone..

- Mr. Beam, I suppose...?

- Right - the newcomer answered. He was a man in his forties, with thick eyebrows, dark-haired. He was only handling a travel bag and a pipe - but, call me Alan, please...

- And you can call me Gary. Welcome to Dallas... - he said, shaking his hand.

- Thanks, but, as my associate Frank Williams told you, I´ve been here before, long ago, in the early 80´s...Hard times by the way...but I remember I left in a good mood...

At that moment, Alan´s memory went 20 years back, to the moment he was going to airport and fly back to Chicago...

- Kristin... - then young Alan Beam said to her partner in betrayal...

- Alan...Are you still a suspect?

- No, I was checking into a hotel room in Missouri about the time J.R. was shot, so I´ve got an iron clad alibi. Besides, Kristin, I figured you did it....

- I wanted to...He treated me so badly... - she sounded suspicious.

- Well, I guess it´s time to say good-bye... - he added, kissing her friendly. - I´m sorry the two of us were on opposite sides for so long. We could have made a good team. Listen, if you´re ever in Chicago...

- I will. - She said laughing. Alan turned around and got into his car. Driving home, 90 miles away from penalty for minor rape...

Alan came back to year 2000. He got into Gary´s limo, and felt sincerely glad of things having changed. Now, he was not a loser any more, and Dallas would know. And Gary and his daughter Lucy too...

James got out of his fancy convertible in front of the Ewing Building, still known like that, though the Ewings hadn´t been working there for years and years. When he was going inside, Sue Ellen called his name to call his attention. James smiled at her and she smiled back.

- Hello, James. I though we could walk around instead of going up to the office. John Ross couldn´t come, he got to call on the college to get some papers ready.

Sue Ellen and James began to walk, looking for the shadowed path, since the summer sun still shined bright and heat was unbearable when the day wasn´t windy, although September had come.

- I wanted to talk to ya ´cause something happened...

- I know: April´s sister, right?

- Once again, bad news spread quickly...especially in Dallas. I gotta get out of the city to attend Michelle´s funeral at her town, Springdale. Her mama is completely alone now. Cally´s coming along...

- We´ve got some unfinished business, James...

- Yeah. Only two more days. Then, I´ll tell ya if I´Il join you at Ewing Oil or stay at Ewing Group, with Gary and Bobby.

- All right - Sue Ellen said - but don´t forget what I told you in our last meeting: nobody can get hurt and much less, John Ross. He´s been quite stable for a long time and went through too many breakdowns due to his addiction...Besides, he´s quit his sessions with Dr. Wyler lately...

James frowned and looked at the woman, as he began to understand certain things...

At the Wentworth Manor, Pamela, Afton and her daughter Beckie were swimming in the pool...That mansion had sheltered first the Barneses´ and Katherine´s mother, Rebecca, then Pamela and Christopher, and lastly and after years of neglect, the family formed by Cliff, Afton and teenage Beckie.

- Baby don´t walk with your feet wet, you´re gonna slip and...

- Oh, mama, you always have to expect the worst from me...I´m fed up...

- Pamela Rebecca, you go into the house...! - Afton ordered, with a tough look, as got out of the pool and got her hair dried. Pam followed her and both of them sat down on to the hammocks.

-Tell me Afton: what´s up with Beckie? - Pam asked with a smile in her face.

- Nothing, I guess. It must be one of those teenager phases... - she avoided her friend´s look and lied down over the hammock.

- Don´t tell me she is in love...

- Oh, no...That´s not fashionable...I found her in my dressing-room, alone with a much older man, one of the studio light boys...It´s been impossible to talk to her seriously since then.

- Well, Beckie is almost sixteen now, and besides, she´s a great girl: a good student, loves swimming and doesn´ t get blinded by the Barnes´ money...

- Pam...I´m afraid of...

- Of what...? - she said, looking at Afton.

- When I was her age, I didn´t date the high school boys...I had the ambition of becoming a famous singer and I seeked for anyone who could help me...I won some radio contests and a beauty one. And when I arrived at Dallas...

Pam softly shut up her friend´s mouth with her hand, and then added:

- When you arrived at Dallas, you met J.R. I know, Afton.

Afton blushed up and cried, feeling ashamed.

- I´m afraid of Beckie wanting something like that through her friends or the network people, just like me. Besides, Cliff is starting over again...

At this point, Pam´s face looked tougher:

- What do you mean? - she said, as the other woman took out a card from a bag on the terrace table.

- This is your cousin Jimmy´s personal card. His current name is Will and was named President of the "First Bank". But Cliff made him resign and took his place...and he hasn´t even talked to me about it. I´ve known everything by the paper. Old Cliff Barnes and his twisted secrets are back...

(Fade out)

Pamela woke up alone: Bobby probably had left to have a ride before breakfast. She had a shower, got her hair dried and put her rose-colored silk gown on. Suddenly, she reminded that she had been wearing it for 20 years already. Since she spent some time at the Brooktree sanitarium. Bobby gifted it to her. She was wearing it the day she wrote the letter...it was that far 1981.

"Dear Bobby: I´ve decided to give up my therapy with Dr. Conrad and go back to the ranch, since I think I´ve overcome my breakdown and I´ve made up with my past. Otherwise, I´ve realized I really need to give you a baby, what you have wanted all your life. Something I´ll never can give you. Therefore, I´m leaving and let you live your life. Our lawyers will settle down the divorce agreement. Please, don´t look for me: I just need make peace with myself. Maybe someday, I´ll come back..."

It was then when Pamela stopped writing: a loud argument could be heard from the living room downstairs. It was between J.R. and Miss Ellie, who were having a big discussion about J.R. wheeling-and-dealing. She was so self-absorbed with the letter that she didn´t hear their cars come. At that moment, also Bobby was parking his red convertible in front of the garage...A hesitant Pamela went downstairs...

- There´s no reason to excuse what you did! - Miss Ellie assured.

- I don´t wanna get into it right now... - J.R. tried to skip the subject.

- But the point is...

Pam was almost downstairs, and got thrilled to see a surprised Bobby holding a smiling baby in his arms...Could it be true...?

- A baby, you got a baby! Oh, Bobby...why didn´t you tell me when the adoption agency called...?

Pam came back to present, after having remembered the happiest day in her life. From that day on, Christopher had become her priority, yes, until the day of the car accident...when everything seemed to vanish along with the flames...Pam looked at her reflection in the mirror: she was over fifty, but she felt so tired, exhausted, emotionally empty, especially when she was in Canada, far away from Christopher. Bobby was everything to her, but both wanted to resume their relationship with family and friends...that is why they came back. But...could they become Chris´s parents again...or would he choose his natural (though dead) parents?

Pamela put her gown off and wide opened her wardrobe to choose a dress to wear. On the shelf over the hangers, a few boxes were piled up, and Pam stretched out her arms to get down one of them. Inside that pale-colored box, she had been keeping pictures of her loved ones: first appeared his emotional daddy Digger, his brother Cliff together with his very young cousin Will (then Jimmy), afterwards, entered the Ewings: first of all Ray, who happened to be just the Southfork foreman and his first formal boyfriend, in every sense; Jock and Miss Ellie, Lucy, Sue Ellen...And then, her mama Rebecca, always a mystery to her, and her fiancee Mark Graison, both of them ending so tragically...And when she found her first photo with little baby Christopher, Pam burst into tears and her emotions overflew...

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven: a time to be born and a time to die; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace..."

The Minister was saying the psalm, as James and Cally, both dressed in black, were listening to him respectfully but away from the family group. Michelle Stevens was going to be buried next to her sister April´s grave, at the town of Springdale, Arkansas. James had felt obligated to come and offer his help to April´s mother, almost 80 years old.

Once the ceremony was over, James came over the mourning woman, whose suspecting neighbors were expressing their condolences.

- Mrs. Stevens... - James stammered - I´m James Beaumont. I was married to Michelle...

- That can´t be - she said, without looking at him - My baby never got married...I´d have known. Please go.

- I´m Bobby Ewing´s nephew, your daughter April´s husband...

Amy Stevens´ blue eyes were wide open and penetrated James´s...

- What did the Ewings have to do with my daughter Shelly´s death?

- Nothing, nothing at all...Michelle just couldn´t overcome her stay in prison and was found almost dead, in a blind alley...

- My baby, in a blind alley? You are crazy...Why have you come to tell me those lies?

One of the neighbors got in the middle, keeping James away with her hand... Cally came over too, to try to fix things up:

- Mrs. Stevens, I´m Cally, a friend of your daughter April´s. We just came to tell ya that, if you need anything, you can count on us...

- Cally...yes, I remember April told me something about you...yesterday.

Cally looked at her pitifully and then at James...All of sudden, Amy started to cry and ask them to leave...

"The Ewings are responsible for what happened to my babies...Let Heaven have my dear Shelly in its Glory...and let the devil take you all...one by one." - At that moment, the neighboring crowd came closer and took Amy away. James got pensive for awhile...and Cally hold him tight, trying to comfort him...

- It´s been so long...!

- Yes too long...I´m glad to see ya again, Sue Ellen.

- Me too, Bobby.

The former brother and sister-in-law had a date at one of her favorite restaurants, "Les Saisons".

- I hope it didn´t bother you when I insisted on you coming alone...without Pamela, I mean.

- I suppose you have your reasons.

- Sure. Maybe you don´t know, but Christopher lied to both of us, a few days ago, to meet us in your house and talk about his natural parents...

- Did Christopher do that? Gee, I knew Pam was keeping something away from me but I couldn´t imagine such a thing...There must be some Ewing blood in your ancestors, and I mean it for my son. That´s almost up to J.R.

- First of all, I called you to let you know that John Ross, I and maybe James, will associate in a new Ewing Oil. No rivalry with you, of course...personally, at least.

- There shouldn´t be any, ´cause the Ewing Group is gonna quit the oil business if it depends on me.

- What I´m really cared about is Pam´s reaction to seeing me, almost panicked...

- I cannot understand... - Bob said, as he declined the wine offered by the maître d´ and asked for two Perrier bottles. - Since she returned to Dallas, she´s been leading a happy quiet life. We´ve been to Houston to see Chris every time we could, and he´s spent his holidays with us...Perhaps we made a mistake when checked him in that special school..

- Don´t think so, Bob. You two´ve been a great mama and a great daddy, so much better than J.R. and me. These latter years, I´ve tried to offer John Ross all that money can buy, plus a positive life philosophy. I´ll never forgive myself for the breakdown he went through when J.R. died, but I think he´s overcome it. Anyway, like me with alcohol, he´ll always be an addict...

- But let´s not speak of sad things...Tell me Sue Ellen, what about your other business?

- Oh, if I could tell ye...I never know what time it is nor who I´m speaking to, on the mobile...

Funnily, at that very moment, Bob´s cellular phone rang. He apologized and, as he saw Pam´s name on display, accepted the call. After saying "I love you", Bob hang off and looked at his friend:

- I´m sorry Sue Ellen, but I gotta leave.

- Anything wrong, may help you somehow?

- You did...As I believe, our problems are about to be worked out...

"I am ready". That was all that Pam had told him by phone. Half an hour later, she and Bob rang Chris´s apartment bell...The young man opened the door, looking the most surprised...

- Hi son - Pam said as she smiled - We´re here to answer all your questions. Finally.

Christopher wide opened the door as he walked back to let them come inside. As they did, Bob slightly pulled his wife´s forearm, to transmit confidence to her...

That night, at the only relatively luxurious hotel in Springdale, James was meditative and silent, as Cally kept on brushing softly her hair...

James remembered something that had happened ten years before, at the Dallas prison where Michelle had spent some months. It was the day prior to her transfer to the Women´s State Penitentiary. James used his ways to get the right to the last visit. Their relationship had degenerated into mutual hatred. Before leaving, he had said to her:

"You are where you deserve to, and I´ve got what I deserve too: my dad´s company. I´m gonna get it even if I gotta kill Cliff for it..."

Soon afterwards, Cliff was found with several bullets in his body...but James had nothing to do with that. The young man came back to reality when she called him out:

- James, what´s wrong?

- Nothing. I guess I feel partly guilty of poor Michelle´s suffering...I´m sure it was hard for her to shoot that woman...

- You gotta leave that part of your life behind. You got your son Jimmy and Ellie too. You like your job and it gives ya what we need and even more...Don´t make the same mistake that your brother John Ross did. Don´t load a burden you don´t have to...

- What have I done to deserve such a marvelous woman like you? - he said, getting his body closer to hers.

James held Cally lovingly and then switched the light off. They made love but he couldn´t stop thinking that, maybe, somewhere, Michelle might be alive...and plotting revenge...That night, his last thought was for her:

"Rest in peace, Michelle...Wherever you are..."

End of Episode 3


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Voilà some casting notes to put a face and name to the minor characters: (more info here: https://sites.google.com/site/imperioewing/home/ewing-empire/character-guide)







DEBORAH KELLNER as BECKIE (Dallas: J.R. Returns)

LUCY LIU as Dr. Chow


Karin Schill

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Hi Toni,

I've caught up on your fanfic but I wasn't able to leave feedback on my phone or rate posts. Actually I had problems reading this, I think it's because you have a video clip posted in your tagline that it is messing things up for me. I have noticed before that YouTube Videos sometimes freezes my phone and then I have to start all over again. I had to re-load the page probably five times before I could even finish reading this. I don't know if others have the same problem. But my suggestion is that you don't post a YouTube video in your tagline since it is not "phone friendly." :(

Now as for your story, I must say that I am intrigued. At first I was like "how in the world could April be alive?"
Then I started thinking that Michelle might have assumed April's identity. Not sure why she would do that. But I get a feeling she's not really dead.

I still enjoy reading about James in this fanfic. It's more rare to find fanfics that includes him. :)

I get a feeling that Alan Beam might be Christopher's biological father since you brought up Kristin and Alan in the memory scene.

It seems a bit strange though that nobody has told Christopher about his biological parents before since he found out he was adopted when he was like 6 years old.

Over all it seems like most of the young characters have some sort of problem. Illness like Maggie was diabetic I think, John Ross has an addiction problem, like drugs or alcohol?
Or was it Beckie that was diabetic?

Donna also seems unusually frail in this story. Life hasn't been good to her since she moved to Washington DC.

Anyway I look forward to read more. :hat:


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Episode 4:


One month later...

The morning sun was lightening the Southfork Ranch back patio, where all the Ewings had breakfast together...sometimes, though always on sunday. That day, Bob, Pam, Chris, Gary and Val were sitting at the table...

- When your daddy and I were growing up, the Southfork breakfast would have been enough to feed a couple of cows for one couple of week. - Gary explained to Chris, sounding nostalgic about the far past, rather than the most recent. Chris had moved to the ranch after knowing the truth about his mother, so he would be able to resume his relationship with his parents and know each other again...

- Really? And what was cousin Lucy when she was a child? - Gary and Val looked at each other, expecting some sort of help...

- She was the prettiest baby I had ever seen. Blondie and with pinky cheeks... - Val explained, jumping in her scarce memories as Lucy´s mother. - And when she started to cry, nothing and no one could consol her, except a lullaby I used to sing to her...

- Why didn´t she marry again, aunt Val?

- I don´t know, I guess she´s happy the way she lives now, devoted to her little boy. Anyway, you´ll can ask it to her yourself - Val mysteriously revealed - because Lucy called me yesterday to tell me she´s decided to come back to Southfork with Peter, at least for awhile. Next week she´ll be staying with us again...

- Great, the Ewing family is filling up the new Southfork again, one by one! -Bob exclaimed.

- I am so glad, Valene...Will she be staying at your house or should I get ready her old room at the main house? - Pam carefully asked.

- I´m afraid Lucy is too independent to begin to live with her parents, at her age...She´s told me she´d better stay with you. - Val said, as she sadly smiled.

- Very deeply, Lucy will always be a real Ewing... - Gary said ironically, as he toasted to her with his glass of orange juice...

At the Wentworth manor, Cliff was serving coffee to his wife...

- Here you are my little wife, being served as if she were a queen, just hoping she´ll want to have a swim with me at the pool...

Afton smiled sweetly, though she was feeling a little dizzy.

- Honey, you are adorable...when you want to. Pass me the cold milk, please...

- The throat still bad? - asked Cliff, who knew that Afton had been trying hard to hide her ache over the last months.

- Yes, but I´ll be fine right away - she said as she looked up to Beckie´s room window...- Have you asked her to have breakfast with us?

- Sure, but she had already had a bit in her room...Don´t worry about her...

- Oh mine, Cliff... - Afton suddenly changed of subject - Since we found her with that bastard from the network, you are treating her even softlier...She doesn´t listen to me when I try to talk with her. She only goes out for swimming and going to shool...You know we are avoiding the real problem...

Cliff looked up as he ate half a "croissant" spread with butter. - What problem? - he jabbered, full-mouthed...

- It´s time for Rebecca to know that she can´t be sleeping around with whomever she wants to...neither now nor ever.

- I think butter affected my brain, because I missed something...I´m lost - Cliff said, as he swallowed the rest of the "croissant"...- Do you want me to remind you? - she asked, looking incredulously, as if she had forgotten the genetic disease he was carrier of - O.K. In one word: neurofibromatosis.

Sue Ellen looked thru the jet window: they were getting close to the lands of the first field acquired by new Ewing Oil. John Ross had preferred to stay down in Dallas, since he had had a tough week at college. James was sitting at the seat next to Sue Ellen´s, and came a little closer to her to look at the view too.

- What do you think? You are flying over field Ewing 1...

- So that´s the land that will make me a millionaire or...completely broke. - he sarcastically added.

- You don´t sound too excited about it. Are you still feeling guilty for choosing your brother instead of your second uncles? - Sue Ellen went deep into the wound: she wanted to know if James had got stronger over the years, or still was the fearful young man who used his brother to get wealthy.

- No, not at all. My dad told me once "don´t..."

- ..."Don´t feel guilty of whatcha you done, feel guilty of whatcha you didn´t do..." - Sue Ellen openly smiled, looking mischievous. - I think that you learned something from your father, after all...

- I´m just afraid of my decision to have bothered Gary and started a new family rivalry...

- Don´t think so. I did business with Gary Ewing. He used to be a black sheep as you are. Remember: wolves devour themselves, not sheeps.

James tried to smile as he thought it would be kinda funny to see if Sue Ellen was right...

At the Love Field Dallas Airport, Gary and Val were waiting for Lucy and Peter´s arrival impatiently.

- I´ve talked to the twins before leaving...They are excited about it and feel like coming on holidays to spend more time with Lucy...-Val said, as she fixed her dress.

- Fantastic -Gary said, looking serious.

- Oh, Gary Ewing. Put off that sad clown face right now - Val had seen the same look many times over the last forty years. - Don´t be nervous. Things are different and she was the one who decided to live back in Southfork. I´m just feeling we are going to get a big surprise with Lucy...

At that moment, Lucy and the child came up in front of them, along with the nanny. After embracing and introducing each other, Lucy left Peter with the nanny and hold to her parents´ arms.

- Honey, we have prepared a simple dinner with a few guests for you to know...

- Single anyone? - Lucy asked mischievously.

- All of them, except one: a divorce.

Mother and daughter began to laugh out loudly, as Gary helped the chauffeur out with her daughter´s big baggage. Once inside the limo, they drove back to Southfork.

A couple of hours later, the last guest came to the Southfork mansion. Raoul, the butler, opened the door and the guest introduced himself:

- Hello, Raoul. I am Alan Beam. - The man, in his sixties, looked up and down and inside, and let him in...

Gary had seen him come from the living-room door, and called Bobby and Lucy, who was playing with little Peter.

- Come on here. I´d like ya to welcome my new lawyer: Alan Beam.

Bobby and Lucy stared at each other, and tried to smile, unsuccessfully in her case (Fade out).

- What the hell are you doing here? - that was the way Lucy welcomed her former fiancé Alan.

- Hello, Lucy. I´m happy to see you too. I´ve been told you´ve got a very pretty son...

Lucy looked cold and inexpressive, as if she were in front of her worst enemy. She looked back at the living, where Pam, Val, Chris, Peter and the nanny were chatting with the other guests...

- Excuse me, can we talk father?

- Sure Lucy - Gary stared at Alan and said - Just a moment. Please, Bobby, introduce him to those who don´t know him.

Gary and Lucy went to next room, a small library.

- What is this, a bad taste joke? - she asked.

- No. Alan is a great lawyer who´s just joined the Ewing Group...specifically, my division, though we haven´t made it official until today.

- Oh... Tell me you don´t know we were about to get married many years ago...and tell me you don´t know he was a suspect of shooting J.R.

- Like half Dallas population... - Gary asked her daughter to sit down in one of the armchairs - Darling: listen up to me: All that and more, he told me when he arrived, as we were driving from the airport to his Dallas apartment. I got the best references about him and I thought he deserved an opportunity. If you´re gonna stay with us, you´ll have to begin to rely on your family...

Afton had come up to the television Studio to pick up a dress of her own she had unwillingly left in her dressing-room. She opened the door and a noise made her tremble: it only was an air current...or maybe was anybody else there at the Studio, besides the security guards?

- Wow, look who´s here: our biggest star...

Afton looked at the silhouette reflected in her big mirror.

- Oh, it´s you... What are you doing here? - Afton tried to look quiet. It was Joe, the technician who had seduced her daughter...

- Well, I´ve come to get some stuff fixed for a special we´ll shoot tomorrow, not your swell show but one with barely dressed chicks for sure...though not as delicious as your baby, course.

Afton was very self-centered and did not intend to lose the chance to solve that matter out.

- You listen to me, low-rate casanova: if I ever know you´ve got close to my daughter again, be sure no other woman will enjoy seeing you naked...

- Oh, I´m so scared. You think you´re so big...You and your new-rich husband. Let me tell ya one thing: you both are just a rag-to-rich and his favorite playmate. And Beckie must be one of your clients´ daughter...but you don´t know whose, I bet.

Afton slapped him, unable to hold her anger in, as he was insulting her.

- I loved that...Gimme more...- he said, as he hold her hand and put it close to his body. - By the way, baby, I´m gonna do you a favor.

- If you don´t let me go now, l´ll call the guards...

- This is my favor. Open your eyes: ev´rybody here but you know that your little husband put this show upon for you. He´s behind the sponsors and the network´s director owed him a favor. If you don´t believe me, ask it to Cliff...

Afton wide opened her beautiful eyes and, in her mind, all the pieces began to fit: maybe Joe was right...about her show. The woman picked up her dress and rushed out of there, slamming the door...

Sunday morning, James and Cally went to the Leavenworth race circuit. The wedding was going to happen one week later and James had promised his future wife to quit the risk sports: parachuting, mountain climbing, car races...but he wanted to enjoy the speed pleasure for the last time...

- Wish me luck baby - Cally kissed him in his mouth before he put on his case.

- James, why don´t you forget about this last race?

- I´ve been running in the circuits for years and I´ve hardly had a few scratches. Next week, we´ll get married and I want our life to be different, more peaceful: just you and the kids...- James caressed her and fitted his case as he whispered: I love you. - Cally stood there, cheerless until she was obliged to get out of the racetrack.

A brunette wearing a big hat and sun glasses had been watching her from the distance, and then she watched James´car, until he drove off. The woman walked to a young man who seemed to be James´car mechanic.

- He´s a Ewing, isn´t he? - she said, making believe she was just feeling curious.

- Yes, the fastest of all, undoubtedly. Gary Ewing also runs once in awhile but there seems to be some trouble between them...

- Oh really... - The woman looked over her glasses - Fascinating. But, isn´t it dangerous for someone like him to take chances? A family man...You´re not married, aren´t ya?

He smiled at her. Then he invited her to have a drink after the competition. Suddenly, Cally came up from behind the unknown woman.

- Excuse me...- The woman put her glasses back, nervously - Sorry Bill, will you tell James I´ll be waiting for him at the car? I couldn´t stand watching the race...

Bill went along with Cally after apologizing to the unknown lady. She vanished and the race started off.

Cliff had got a call from his nephew Christopher. He wanted to talk with him about something important. Though it was a sunday, Afton was not home, nor she had told him where she would be. Cliff and Chris met at Cliff´s favorite Chinese Restaurant. .

- Have I ever told ya they make the best chop-suey I´ve ever tested? - Cliff asked, without expecting an answer: he knew he had.

- Sure, and the owner´s daughter is your exec secretary now...

- Oh, yeah...When I come here, they treat me as if I were "the Last Emperor"...

- Uncle Cliff - the young man said, after some laughs - I wanted to talk with you about my mother...

- About Pamela?

- No. Kristin Shepard.

Cliff looked serious and began to speak in a transcendental way...

- Good, I see they told you...finally. Yes, I tried to save her from drowning...but just couldn´t. - Suddenly, he realized he had been exaggerating - I mean when I...came to Southfork, she was already dead.

- That´s what my parents explained to me but, was it an accident? What happened to her?

- Dear Christopher: I´m glad you make me that question. Your mother falled down the balcony by accident, so to say. Although the coronary said she had taken some substances and it was considered a suicide...she lost control. But I always thought it was damned J.R. who pushed her, to get even on her for the shooting...

- So what I found on the net was true...they were lovers and, when he walked on her, Kristin tried to kill him.

- Sometimes, truth is harder to take than fiction, dear Chris.

- What about Lisa Alden? - he added.

- Obviously you´ve got qualities for a good detective... - Cliff had a shot at his drink - Lisa was your natural father´s sister, Jeff Farraday. A good girl, though she was not centered and your uncle J.R. just messed it all up and things got red heat...There´s a story being told at Southfork that says that, when Bobby found it out, he threw himself over J.R. and tried...Well, we´ll let that for next time...

Cliff noticed the frustration in his nephew´s face:

- But remember, my boy, that nobody in the world could ever have loved you more than those you call mama and daddy...

Chris thanked him for the chat and the waiter brought the dinner´s first dishes...

- Cally! Wake up...come on!... - it was Bill, warning her about something unexpected that had happened. Cally opened her eyes and saw her friend´s face...

- James! - Cally cried, as she opened the car´s door and rushed out of it...

The woman wearing a big black hat was using her binoculars to follow the frightened bride...and, when she saw what she came to see, she got on her second-hand sports car and drove away...

(Fade out)

At the Velodrome Infirmery, James was receiving first aids: he only had a wrist twist, due to a rough turn on the last curve. The car was useless, however. James had been able to jump out before the engine exploded...

- See I really am a lucky guy? - James said to his wife, who didn´t let his other hand go.

- Yes, but you almost can´t explain it. Besides, you´re left-handed and your damaged hand is the left one... - she added, as a loving reproach.

- I don´t understand how the engine could explode that way if the crash was such a little thing - Bill had accompanied them there. - I´ll examine the remains of the body...By the way, James, you really are a lucky guy and you passed me a little of luck to me: before the race, I met a blue-eyed beauty who was continuously making questions about you...

Cally and James looked at each other, with a bit of concern in their eyes.

- Did she tell you her name? - James asked.

- If I understood well, her name was something like...yeah, Sheree, right...or maybe Shelly...She must be a society columnist...

One second later, the couple remembered that was the name her family used to call the late Michelle...Shelly.

Cally caressed his fiancé´s bandaged hand as she thanked Bill for his attentions.

Afton drove on for hours, until she was so tired that she had to stop. Her throat was aching enormously and she was getting dizzier and dizzier. Then she picked up her cell phone and dialed a number with the code for Biloxi, Mississippi: it was her mother´s, Arliss.

- Mama, it´s me. I just felt like talking to you...

That evening, at Southfork, Pam and Bobby were having dinner, with a romantic atmosphere and nothing breaking the silence of the night, apart from the usual night animals of the surroundings.

- So, you and me together and alone, again... - Bobby served her a glass of champagne.

The couple kissed with equal doses of tenderness, lust and complicity.

- It seems we got to pass by the Kristin page...what do you think?

- No doubt. Our son already knows where he comes from, he only has to decide where to go to from now on. Patricia´s inheritance will be great for him...

- What such a generous woman...Knowing all these years that her daughter had had a son and refusing to see him for his own good, for not threatening his happiness.

- And how generous from her to leave exactly the same share of Union Oil stock to both of them. Chris says he wants to sell them out and donate half to charity. John Ross only thinks about oil, like his daddy, and he´s already bought his first oil field...

- By the way, Clayton will return for the weekend with a guest. I wish James and Gary could make up before the wedding...

- I wish James and you could make up at once... - Valene was saying at that very moment, at next house.

- No way - he answered, as he got into the bed, wearing only the pajamas pants. - James is a drifter and has been using us to get a position in Dallas. When he first came here about ten years ago, he didn´t even have a profession and had been expulsed from a few colleges...

- Sometimes I think that, somehow, he reminds you to yourself a little bit, the way you were many years ago...- Valene hinted, as was being afraid of having gone too far in her wanderings. - For what I know, James has always felt an outsider in his own family: being so different from the Ewings of Texas and losing his daddy led him to booze and get out of control...

Meanwhile, Bobby offered his wife his own version of it, though not very different:

- I think Gary adopted James as his son emotionally because they had a lot of things in common, at least in the past. Now, James has chosen his closest family: his brother.

- James has chosen what´s best for him: his brother´s money - Gary assured, as was holding his wife Valene - and I already got three swell kids. Think your theory doesn´t stand at all. All these years, James associated with his daddy´s enemy, Cliff, became a suspect of shooting him, he almost married his daddy´s lover, Mandy, and now he´s gonna marry J.R.´s second wife. Can´t deny it´s an impressing cv...

- Gary, the Ewing Group has taken benefit of his work over these years, he´s doing a great job for enviroment and he´s trying real hard to build up a family...

- Why is that? After all he´s got J.R.´s blood in his veins...

- Maybe Michelle´s death affected him - Bobby said - and family comes first for him now...Something he never had. Gary has no reasons to be angry about...

- I´m the one who should be angry...You´re going off on a tangent... - Pamela said as she unbuttoned her blouse...

- I´ll try hard to find the right direction... - he answered as he proceeded to undress her very slowly...

The next morning, Lucy and Valene went shopping to Dallas downtown, and made an appointment with Pamela for lunch. During their walk around the fanciest boutiques of downtown, Valene tried to prove her daughter how important their comeback was to Gary and to her...All of sudden, she changed of subject...

- What´s Clayton Farlow like? He´s gonna return to Southfork this week and I hardly know him. When we moved in here, five years ago, he had left to San Angelo with his son and his daughter-in-law - Valene meant Steven, also known as Dusty, and his wife Carrie, Barbara Baxter´s daughter.

- He´s a great man. Sweet, understanding, and he´s got an iron patience. J.R. used to drive him wild but he never was afraid of J.R. Grandma was very lucky to find two extraordinary men like Clayton and Grandpa... - Lucy stopped by a display window - I love that gown, I think I´m gonna wear that at Cally´s wedding...Besides, Clayton was the most faithful person who ever lived in Southfork, as a husband, as a grandfather and as a friend.

- What about you Lucy? What are you gonna do with your life, now that you sold out your share of Cally´s Art Galleries?

- My baby is my life, mother. I could kill to defend him. - she assured as she pushed the boutique´s door...

A couple of blocks further, Pamela got out of the fancy car that had brought her to downtown, driven by her personal chauffeur. Since she got desfigured due to a huge car crash, Pamela had not dared to drive again. Now she had no scar visible on her face any more, but she did have psychological scars. Not even a therapy had helped her to overcome that.

She went into the shopping mall and got onto the escalators, without noticing a man following her, a man a little younger than she was. He was wearing sun glasses and a haute couture executive suit.

Suddenly, Pam stopped in front of a mirror displayed at the window of an antiques shop, and fixed her make-up smoothly. Afterwards, she put her hand in her purse...

- Pammy...! - the man cried out not too loudly.

- Cousin Jimmy! - she turned to him and smiled happily: her suspicions had been confirmed. That man she had seen when she got out of the car was cousin Jimmy, the one she hadn´t seen for years. And the one everybody called Mr. Monahan now...

- Can you call me Will, little cousin? - he said, as he embraced Pam

(Fade out)

(To Be Continued)

Special Guest Star:

Guest Stars:
PETER KRAUSE as Joe (Six Feet Under)


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Pamela and Will were sitting at one of the outside tables in a nearby restaurant.

- I´m so sorry about what happened with Cliff... - Pam apologized.

- So do I. I don´t know why, but I thought he´d have changed over the years. He´s exactly the same he was when he was ten: grumpy and suspicious.

- If you knew all that he went through, you´d understand him...

- Maybe, but we all have had our problems, look at my mama, Digger or yourself...

- I´d love you to explain me how you´ve become a big financial executive...but I´ve got a date for lunch and I cannot miss that. Lucy and her other, remember Lucy, don´t you?

Will widely smiled and Pam noticed the expression:

- Because you don´t wanna join us, do you? - Pamela proposed subtly, just to check if his cousin still was a shy guy with women, in spite of his position.

- No, I can´t today. - Will looked at his watch - but I wouldn´t mind coming to one of those barbecues you hold at Southfork...

- It´s your lucky day: next month we´ll hold one, and you´re one of the guests. You have no excuse...

Pam said goodbye to his cousin and he got up to embrace her. Then, he looked on her and saw her meeting two attractive blondes; one, the youngest, alluring and proud, took a look at him from the distance...

Becky was looking at his daddy´s portrait on his desk. At last, he came in...

- Hello baby, what a nice surprise...- exclaimed - Come on here... - Cliff opened up his arms and kissed his daughter tenderly - Will you tell me what´s wrong?

- Why do you think something´s wrong? - Becky asked, unaware that her eyes revealed she had been crying. Cliff smiled and sat by her daughter.

- I need you to do me a favor, honey.

- Course. What is it?

- Your mama. She´s been very depressed lately. I don´t why but she doesn´t feel she´s being a good mother...especially, since she found out you are no innocent child any more.-Besides of her business skills, the best of Cliff came up when he was with his family: he was an excellent father and husband.

Becky started to cry, silently. She knew that her parents had to tell her something important for a long time. Her flirting with Joe had just been a way to call their attention and annoy them...She only wanted everything to be the way it used to be, like when they came back from Paris and Afton confessed her that Cliff was her real daddy. Since that day on, life had been perfect, at least to her. But, what was wrong about her mother?

- We´re gonna do something special: not gonna go to work and you´re not gonna go to school. We´re gonna go for your mother at the studio and will go on a picnic the three of us. What da ya think?

- You´re such a tricker, daddy...- Becky started to laugh and Cliff looked up for his cell phone to call Afton.

That evening, the Ewings had gathered for dinner at the house: Bobby, Pam, Gary, Valene, Christopher and Lucy. Suddenly, when they proceeded to go into the dining-room, a klaxon could be heard from outside: it was Clayton Farlow´s limo. His return had been brought three days forward. They all went out to welcome him. The driver got out of the car, opened the other door and, unexpectedly, two thin legs in black stockings came up...complete with high heel shoes, black too. From the other door, came out the old patriarch, Clayton.

The woman was in her fifties, though she looked a little younger. Dressed in a jacket suit with a not too long skirt, her hair was gathered down in an elegant horsetail. The woman said hello to the family:

- You must be those adorable Ewings...I am Madeleine. I was just dying to know you...

Clayton came close to her and threw his right arm around her shoulders.

- Let me introduce you my wife, though I think she´s introduced herself yet...

Bobby, Pam, Gary, Valene and Christopher twinkled. Lucy just raised an eyebrow.

At the Ewing Building, Sue Ellen was arguing with John Ross on the phone...

- But, darling, remember our deal: therapy with Dr. Wyler wasn´t negotiable. If we went with this, you had to make your part of the deal. Yes, I know class steal most of your time away but that is no excuse...

At that moment, James came into the office, after being listening to the talk from outside...Sue Ellen decided to postpone that argument when she saw him:

- I´ll call you later, honey. - after this, she hung up, as she felt embarrassed by James´s appearance. - Next time, knock on the door before coming in, all right?

- Next time, just close your door. You could hear every word from my office. Sue Ellen stared at him, as he was putting the Ewing 1 contract on her table. - Read it when you can. The deal must be closed as soon as we can. Unless you wanna change your mind and close down the company...

- Why should I do that? - she said.

- For what I could hear, it seemed to that this new Ewing Oil is kinda toy for my brother, in exchange for his good behavior and not doing any more naughty things...

- John Ross must go on with his therapy though he doesn´t really have to...look for the wrong help. He´ll always have that weakness if he doesn´t assume it...and acts consequently. - The woman sat down as James turned to her.

- Why should he follow a therapy? You don´t go to the A.A. meetings, do you?

Sue Ellen got up to James´ eyes. Afterwards, she slapped his face.

- Never say anything like that to me again, you bastard - Sue Ellen swallowed hard as she was walking to the door - Only the way I hated your father allowed me to quit drinking. I want my son to have a much better life than mine...or yours.

James walked out of her office and into his own. When nobody could see him, he put his hand in his hand: Michelle had been the only woman who had ever slapped him in all his life...until now. But Sue Ellen had hurt his feelings and self-esteem too...

In one the apartments the Ewing put at their most privileged employees´ disposition, Alan Beam was serving himself a drink and lighting his favorite pipe...as he re-read the "Dallas Press". A headline had called his attention: "Imminent dissolution of Ewing Group. Who´s to take the biggest piece of cake?" And below: "Ewing Oil reborn out of ashes."

- Not if I can help that. I´m not gonna let you do without a legacy, my son. Though your mother or your uncles try to, we´re gonna get what belongs to us by law: the Ewing fortune.

Alan turned down and picked up a portrait he had put on his bed table: it was Peter, Lucy´s healthy little son...

Teresa had added two more settings at the table: Clayton and Madeleine had become the talk of the evening. She talked unrelentlessly: they had married one week before and only had been dating for one month. Clayton was admiring her silently, which was obvious to Bobby and Gary. The women put more attention in her style and elegance, in her confident way if talking and her caring gestures to Clayton.

After dinner, they had a drink. Bobby reported Clayton about the wedding to be held next week at the mansion´s garden. Gary looked angry and Val held his arm, trying to avoid discussions.

- A wedding at the garden? For God´s sake, how can you organize a wedding at the garden when you have such an amazing mansion as this is? If it seems to belong to one of those marvelous 80´s supersoaps..Please let me do it and you´ll see that wedding becoming the season´s event in the State of Texas...I can see the headlines now: "Texan Dynasty holds a royal wedding..."

Bobby, Pam, Gary, Valene and Christopher twinkled. Lucy just raised an eyebrow. Again.

While this was happening at Southfork, Cliff Barnes and his daughter Becky were arriving at the Wentworth manor in Antioch Drive, Dallas. When they saw Afton´s car, they realized she had come back from wherever she had been, since she hadn´t come up at the Studio to shoot the program...Cliff and Becky came into the house and began to call her out loudly, quietly first, then nervously. The maid had the night off...

When he walked out to the patio, Cliff saw a dark spot in the pool...He got close and called her wife´s name again. Shockingly, Cliff identified Afton´s face and jumped into the pool, as Becky did. Both of them tried hard to take her body out of the water and put her on the floor. Then, Becky proceeded to apply the artificial breathing on her, but Afton began to spit red-colored water out...

Cliff held on her tightly, as he tried to revive her...

Oh please, Afton, wake up... - he desperately begged - Wake up my love...

End of Episode 4



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Poor Afton. I hope she won't die. I am glad Cliff is a loving father and husband. Much better than what we got on TNT.

Wow! I didn't ecpect Clayton to be remarried. But I guess he's had a thing for younger women before...

So Alan Beam is Peter's father?
Here I suspected he might have been Chris natural father. How did Lucy hook up with Alan again? ;)

Thanks for changing your signature. I can read just fine on my phone now. :)


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Poor Afton. I hope she won't die. I am glad Cliff is a loving father and husband. Much better than what we got on TNT.

Wow! I didn't ecpect Clayton to be remarried. But I guess he's had a thing for younger women before...

So Alan Beam is Peter's father?
Here I suspected he might have been Chris natural father. How did Lucy hook up with Alan again? ;)

Thanks for changing your signature. I can read just fine on my phone now. :)

Thanks a lot for your kind, ongoing feedback @Karin Schill! It really makes me want to keep on writing despite my awful laziness of late.

Yes, Cliff is a better husband here though he also has his faults. I didn´t want to turn him into his clownish / revengeful personas of old. Dear old Afton would already know if she is gonna day because she´s always been a clairvoyant!!

I did include a flashback scene with Miss Ellie because I thought it was really necessary to show that Clayton would have never re-married if she, somehow, hadn´t given him her "permission", so to say. But beware the younger wives...

Alan is one of the "suspects" of being Peter´s father, but there will be others... Lucy never stayed home watching TV, as we all know. About Alan, I always had the impression that she saw him in a different way than others because it was her who ended up leaving him. Of course, after getting entangled in JR´s vicious trap to send her away from Dallas.

I´m going to post more episodes right away, I hope you like them!
Have a great weekend! :h3:


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Episode 5:
My best enemy´s wedding (part 1: pre-nuptial)

One hour later, at the Dallas Memorial Hospital...

-My God, Cliff...What´s happened to Afton? – Pamela asked when she came in the waiting-room with Bobby. Cliff embraced his sister and Bobby said hello to Becky, who seemed to have been crying.

-I don´t know. We brought here ourselves, we were here in just ten minutes, and we know nothing about her yet...maybe an ambulance...

- Cliff, you must not think that. You did the right thing...

- Did she got any breathing problem?

- No Bobby, as far as I know. She always takes care of her voice and her health in general, and swims in the pool every day...

A nurse came by to tell them the doctor who was at the E.R. with Afton would be talking to them right away. Becky looked scared and embraced her daddy.

Meanwhile, the recent news didn´t let the other women to fall asleep. First Lucy, and then Val, pretending to borrow some soy milk, sat at the kitchen table.

- Poor baby, it must have been rather a shock for Becky...

-And Cliff too: he´s not the bravest man on Earth, if I remember well. Changing of subject, what about Clayton´s new wife?

- Madeleine you mean? Well, she doesn´t look much like Miss Ellie at all. Do you think she married him for his money? Oh sorry...

- Frankly mother, I hope not. Cause Clayton is not only a billionaire but also co-owner of the ranch and the Ewing Energy Group. What´s more, he invested part of his fortune on re-buying the Southern Cross for your son Dusty and his wife Carrie.

- I didn´t knew he was such a wealthy man – a new visitor came into the Ewing kitchen, Gary this time. He opened the fridge and took out a dish with half a chocolate cake on it. Val and Lucy looked at each other guessing each other´s thoughts. Gary took a big knife and was about to take home the cake. But Val and Lucy rushed onto him and hold each one of his arms and made him join them at the table. Bye-bye diet...

At the hospital, Cliff was listening to the doctor: Afton´s condition was stable now, but she had lost too much blood: next 48 hours would be critical and they would call Doctor Anderson, the specialist she used to call on more often. She remained unconscious, but seemingly she would get healthier soon: anyway they had to wait for the results of the tests she had been done. They didn´t know how she could have been knocked out at the pool, but one thing was sure: there was no sign of being hit on his head. Cliff breathed out relieved and hold Becky. Pam insisted on replacing him so he and Becky would be free to go to sleep, but Cliff eventually made the girl to accompany Pam and Bobby to spend the night at Southfork. He´d rather keep himself asleep, until Afton was conscious again...

The next morning, the Dallas was completely clouded, full of white fast clouds and the wind blew strongly: it was going to be a tough winter. James had come up with Cally to the roof of the Ewing Building. A few days later, they would be a married couple.

- Amazing isn´t it? You ever came here before Cally?

- No never. I didn´t have been anywhere here except where J.R. was, I mean where you and John Ross are now – Cally breathed in the air of that roof, one of the highest of all the town, if not the highest of all. For an instant, she missed the pure fresh air from her town Haleyville and the peculiar smell of her farm. – Dallas is a sort of temp for everybody, especially for us, people from little towns: it offers us all the material things you can ever want and many ways to get them, but only for those who have the name and the influence of people like the Ewings.

- Watch out babe: you´re about to marry one of them, in a 50% at least.

- What I mean is, I could have never shown my paintings without being married to J.R., for example. Neither I could have gone out Haleyville neither, probably. Before being killed, April told me once that, the very first time she met J.R. alone was right here: your dad made an appointment with here, by sending her half a check, to make her trust him faster. She told me that, at the time, she was feeling as if she owned the whole town, but everything was just like a mirage: in fact it was the beginning of a series of fights and court battles over the Ewing Oil control...She confessed that, in a long term, she´d have been happier working as a shop girl in her town, instead of being a rich woman thanks to the millions J.R. paid to her. Only during the previous months to her honeymoon with Bobby were good enough for her, before being kidnapped. Very little time, but lived so intensely...

- Honey you´re right: we gotta live our life together very intensely, but nothing about Ewing Oil will affect us. We got two swell kids, and maybe we´ll have another baby soon...Our wedding will be held at the Southfork garden, with our family and friends there...and everything´s gonna be just fine.

- I know you´ll think I´m nuts but you feel the same way I do: Michelle is back and alive, and wanna get even. She was the elusive woman at the velodrome, talking to Bill, though she was dark-haired now, and was wearing sun-glasses. I am a painter and a photographer, and I got a great visual memory. Actually, I think I wasn´t sure of it, until now. Besides, probably she was the woman pretending to be April at the morgue...

James couldn´t help but holding her:

- I know. I´ve been a few days thinking of that too. What´s more, Bill told me that my car was such a wreck because somebody had put a mini-explosive inside...that blew out when I jumped off the window...There´s somebody out there who wishes us the worst honeymoon...But we´ll win Michelle, sweetheart, we´ll gonna be smarter...

Cally gasped, as she put her left cheek on James´s strong chest. She should be strong too, for James, for their kids and, above all, for herself (Fade out).

Meanwhile, Clayton and Madeleine were flying over the Southfork lands, far away from the manor.

- Good heaven, I never imagined you owned so many acres...it seems there is no limit to them...

- That over there could be considered as one of the limits... That is the Southfork Resort, a dream come true by Bobby just before Miss Ellie died.

- Is it a kind of Spa? – she asked.

- Well, something like that, I guess. It´s a place for families to enjoy an atmosphere without pollution and learn how to ride and shoot the plate, very quietly. Miss Ellie was opposed to it initially, she was very hurt for being away from home when her son died...

- You’ re talking about the infamous J.R., aren´t you? I wish I had met him...

- And he´d have loved meeting you! That´s for sure. Wherever he was, J.R. always had a kind word for a good-looking woman...

At the hospital, Afton was coming to. By her side was Cliff, who had not slept at all in the last hours. When she called him in low voice, he jumped out of his chair and wide-opened his eyes. The couple kissed each other lovingly and then she said:

- I´m so sorry to get you both upset...

- Don´t be silly, darling. We´ve been very worried about you, but only because we wanted to take you on a picnic and you´re the girl who makes the best sandwiches in town...

Afton started to laugh but ended up coughing...

- Tell us what happened to you at the pool.

- Where´s Becky? – she demanded. She was longing for seeing her daughter. Cliff went out of the room for a minute and Becky came back in with him. Mother and daughter embraced and cried joyfully. Suddenly, a nurse came in to report Cliff about Afton´s doctor returning from his trip the next morning. Soon she could be fully diagnosed and her tests could be checked out. Afton looked away, her mind getting lost somewhere far, far away...

It was dinner time at Southfork, seven o´clock, and everyone was ready for table. However Bobby called Clayton apart, and took him to the library, in order to speak with him alone.

- Any trouble Bobby? Hope it´s nothing about Madeleine...

- Well, yes...and no. I mean, yes, it´s about her, and no, it´s no real trouble...without a solution.

- You are beating´ around the bush...for a Ewing.

- It´s about the wedding. I´ve been talkin´ with the girls: Pam, Val and Lucy, and they´re a bit bothered by Madeleine wanting to organize the wedding inside the house. Cally´s wish was celebrating it at the garden yard, including the post-nuptial banquet. Remember that it began to rain when they said “I do” at her “other” Southfork wedding?

Clayton laughed out loudly...

- Yes, and your mama insisted to make all the guests sleep in the house. Never can forget “the night J.R. and Cliff slept under the same roof”.

- This is the point: the wedding´s organization has been at charge of the girls since the beginning, and Madeleine can cooperate if she likes, but respecting the previous plans: we´re not an Egyptian Dynasty, but a family.

- All right, Bobby, I think it´s o.k. Maybe she was too much thrilled to meet the Ewings from Texas...

The next morning, James arrived at the Ewing offices promptly. He had set up an important appointment with Sue Ellen and was sure of her being late, so he got quite a surprise when he found her in her office already.

- Good mornin´ James! – she ironically said.

- Hi good mornin´. I´ll lay my suitcase on my desk and we´ll speak. – She nodded and took a portfolio out of one of her drawers, when he left.

- My agenda is full, I gotta pick my mother up from the airport and then I gotta attend an excusable meeting. Please let´s work this out as soon as possible, Sue Ellen. What is it about?

- It´s about this – she said, showing him the portfolio. He read the Ewing Oil name on the cover, along with the company´s logo. At first sight, it was nothing unusual – My wedding present for Cally and you.

- A present? Don´t get it. This makes me owner of another third of the company, so I would become a major shareholder .

- James, when we funded this company, I told you this wasn´t just a business, but also a family matter. You are co-owner of Ewing Oil with your brother John Ross. But he can´t still run the company on his own. Partly because he´s not experienced enough, partly because J.R.´s will demanded his college graduation to happen before he would get his inheritance. If everything works out correctly, John Ross will be a graduate in a few months and the president of Ewing Oil, just like his daddy always wanted, just like he wanted himself.

- What part will I play then? – James asked.

- You and he will be equal partners, as good brothers. Irony apart, you have many talents: you have a special ability to make relations in the Dallas business world, you´ve been very useful to the Ewing Group. You´ve always been interested in all the energy sources, not only oil, and know them well. That´s something John Ross lacks. You´ve enjoyed being rich and...you´ve been working as a mechanic in a car shop. You´ve formed a family and you must want to make your life stable, therefore. Maybe I´m wrong, but I feel Cally´s gonna be a good influence to you.

- I had no idea you knew her so well...

- ...I´m used to be undervalued...and do my homeworks. If, when my son gets a degree, your running of Ewing Oil seems to me the best possible, this document will be validated and you´ll be your brother´s only legal partner. I´ll exit the scene discreetly and keep on working on my other companies.

- And what if not? What if, hypothetically, I turned out to be the most horrendous oil man in Dallas...

- If things go wrong, I advise you to resume your friendship with Gary Ewing: you´d might need a job, again.

- All right – he signed and gave the woman the document back, already signed by both parties.– But, maybe the truth is...you´re feeling guilty for slapping my face in our last discussion?

Sue Ellen got up, kissed his cheek and added: “I wish you to live happily ever after...”

(Fade out)

To Be Continued (below)


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A few hours later Pam was entering Scalini , an Italian restaurant where she and Bobby had an appointment for lunch. She had spent all the morning at town, getting the wedding organization finished, and wanted to have a nice lunch with her husband, before to return to the family strain.

- Thanks for work it out with Madeleine – she said.

- Not at all, ya know that Clayton is a very sensible man. What about Afton?

- This afternoon Cliff has to talk with Afton´s doctor, who had been treating her before, he´s the right person to give a diagnosis…

- You think it´s real serious, don´t you?

- As it seems, she began to get suffocated as she was swimming. She didn´t have time to get out, lost conscience in a minute, and Cliff and Becky found her...thanks God.

- Yeah, we´ve already had our long long bad age and deserve some happiness.

- By the way, did you notice Clayton´s happy face? His new marriage becomes him. And don´t lie to me, Bobby Ewing, because I know you´re thinking the same way…

- About what, the reason of his happiness or Madeleine´s sincerity?

Pam was strangely, maliciously pleased to hear her husband say the same thing she had been thinking about the newcomer. – We have no right to interfere in their lives and the age difference doesn´t matter…

- True. Hopefully, when we ´re as old as Clayton is, we´re gonna be so in love as now...Let´s drink to that.

Later that day the last official meeting of the EEG Managing Board was held, in order to vote if the Southfork wells should be closed forever or not. Among those present were: Bobby, the chairman in charge, Gary, Lucy, James, Clayton, John Ross, and, last but not least, Barbara Baxter, who had just returned from Houston...

(Fade out)

- Sorry I´m late, the air traffic was plain horrible and I didn´t wanna drive…

Barbara looked still better than she looked in her last visit. She wore a shorter hairdo that made her look younger and her white tailored suite made her outstand in that room, maybe also because she was the only woman, together with Lucy.

- Folks: as you know, this is our last meeting as a family corporation. The Ewing Energy Group will cease to exist, the way we know it, in a couple of months, but we must decide about our last fields, the Southfork wells.

- The ones under my old room, aren´t they?

They all laughed her joke and Bobby talked on:

- If we sep on drilling these lands, even only one more year, they won´t be recycled at all and expenses won´t be met by their benefits…Drilling those lands helped us to save our home and the Southfork Resort. Besides, they kept us on the business, all of us. But now it´s time to vote and decide the best way out. Let´s begin with you Lucy.

Gary and Lucy looked at each other, and she smiled openly.

- I vote for what Grandma would have wanted if she were alive. No more damn oil!

Then it was Barbara´s turn, sitting by Lucy.

- Of all of us, I am the one least used to oil business. Not even seen my hands dirtied with crude...or gas. I vote with Lucy and say no. Let´s look at the future instead of the past.

- Gary... – Bobby staring at his older brother.

- My vote is positive, prices go up and down but here in Texas, an oil field will always be the best deal.

- Clayton...

At that moment Clayton looked at John Ross, and then Bobby and Gary. He eventually smiled at the women, as his mind couldn´t help but remember the past, when he refined oil himself.

- I vote... – he paused and Lucy thought she was guessing his decision. But was wrong. – My son Steven and I – he said as he was taking a document signed by Dusty out of his jacket´s pocket – we vote for it: not only keep on drilling there, but also explore other lands of the state. Lucy tried to repress what she was feeling…

Since the atmosphere was beginning to get edgy, John Ross didn´t wait to be named and voted for it too. Bobby passed the turn to James, and he looked at his brother, as he was quickly weighing pros and cons, once again.

- I think the fields should get closed. My vote is negative.

The air was getting edgier every minute, and Bobby decided that the voting and the meeting should finish as son as possible. ....

- Ray and Donna trespassed me their vote rights, as did Christopher. Therefore, I have three votes...and these votes will decide on behalf of...the closing of the fields and any oil business, linked to the Ewing Group.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Bobby walked out of the room with Barbara, chatting in a cheerful tone. But inside, hell was breaking loose:

- Who the hell do you think you are to decide anything at all in this company? We don´t even know for sure if you were J.R.´s son.

- Gary, I´m as much his son as you can be your father´s – James counterattacked. John Ross tried to make a joke about the remark.

- Maybe it´s a joke for you, John Ross, because you own your own company to play the oil baron, but the Ewing Group is history without oil...And did you come back to improve our relationship Lucy? That´s a good proof of fidelity and family togetherness.

- Time to grow up father! We´re in Dallas, not in California any more: we need to protect land as long as we can, the Texan land is ruined enough...

- Lucy, we might drill other fields far away from Southfork...

- Boys, we´d better calm down and go home... – Clayton said, standing between Gary and the youngest Ewing brothers. They left, one by one...until there only were Lucy y Clayton, face to face.

- Never thought you´d do this to my Grandma, Clayton.

- When you say “this”, you mean my marriage, not my vote, don´t you Lucy?

She walked away and wide opened the door, then she bumped into a surprised Madeleine...

- I hope not to be intruding – she said…

At the Dallas Memorial Hospital, Cliff was sitting in front of Doctor Anderson.

- How´s my wife, doctor?

- I thought she had told you about it, Cliff.

- About what? You´re making me nervous...

- Cliff, listen to me, please do: about six months ago, Afton came on because she was frequently feeling throat ache, as well as light hemorrhages. We had a number of tests done, including a biopsy...

- What about the tests she was done some days ago, what do they say?

- About six months ago, I said to Afton that she had a nodule in her threat and should undergo under treatment as soon as possible…

- But why the hell didn´t she?

- She had to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the show she was hosting was a big hit. She was afraid of being so physically affected that she had to be put away of the show…

- She´s so damn stubborn...but now, she will undergo the therapy, I´ll take care of that.

- It´s...too late for her...the nodule has become a tumor and it´s spreading fast…to her lungs…

- What about...an extirpation?

- I´m terribly sorry, Cliff. We can´t do anything else for your wife, but calming her pain and taking care of her when she gets worse…

- Worse...How much time left, doctor?

- Six months, if we´re lucky...Afton is going to really need you from now on, you and Becky.

Cliff was astonished. The doctor tried to encourage him holding his arm and left him alone for awhile...

- Six months, if we are lucky... – he put his hands together and his head down. Then he started to cry in silence…

End of Episode 5





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Episode 6:
My best enemy´s wedding (part two: nuptial march)

Cliff and Becky came home when the sun was already down. He walked in holding his daughter´s hand and made her sit down at the couch by him.

- Is that serious, dad? - he nodded.

- Your mama´s doc, Doctor Anderson, had been treating her for months, but the decease has gotten worse, Your mother has a throat tumor, inoperable.

- But if she had known for months, why didn´t she tell us? What´s more, why can´t she undergo some sort of treatment?

- It´s not as easy as it seems, sweetheart. Your mama´d rather live her everyday life cause it only was a nodule - at first...just some disturbance in her throat...

- Oh mine, so she didn´t take her tumor seriously and gave more relevance to her damn show, did she?

- No more secrets between us. I have to tell you one more thing, baby. Listen up: you´ll must keep it on mind from now on...always.

Clayton ´s black limousine was crossing over the town, towards the way out to the Braddock roadway. In it, Clayton and Madeleine were drinking a glass of champagne after his attendance to the Board Meeting.

- Obviously, you´ve had some sort of trouble...

- Right... – Clayton looked at her new wife, with a sad smile in his face – Like in the old times, the family business, oil business, has confronted us. I was afraid Gary and James were goin´ to fight right there...

- James is J.R.´s older son, isn´t he? John Ross´s brother and his associate at new Ewing Oil.

- I´m worried about the possibility of the boys repeating old sibling rivalries. Maybe we should visit Steven at Southern Cross after the wedding...

- That´s a great idea. I have a son and a daughter that don´t know yet...Do they have any kids?

- No, I´ve lost any hope of becoming a grandfather...

- But you got the boys...and Lucy´s.

- Yes. Lucy...

- We discussed it a few days ago darling: that was the best voting choice...you know.

Vanessa parked James´s sportscar in his private garage and both of them walked into he apartment. Cally was waiting for them there. She got up and kissed him, as she asked: “That bad?”

He let himself fall onto the couch and caressed his mother´s hand with his hurt hand.

- I´m happy you could come over, mother.

Vanessa was already 65 years old but her class and elegance made her look younger and she cared about everybody around her to feel comfortable. Redheaded, wearing a long fashionable hairstyle and a European designer simple gown, she knew how to transmit confidence to other people.

- Darling, you knew that any of the other partners might vote different from you...

- In fact the Southfork wells are gonna get closed, just what I wanted to. Bobby, Barbara, Lucy, Christopher and Ray have all voted for it. But there´s been a confrontation with Gary at the end.

- You didn´t come to blows, did you? They are your family, James. Unfortunately, you have nobody else left from my branch or the Beaumont´s. And you are working with your brother now.

Suddenly, the phone rang. James answered, listened for a few seconds and said: “I´ll be there in half an hour.”

- Who was it? – Cally asked.

- The detective in charge of Michelle´s case...They have new proofs and wanna talk to me.

Cally looked at him scared. Vanessa was surprised since she didn´t have heard that name for ten years. Could it be the same Michelle?

At the hospital, Afton was apologizing to her husband.

- I´m sorry to be so weak, Cliff, but just wasn´t able to bear the treatment´s secondary effects...

- It´s no use to talk about it. You have to decide what to do now. Honey, I don´t think it helps, but yesterday I told Becky about neurofibromatosis. And she reacted like an adult person. Actually, she had assumed she was the one suffering a more serious sickness and was almost relieved…

- We´ve done a good work with her...

- Better than you know. Nothing really happened between her and that network bastard, she told me herself. She is a fine girl and the merit of it is all yours.

Afton smiled and whispered : “I love you”

(Fade out)

That night, at Southfork, Bobby and Pam were commenting on the meeting...

- Very clever from him to wait for me to walk out of the room with Barbara, so they could start to argue openly...When they came down, Gary and James almost came to blows at the building hall. It seems like a nightmare, everything starting over...Only J.R. was missing there, he´d have made things even worse, picking at each other…

- Please don´t overdo it, Gary is resented to James and Lucy is jealous of the woman who´s just married her grandma´s husband. I´m only afraid somehow this could affect the wedding...

- Whatcha mean? Gary told me they´d go off the weekend to visit the twins...

- Awhile ago, Gary asked me to include them in the guest list again, and promised there´d be no trouble.

- I don´t like this....Why do all the Southfork weddings seem to be jinxed?

- Sure it´ll be a dream wedding. A perfect couple like James and Cally, each with one child of their own, and their own fortune too, deserves a proper wedding...

Before Pam got into bed, her cell phone laying over her night table rang. It was her brother. A few seconds later, she hung off, after saying: “All right”. Bobby looked curious about it and she lay by his side, wearing just a pink-colored nightgown…

- Was Cliff, he wanna meet me tomorrow for breakfast. It´s about Afton...Bobby, it can´t be, not once again…

- Take it easy babe – he said, as he caressed her beautiful brown hair – Sleep now. Tomorrow is another day…

The next morning, Cally was having her dress fit, accompanied by her friend Lucy. They were in Cally´s apartment. James had gone at the doctor´s to get his wrist checked out for the last time before the wedding.

- You look too upset for a woman who´s gonna marry her Mr. Right, honey - Lucy, said, anxious to know what was worrying her friend. – The weather reports doesn´t announce storm this time…

Cally smiled – You know me well Lucy. For a long long time, you´ve been my only link to the Ewings of Southfork and one person to rely on. You kept me the secret about little Ellie being J.R.´s daughter as long as I asked you to. Without your moral support, I´d never shown my paintings or my photographs…

- Wow wow...This sounds like a preliminary to the pre-nuptial nerves. Be careful with that, love. Cally, what happens to me with you is the same thing that happened with Pamela and, above all, Sue Ellen: I´m not able to understand why you wanna marry a Ewing again after experiences so…”peculiar.”

- I love James since the day I first met him, he became my best friend and supported me at 100% when his father kicked me off, pregnant and all. I´ve been dating James for one year and I know he´s not perfect: he lacks matureness and always gotta fight his father´s memory. Everywhere he goes, being an Ewing opens a lot of doors, not being a Beaumont . But then he´s compared to his father and he´s not a man without scruples like J.R. was. He´s a swell daddy for Jimmy and Ellie, and working with his brother will help him to grow up too.

- You´re right Cally. Anyway, I think I just want you to be sure: I don´t wanna see you hurt, as I have been...Maybe I´m the one who´s worried about other problem, about my new “granny”: Madeleine. I can´t help the feeling she´s continuously pretending, trying hard to be somebody she is not. One thing is for sure: if that woman wants to take advantage of Clayton and the Ewing fortune, I´m gonna find it out…

At the same time, at the Southfork Mansion, Barbara was telling the family about her latter experiences in Houston...

- Oh, God... – she laughed – I just couldn´t believe that man wanted to sell me a building of ruined condos...But let´s change of subject: had you ever been here in Texas, Madeleine?

- No, not actually, but I did spend awhile in L.A. and then, I went to Aspen for a ski weekend...

- Oh that´s really interesting... I prefer horse riding. Bobby and I became partners in a horse-cutting business years ago...

- I thought Bobby´s partner was Ray...

Barbara was fond of Lucy, but she wasn´t her favorite Ewing. She sipped her drink. “At the beginning, but Ray quit the business afterwards…”

- When he married Donna by second time... – Lucy tended to be sarcastic anytime she got bored.

Barbara finished her tonic water and Pam interfered to soften the atmosphere. Ray and Barbara had had an affair just before he make up with Donna. The issue was taboo but they all knew about it. Except the newcomer Madeleine, of course.

Clayton got up and invited his wife to accompany him to the porche and wait for dinner time.

- What a surprise, isn´t it Barbara? – Pam remarked, looking outside.

- You say so, darlin´. Funny, this woman looks very familiar to me. She reminds me of a friend I had when I was working at a L.A. law firm, her name was Reggie, Reggie Love. We became a sort of celebrities at the Hollywood nights...when I still though that the world was gonna end tomorrow…

- What did Madeleine for living in Switzerland? – Lucy finally asked, after some days of thinking of the best way to make the question...

- I think she mentioned she was the manager of the hotel where Clayton was having his holidays at – Bobby said.

- Love at first sight: one month later, they were married – Pam took a sweet look at Bobby. – Those things happen, sometimes...

- So I haven´t been so lucky... – Barbara said as she served herself another tonic.

- Neither I... – Lucy bitterly said.

- Come on girls, I want tomorrow to be the happiest day for the bride and the groom – Pam stated – and for all the guests too, so let´s go outside and join Clayton and Madeleine...

Early on the morning, Pam was driven from Southfork by Bobby, who left her at the Wentworth manor.

- Hi Cliff. How is Afton? You said it was an emergency...

- Afton is upstairs, with Becky. I have to talk to you...I...- Cliff began to stammer.

Pam hold his brother tightly as she tried to help him to say all he wanted to tell her...

- Is Afton too ill? It wasn´t an aphonia or a cold, nor she slipped at the pool, didn´t she? – Pam´s eyes began to get tearful. Cliff denied. – Tell me what you´re gonna do...

- Pammy, Afton will need us a lot during the next months: she was diagnosed a throat nodule long ago and didn´t wanna undergo a treatment. Now…she´s got a tumor and the doctor says...

- How long will she...?

- Six months, maybe less...- Cliff began to cry hopelessly. A few minutes afterwards, he walked away from Pam and told her about their plans. – We´ve decided not to go to James´s wedding. Tomorrow we´ll fly to Biloxi to spend some time with Afton´s mother, the three of us. I´ve already got time off from the Bank and I want you to promise me that, if something happened to any of us, you´d take care of Becky...

Pamela held her brother as tightly as she used to when they were kids: under his arms and very very strong…

(Fade out)

To Be Continued (below)