Ewing Empire: Season 3


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Well, as I promised earlier, here is Season 3, which starts a new phase of my fanfic through a script format more based on dialogues, song lyrics included in the story, a not too long (6 months) time jump, and new characters to spice up the fiction. As you could see, the last season cliffhanger was very untimely and, in a way, unsuspensful, but I found it character-centric for a change, with the flashbacks and the mystery about Clayton´s death hope you like it and bring some more readers!

Episode 13:



(Close-up of The DALLAS PRESS, with the main headline "CRUDE PRICE STILL GOING DOWN", and a sideline reading "EWING OIL BANKRUPTS". The camera pans away. Cross-dissolve to the image of a bourbon glass being served at the airport restaurant´s bar. The bartender fills the glass halfway and we see the well-cared hands of the woman who ordered the bourbon. A female voice announces that a flight from Zurich, Switzerland, with scale in New York, has just arrived. Sue Ellen, long blond hair, appears through the gate of International Arrivals, escorted by a young brunette, blue eyes, not too tall, wearing a hand-bag.

Sue Ellen: You got everything Shania?
Shania: Yes, I´ll get the luggage. I´ll wait for you at the limo.
Sue Ellen (nodding with her head and smiling at her): All right. See you now (Sue Ellen hears a whisper coming from a group of journalists).
Photographer: There she is...Let´s go!
Paper woman: Hurry up, better not to miss her...
Photographer: Mrs. Farlow! (Just to hear that name called out, Sue Ellen feels her heart upside down, and slowly turns her head into another of the International Arrival Gates, where the group of journalists is awaiting. Madeleine comes up, wearing black glasses and dress, followed by a young man in his thirtysomething, dark hair, taller than her, Julian, who is wearing her trip bag and advances her to put the paper men away)
Julian: Keep away, let us pass.
Reporter 1: What do you feel as new owner of the Southfork Ranch, Mrs. Farlow?
Reporter 2: Are you still in good relations with the family Ewing after throwing them away from their home?
Madeleine (serious): No comments.
Julian: You heard her, no comments. And now, go to your houses (Julian holds Madeleine´s arm, and points at the door, with his other hand, there is a big black limo waiting for them there. As they come out of the place and into the limo, Sue Ellen looks at them astonished and, suddenly, her look crosses with a familiar face: it´s Barbara Southworth´s, Bobby Ewing´s cousin. Barbara lies off abruptly the bourbon glass before to try it and get her hand into her handbag, to pickup a 20-dollar note.)
Barbara: I wanna pay this please? I´m in a hurry. (The bartender takes the note and Barbara picks her mobile out of her bag and walks in the opposite direction than Sue Ellen´s)
Shania: Sue Ellen, I´m here at last!
Sue Ellen (surprised but soon her look gets tough): Ah, that´s fine. Shall we go to the limo?
Shania: I´ve just talked to the chauffeur, he is about 10 minutes late. I´ve brought you the "Dallas Press". They mention Ewing Oil...(showing her the Dallas Press´ cover)
Sue Ellen (reading the headlines): Oh, my God...John Ross.


(General view of Ewing Building with lights on in a nightly Dallas and zoom onto the Ewing Oil windows. Close-up of J.R. Ewing´s portrait, hung at the offices´ reception. John Ross, in everyday´s clothes, sadly stares at it)

James: John Ross!
John Ross (back to reality): Sorry James.
James: Take this box from me. Cally is almost done filling the last one...
John Ross (ironically): Great.
James (laying the box on the ground): What was crossing your mind, little brother?
John Ross: Just remembering a moment very likely to now, when the gov took daddy the company away, over 10 years ago. I was a kid, but I remember that as if it was yesterday...
James: There´d be really hard to our dad losing the company his father had left him as a legacy, his empire...
John Ross: It was, and I even remember that, before leaving, he took Ewing grand-daddy´s portrait and said to me: "Son, look at this, your grandpa: he is Ewing Oil, not a building or the oil wells, and he will always live"...
James (smiling): Very kind of ol´ J.R. Ewing... And what did he do when he lost Ewng Oil?
John Ross: He created another company right away: JRE Industries...
James (putting his arms around his brother´s shoulders): And that is what we are gonna do: clean the dust off our spurs and stand up to keep on fighting. That´s what he´d wanted...
John Ross: If so, why didn´t he leave me in his will anything but an old letter from Grandpa...? (bending over to pick up the filled box and take it to the elevator. Cally comes out of James´s office handing another filled box)
Cally: Take sweetheart. That´s everything.
James (holding the box): Thank you Cally.
Cally (staring at J.R.´s picture): Want me to hang it off? James: Yeah, please. (Cally looks through J.R.´s eyes in the painting, before to hang it off)
James: Hopefully John Ross will overcome this: first Debbie dumps him...
Cally: He was really in love with her, wasn´t he?
James (nodding): I believe so. Then J.R. makes him wait up till he is 22 to give him an old letter from Jock, ad now his biggest plan just vanishes.
Cally: It´s not his fault that crude prices have been falling down lately. You both were running the company 50% and everything has to do with the situation of market nowadays. And with the 9/11 attacks...
James (kissing his wife in her mouth): Yes, it´s true. We´ve been luckier than Lucy. And Donna too.
Cally (holding him): Oh mine, poor baby Donna... (Close-up of James, caressing his wife´s blond hair)


(General view of the highway and the white limo, driving away. Shania opens up a bottle of Perrier and pours it on, along with a slice of lemon, to Sue Ellen)

Sue Ellen (thanking Shania with a smile as she talks on the cell): I do know how those lawyers from the Hollywood majors are, but if they´re tough, I can be tough too. No way I will see my life with J.R. as a movie starring Travolta...If I had wanted that, I had released the biography I produced myself years ago...Phil, honey, do it whatever it costs, but double our share on Fox, or Regency, or whichever producing company that dares to perpetrate that dirt... (Shania looks at Sue Ellen and then at the reflection of the driver on the rear-view mirror. He slyly smiles at her and she smiles back at him more intensely, until the driver looks away, ashamed. Shania smiles from ear to ear...) ...Indeed, things have changed a lot in the last months, but I´m back in Dallas, my town, and I´m gonna stay for awhile. My subsidiary of the producing company was sold out to Lockwood the last time I was in London, and now we must focus on the family business and the TV network...(a blinking warns Sue Ellen about a waiting call). Sorry Phil, I have Leonard waiting on the other line... (Shania opens the Dallas Press and takes a look at it, searching for the page that gives more information about John Ross Ewing. She quickly reads the article and looks out through the window: they can see the Reunion Tower and the highest Dallas buildings...)


(The big black limo parks in front of the majestic door between boxes and the driver gets out to open her boss and occupant´s door, who comes out showing off her long legs in black silk stockings...)

Madeleine (looking up): We are home, dear Forsythe...It took us much time and hard work, but it is worth awhile...
Forsythe (the chauffeur): Absolutely, madame.
Julian (opening up the trunk and taking two of the bags out to deliver them to Forsythe): Can you help us please? (he says, coldly and somewhat roughly)
Forsythe: Of course sir.
Madeleine: I will never forget the day I came to this house. In my whole life. The first thing I thought was that all those people were out of place and I was the one that it should belong to.
Julian: And it belongs to you, Madeleine. Now, it belongs... (he gets into the house before her handing two suitcases while Madeleine turns around and thanks for that deadly silence...)


Cally (sitting in one of the armchairs): How long has your mama been on her holiday trip?
John Ross: Too long. About two months, completely isolated of the whole world... (Ellie and Jimmy, her kids, enter the room chasing each other)
Ellie: Gimme that you fool!
Jimmy: I don´t wanna, that´s for little children and you´re a grown up girl (he is shaking in his hand Ellie´s favorite doll).
Cally: Jimmy, give that doll to your sister right now...!
Jimmy: I don´t wanna do that, you´ll have to get me to have the doll (and then he rushes to the exterior door. Suddenly, appears James, who holds him in his arms and takes the doll away from him and back to Ellie)
James: Take darling. Be careful next time, you know what kind of savage your brother is...
Cally: I´m glad you came down James, when start to fight, I just can´t handle them...
James: How are you doing little brother?
John Ross: Perfectly, I´ve just had a call from Mama: within ten minutes they will be here...
Cally: They...who...?
John Ross: She is bringing along her new personal secretary, a woman called Shania.
James: Are you sure that she won´t mind that we moved in here without asking her first?
John Ross: You´re my family, as much as she is, and I love you all. Besides, she has been nowhere to be found for two months. I´m dying to know her excuse for that. As we were losing Ewing Oil, she was probably getting tanned down in a desert isle...
James (looking at Cally with complicity): Do me a favor, James, don´t be so cruel to your Mama. If we have to, we will find an apartment until things get better.
John Ross: No (bluntly). We the Ewings can survive without Southfork, even without Ewing Oil, but family must be kept together, all the way, at least us.
Cally: Bobby and Pam seem to be happy living at the Wentworth Mansion, and Cliff and Afton enjoy the still of Carter McKay´s old house...I wonder why Bobby allowed his brother and Donna move in to the Southfork Resort Hotel.
James: As far as I know, the Krebbses were the ones who suggested it to him. Running temporarily the hotel and the riding school, they are close enough to Southfork as to be able to watch over Madeleine...After all, Ray was the only one who kept his lands after the reading of Clayton´s will...


(Nightly general view of the Southfork Resort Hotel)

Ray (talking on the phone): Yes, Donna, everything´s goin´ just fine down here. Wish I could be with you right now...
Donna (off): Me too. But I had to support Luane and the children morally in such a hard time...Also they expected me to give a speech at Dave´s Memorial Ceremony...(Donna takes a deep breath)
Ray: You miss´im babe?
Donna (off): I just can´t say it in words, only witnessing his family´s pain I can realize that my stepson is dead, the sweet son of my beloved Sam Culver...(begins to sob)
Ray: Honey, we must be now stronger than ever: look at the thousands of persons who lost their lives in those attacks and, what´s worse, their loved beings who will have to live with that the rest of their lives...We have a helluva family and want you to transmit Luane my love and support. Yesterday I talked with Maggie by phone.
Donna (off)(hoarsed): How is my pretty amazon doin´?
Ray: Missin´ us too badly but very happy with that Houston University.
Donna (off): Is she getting along with Betsy, now they´ll have to see each other on a daily basis?
Ray: Well, they don´t share the same Faculty so, they´ll only probably meet at the bar or the campus...
Donna (off): Raymond Krebbs...
Ray: Yeah m´am?
Donna (off): I do love you with all my heart and I´ll soon be back home... (Ray says goodbye and hangs on the phone, afterwards he wipes his tears away with his hand...)


(Sue Ellen´s limo eventually parks in front of her house´s door, at the downtown area of Turtle Creek)

Sue Ellen: John Ross is home, I hope you like him, he´s an extraordinary young man...
Shania: Sure he is... (Both women get out of the car and Sue Ellen opens the door)


(A basket ball falls over them and Shania catches it right away, to Sue Ellen´s surprise)

Shania (looking at her boss): I used to play basketball a lot... (Jimmy appears behind the ball and Shania throws it away, as she bounces it on the ground. Sue Ellen follows the ball´s course nervously as the hall is decorated with limoge and glass ornamentation.)
John Ross (smiling): Mother, welcome back...
Sue Ellen: Thank you love. I had no idea we had guests, are James and the kids here?
John Ross: May I be introduced to your girlfriend? (smiling at Shania)
Sue Ellen: Oh, of course, I´m so rough. This is Shania Wyatt, my secretary.
Shania, let me introduce you to my only son, John Ross Ewing III.
Shania: It´s a great pleasure to me to know you, finally, Mr. Ewing, your mother has talked to me a lot about you.
John Ross: That´s very kind from you, and now, please apologize me, I´d like to talk with her in private (John Ross and Sue Ellen walk into the library).
John Ross (angry): Where the hell have you been in these two last months?
Sue Ellen: I won´t answer you unless you change that tone. It´s your mother you´re talking to...
John Ross: These latest months, my biggest dream, the legacy my daddy transmitted to me, has sunk into oblivion: right today, the company has been declared in bankrupcy. James and I can hardly keep our living and James has a family to feed. That´s why I invited them to move in here with us, we´ve got plenty of space...
Sue Ellen (offended): No permission first? This is my house and I have right to...
John Ross (cynical): Late news: your former rights have been derogated. Besides...where were you when the oil price was falling and we had to sell out our wells, uh? (Angry, John Ross rushes upstairs to his bedroom)
Shania (getting close to her when she comes out of the library): All is right, Sue Ellen?
Sue Ellen (looking sad): Oh yes. You know what they say: "There´s no place like home"...


(Close-up of a Dom Perignon champagne bottle as one servant gets it opened. The camera follows the bottle as it fills up two glasses and we see who is holding these glasses: Madeleine and Julian)

Madeleine: Let´s make a toast I had on mind for a very long time...
Julian: Really?
Madeleine: I want to toast to Clayton Farlow, my late husband and partner, who offered me a lifetime business, and put me on a silver tray whatever I had always wanted.
Julian (sarcastic): One family´s true love and the single country life...
Madeleine: You can joke about it anytime, love, but nobody will ever take me away this invaluable moment...(rising her glass) This is to Clayton Farlow, wherever he is now, for helping me to make the deal of the century...!
Julian: And since you made me part of it, I will drink to that...(the bubbly glasses clink. Fade out and End of Act One)


(Travelling to left, middle shot, from Bob on, Pam, Ray, Cliff, Afton and Barbara)

Hospital Director: Thanks to late Mr. Clayton Farlow and his widow, Mrs. Madeleine Farlow, we have been able to build up a new Oncology wing in our hospital. The Managing Board and the Dallas citizens will always be grateful to such a generous, good-spirited man as Mr. Clayton Farlow... (The director asks Bob to uncover a memorial plate reading the wing´s name, as well as Clayton Farlow´s and that day´s date. Once uncovered, she shyly claps and the Ewings and the Barneses clap after her, trying to smile. Barbara nods with her sunglasses on. Ten minutes later...)
Director: I´m so sorry that Mrs. Farlow is not feeling well and could not come along, Mr. Ewing...
Bob: So am I, but what matters is that Clayton´s last will has been made (watching Pam, at the Director´s back) Excuse me a minute... (walking by his wife).
Pam: I´m gonna leave with Cliff and Afton, then he will take me home...
Bob (upset): Are you sure? Sue Ellen called me home to say that she would come to see us this afternoon...
Pam (ironic): She has been giving no signs of life for two months and now she is demanding us to wait for her in the house?
Bob: Sue Ellen is our friend, Pam, and John Ross is my nephew.
Pam (angry): And Cliff is my brother and Afton his wife, and Christopher, wherever he is, is my son...!
Bob (rising the hand to his fronthead): All right, see you after (Bob looks at Cliff, behind Pam, and he looks him back, trying to calm him down. Pam, Cliff and Afton drive away from the hospital. Barbara slowly walks by Bob)
Barbara (taking her sunglasses off): Bob, I wanna talk to you...
Bob: Not now Barbara, sorry.
Barbara (holding his arm): Please Bob...It´s important.
Bob (looking at his hand and then at her eyes): I´m sure it is. But I don´t have time for important things any more. I can listen if it´s a matter of life or death. Is it?
Barbara (looking down): No...
Bob: Times change...(he leaves with Ray, waiting for him at the door. Barbara stares at the Clayton´s memorial plate and, when she begins to cry, she puts her glasses on again and walks away, stepping hard and holding her face up...


(James´s and Cally´s children jump into the pool, in front of Sue Ellen and James, sitting at one of the sun-protected tables)

James: Cally will come down right away, she´s having a shower.
Sue Ellen: Fine...It´s very nice to have children in the house again...
James: Sue Ellen, I know we´d have told you first. But not even John Ross or the company staff knew where you were...
Sue Ellen: I know, forgive me if last night I gave you the impression of being surprised...Well, actually I was...(smiling). Too many surprises for the same day: first Ewing Oil, then to find you here...
James: I don´t know if it´s the right time for it, but I wanna tell you that we tried everything to save the company: I sold my condo out, the stock left by my mother when she died, and Cally got rid of the art gallery chain to help us...all for nothing...
Sue Ellen: You owe me no explanations James...
James: I feel like if I would...
Sue Ellen: James, listen up. You and I didn´t start off well in the past, but you have proved me that, if you had something of your father in your personality, thanks God there´s nothing left...John Ross loves you and Cally, and I care about you too. That´s why I´m not hidding anything...(James frowns, unaware of what the woman is going to tell him) After Clayton´s death, after 11th of September, and the trial with Madeleine, you know...with the whole Ewing family taking their belongings to another place to live, I...(Sue Ellen looks down and then up at James´s eyes) I fell apart. I fell into a deep depression. I´ve spent the last two months in an English specialized clinic. My ex-husband Don helped me with the procedures...I didn´t want John Ross to know about it, I was afraid that he would come down too. He was still recovering from the disappointment that was J.R.´s testament.
James: Did you...? (feeling embarrased) I´m sorry...
Sue Ellen: If I drank again? Don´t worry...Don´t ask me why, but I didn´t. I guess that I know myself enough to foresee the ups and downs. I felt so weak, uncapable to help the people I love: John Ross, Bob, Pamela, even Dusty...
James: What about Lucy?
Sue Ellen: Poor Lucy...Yes, also Lucy. When she went into the coma after the tragedy, I felt that we had lost her forever...How´s she now?
James: Alive, but not doing too well... (Sue Ellen gets sad while James embraces her. At that moment, Cally comes out to the terrace, and watches them speechless...)


(General view of Cliff and Afton walking with Pam around the ranch´s landground, on their way back to the main house)

Cliff: Do you remember when all these lands belonged to Ray Krebbs, Pam?
Afton: Did he own them when I was living with you, honey?
Pam: No, he bought it a couple of years after you left, Afton. He wanted to save his first marriage to Donna, but the house just made things worse and took them further from each other, even physically. Donna returned to Washington not long after...
Cliff: If my memory still works well, Carter McKay, from WestStar, also lived here for awhile...
Afton: I know what you mean, Pamela. Sometimes men think that material things will work problems out instead of taking a break and find out what the real problem is...
Pam (smiling): That´s right. And when they lose material things, they feel as if they would owe us something...and make the same mistake over and over again...
Afton: All the same, I´m glad you accepted Cliff´s offering when Madeleine inherited Southfork and you moved in to the Wentworth House...
Cliff: ...And that shameless Michelle Stevens...(suddenly changing his look) Afton! But didn´t we talk about this...not to speak of Southfork?
Afton: Sorry Cliff, but it´s been a long time now and I thought you meant Bob, not Pam...
Pam: Don´t worry Afton, you´re right. That doesn´t affect me anymore and we´re just fine in the house...
Afton: And how´s Donna taking her stepson´s death?
Cliff (preaching her like a little girl): Afton! What did I say about that, too?!
Pam (ignoring her brother): Donna tries her best...as we all do. To us, Dave belonged to the family: he helped Bobby to get into politics, later on he used his connections to get the company´s name back...he even flew right from Washington when Miss Ellie died. And Dave himself had to fly in the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center...
Afton (teary-eyed): Oh mine, sometimes that is so unbelievable. As is me overcoming the cancer...
Pam (hugging her and surrounding her shoulders with her arm, as they walk home together...): We´re here now, and o.k.. Only that matters. Let´s go into the house and show me the last pic that Beckie has e-mailed you... (Both women leave, letting Cliff alone and dazed)
Cliff: Hey girls! Bu-but, weren´t we talking about our new house...?


(Bob is sitting down in an arm-chair, watching a flat-screen TV set with a VCR attached below: on screen you can see a video recording of John Ross and Christopher playing around during J.R. and Cally´s wedding in 1988. Bob looks more and more thrilled until he hears some noise outside, and turns his head to meet a family face)

Sue Ellen: It´s been a long time, cowboy...
Bob (smiling and standing up to embrace her): Sue Ellen, what a surprise...

(Fade out and End of Act Two)



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Sue Ellen: I thought I´d told you I´d come by...
Bob: You did. You´ll see, Pamela had an appointment with Cliff and Afton for lunch, she won´t be long.
Sue Ellen: Great, I really wanna see Pamela (They sit down face to face)
Sue Ellen: Bob, John Ross explained me about Christopher...
Bob (looking serious): Yeah, well, we know how the young ones are.
Sue Ellen: Are you being aware that he hasn´t got in touch with his family for seven months?
Bob: Course I do. I was the first to call all my police contacts and start a search. But the truth is that he´s 21 years old and nobody could get a true clue: he didn´t even picked his bike up at the garage where it was being repaired.
Sue Ellen: So, you´ll agree with me that it´s a very unusual situation?
Bob: Honestly, not for the Ewings. I remember Daddy being missing for a long time, without calling Mama, when I was a kid. J.R. had been vanished for weeks, for instance when he met Cally in Haleyville. Not to speak of Gary´s "lost weekends" or mine too. Pam and I spent a couple of weeks giving no signs of life right before driving to New Orleans and get married...Sorry Sue Ellen: this situation is not strange for the Ewings...But tell me, what about your holidays?
Sue Ellen (innocently): Did John Ross tell you anything?
Bob: About what?
Sue Ellen: ...or maybe Pam did?
Bob: All Pam knows is that you left a notice to your secretary at the publishing company, saying that you were taking a few weeks off and delegated everything to her.
Sue Ellen: Well, I guess that you´re right about Christopher, after all. We all have right to live our own life and disconnect once in awhile...I´ve noticed...that you had a tape of Christopher on when I came.
Bob (looking for an excuse): Yeah...I happened to find it as I was searching for some old family papers...
Sue Ellen: Yes, I understand... (Sue Ellen kisses her exbrother-in-law´s cheek and the camera zooms onto a picture of Christopher standing over the mantelpiece)


(Close-up of the same picture of Christopher. The camera zooms away and we see one hand taking it and throwing it into a box)

Madeleine: I told the maid to get rid of the Ewings´ damned sentimental trash...
Julian: At last you said the cursed word...
Madeleine: What the hell are you talking about?
Julian: Ewing. You avoided it since we came.
Madeleine: I´m focused in the present, not in the past, love. But above all, in the future.
Julian: So what´s your next step?
Madeleine: My father used to say that you´ve always got to do something completely different from what expected, if you want to act with advantage over the other people.
Julian: Right after, you pushed him into the river, didn´t you?
Madeleine: You are wicked Julian! You ought to learn how to hide those instincts of yours. Not with me, because I do know you and you cannot disappoint me at all. You have to expect something from someone for that, and I don´t expect anything from you, just pay for your service.
Julian: How high is your satisfaction about my services?
Madeleine: No reason to complain, until now. But I think that you should have a bath, love...
(The song "Distractions" Zero 7 begins to play)

"Fancy a big house
Some kids and a horse
I can not quite, but nearly
Guarantee, a divorce
I think that I love you
I think that I do
So go on mister, make Miss me Mrs you."
(Julian takes his shirt off, and then the rest of his clothes. Without looking at her, he turns around naked and walks to the bath-room, and turns on the hot water tap)
Madeleine (picking up the phone and pushing one button): Please Forsythe, let all the servants have the night off. I have urgent business to finish and don´t want to be bothered. Madeleine hangs up and looks at the bath-room enigmatically...)


(Continues the same song in the background)
"I love you, I love you, I love you, I do
I only make jokes to distract myself
From the truth, from the truth."​
(A naked Cally gets into the iacuzzi in the bath-room, where James is waiting for her)

"Fancy a fast car
A bag full of loot
I can nearly guarantee
You'll end up with the boot"
James: You took so long to come babe...
Cally (getting closer to him among the bubbles): Ellie was acting a little strange, she´s made me a lot of funny questions...
James: Funny...how?
Cally: For example, why Jimmy wasn´t living with us when she was born, if he´s her older brother...
James: I felt that you´d already spoken this subject with little Ellie...
Cally: That "subject", as you say, it´s very complicate for a twelve years old girl to understand. It´s be easier if Jimmy were adopted, or just the son from a previous marriage yours...
James: You mean...that´s the point...J.R. Ewing returns with his dammit fondness to make things twisted...All right, Ellie´s dad was J.R. but he didn´t even met her or cared about her, neither. But J.R. happened to be my father too, so, my daughter by marriage is my natural sister...
Cally: As you see, all...is...a real mess...(swimming to the other side of the iacuzzi).
James (smiling and following her): There´s a way out to this mess...
Cally: Really?
James: I could adopt Ellie legally and everything would be all right.
Cally: But, what about Jimmy?
James: Did he make you "strange questions" too?
Cally: He has stranger questions to make himself at his age. It´s a matter of equality. If you would adopt Ellie, I think it would be a matter of justice if I also adopted Jimmy...
James: So all´s a matter of justice...
Cally: Moreso, and equality between men and women.
James: Have you ever heard that justice is blind?
Cally: What does it have to do with our talk?
James: Close your eyes...(reaching out for a small towel, with which he bandages Cally´s eyes).
Cally: What are you doing honey?
James: Promise me one thing...
Cally: What...?
James: That you´ll keep the towel on until I´m finished... (The song´s volume arises and continues until the scene ends...)

"I love you, I love you, I love you , I do
I only make jokes to distract myself
From the truth, from the truth.
I love you, I love you, I love you, I do.
I only make jokes to distract myself. From the truth, from the truth..."
(Cally puts her hand over her mouth as she lets a laughter slip...James waits for Cally´s approval and his face suddenly looks mysterious...Fade out and End of Act Three)


(Sue Ellen joins Cally, James and the kids for dinner)

Sue Ellen: James, do you know anything about John Ross? I´ve noticed his car is not out...
James: Yep, he left before you came back from Bobby´s. He said that he was gonna spend a couple of days resting in Midlands. He especially asked me to tell you not to worry about him, he will fine where he was going to...
Cally: By the way, Sue Ellen. The children told me to ask you how you want to be called: Grandma or Aunt Sue Ellen...
Sue Ellen (completely serious): Please, just Sue Ellen will be enough (forcing a smile). Ah, I´ve seen that you had some mail, I left you a couple of letters at the hall...
Cally (getting up): I´m gonna bring them... (Cally walks to the hall table and picks the letters up: one of them says "Cally Harper-Beaumont". Surprised, Cally opens it and reads it: "Be careful! Your husband is a murderer. Ask him where his first wife is..." Cally bends it nervously and puts it into her pocket. Then she takes the other letter (for James) and goes back to the dining-room...


(Val comes out to the terrace holding a cup for her daughter Lucy, reading a magazine, covered with a blanket)

Val: Sweetheart, I brought you a hot cocoa cup, it´s getting cold now. I know that Grandma Ellie used to give one before to go to bed. Dad called one hour ago from the Northside Gas Camps. He asked me to give you a hug...
Lucy (kind, but cold): Thank you, mother. Is Peter already asleep?
Val: Yeah, but I´ve had to read him his favorite Peter Rabbit story...
Lucy: Oh, he loves those storybooks. Did you know that my first doll was named just like one of its characters, Flopsy?
Val (somewhat surprised for forgetting it): Really...? Baby, I have something to tell you...
Lucy: I have a little headache, mother...
Val: Did your therapy session go well?
Lucy: Yes...we´re going ahead. Is this what you wanted to know?
Val: Not really. You´ll see, when that happened...
Lucy: You mean, when the 9/11 attacks happened and one of the buildings fell into pieces while I was on the first floor? Or you mean the fact that I was two months in a coma?
Val: Well, I mean both...Please, don´t make it harder. Your dad and I were shocked to know that you legally established that Peter´s custody had to go to Bob and Pam if something happened to you.
Lucy: So why not? You could raise two children with the help of three different husbands and Pam´s only son is adopted, not to say that he´s been missing for seven months now...
Val (teary-eyed): Lucy, just want you to know that you´ll always can count on us, your dad, and your brothers Bobby and Betsy...(Lucy walks towards her mother and holds her tightly)
Lucy (sincerely though still coldly): I know mummy. I know... (Val gets into the house and Lucy takes his cell phone and dials a number from her agenda)
Lucy: Ah, hi. Yeah, I´d like to get some person´s number...I know that he was working for the Government, but we lost touch a long ago...Yes, I´ll wait...(speaking to herself) Maybe you´re right Mama. Maybe bext time Peter should go with his real family: his daddy.


(Wearing only a boxer, Will gets into his bed-room and sits down on his bed, where Bobby is resting, covered with the sheets up to his pubis)

Will: Happy birthday! (as he gives him a package wrapped as a gift).
Bobby (astonished): But why? I think today is not my birthday.
Will: No, actually it´s our 9th anniversary: 9 months ago from today you bumped into my life...
Bobby (surprised): Really? 9 months since I crashed into your car?
Will: Yes, if you´d rather say it that way...
Bobby: Don´t know what to say, I got nothing for you...Or maybe yes (smiling)...
Will: Open it. (Bobby tears the wrap apart and finds a jewelry box and, after looking at Will, he carefully opens it. There is a note over the content. He takes the note and reads it: "We´ve only just begun. From Will to Bobby with love." Then he puts the note apart and finds the real gift: a gold chain with that day´s date branded behind a platinum plate, with the symbol of his astrologic sign).
Bobby: Wow! Fu...! Geesh! (Bobby kisses Will passionately) I love it...Now let me to thank you for it...
Will: Hey, take it easy boy (Will watches the naked young man) Within one month, you´ll be 18 years old. Is there anything...you´d like to have specially?
Bobby (joking): That we didn´t make in the last two hours? No. All´s fine. I feel great with you. My father didn´t make me attend the college and I like my job at Southfork Hotel, for a first job... What else can you ask for?
Will (serious): You´re a remarkable person, Bobby. I wish you´ll never change...I must tell you something.
Bobby (arching his eyebrows): I´m listening.
Will: I´ve been offered the president charge at the Managing Board of the bank´s new subsidiary, in San Francisco...and I´ve accepted. I´m leaving tomorrow (Bobby is open-mouthed, without even blinking).


(Pam gets into the room, where Bob is reading the newspaper. Her look turns to Christopher´s portrait, over the mantelpiece)
Pam: I´m going to bed, Bobby.
Bob: So soon? Good night...(She turns around and walks towards the stairs) Wait a minute...
Pam (turning to him, with a distant look): Yeah.
Bob: Don´t you really wanna have a drink before going to bed? You didn´t tell me about Cliff and you. How´s Afton feeling? (Pam sits down by his side while Bob lays the paper over the table)
Pam: I´ve got something in my mind for a little while, Bobby. How can you be there, so quiet, when the papers are still talking about the Ewing Oil´s bankruptcy? The company your nephews have lost, casually named just like the one you and your brother J.R. ran in the past? How can you keep on treating your cousin Barbara like a pariah...?
Bob: Pam, I think I don´t understand you. I´ve given to James and John Ross all the help I could, but it sadly wasn´t enough. You and I are living in the house your mother left you. My stepfather turned to a clause of a contract that I made by myself, becoming him the only owner of the Southfork Ranch and all its land properties. In fact, he did it a little before dying in Switzerland, although his lawyer didn´t mention it until his will´s reading. And now we got his widow staying at our former house...Ray is the only one who could keep his lands. And about Barbara, she should have remembered that we are her family, and that she should follow certain rules to treat us, among them not to accuse of murder to any of us the Ewings, as she did with Madeleine...
Pam: I see you have giving a thought to it, since you summed it up quite well, but you forgot one little thing: your son is missing for seven months and you are pretending not to care about it at all...
Bob (standing up): How are you capable to say that, Pam? I was the one who paid a detective agency to investigate his disappearance exclusively. He seems to have been swallowed by the earth, but let me tell ye something: that is impossible. He´s out there somewhere, living his own life, and has a reason to avoid touch with us. Whenever he wants to, he will come back.
Pam (standing up, too): Whenever he wants to, he will come back? What kind of father are you, in heaven´s name, Bobby?
Bob: And what happened to you when in Italy? Because since you came back, you sound like a diferent person, you wanna argue about the damnest little thing...
Pam (slapping his face): Don´t ever say that again to me! (Bob leaves the house in anger and afterwards, he drives his car off. Pam´s mind goes back in time six months ago...)


(Pam walks down the corridor of one of the floors of the hotel, with two of her colleagues for the Woman Today magazine, Mike and Natasha)
Pam: I think I agree with you boys. The last show had a lot to be desired, they don´t know what to do to call the attention... (They stop by Mike´s door and he says good-night to them)
Natasha: I feel Sue Ellen is gonna be quite satisfied with the special report.
Pam: She will, let me tell you. Have a nice rest, tomorrow will be another hard day.
Natasha: Please don´t remind me...Good-night, Pam.(The young woman walks into her room. Pam walks on by and turns around the corner, bumping into another guest of the hotel, who inadvertently pushes her handbad away, and she pushes his glasses off too. ..He is a white-haired man, about 50 years old, impeccably dressed, who puts on his knees to help her)
Pam: Oh, my God...I hope not to have smashed your glasses, I´m so sorry..."Scusi..." (Pam looks up to him and recognizes the man in front of her, although she hadn´t seen him for the last 22 years) Alex?
Alex: Pam...Pamela Ewing?
Pam: Alex Ward...I just can´t believe it... (Pam´s memory comes back to now. She starts to cry...)


(We see John Ross´s profile and the camera zooms away. - The song "I Fall Apart" by Cameron Diaz begins to play- He is standing on the edge of the rooftop of the old Ewing Building. The camera surrounds him and turns around, and then over him, until we see the general view of the streets of Dallas. John Ross closes his eyes and puts his arms crossed, facing the cold morning wind - The song continues...Fade to white)


(Close-up of Christopher´s face, closed-eyed. We hear a female voice whispering: "Darling, wake up...". Christopher opens his eyes and smiles widely)

Christopher: Good morning... (Fade out and the end credits roll on while "I Fall Apart" is re-played.)

End of Episode 13

speak my name
I'm counting down
You are to blame
He falls together
I fall apart
Where are you going?
Who are you seeing?
When are you coming back?
He falls together
I fall apart
I fall apart (Where are you going?)
I fall apart (Who are you seeing?)
I fall apart (When are you coming back?)
Where are you going? Who are you seeing? When are you coming back?
(I fall apart)
(When are you?...) (When are you coming?...) (When are you coming back?...)


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Episode 14:


(Close shot of John Ross from backside, looking down. The cars´ horns and the city whistles can be heard. John Ross twinkles and closes his eyes...)

Undentified voice: Come on, do it!!
John Ross (opening his eyes all of a sudden, and losing balance for a second. Then he walks off there and turns around towards where the voice came) Anyone there?
Voice: Who the hell wants there to be?
John Ross (smiling): Is that you…daddy? (The young man walks towards a corner of the rooftop where he can see without been outshined by the sun. Right there, in front of him, he thinks to see old J.R. Ewing...)
“J.R.”: What damn nonsense were you thinking while you were up there?
John Ross (looking to the corner of the rooftop where he had been): Nothing, actually. And what are you doing here, instead of being long dead?
“J.R.” (making his typical texan big laughter): Hahaha!. I love that, go to the point, like a son of mine would do, except of that James bastard, course...
John Ross: Let James go. He has been taking care of me a lot more than you ever did. He´s been my brother and my daddy too. Tell me what you want this time...I can still recall your last visit, about a year ago...to give me your “Commandments”...or something like that.
“J.R.”: So?
John Ross: So what? You mustn´t be thinking I have followed them...
“J.R.”: You do know that, from up there where I am, I can see everything you do...
John Ross (cracking up): That´s the best joke I´ve ever heard!
“J.R.”: Yeah, isn´t it? I couldn´t help that...Look, John Ross, I know that you eventually saw what kind of woman is when you watched the movie I left you in the Smithfields´ safe...
John Ross: Oh yeah…a big legacy...a movie about your life that didn´t even get released. That and granddady´s letter, the one that your lawyer gave to me some months ago have increased the great opinion I had about you, no doubt...
“J.R.”: Well, right...and the rest of it. Because you have become a real business man, haven´t you? You got your degree at SMU, like your daddy and uncle...You´re a real Ewing, yessir...
John Ross: Go to hell! Or should I mean, go BACK to hell...!
“J.R.”: What ´bout your legacy? I mean, your real legacy? The multimillion dollar Swiss account waiting for you and your graduation´s day...
John Ross: What are talking about?
“J.R.”: That´s your real legacy, not that videotape, nor old Jock´s letter either, much more valuous than you think. If you haven´t got that money, John Ross, then if I were you, I´d take the first plane to Zurich... (John Ross wide opens his eyes and begins to find a logic in those words) Remember son, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. And above all, read your Granddaddy´s letter... (John Ross is blinded by the morning sunshine and checks out that he´s alone...)


(At the same time, Bob Ewing gets also blinded by the morning sun, waking him up inside his car, Ewing 4.Bob puts his sunglasses on and looks at the Southfork Ranch again, about half a kilometer away from there. Then he drives off and takes the road to Dallas)


(Pam, Sue Ellen and Shania commenting on an issue about the company)

Sue Ellen: Fine, Pam. I think all your decisions in these two months have been just perfect.
Pam (looking serious): Thanks.
Sue Ellen: Shania, will you excuse us for a second please.
Shania (kindly smiling): Of course Sue Ellen. It´s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Ewing.
Pam: To me too Shania. And dear, call me Pam.
Shania: OK...(Shania lets Pam and Sue Ellen alone. The latter sits down on the armchair facing her own, side by side with Pam)
Sue Ellen: So Pam. What is it?
Pam: What...do you mean?
Sue Ellen: I know you are bothered with me about something. Maybe it´s because I didn´t tell you that I would leave for awhile? Didn´t Bobby explain to you where I´ve been?
Pam: Actually not. We hardly talked yesterday. I´m sorry I didn´t get home on time to see you...
Sue Ellen: You and Bobby must have had an argument...
Pam (looking away): That Shania girl, she looks really efficient...Where did you find her?
Sue Ellen: In fact she was committed into the same clinic I was in. But keep it secret...
Pam: Oh...but I didn´t know...
Sue Ellen: I´m over that, just a depression. But I´m still an alcoholic...Shania was my first girlfriend at that clinic, and shared most of the activities. Before we left, she told me that she was looking for a job and, when I knew how experienced she was, just couldn´t let her go...
Pam: The truth is...yes, Bobby and I had a fight last nigth. Every time Christopher´s name surfaces, we end up reproaching each other about something. He believes he´s out there, living his young days, like he did. And I believe that something like that doesn´t fit with Christopher´s personality, maybe something´s happened to him...
Sue Ellen: Do you know what they say about “mother knows best”? I discovered long ago that it´s bullshit...
Pam: That´s not the real problem, I just feel...
Sue Ellen: Yes?
Pam: I feel as if actually Bobby had assumed that we´ve lost hristopher forever, as he did with the ranch a few months ago. As if he knew that he´s dead.
Sue Ellen: Therefore we must prove that he isn´t, mustn´t we?. (Pam nods with her head and finally smiles...)


(James listens to John Ross reading Jock´s letter, that J.R. left to his son and universal heir)

John Ross: “There are certain things I´ve always held true and I´ve passed them onto you. Any man can win when things go his way, but a man who overcomes adversity is the true champion (he clears his throat and reads on). When your back is to the wall, remember - a cornered animal is most dangerous. Keep your enemies close and your friends even closer!!! (He smiles shyly) And when things look dark just remember your heritage. Never stop trying and never let the bastards get you down.
“The Ewing name and our company can´t stop with me or you. Perhaps with God´s grace, I'll be back to stand beside you, as one day you'll stand beside your son and pass the torch to him.
“Should that not happen I want you to know that I love you and I will forever...”
(John Ross cannot hide his tears any more and turns his head away, with his trembling hand still holding the letter. James stares at him.)
John Ross: I got the message.
James (smiling): Good, brother.

(John Ross walks out of the bedroom with James and he turns the light off, taking a last and sad look at John Ross´s room. Fade to black and End of the Act One)


(Shania is working at her office desk, looking at the computer´s screen. Suddenly, the telephone rings)

Shania: Shepard Inc., good morning.
Voz: Hello, I´d like to talk with Mrs. Sue Ellen Ewing, I mean, Lockwood...
Shania: Mrs. Sue Ellen Ewing Lockwood uses Shepard as last name now, her last name as a single.
Voz: That´s the best news I´d could ever had.
Shania: I´m sorry but she will be terribly busy all day long. She has several scheduled meetings but I can give her a message if you like...
Voz: Yeah, thanks. Please, will you tell her that I called...I´m Steven Farlow, or better say Dusty, Dusty Farlow...
Shania (shocked): Dusty Farlow...?
Dusty: That´s right. (He gives her his cell number) Please tell her to call me to this number as soon as possible. It´s important...
Shania: Oh sure. Don´t worry Mr. Farlow. I will tell her to contact you...urgently.
Dusty: Thank you so.(He hangs up and looks worried).
(Shania takes the piece of paper where she took note of his number and breaks into pieces and then throws it into the dustbin) (Then Sue Ellen comes out of her office)
Sue Ellen: Darling, I´m having lunch with Pam at Les Saisons, and I´ll be out the rest of the day. There´s nothing than can´t wait till tomorrow.
Shania (smiling): Do not worry Sue Ellen. Nothing urgent has come up....by now.


(Facade of the white, yellow and blue building. Ray Krebbs is sitting behind his desk, at the manager´s office, shared with his wife. The intercom beeps)

Ray: Yeah Wendy?
Wendy (off): Mr. Bob Ewing is here, shall I send him in?
Ray: Yes please.(The door is opened and comes in Bob, followed by Wendy)
Wendy: May I help you in anything else, Ray?
Ray: No, thanks...No more calls for now Wendy. (She nods, smiles and disappears behind the door. Ray shakes his younger brother´s hand)
Bob: Howdy Ray? Is Donna back from Washington?
Ray: No, she called me today from the airport: she wants to call on Maggie at college. She´s still concerned about her diabethes and how hard things can get there...
Bob: Maggie is almost grownup and has been controlling that problem for years. I think it´s just that “motherly worry” about daughters “flying away”...
Ray: Maybe...sure it is (he corrects, smiling, then he looks more serious). Are you o.k. Bob?
Bob: Sure I do (Bob makes pretend innocently not to know what he means, but then he touches his cheek and remembers that he didn´t shave that morning) You mean this, dontcha...In fact I wanna ask you a favor.
Ray: Just say it...
Bob: Don´t ask me why but I need to sleep off tonight and I´d thought about staying at one of your rooms.
Ray: (surprised) The whole hotel is at your disposal, if that´s what you want, but I´m gonna ask you the reason anyway. Look at yourself, you could say that you slept inside your car (Bob blushes up) and you had some trouble at home last night...
Bob: Not wanna overwhelm you with my troubles, Ray.
Ray: Anything to do with Pam?
Bob: You won´t stop, will you. Yeah, I argued with Pam last night and actually I don´t wanna sleep there tonight ´cause...
Ray: ´Cause it´s her house and not Southfork?
Bob: That´s nonsense, you know that Pam may be very stubborn sometimes...and hard to talk to.
Ray: If it´s only that, you´d rather stay elsewhere.
Bob: (straight-faced) What? Are you stopping me to sleep in a hotel I help to build up back then?
Ray: You can say it like that. But I prefer that you consider it a brotherly advice: I know the way you feel and how stupid you can get when communication is broken. Dallas is full of hotels, so you can stay at anyone of them. Although you already have one place to go every night and that´s not only Pam´s home, but yours too...


(Bobby is riding towards the former Ewing Ranch stables and gets off the horse. He holds its reins and walks into the stables. He looks all over the place, remembering last year´s barbecue and his appointment with Will at that place. All of sudden his cell phone rings)

Bobby: (noticing it is Will calling, he lets it ring 3 times and then picks it up) Hi!
Will: Bobby? How are you?
Bobby: Fine, I was having a swim at the hotel big pool...
Will: Great...Since when are horses allowed to get closer to the pool?
Bobby: O.k., just gone on a riding.
Will: I wanted to apologize for telling about my leaving that way...I mean, I´d got to explain it to you before, but I´m used to keep my private life and my professional life completely apart...
Bobby: Good, no worry, I understand.
Will: My flight´s departure is at 6,30 pm, and I need someone to drive me to the airport.
Bobby: (he keeps quiet) O.k., I´ll be waiting for you in front of your building at 5...
Will: If you wanna come before, maybe we could...
Bobby: Gotta things to do, sorry...
(The song “Deep” by Binocular begins to play in the soundtrack)

“So this is what you mean
And this is how you feel
So this is how you see
And this is how you breathe
I know
I go down deep

Will: (saddened) All right, meet you at 5 pm...(Will hangs up. Then Bobby takes the Stetson gray hat he is wearing and realizes that it´s the one Will was wearing at the barbecue. Due to Gary´s unexpected arrival, they exchanged their cowboy hats without notice and Bobby took Will´s. His eyes are wet...)
(The song continues)

“So this is what you mean
And this is how you feel
So this how you see
And this is how you breathe”​


(Madeleine has improvised an office and meeting-room at the wide library in the manor. At that moment, she is saying goodbye to the architect who should re-design the house and surroundings.)

Madeleine: I can see that you perfectly caught my vision of the restoration Mr. Robbins. I hope that our collaboration will turn out satisfactory for both sides.
Mr. Robbins: So do I, Mrs. Farlow. I did know the old Ewing Ranch and...
Madeleine: (forcing a smile) Oh please, call me Madeleine. Next time we could meet for dinner in Dallas.. (He gets quite a nice surprise) I have learnt about some extraordinary restaurants...for such a town...(She opens the door and calls the major domo Forsythe) Forsythe, please, accompany Mr. Robbins to the door... (Madeleine looks left and sees Julian walking downstairs...)
Julian: I don´t know what´s wrong for you in this mansion...
Madeleine: (hushing him, since Robbins still is in the house. Once he is gone, she walks to the living-room) Come on, put me a drink honey...(She sits down in one of the arm-chairs) My daddy used to say that, sometimes, things must be done as if you were working in your garden. He was very fond of gardening...If you want to feel the land as your own, the garden had to be wed and the trees had to be uprooted, and starting over: we have done the weed: there´s only the tree uprooting to be done...
Julian: But, what´s a garden with no trees...? You only get dry land...(passing her a glass of vodka)
Madeleine: Thank you love. Who the hell wants a damned garden nowadays? Especially when, on that same ground, we can raise something to become multi-millonaires...
Julian: What´s on your mind?
Madeleine: In one word: destruction. I want to destroy all that can be seen from this house. The stables, the warehouses, the cabins, the sealed oil rigs...Anything that can remind what this damned place used to be like...And make something I can consider my own.
Julian: Is your architect aware of those plans?
Madeleine: That rookie? Don´t make me laugh! When I´m through, nobody will remember the former name of this place...Let´s toast to that!
Julian: (raising his glass) This is to the end of the Ewing Empire...!
(the couple say tchin-tchin at their glasses´ clinking. Fade to black and End of the Act Two)



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(The Southfork hotel van, usually driven by Bobby, parks at the lot of Love Field Airport, and his driver puts the brake slowly)

Bobby: Here it is. We have arrived.
Will (staring at him): Yes...I see you are wearing the chain I gift to you...
Bobby: Sure, it´s so...beautiful.
Will: Hope you have understood that I wanna keep seeing you and that you´re really important to me...
Bobby: Course (avoiding his look)
Will: Well, here´s my phone number at the office and the hotel...
Bobby: Hotel?
Will: Yeah. I will stay at a hotel for the first two months, until everything´s settled and I can get a lease.
Bobby: Yep...
Will: ...Though maybe I´ll be fired after the first fortnight because they don´t like my Texan accent...
Bobby: I highly doubt that...People here you know, they´re gonna miss ye...
Will: I said goodbye to Bobby, Pam and Cliff, but I couldn´t drive to Galveston to see Lucy. Will you apology for me?
Bobby: Yes, I will...Ah, just wanna give you this back... (he takes the Gray Stetson hat out from the backside of the van) Remember...at the barbecue?
Will: Oh yes, I remember everything from that day. You can keep t, I got yours in my apartment.(Looking at his watch) Well must be leaving now. You know, check in the bagagge...
Bobby: I know...(Will takes the back of his neck with his hand and gives him a long goodbye kiss...)
Will: I love you. See you soon.(They both get out of the car and Bobby helps him to take the bags out and put them into one of the airport bagcarrier. Will tenderly looks at Bobby and he winks an eye at him.)
Bobby: So, gotta rush now... (“Deep” begins to play again)

I know
I go down deep
Beneath the deep blue sea
Touching every breath
All a slight off hand
For everything you left
I know
I go down deep
I give myself for you
I know down deep”
(He gets on his van and drives off away from the airport lot...but puts the frake before Willard)
Bobby: By the way, I love you too...(an overwhelmed Will smiles. Fade over the next scene)


(Close shot of Bobby, looking at his watch. He picks up a travel bag from the front seat and gets out of the van) (Cut to next scene) (Bobby stands at the interstate flight check-in desk. He gives his ticket to the clerk)

Clerk: San Francisco. It leaves at 8,30 pm, but it´s half an hour late. Bobby: All right, I can wait...


(Sue Ellen and Pamela head a videoconference with a few American Detective Agency Managers.)

Sue Ellen: Thank you very much for attending this rushed conference, from Pamela Ewing´s and myself (turning her head towards her).
Pam: Good afternoon. It´s a really urgent matter...(talking to the screen) Sue Ellen has assured me that you´re not only the leaders in your business but also reliable people, who she has been dealing with for a long time...
Sue Ellen: Yes they are. Not for personal matters (she looks at Pam with complicity) but for my business matters. I beg you a complete discretion about this...
Pam: My son Christopher is missing for seven months already. We haven´t heard from him since then and...
Sue Ellen: Excuse me for interrupting you Pamela: some of you are fathers and mothers, and I do know you´ll easily put yourselves in her place. A 22-year young man, heir to a big fortune, suddenly disappears from home. Nobody knows where he is or why he left. Maybe an accident happened to him and couldn´t be identified...
Pam: (standing up, overwhelmed) I am sorry...(she walks out of the room)
Sue Ellen: Please wait five minutes and we will resume the meeting. (She follows Pam and holds her arm) I´m really sorry Pam, I didn´t wanna scare you, but we must be realistic and considerate every possibilities...
Pam: I know. I do, but I cannot go on with this. I must do it on my own.
Sue Ellen: Please Pamela...I got the feeling that Christopher is well and alive, and everything will have an explanation. Please keep quiet...
Pam: Sorry but...just can´t...(she walks on through the corridor until the lift as an impotent Sue Ellen watches her).


(Bob is driving through a not too jammy Dallas area. His car has the top up. Suddenly the phone rings and Bob hangs up using his own voice)

Bob: Bob Ewing here.
O´Hara: (off) Mr. Ewing, this is Sergeant O´Hara, from the Dallas Police Department.
Bob: I ´m listening O´Hara...
O´Hara: You reported us some months ago about your son Christopher Ewing disappearance... I´m sorry we didn´t have any news until now.
Bob: Do you?
O´Hara: We have found a person who fits in the description of your son that you gave us.
Bob: Fine. Where is he? (Fade over the next scene)


(Bob and O´Hara get into the morgue along with one of the employees.)

O´Hara: Go on Mr. Ewing...(Bob walks into the place with a somber look and follows the employee´s steps).
Employee (methodically looking for the proper number): Gotcha.
Bob: (sounding nervous) Wait...(he hesitates for a few seconds). All right, let´s see him. (The man pulls the corpse out and uncovers his face. Bob stops breathing for one tenth of second, and then opens his eyes: it is his son Christopher...Rough cut to the next scene)


(Bob wakes up all of a sudden: he was dreaming and the last two segments were a nightmare of his. He dries up his sweat and drives off homebound. Fade out and End of Act 3)


(Cally is waiting for her children to run out of the school, reclined on her car. The kids finally come out running. Cally waves at Jimmy and Ellie)

Cally: Mummy´s here kids!
Ellie: Hi mummy!
Jimmy: Hello, Cally.
(Cally kisses and embraces them)
Cally: Would you like to go for an ice cream before going home?
Ellie: Ok, let´s have an ice cream... (The three of them walk towards the car and Cally gets the doors opened with the remote)
Jimmy: May I sit in front since daddy´s not here?
Cally: You know that I don´t like you to sit in front, Jimmy...(Cally notices a folded paper sheet hanging from her windshield and gets out to take it away. But it´s not a traffic ticket. The sheet reads: “Who would be so cruel to leave a baby motherless...? Just ask your husband” Cally tears the sheet into pieces but keeps it in her pocket. Then she gets back into the car and nervously drives off ...)


(Madeleine chitchats with the boutique´s owner)

Madeleine: I´m best friends with Giorgio´s for so many years, but since I´ve settled down here in Dallas, I´d love to open an account right here.
Loulou: Oh, fantastic, Mrs...
Madeleine: Farlow, Madeleine Farlow.
Loulou: Address pleeease…
Madeleine: The old Southfork Ranch in Braddock.
Loulou: (candidly surprised) Oh...
Madeleine: Is there any problem?
Loulou: Oh not at all. On the contrary. The Ewings have always been very good clients...
Madeleine: I am not a Ewing, I used to be married to late Clayton Farlow...
Loulou: Oh yes, I read what happened, please accept my condolences...
Madeleine: I hope my escort will be properly helped at the dressing room. That tuxedo must look absolutely perfect...
Loulou: “Mais oui”, Madame Farlow…
Madeleine: I like to be called “Madame” again, I didn´t hear that since we left Europe...


(Julian is trying on a tuxedo at the dressing room of the same boutique, inside the shop. He draws the curtain and calls up one of the clerks)
Julian: (seductively smiling) Hallo...I think I put it on properly, but would you please check it out...
Abby: You can call me Abby...
Julian: And I am Julian...
Abby: All right Julian...
Julian: I think it´s overpulling here (pointing at his left armpit. She gets close to him and re-places the tux).
Abby: What about now?
Julian: Better, so much better. But I´m afraid I have the same problem with the trousers...(Abby looks down and blushes up, as he closes the curtain and hold her closer to him...)


(Barbara Southworth is talking to a friend of hers who works there, to whom she has asked to arrange one of her last year´s a dress.)

Barbara: Lori, thank you so much for the favor. It wasn´t an emergency but I´ll possibly move back at Houston definitively and I´d rather bring the dress to you...
Lori: Are you sure you wanna leave Dallas?
Barbara: Honey I have no real choice...My daughter´s divorced and moved to New York, and you know what´s happened to Southfork. The Ewings are my family but things aint´t goin´ too good with them...
(Lori and Barbara walk downstairs as they keep talking. Suddenly they listen some gasping coming from the dressing room. Lori and Barbara look at each other and raise their eyebrows. As they go towards the exit, Barbara notices Madeleine and so she does)
Madeleine: Oh darling! You´re the very last person I´d expect to see here...
Loulou: “Mais oui”, Mrs. Baxter, I mean, Southworth, Ewing...er, Barbara, she´s one of our better clients...
Madeleine: Well, you must mean that she “was”, because I don´t think she´s coming around very often lately...
Barbara: Actually only when I have to, because I have a very complete wardrobe and Giorgio´s designing quality makes them good for most seasons...
Lori: You´re so kind Barbara...
Madeleine: I don´t see you´re carrying much darling (looking at her light bag). I must always go shopping with someone else ´cause I can´t stand getting home tired...
Barbara: I really hope you´re feeling comfortable at Southfork, “darling”...
Madeleine: Yes for now. But we are looking forward to get the manor re-arranged and put those cheap little houses down...
Barbara: Ah, I think that your escort wanted you to check out the way his tuxedo fits in...over there, at the dressing-room...(Lori is astonished and Loulou keeps her permanent hallucinated look)
Madeleine: (looking that way) Thank you for telling dear, I´ll go right now. (Getting closer to her) You must be feeling like a homeless these days, like what you really are, the family´s bastard. We are looking for maids for the manor... (winking an eye at her).
Barbara: (still smiling and raising an eyebrow, she watches Madeleine walking towards the dressing-room. Barbara then says to the two other women: ) Well well my dear girls, must be leaving now. You will tell all about it (looking tongue-in-cheek at Lori)...And be careful, this woman is rumored to be the most wanted by all the “haute couture” boutiques in Europe...and the rest of the world too... (She happily walks out of the shop).


(Madeleine walks into the room and draws the curtain of the only occupied one.)

Madeleine: Julian, love...Are you there?
Julian (off): Yep...Yeah, but we aren´t over yet! (Madeleine, wide eyes opened, draws the curtain off)


(Donna walks around the college campus, watching every blond young girl passing by or resting over the grass. She is looking for her daughter Maggie. Suddenly, under a tree, she notices her reading a book.)

Donna: (openly smiling) Hey, Margaret Krebbs!
Maggie: (looking leftside) Mum, what a surprise! (Maggie gets up and runs to her mother, embracing her tightly, and Donna holds her arm afterwards...)
Donna: I am so happy to see you my baby daughter...
Maggie: Me too mum...
Donna: I guess they call you Margaret here, instead of Maggie...
Maggie: Don´t think so mum, most people come from small towns and villages...and they don´t like protocol at all, especially boys...(her mother frowns her brow) You don´t have anything to worry about, I can handle them...


(Close shot of a smiling Christopher)

Chris: Magnificent. Extraordinary. Absolutely.
Woman: (a 20-something-year-old blonde) Did you really like it?
Chris: It´s the best chocolate cake you´ve ever done. But I just can´t eat any more.
Woman: So, what do you think of it? Do you consider me a good cook?
Chris: Of course. A great cook, especially being so young.
Woman: I gotta go to work now...
Chris: All right. Hope you´ll come back soon.
Woman: I´ll do my best. (The woman´s face brightens up and she gets closer to him, and kisses Christopher...).


Maggie: I´m so glad Aunt Luane and the cousins are getting over Uncle Dave´s death...
Donna: You outta have been there to hear her words when she made her speech: she was overwhelmed but she didn´t cry until she was behind the scenes...She´s a great woman...
Maggie: Let me make you a question: have you come because of my health problems?
Donna: No, I do know that you can handle your crisis and control your daily insulin doses...I´m here for something else (her face gets saddened).
Maggie: Is daddy alright? And do you have any clue of Christopher?
Donna: Yes, daddy´s fine, and about Christopher, all is the same.
Maggie: Oh mine, if you knew how guilty I´m feeling about that...
Donna: Why babe?
Maggie: Because I was the last person he talked to before to get missing...
Donna: We´ll have news from him, I´m sure. I want to talk to you about something unrelated with this.
Maggie: What is it?
Donna: It´s about your Grandma Margaret Krebbs´ diaries...(Maggie gets quite surprised) I don´t wanna preach you, I´d done the same thing in your place. Jock and Margaret´s story was very beautiful and maybe they´d have married if they hadn´t been already engaged...I realized that you were reading those diaries when we were cleaning up the house, and moved them into the attic.
Maggie: I hope I didn´t violate daddy´s or your intimacy...
Donna: Please let me finish, it´s so hard to me to tell you this...You read the first diary belonging to 1945, which covers up to a little after your daddy was born, right?
Maggie: Yes, right.
Donna: What about the others?
Maggie: I read the ones belonging to the next two years. But a couple of things surprised me: Grandma´s writing changed and, above all, her intense melancholy by then. She used to mentioning Ray as if he were near, but she was not allowed to touch him. Where did you get those two other diaries?
Donna: A few years ago, your daddy asked your Aunt Val to do some searching for a book that was meant to follow the path of the different brands of the families Krebbs and Hunter...
Maggie: Val is a great writer, especially when she touches true-life subjects...
Donna: Well, then, resulting from that search, Val found some old diaries in late Aunt Lil´s Kansas house, but she only could save those two, from 46 and 47. She was talking with some neighbors and, eventually, one day, an old woman who happened to be Lil´s best friend told her that Margaret Krebbs miscarried the baby not long after her wedding to Amos. That baby boy, named Ray, was supposed to be your daddy, sweetheart.
Maggie: But then, what happened then? Who was daddy´s mum? Donna: A 12-year-old neighbor who was stranded by her boyfriend. When Margaret lost her baby and the girl gave birth to his own, the latter began to show some sort of mental disturbance, and she had to be committed into a sanitarium two years later. At the beginning, she was allowed to visit the baby, but when she started to experience a violent behavior, those visits stopped. Lil and her friend helped Margaret out when Amos abandoned her too...
Maggie: And does daddy know about all this? That he´s not a Ewing?
Donna: No, only Val, you and I know, and I beg you, for God´s sake, to keep it secret. I don´t wanna have any secret for my darling babe, though you´re away from home now...I love you... (Donna and Maggie hold each other tightly and Donna begins to cry in silence)


(John Ross hangs up the cell phone and lays it on the table as James gets out of the pool)

James: Who was that?
John Ross: My tour operator.
James: Goin´somewhere?
James: We are goin´ to Switzerland. You and me...(James stares at him in a shock) Don´t ask me how I´ve known, but I´m absolutely sure that some sort of con is behind my father´s testament. It´s hard to me believe that, after so many waiting years, he only left me a letter from Grandpa. It´s not greed but logic: not too like him...I have an appointment with the banker who handled his bank account and also, a safety box where he kept the letter.
James: You seemed very determined...but it´s strange that you don´t wanna go with your mum.
John Ross: She would surely talk me out of it. I wanna do this on my own, and I hope you believe in me and come with me.
James: All right, but I have to comment it with Cally...and I want you to do something in exchange.
John Ross: Yeah, what?
James: Proving me that you´re just ready to fly.
John Ross: Sure I am...(Rough cut to the next scene)


(James and John Ross are flying in a private plane to parachute over the Midlands)
James: Ready, eh?
John Ross: I-I...(James pushes him to the door and John Ross throws himself) I don´t knooow...!
(James smiles and he jumps after him. The song “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” by Annie Lennox plays)

“Old man lyin’ by the side of the road
Where the lorries rollin’ by
Blue moon sinkin’ from the weight of the load
And the buildings scrape the sky
Cold wind rippin’ on the valley at dawn
And the morning paper flies
Dead man lyin’ by the side of the road
With the daylight in his eyes
Don’t let it bring you down
It’s only castle’s burning
Find someone who’s turning
And you will come around”
(James and John Ross hold each other´s hands at the heights, before to start losing altitude…)


(Bob parks his black Mercedes in front of the Ewing Manor, formerly known as Wentworth. Then he walks to the entrance and Teresa opens the door and lets him in)

Bob: Hi, Teresa.
Teresa: Good evening, “señor”.
Bob: Is Mrs. Ewing home?
Teresa: Mrs. Ewing left.
Bob: What are you saying?
Teresa: She asked me to give you this letter, before goin´ away.
Bob: (suddenly his face turns pale while he opens the envelope and unfolds the letter. Then he reads its content:
Pam (off): "Dear Bobby: First of all, I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. After deep reflections, I´ve got to the conclusion that our son Christopher must be under a very tough situation, otherwise he would have contacted us already. I have decided to visit her Aunt Lisa Farraday´s in her California home, maybe she does know something we don´t. I know I should have told you this personally, but communication between us is getting harder and harder. I hope that spending these days apart will help us to overcome it, and things will be as they used to when I´m back. My love forever. Pamela"

(“Don’t Let It Bring You Down” is re-played as we watch James and John Ross falling down in parachute. Fade out)

End of Episode 14

“Old man lyin' by the side of the road
Where the lorries rollin' by
Blue moon sinkin' from the weight of the load
And the buildings scrape the sky
Cold wind rippin' on the valley at dawn
And the morning paper flies
Dead man lyin' by the side of the road
With the daylight in his eyes
Don't let it bring you down
It's only castle's burning
Find someone who's turning
And you will come around
Blind man runnin' through the light of the night
With an answer in his hand
Come on down to the river of sight
And you can really understand
Red lights flashin' through the window in the rain
Can you hear the sirence moan
White cane lyin' in a gutter in the lane
And you're walkin' home alone
Don't let it bring you down
It's only castle's burning
Find someone who's turning
And you will come around
You will come around”


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as J.R.

This episode is respectfully dedicated to all the people whose lives were somehow shattered by the New York City Twin Towers Attacks happened on September 11, 2001. I do not intend to use this fact in a sensationalist way at all, but as a dramatic element of the fiction of our soap´s Ewing family.


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(Establishing shot of the place and travelling into the suite where Pamela Ewing, talking on her cell, is staying at...)

Pam: Bobby? Can you hear me...?
Bob: Yeah...How are you?
Pam: I´m more concerned about Christopher than myself, that is why I´m here...
Bob: Do ya think that you´re gonna find our son all alone after 7 long months being missing? Not even the police was able to do it...
Pam: Bobby, I didn´t call you to have an argument, just wanted to tell you that I´m gonna do whatever is in my hand to track my son down, and if it means to stay in California for awhile, maybe I will.
Bob: That´s great. Where does it put me exactly?
Pam: I can´t tell you what to do. I´m gonna meet Chris´s natural aunt, Lisa Alden, Farraday´s sister. Upon a letter that he showed me once, she was living with her family in San Diego...
Bob: I don´t believe that Lisa is a reliable person, at least she wasn´t when she came around to take Chris´s custody away from me...
Pam: ...Which she eventually gave to you, didn´t she, Bobby? Look, I will keep ye informed about any news, just think that I´m doing it for our son and us too. See you soon, Bobby...(hanging up)
Bob: ...Pam, just missing you so...(looking languid and up to nowhere...)
Pam: (laying the cell phone down on the bed-table, she sits down on her bed...) Oh Bobby, I wish you could understand it... (she whispers)


(Pamela looks sadly at his son Christopher´s picture...and caresses it with one of her fingers)


(Subtitle “Six months earlier”. Establishing shot. Pam walks on by and turns around the corner, bumping into another guest of the hotel, who inadvertently pushes her handbag away, and she pushes his glasses off too...He is a white-haired man, about 50 years old, impeccably dressed, who puts on his knees to help her)

Pam: Oh, my God...I hope not to have smashed your glasses, I´m so sorry...”cusi...” (Pam looks up to him and recognizes the man in front of her, although she hadn´t seen him for the last 22 years) Alex?
Alex: Pam...Pamela Ewing?
Pam: Alex Ward...I just can´t believe it...


(Subtitle “Thirty years earlier”. Pamela and Alex Ward dance and kiss in a lonely restaurant, with the only company of a live band)

Alex: Come home with me.
Pam: I can´t. You know I can´t.(She takes her handbag and is ready to leave alone. But Alex holds her arm and she turns around)
Pam: Alex...Don´t make it more difficult for me...My marriage is in enough trouble...
Alex: When you´re ready, I´ll be here...(he stands there watching her to go. The song “It Takes 2 To Fly” begins to play)

“In my dreams, I’d wish that I could learn to fly like a dove
Night after night, there was no hope, nowhere to go without love
Now I know that my heart it has wings,
that’s the miracle of you and me
I can’t deny it takes two to fly.”


(Establishing shot. The song goes on)

“When I’m down, your magic touch can lift me up
Can’t you see, you drive me wild
your tenderness well you take my breath from me
heaven’s only a heartbeat away
when I’m laying here next to you.
I can’t deny it takes two to fly.”​

(Cliff is asleep in one of his armchairs, while his wife Afton´s first record is on. Suddenly his sleep is interrupted by somebody knocking on his door: it´s Bob)

Cliff: Doesn´t anybody know how to ring a home bell anymore? (looking moody)
Bob: Maybe if the owner would bother to fix it, the visitors could use the ring instead of hitting the door...Look...(Bob gives Cliff a torn piece of paper)
Cliff: What the hell is this? I´m gonna get my close-up glasses...
Bob: Don´t bother, I´ll sum it up for you...She did it again...your sister...walked out on me...again.
Cliff: (turning to him all of sudden) You ain´t been drinking around, eh? (Bob falls down right before Cliff and he must call out Afton, who is at the next-door studio)
Afton, babe! Help me to take Bob to the sofa! How years pass by, goodness, and not only for me, but also for those darned Ewings...Surely he´s had a couple of beers no more...
Afton: What´s wrong, what is that letter? (noticing the paper that Bob is still grabbing in his hand and ends up slipping into the floor)(Afton reads it and explains it to Cliff) Poor dear Bobby, Pamela has decided to go in search of Chris all alone and he is feeling just once again abandoned...
Cliff: With all these years handling the Ewings, this sis of mine is getting crazier than them...she thinks she Nancy Drew now...
Afton: (sweetly smiling) Your daughter sends you hugs, we were chatting online when you interrupted us...
Cliff: I´m really sorry my love...(kissing each other with passion)


(The phone rings and Cally picks it up, from the pool: it is Lucy calling)

Cally: Hi darling, I´m so glad you called me...
Lucy (concerned): Anything´s wrong babe?
Cally: Actually, I´ve been missing you since you moved out to your parents´ house in Galveston...
Lucy: Yeah, I´m so sorry, in fact the doctors thought that the best way to recover would be to keep myself focused on quietness and therapy...
Cally: How are you doing?
Lucy: Therapy went just fine but I´m fed up of quietness...I was surprised to hear your message in my voice box...You are sure that someone is stalking you, aren´t ya?
Cally: Right, this person seems to make me distrust of James and keeps on leaving me mysterious messages about Jimmy´s mother and other stuff...Since what happened with Michelle, I feel rather anxious sometimes...
Lucy: I´ve just figured out a plan...
Cally: This reminds me my dear old pal Lucy, from the “Fabulous Ewing Girls”...
Lucy: Just you wait dear...


(Establishing shot of the Shepard inc. Building. Middle shot of Sue Ellen and John Ross in the middle of a hot argument)

Sue Ellen: What? Flying to Switzerland seeking for the heritage your daddy didn´t leave you? It´s totally nonsense...
John Ross: How can you say that mother? You promised your support on every decision I would take...I know that my father left me a lot more than an old letter of Grandpa Jock´s, and we have an appointment with his Zurich Bank President, Mr. Steinmann, who advanced to us that there was something left in his safe box, something he didn´t give to us...
Sue Ellen: (turning away from his son) John Ross, my son...Your father was not an ordinary person, he was a master in manipulation, twisting and blackmailing people to make them do his way, and I understand that, even so, you loved him, because he was your daddy. (Turning to him again) But all he wanted all his life was pleasing old Jock, passing over Bobby, pushing Gary and Val away, and eventually Pamela too. When Jock was killed, his will confronted him against his brother in a fiery contest for Ewing Oil. You still were a too little baby to remember that...
John Ross: Don´t think so, I could hear your arguments from my bedroom...
Sue Ellen: I´m sure that J.R., before he died, planned something twisted to put you against James, or to test your worthiness as his and Jock Ewing´s heir. If you go to Zurich, be extremely cautious, I´m sure that J.R. left a lot of enemies alive and kicking who might be expecting the chance to take revenge on his sons...
John Ross: (holding his mother) We will wait for a month and then, James and I will fly to Switzerland, just as planned...It´s something I must do. Please understand it, mama... (Sue Ellen twinkled a couple of times and nodded hopelessly)


(Madeleine is about to announce an upcoming event, so she has called the most important journalists of the town, as well as the worst yellow press representation, knowing that her plan will work out that way. Dressed in a quite simple black Armani suit, wearing a stylish couple of close-up glasses, Madeleine walks up to a small stand where all the microphones and reads the following press-note)

Madeleine: Dear Dallasites, it is a pleasure to me to communicate you that, next Halloween´s Day, November 1st, my manor Southfork will host a fundraising event to which I hope you all will come. The event in question is a masquerade gala in honor to the holiday, and the ticket´s price per person will be 20.000 dollars. You should know that the total of the raised funds will go to the Dallas Childhood´s Desease Research Center. We are looking forward getting a huge sum enough to improve our kids´ health and we trust on the Dallas society´s generosity. That´s all, thank you for being here. (Madeleine comes down from the stand followed very closely by Julian...Suddenly she turns around and says, after seeing they are alone) Keep yourself away from me, Julian, as far as possible. The furthest the better. By now you will remain under contract as my bodyguard, but obviously spend a lot more of time guarding and caring another part of your anatomy...
Julian: But, Madeleine, if it has to do with the shop affair...
Madeleine: I want to hear nothing, you are pure scum and you´ll be back to your wrecking country. You bet your neck on that. (Madeleine turns around and Julian puts his hand over his forehead as he watches some of the people there present, including one, almost at the exit door, who happens to be Barbara Southworth...His look stares at her...until she walks out the place.


(Establishing shot. Pam´s chauffeur stops in front of the apartment building she thinks Lisa Alden Farraday, Christopher´s natural mother, is living now)(She gets out of the car and heads to the main door. She rings the bell, though with no answer. Then she walks around the house looking for the rear door and she meets a neighbor there...)

Pam: Hello, good morning, I didn´t wanna scare you...
Woman: You didn´t sweetie, I got a “little pet” down there protecting me night and day (she takes a look at a puffing Doberman).
Pam: I´m looking for a blonde woman about 40, called Lisa Alden Farraday, she might have changed her last name when she married...I think that she´s got a couple of sons and they live in this house...
Woman: I do know her Lisa, but not those other last names. Lisa is Dr. Poynton´s wife, and she must be the one you´re looking for ´cause they got two kiddies, a sweet little couple.
Pam: What time could I find them home? I´m a friend of hers from her acting time.
Woman: Oh, Lisa left all that long time ago, now she works teaching self-assistance therapies, yoga, meditation and that stuff...Her man is a chiropractic by the way...
Pam (somewaht impatient): How long will the be off...?
Woman: Probably they won´t return until next Sunday, they left to the San Francisco Marathon, they are really sports people and in full shape, not like me, how how how (she says hitting her own stomach)...
Pam: The San Francisco Marathon...
Woman: If I wanted to track her down and fast, there I would go... (Pam´s face illuminates for a few seconds...)


(Lucy and Cally get out of the latter´s car, and park it right in front of the boutique. The first of them doesn´t keep an eye off the car from inside, while Cally pretends to be interested in several shirts...Suddenly Lucy runs off the boutique as fast as she can)

Lucy: (calling out) Boys, go get him, don´t let him go! (Two tall bodyguards friends of Lucy´s pursue the person who has just left another anonymous note) (They eventually corner her and take her sunglasses off) (Cally and Lucy come on running and see the woman´s face)
Lucy: It´s unbelievable...
Cally: Who is she Lucy?
Lucy: Let her say it by herself.(Close shot of the woman, who happens to be Rose McKay, Carter McKay´s widow...)
Rose: (crying) I´m nothing, just the lover of a man who never loved me, and rather shoot himself than stay with me...A coward, two-faced man who was allied to James Beaumont in a certain time. That´s why I wanted to warn you Cally, that your husband could do a lot of things you can´t even think of...(Cally looks at a nervous Lucy and she tells the bodyguards away)
Cally: Be quiet Rose. We´re gonna help ye, but you must tell us what you really meant to say through the anonymous notes... (Fade out and End of Act One)


(Establishing shot. Bobby is talking on the cell at the street)

Bobby: Sure Mama I´ll be fine. Just a short vacation, I told Uncle Ray about it. I left the truck at the Love Field Airport...Don´t worry if Lucy begins to have a normal life, that´s best for her, right? Hear mum, maybe you´d get yourself psychoanalyzed again, whatcha think? I´m losin´ ye Mama...Talkin´ soon...(Bobby hangs up the cell on purpose and heads to the hotel where Will Monahan stays, hoping to surprise him.)
Receptionist: How may I help you sir?
Bobby: I´m got an appointment with Mr. Will Monahan, but can´t remember his room´s number...
Rec: I´m so sorry but the house rules forbid us to ease this kind of information to uninvited people...
Bobby: (Handing him a 100 dollar note) It is very important for me, my daddy is dying and he doesn´t wanna be with the family, so I pray you to understand it and tell me his room´s number...(the receptionist looks at the note and gives it back to him)
Receptionist: Try with the bell boy (he says, winking an eye at him). (Bobby gets on the elevator only occupied by a bell boy and, once alone, he asks)
Bobby: This must be a really lousy job, bad paid I mean, right?
Bell Boy: Yess, I´m saved by the tips...
Bobby: What about a 200-dollar tip just for telling me where is staying a guest called Will Monahan?
Bell Boy: Description pleease.
Bobby: Brown hair, thin but in good shape, wide jaw, not too tall, his ears graciously outwards...
Bell Boy: I know him already: the “married daddy in business trip”...That´s what he seemed to me. Fine tip but serious looking. He´s just received one guy since I´m here, a very handsome guy, tanned, muscled...Well you know what they say about San Francisco...
Bobby: Thanks...
Emmett: My name is Emmett.
Bobby: Thanks Emmett. Anyway I think I´d rather come over another day (running off).
Emmett: What about the room number? It´s n#12202! And you didn´t pay me by the way...but well, maybe next time I´ll can charge you in species...


(Sue Ellen is having lunch with Shania, with whom she friendly talks to)
Sue Ellen: Are you fitting o.k. in town, Shania?
Shania: Oh great, it´s like being born here, when I actually was born in another continent...I always fit in the place where I am...
Sue Ellen: You are developing an excellent job as my secretary, darling. I had a wonderful young girl years ago, Kelly, who got married and left to take care of her family. We looked like each other so much many people used to take us for sisters...
Shania: I was an only child but never felt spoiled, you know, I wasn´t given presents all the time nor was everybody´s little darling...
Sue Ellen: And did that cause you any kind of trouble emotionally I mean?
Shania: Oh no! But I did get trouble with boys. Eventually, I´ve always felt better among women than men.
Sue Ellen: You are lucky then, Shepard Inc. employs a higher percentage of women than of men...
Shania: Can I make you a personal question Sue Ellen?
Sue Ellen (looking serious): Of course you can.
Shania: During the group therapy, you used to speak of the emotional abuse you went through your marriage, but I just couldn´t understand why you didn´t leave him, especially when he seemed to have regular relationships with other women...
Sue Ellen (smiling cynically): What could be for J.R. “a regular relationship with women” was sort of a ruthless joke for the rest of us. Not even in our best ages, there was any stability, but always a Holly Harwood, a Serena Ward or a Mandy Winger to break down that stability...You couldn´t know how I grew to hate those women...
Shania (serious, pensive, as wrath-repressing): Sue Ellen, sometimes it seems that you haven´t overcome that relationship and J.R. has been dead for eleven years...You should trust more on people, on men...
Sue Ellen (smiling and drying a tear): Absolutely. I do trust on my friends and you too, my dear Shania... (Shania smiles and her bright purple eyes ooze mystery)


(Cally knocks on the rickety door of one of the motel rooms)

Rose: (off) Get the hell out of here, I want nothin´!
Cally: (in low voice) Rose, I´m Cally Beaumont, J.R.´s ex-wife.
Rose: Go to the hell!
Cally: Please Rose, I just came to help you, not wanna cause you trouble... (Rose half-opens the door, letting see her wrecked look and the glass of bourbon she is carrying in her hand)
Rose: Why would ye help me?
Cally: Because we were very much alike once, in several ways. May I come in? (Rose finally agrees and Cally walks into the messy room, where empty wine and bourbon bottles are lying on the floor, as well as food remains...) I guess that McKay didn´t leave you a good widow´s pension...
Rose: No pension when your hubby shoots at his head...Also Mac was completely broke after the WestStar fall and only left debts to his daughter.
Cally: I wasn´t living here but I read everything in the papers...I´ll go to the point Rose. You and me were both victims of our husbands, trophy-wives to flaunt around and they used us as they liked to. I won´t forgive you for sending those anonymous notes, above all ´cause I hardly knew nothing of what you´re hinting about James...
Rose: If ye ask me...I myself always thought of James as another real bastard like his daddy...When he died, James allied with Mac and did business together, and one good day, he appeared holding his son Jimmy in his arms with no mention to his mama...That made me suspect of Mac maybe helping James out to steal his custody to the mummy...
Cally: Rose, we must forget the past. That´s why I´m here. I know that you were the owner of a beauty parlor down in your town. I know some people in Palm Springs who´re looking for a responsible person to run a new parlor there, in Florida. If you are interested, here´s the two-way ticket to Palm Springs. The return just in case you wanna refund me the money when things go better for you...
Rose (sobbing): Oh, you are such a sweetheart, when I think that Mac only took notice at your curves...Oh sorry! I won´t disappoint you before your friends...
Cally: Believe me Rose, we all deserve a second chance...(Rose embraces Cally, over thrilled)
Rose: Oh thanks, not gonna let ye down. After all, we both must be feeling some guilt about our husbands´ suicides. It could unite us even cosmically...(Cally smiles somewhat astonished and, when she turns around to leave, she suddenly stops.
Cally: (innocently) But J.R. didn´t commit suicide, he shot himself accidentally as he was cleaning his daddy´s old gun...
Rose: You outta be long long away from here when that happened, honey, ´cause all Dallas was gossiping about it, ye know: the Ewings covering the affaire with money and making up the accident story. If you don´t believe me, just ask James, he was here and knows the truth... (Zoomed close shot of Cally, stunned...Fade out and End of Act Two)



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(Pam is heading to San Francisco in a rented car driven by a hired chauffeur)

Pam: Do you know what time will we get San Francisco at?
Chauffeur: Maybe one hour plus, ma´am. We can stop whenever you want to.
Pam: Thanks, not by now. (Pam looks through the windows) Do you know where the San Francisco Marathon is being ran this year?
Chauffeur: Well, I guess it should start at the Ferry Building, as usual. Are gonna run in it?
Pam (smiling and shaking his head): Oh no. I wanna meet some people who will be participating in it.
Chauffeur: I can leave you there, if you wanna...I know the town very well.
Pam: That would be great.
Chauffeur: Are you gonna meet your husband?
Pam: No, just some friends (she looks away again)...My husband stayed home...
Chauffeur: (looking surprised...) Well, count on me in whatever you need...
Pam: Thank you...
Chauffeur: My name is Robert, but my friends call...
Pam: (sadly smiling) ...Bobby? (she laughs then. The camera pans away and we see a panoramic of the car driving through the highway.)


(General shot of the floor corridors, as Bobby searches for the room no. 12202 holding a bunch of red and white roses in his hand. When he finds it, he stands up there looking at the door...At last, he roughly knocks on the door twice. The door is opened by a dark-haired naked young man in his 30´s, covering his parts with a towel)

Guy: Yeah? I believed that we had hung the “do no disturb” note. (Bobby looks down and sees the note on the floor. He blushes up and says, babbling)
Bobby: It had fallen down...er...take...(the guy reaches his hand to him and Bobby gets more and more nervous).
Guy: What are you bringing?
Bobby: It´s from the hotel management, wishing you a happy time here.(He gives him the bunch of flowers very anxiously)
Guy: Wow that´s a surprise...! (he turns back to the inside) Hey, Will, look what the hotel guys have brought to us! (Will gets out of the bed-room, all-dressed. The song “Deep” begins to play)

I go down deep
Will: They are so beautiful...From the hotel, you say?
Guy: Aha.
Will: Well, there is no card with it. Who has brought them?
Guy: A blonde boy, a twinkie, under 18 I´d guess...
Will: (thoughtful) I see...


(Bobby runs out to the street in a hush and turns over the corner, and stops to take a breath, with tears in his eyes. The song is continued...)
I give myself for you
I know down deep”

(Establishing shot and general shot of Bob walking into the Club hall and meeting the new manager Debbie, formerly one of its hostesses)

Bob: Hi Debbie. How are you?
Debbie: Good afternoon, Mr. Ewing. I´m fine thank you, and you?
Bob: O.k. Did Dora Mae come here today?
Debbie: No, though I guess she will come by later, like every night.
Bob: Tell her that Bobby Ewing has asked about here, will you?
Debbie: (smiling) Course Mr. Ewing. Would you like a table for lunch?
Bob: Well...(he holds up his arm and unwillingly hits a woman passing by, whose handbag falls down) Oh mine, I´m such a clumsy old man...
Woman: My God, Bobby Ewing!
Bob: (recognizing his former secretary)...Phyllis, I´m so glad to see ye, though I´m sorry to throw your handbag away...(Bob stands up and gives it to her very kindly) Were you leaving?
Phyllis: In fact I was. But we hadn´t seen each other for such a long time that I wouldn´t mind to stay a bit longer...
Bob: All right. Debbie, one table for two, please.
Debbie: Right now Mr. Ewing. (Bob and Phyllis smile at each other and Bob makes the gesture to let her walk on first)


(Pam talks to the chauffeur, once she is out of the car)

Pam: Robert, I don´t know if I should be waiting here. Actually I don´t know how longer it can take me to find my friends.
Robert: Don´t worry m´am. You go ask the organizers...
Pam: Thank you...(smiling at him. Fade over the next scene. Middle shot of Pam in front of a computer, side by side with one of the Marathon guides)
Guide: Mrs. Ewing, just write down here your girlfriend´s name and you´ll know if they checked in it and are here already.
Pam: That´s really kind of you. (Pam writes the name of Lisa Poynton, and she finds the information she was looking for: she was checked in, along with her husband and her two kids. Besides, upon the program, she is ready to run and should already be around there)
Woman: We meet at last, Pamela Ewing...
Pam (standing up and turning around): Lisa?
Lisa: Yes I am. Was expecting you. I knew that, right after a Ewing, soon comes another Ewing, or a Barnes...(half-smiling. Fade out and End of Act Three)


(Close shot of Lisa)

Lisa: Yes it´s true. Christopher called on us last year after tracking down thru the net and contact with us by phone. I was stunned at first: I thought that the Ewings would never allow me to see my only living family again...
Pam: He is your brother Jeff´s son, isn´t he?
Lisa: Aha. I don´t know how much you know of what happened in 1987...J.R. Ewing locating me and bringing me to Dallas to become friends with the child. By then, J.R. and your husband didn´t have a good business relationship. Upon Cliff Barnes, J.R. wanted to use the Wentworth company money to acquire a big sum of stock from the WestStar, which had stolen Ewing Oil away from him some months earlier.
Pam: So my son played a pawn in my brother-in-law J.R.´s endless blackmailing schemes.
Lisa: I think so. He thought that, if I demanded the boy´s custody and took him to court, Bobby would end up giving up to his planning...
Pam (saddened): Anything in hand to get his own way, like he always did...
Lisa: But you didn´t come here to hear this story...
Pam: No...We haven´t heard from Chris for the last seven months. Not long after returning to California, he just vanished without goodbyes and not even the police
could help us...We are hopeless, he might have had an accident, or been kidnapped, or...
Lisa: I know the way you feel very well. I have two sons, Jeff and Chris (smiling with complicity). I don´t know what I´d do if something happened to them or my husband Joe...
Pam: Was there anything strange, or unordinary, in whatever you talked with Christopher?
Lisa: No, nothing at all. But it was quite unordinary to me to feel how much he loved you and your husband...
Pam (teary-eyed): Thanks for saying that...
Lisa: Don´t be hopeless Pamela. You will surely find him soon...(she picks her bag up and looks for something she will give to Pam) I want you to keep this: it´s a picture I took of Chris´s the day I first met him at the Dallas Galleria, while we were roller-skating... (Close-shot of the pic with little Chris with Bobby)
Pam: (keeping the photo into her handbag, she holds Lisa tightly) Thank you Lisa, you don´t know how helpful you´ve been to me. Something´s telling me now that I´ll see my son again...When he´s back in Dallas, I´ll be waiting for you to come over...
Lisa (also excited): My best wishes Pamela, and I must go now, or they´ll start out without me...(Pam laughs out and watches Lisa leaving along with her family to the starting point. The song “Maybe You´re Gone” begins to play)

“Thought you were an angel
Shining in the clouds
Thought you were so faithful
Now I have my doubts
Maybe you're gone
You're gone
To sleep
Maybe you're gone
You're gone
For keeps”


(General shot of Bob and Phyllis sitting at a side table in the dining-room, while the other tables are already empty. Debbie look at them a little impatiently)

Bob: I think that Debbie´d thank us if w´d leave now. (They both get up and walk towards the elevator) Phyllis, I´m not surprised at all: I knew that, with the experience you got at Ewing Oil you could get far, but I didn´t suspect you intended to become a business woman...
Phyllis: Actually, I didn´t, too. After the Ewing Energy Group´s dissolution, my husband suggested me that maybe it was time to do something positive with our savings and we bet on that...By now we are goin´ fine and get a great motivation. Consulting companies are advancing more and more in the Dallas market and the country in general...
Bob: I don´t know if I have right to, but I feel proud of you. I still remember when you came in to replace Connie, my former secretary, when she got sick. And you stayed with us...
Phyllis: Yep, though that´s the official version...
Bob: Whatcha mean? (They walk into the elevator)
Phyllis: As Louella herself told me not long after I came, Connie had, so to say, grown up a overly love towards her boss...and resigned to avoid him trouble when she could hide it no more...
Bob: Are ye pulling my leg? ¿Connie...in love with me?
Phyllis: You can bet it, but keep it between you and me, please. Don´t comment it with anyone.
Bob: Phyllis, you´ve always been one of the most faithful persons I´ve ever had by my side. I don´t know what I´d done without you sometimes, when J.R. began with his wheelin´n´dealin´, or when those oil rigs got burnt, remember?
Phyllis: Sure, it happened in 1986, when you had to cut off the oil field working staff...
Bob: People come and go...but you´ve always been there Phyllis...(She gets closer to her and kisses her lips once, but she backs away softly)
Phyllis: Bobby, you shouldn´t. 20 years ago, it all would´ve been different, ´cause I´d admired you and was proud of working for you. But even so, there´s one thing more important than my feelings.
Bob: What was it?
Phyllis: When I though about a couple madly in love, you and Pam always came to my mind. I was deeply sorry when you divorced and still more when she vanished after the car accident. Don´t spoil what I feel for you Bobby. It´s so important to me to keep it that way.
Bob: Your husband is a lucky man...
Phyllis: I believe he is.
Bob: ...And I´m just an old man who has played himself a fool...
Phyllis: You´re no old man. You´ve got a wife and a teenage son who adore you and really need you right now. Best luck... (kissing his cheek, she leaves when the elevator door opens)
Bob (now in the street): Yeah, they do need me...(his expression becomes serious and takes his cell phone out) Wanna talk with Sergeant O´Hara please...


(Bobby looks at a map he is holding in his hand, and folds it, keeping it in his jacket pocket afterwards. Then he heads to the disco waiting queue...The song “Running up that Hill” in its disco version by Ultrawave begins to play)

“If I only could...

(Fade over the next scene)


(Bobby gets into the disco lounge after leaving his jacket at the cloakroom and wide opens his eyes to see the beam of lights in the place...The song continues, now only instrumental...A man in his 30´s, dark-haired and sun-tanned, wearing a white T-shirt, stares at him and he shyly looks away...He still doubts if he should stay or not...)


Bob: What is supposed to mean that my son´s case is a “closed case”?
O´Brien: There´s nothing else we can do Mr. Ewing. Your son is over 18 and lives independently, and you got no sign of his being kidnapped.
Bob: But no one disappears just like that, right?
O´Brien: No, of course not but...
Bob: Then I want a search warrant for my son´s building, where he also used to live in one of its apartments...
O´Brien: We can get into a lot of trouble, there must be other companies there besides Christopher´s...
Bob: The way I see it, we can get into a bigger lot of trouble if we don´t search that building...I´m sure you can understand me, don´t ye, O´Brien?
O´Brien (sweating): Yep, I think I do Mr. Ewing...


(Pam looks at the picture that Lisa gave her and puts it into the suitcase, and then she calls Reception to have her lugagge taken to the hall. Suddenly, somebody knocks on the door)

Pam: Who is it?
Woman: Pamela Ewing?
Pam: Just a minute please...(she walks to the door and opens it, to find her former employée at the TV network, Debbi Porter, who wears long hairdo now)
Debbi: Hello Pam...
Pam: Oh, what a surprise Debbi, you´re the last person I expected to see here.
Debbi: May I come in?
Pam: Yes, come on...(wide opening the door and closing it behind her)
Debbi: I know you´re leaving (noticing the lugagge) but you must not...
Pam: Why not?
Debbi: Because I think I can help you to find your son Christopher.
Pam: How...?
Debbi: Trust me... (Pam is stunned...)


(The Dallas SWAT forces the entrance to the offices, which turn out to be completely empty, just like the rest of the building...)
Bob: That´s impossible: all the offices are empty, and so is my son´s apartment...
O´Brien: You can see it yourself Mr. Ewing. This confirms that yous son closed his business and finished the leasing contracts with the other companies for his
building´s offices.
Bob: Just like that, anyday now? Without telling me first? You obviously don´t know my son...
O´Brien: And seemingly, neither you do, Mr. Ewing...(Bob takes him apart holding his right arm, then putting him closer to him)
Bob: (almost whispering) Be sure of one thing, damn incompetent: I do know my son very well and, if you don´t help me in this, it´ll be your family the one who won't be able to know you. If you are blocking information about him out, I´ll move heaven and earth to get you expelled from the Police force. So, from this moment on, we're together in this, and to begin with, tell me: where the hell is my son...? (looking angry and stunned...Fade to black)

End of Episode 15

(The song “Twilight” by Antony & the Johnsons begins to play as the titles roll by)

I fall in the Harbor
I fall in the hills
But here in the city
That never sleeps
I can fall
Through one's fingers
When the swan
Flies to heaven
Soaring through
The utmost fear
There's a feeling
That lingers in the afterwards
Will you ever return
Will you ever return
Will you ever return
I sit at all tables
With my candles
And angels besides
And I shall wait forever
As the day turns to night
Swallowed in the shadows that glow
Swallowed in the shadows that glow
Swallowed in the shadows that glow
When I sought out a light
And I knew darkness swallowed
I beseech, come to me
All alone, come to me


Special Guest Stars:
RICHARD GERE as Alex (Pretty Woman)
Also Starring
Guest Stars:
JERI GAILE as Rose McKay
KARI MATCHETT as Lisa Farraday-Poynton (Covert Affairs)
PETER PAIGE as Emmett (Queer As Folk)
JAMIE BAMBER as Ryan (Battlestar Galactica)
Special Appearance By
HALLE BERRY as Debbi (X-Men)


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Episode 16:
(Part 2)


(Establishing shot and zoom towards the demolishing machines that are about to put down the manors adjacent to the main house. Behind the road fences, hidden in his van and holding his binoculars, Ray Krebbs is watching closer the devastating view).

Ray: (murmuring to himself) Dammit! How the hell could they go that far...? (Right away, he picks up his cell phone and dials a number.) Ray Krebbs here. It´s time to get into action. I´m ready to do anything...(looking angry)


(Establishing shot and fade into a middle shot of Pam Ewing talking on her cell phone...)

Pam: Bobby, I had to tell you what I just found out...
Bob: I´m listening, but tell me one thing before: how are you?
Pam: I won´t be alright until we find Christopher. Yesterday I was going to give up, after I talked with Farraday´s sister Lisa. But, when I was going to leave out to the airport, you´d never say who came up...
Bob: Who?
Pam: Debbi Porter. She´s running the biggest West Coast TV network now. But what she said to me doesn´t have to do with that, but with the Ewing barbecue.
Bob: Whatcha mean?
Pam: Remember that she showed up at our last barbecue with John Ross as her date?
Bob: Yeah, and also remember Sue Ellen´s wary looks at her...
Pam: Yes, I know that. But what Debbi told me about that day is really important...
Bob: I´m on tenterhooks. Please just say it Pam...
Pam: When the barbecue was almost over, before knowing that Clayton was dead, Debbi walked out through the ranch entry road. She was overwhelmed about what she thought was a hostile atmosphere. She had had to bear some double-edges comments from people like Marilee, and what´s more, John Ross seemed to push her to go up to his bedroom for some intimacy...
Bob: Can´t blame John Ross for that...
Pam: C´mon Bobby, let me finish. The point is that, about 100 feet from the exit, she found Christopher sitting under a tree, looking very sad...They began a friendly chat and he told her, among other things, that he was missing his girlfriend Jane.
Bob: I didn´t know he had a girl...
Pam: Neither me. I guess it´s true that we parents are the last to know sometimes...Debbi asked her why he didn´t go to see her and he said that she lived at Houston and her dad was playing hard to them.
Bob: Didn´t he tell her in what circumstances he met her?
Pam: That´s the most amazing about it. They first met at the Weinstein Academy, in Houston.
Bob: (surprised) You mean they know each other since we checked Chris into that special boarding school?
Pam: Yeah and seemingly, Chris told Debbi that he´d visit her right away, though he had bad memories about the place she was living at...
Bob: (still more surprised) I don´t like it, I don´t like it at all, we´re missing something, Pam. Why don´t ye catch the first airplane and go together to Houston and search?
Pam: I tried to, but there´s a strike at the airport until tomorrow. I´ll stay one more day and then I´ll come home.
Bob: I´m glad to hear that...
Pam: Hear what?
Bob: You´re coming home. I´ve been missing you Pam.
Pam: Me too.
Bob: I love you.
Pam: (almost whispering) Me too...(Bob hangs up and so does Pam. Then Pam´s mind travels back to the past, about 6 months earlier...)


(Subtitle “Six months earlier”. Fade into Flashback scene. Pam and Bob have been talking by phone and they are saying goodbye, though we only see the set)

Pam: Well, I wish I could something to help you Bob.
Bob: Come back soon, that´s enough for me...
Pam: I love you Bobby.
Bob: (in low voice) Me too. Bye (Pam cuelga el teléfono del hotel. Marca 2 números y le responde la centralita del hotel).
Pam: This is Pamela Ewing, I´d like to talk with Mr. Alex Ward please, I don´t know which room he is staying at.
Operator (off): Scusi signora, but Mr. Ward wants no more calls until he says otherwise...
Pam: All right, but would you be so kind to leave him the message that I called. Pamela Ewing, yes.


(Fade into a long shot of the hotel dining-room, where many of the hosts are having diner. Travelling to Pamela´s and Alex´s table.)

Pam: It took me three days to meet but I finally have.
Alex (absent-minded): Yes, I´m so sorry, Pamela. I´m going through a really difficult time...In fact, I came here only to sign up a contract with a designer who seems to be afraid of flying...on any plane but his own jet.
Pam: (smiling) I think I know who "she" might be...Are you still working for the family company?
Alex: Well, yes and no. My father died a couple of years ago...
Pam: (surprised) Oh, I´m really sorry.
Alex: We never got along, actually he founded the publishing company to keep me busy and out of trouble. It´s been a long long time since we last met...
Pam: Yeah, and I´d rather not to count the years...
Alex: You used to wear a long, curled hairstyle back then...
Pam: Aha, but I´ve grown to like it shorter lately, it´s more practical.
Alex: So how are you two? I read that you remarried Bobby after the car crash and lost Southfork due to the ´95 Big Storm...
Pam: Yes, although we only lost the main house and about four acres. What about you, did you marry?
Alex: Yes, I married an extraordinary woman, who happened to belong at here; she was born in a small town not too far away. She had nothing to do with the fashion business. We were truly happy until she was diagnosed cancer and died last year.
Pam: Oh mine, I´m so rough. I only wanted to say hello to you and know how you were doing, and I´ve been reminding you the bad things that happened to you in the last year...
Alex: Well, that´s part of life, isn´t it?
Pam: You´ve changed all thru the years, in fact I was surprised when you asked water instead of wine...
Alex: Please excuse me now, Pam, but I must return to my suite to do a few calls before leaving.
Pam: I should retire too... (Both of them stand up and head up to the way out...Fade into a long shot of the corridor of their hotel)


(Pam and Alex are walking in silence and, suddenly, Alex stops in front of one door)

Alex: So Pam, this is my headquarters more than my room. It´s been great to be able to talk with you Pam...
Pam: To me too Alex... (Alex gets in quickly and closes the door quickly too, leaving Pam somewhat worried about her former work collaborator)


(Pam opens one of her cases and holds the picture she had put over her clothes: it´s the Christopher one that Lisa gave to her...Fade out and End of Act 1)


(Close shot of Barbara)

Barbara: So that Madeleine bitch is beginning to put our former homes down...
Ray: Yep, this morning I´ve driven by the manor on my way to Dallas and I stopped there when I saw the machines.
Barbara: And you called me instantly to tell me that you were able to do anything to stop that.
Ray: Bob and I are brothers and care about each other a big deal, but are not the same person. Especially since we lost Southfork. I´ve been waiting for him to change his mind and decide to support you, Barbara, but I think he never will. And Southfork also was partly mine, mine and my family´s.
Barbara: How far are could you go to recover what belongs to us?
Ray: If you got proofs, any kind of proofs, against Madeleine, I can go all the way and show her she´d never approach poor Clayton.
Barbara: What does Donna feel about what you´re saying?
Ray: She´s spent some days in Washington and will soon be here, but I´ll explain my stand to her and she´ll support me for sure.
Barbara: What if she doesn´t?
Ray: Then, Barbara Southworth and Ray Krebbs will become allies...
Barbara (mischievously laughing): I just love that side of you Ray! It makes me think of the times we first met...You were the first person who fully accepted me into the family...
Ray (slightly blushed): And you encouraged me when I believed I´d lost Donna and Maggie forever.
Barbara (getting closer to Ray and messing up his hair with her hand): That´s the least I could do: I´d fallen in love with you. And you gave me a self-esteem lesson, though I had a bad time when you reconciled with Donna. Sometimes, can´t help thinking about you, and remember the nights we spent together...(she gets her face closer to his and her lips closer to his lips)
Ray (he gently gets his lips aback and stares at her): Barbara, you know that, if we gotta take this all the way, our relationship must remain where it was, in the past. I was glad it happened, but Donna and Maggie are and will be, always, the most important to me.
Barbara (embarrased): Sure, pardon me Ray, I don´t know what´s happened to me... I promise it won´t happen again ever...Gotta make an urgent call. We´ll go on talking when I´m back, o.k.? (Barbara walks out of the office and Ray takes a look at the picture of his family standing on his table, and then looks at the door his friend has walked through.)


(Long shot of the façade of the manor. Bob Ewing walks out of the house carrying his briefcase and gets into his car, a black Mercedes. Suddenly, an unknown man opens the left door and sits shotgun)

Bob: But what the hell are you doin´...?
Agent (showing him an identification plate only visible for Bob, who looks astonished): Now, put the radio on and drive off. (Incidentally, the song “Pamela” by Toto begins to play)

“There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
Let's take what's getting old and make it new
Eye to eye
It's a blinding confrontation
I said you and I
are a deadly combination”
Bob: Are you gonna tell what the hell you want?
Agent: Keep on driving and turn on the right at the next crossing. Ah, and volume it up a little...(Bob does, reluctantly)

"So don't start mixing truth with jealousy
The road we're on is clear as far as I can see
Don't break this heart of mine
Just remember it may not heal this time
There is no second chance
For the one who leaves it all behind"​


(Flashback: Subtitle “Six months earlier”. Long shot of Pam´s bedroom and close shot of hers, who seems to be having a nigthmare. Suddenly, she wakes up and looks at one of the windows, and gets up to draw the curtain. Then she looks at the door and begins to change her clothes...)


(Fade into next scene. Pam is standing in front of the door of Alex´s suite, and knocks on it quietly but insistently)

Alex (behind the door): Who is it, what´s going on?
Pam: It´s me Alex. Pamela Ewing.
Alex (opens the door after a few seconds): Hi Pam. Is anything wrong?
Pam: I need someone to talk to...and I you came to my mind (looking innocent).
Alex: Do you want to come in?
Pam: If it´s not much trouble...
Alex: No, well, I was going to read my emails...I´m looking forward an urgent message...(he opens the door and waves her in...Then he closes the door and points at an armchair) Sit down here, if you want to. May I bring you something hot, some tea, maybe?
Pam: I´d love a lime tea...
Alex: I think I got it somewhere...(he goes to the next room and comes back carrying a tray with a teapot and one cup) It´ll be ready in five minutes, we´ve been lucky (winking). Tell me what´s wrong now.
Pam: Alex, I feel ashamed for bothering you at this late...I had an awful nightmare...Perhaps it´s got something to do with my workmates leaving two days ago and I´m still here, in Italy, alone, without knowing exactly why.
Alex: Do Bobby and you have problems?
Pam: No, we don´t...it´s...everything else (she bursts into tears). Yeah, I guess this includes Bobby. Our son Christopher is missing for one month and he thinks it´s normal for a person his age. Afterwards, it´s his stepfather Clayton Farlow, who was deceased in Switzerland recently, and his widow inherited the ranch and obliges us to move out...and then the eleventh of September...(Alex offers his shoulder to cry on and passes his arm around Pam´s back.) Also, my niece Lucy is in a coma since then, she got trapped in her car when the towers began to fall down...And my sister-in-law Donna has lost a beloved person too...
Alex: I think I understand you Pamela. Sometimes it seems that the world is going to explode...that only negative things belong to this life we are living...I felt the same way when I lost my father and my wife...(Alex dries up Pam´s tears as he caresses her face with one finger) But this will end soon, be sure of it. Now drink your tea or it will get cold...
Pam (drying up his tears again with her handkerchief): I´m feeling so dumb...
Alex: Forget everything tonight. Sleep in my bed and I will be in that couch, in case you need anything.
Pam: Thanks Alex. You´re such a sweet person... (Alex enters his bedroom, from which he comes carrying one of the pillows and one blanket, and makes himself comfortable in the couch)
Alex: See you tomorrow Pamela Ewing.
Pam: See you tomorrow Alex Ward (Fade out and End of Act 2).



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(Pamela slowly opens her eyes. She can´t remember anything about last night, she just sees that she´s not in her suite. She lies up and notices somebody else has slept in the bed, by her side. At the next room, supposedly the bathroom, she can hear somebody shaving...)

Pam (covering up herself with the sheet): Hello?
Alex: I´ll be right there honey...(Pam is astounded. Finally comes out of the bathroom a naked Alex Ward, wearing a towel around his waist.) Good morning Pam.(Alex lies over the bed close to her and kissed her in the mouth)
Pam (stunned): Alex, I got a terrible headache and can´t remember how I came here...and even less how I got into your bed.
Alex: I´ll refresh your mind: Last night there was a big storm that shattered all Milan, and you knocked on my door because you had had a nightmare...I offered you something hot and then...well, you can figure the rest out...
Pam (blushing): Do you mean...that we slept together, that we made love...?
Alex: I made myself comfortable in the next room couch, but you came back to convince me that we´d be much better in the big bed...
Pam: Alex, I...can´t understand anything...
Alex: There´s nothing to understand. Yesterday you needed someone else´s warmth and I was lucky to be here. You told me the misfortunes you have been through lately...and I tried to comfort you. This has brought to my mind what I felt for you when we first met in Dallas and what a fool I was for not taking advantage of your marriage´s crisis and making you fall for me...Pamela, I love you since the day we knew each other at the photo session for The Store. I want to regain the lost time. So will you leave Bobby…for me?
Pam (getting up from bed and putting her clothes on quickly): Alex, you´re right: yesterday I was overwhelmed and needed to have someone very close, but not being unfaithful to Bobby...
Alex (reaching for her arm and placing her in front of him): He is being unfaithful to you ignoring that your son might be in dire straits, as you said. These are hard times Pam, and you´ve got to live the momentum. I keep up what I said, and if Bobby doesn´t give you the support you need yet, you can count on me.(Pam gives up slowly and kisses Alex goodbye passionately)
Pam: Goodbye Alex. Somehow I do know that I didn´t do anything I didn´t wanna do. Probably needed somebody´s warmth and I thought so did you. But now I must go back to Dallas, my home... (Pam gets out of the room and Alex closes his eyes and covers his face with his left hand...He reaches for the phone and dials twice)
Alex: Please, I´d like to make a long-distance call...


(Subtitle: Today. Aereal shot of Bob´s Mercedes. Zoom to the car´s inside)

Bob: You got one minute to tell me what´s all about.
Agent: I´ll go to the point, Mr. Ewing. Your son Christopher has been threatened by several terrorist groups...
Bob: Wrong start buddy, Chris would never get involved with people like that.
Agent: We know that you were heading to Houston, Mr. Ewing. To the Weinstein Academy.
Bob: What else do you know?
Agent: About eight months ago, approximately, Chris visited an ex-girlfriend who is teaching right there.
Bob: That makes more sense. Go on…
Agent: You may ignore it, but your son has been secretly collaborating with our government since he graduated from the Academy...
Bob: With the gov? You´re losing credibility and I´m getting tired of driving to nowhere...
Agent: ...Maybe you´ve heard before the name of the company “Ewing Computing Resources”, whose building you checked out recently and turned out to be closed down...
Bob: I´m all ears.
Agent: O.k. Chris never owned that company, but he did became a multimillionaire on his own thanks to the jobs he did for us...
Bob: What kind of jobs?
Agent: I´m not allowed to give you more information, just can tell you that, right before the WTC attacks, his presence was required by a certain government department, and, thanks to his collaboration, they could stop a previously planned attack. Too bad the second time, we weren´t so lucky...
Bob: You´re beginning to get my attention. Now tell me where my son is.
Agent: My job ends here. I can´t do anything else for you by now. Just keep in mind what I told you. You´ll soon see your son Christopher again. (He points with his hand to an esplanade, at one side of the road and Bob stops the car there. The unknown man gets out of the car and walks around towards Bob´s window.) Mr. Ewing, your son is very valuable to many people, more than you can guess, and you´ll soon realize it... (Bob nods skeptical and drives off, turning 180 degrees to go back to the highway. Minutes later, a helicopter picks the Agent up and flies him away from there...)


(Tilt upwards to the Shepard Industries Building, at the center of Dallas. Zoom to middle shot of Sue Ellen at her office. Somebody knocks on the door)

Sue Ellen: Come in.
Shania: Good morning Sue Ellen. Here´s your mail.
Sue Ellen: Thank you darlin´. You got the budget for next year ready?
Shania: Yeah, it´s here too.
Sue Ellen: Perfect.(She opens up one of the letters and looks surprised) I just can´t believe it...
Shania: Is there any problem, Sue Ellen?
Sue Ellen: No, only one inconceivable thing. It´s an invitation letter from Mrs. Madeleine Farlow at my name and John Ross´s and companions, to attend the fundraising party she´s gonna hold within 3 weeks at ...the house where my former familyin-law, the Ewings, used to live at.
Shania: That´s being civil!
Sue Ellen: I´d call it something harder myself, that woman must yhink that everybody in Dallas is stupid...Very kind of her to hold a Mascarade Ball, anyway.
Shania: If it´s a fundraising event, maybe you should go, remember that you are nominated as “Woman of the Year” and this could make you score a point...
Sue Ellen: I dont´t need a reason to donate money for charitable causes, Shania, and that award won´t bring me anything at all as a person.
Shania: Actually I´ve...taken a little liberty, hope you don´t mind, Sue Ellen.
Sue Ellen: You know I like people with their own initiative. What is it?
Shania: I was reading your bio on “Who´s Who?” online and thought this could be part of an advertising campaign for the company...(Shania opens up a folder and takes a poster with Sue Ellen´s current look, along with a picture of Mandy Winger´s old poster for Valentine Lingerie and the line: “Shepard Industries: Where everything began...”)
Sue Ellen (wide open eyes and angry looking): But, what kind of joke is this, Shania? (She quickly gets up and points at the door) Burn down that poster and be thankful I won´t fire you right now...(A teary-eyed Shania walks to the door, until Sue Ellen notices her tears and closes the door). I´m sorry, come on sit. (Shania, her blue eyes full of tears, doesn´t seem to feel the way she wants to feel)
Shania: What did I do wrong Sue Ellen?
Sue Ellen: You don´t know how sorry I am darlin´. Just forgot that you´ve been in Dallas only for a short time so you mustn´t know about my past, aside of what I told you. That...young lady...wasn´t just the first “Valentine Girl” when I apurchased that company, but also my husband´s flower of the month. I secretly hired her, made her a top model and actress and threw her away from Dallas forever. End of the story. But actually, of all the women passing by J.R.´s life, she was the only one who almost took my place.
Shania: And didn´t that Mandy ever return to Dallas? O try to thank you somehow what you did for her?
Sue Ellen: “That” kind of woman never thanks anything, they just give a bad reputation to the others...
Shania (sounding sybilline as if she intends to winkle something out): And didn´t you see her again after that...? Neither had any news about her...?
Sue Ellen: To me, Mandy Winger is as dead like Empress Nefertiti...Well, all this mummy talking has infuriated me a little, I think I´m gonna go to the gym and get a hydrotherapy session...And dry up your tears honey, I promise to be more open-minded to your next idea...(Sue Ellen picks her purse up and walks out of the office).
Shania: You lying bitch...No, Mandy is not dead not by a long shot and you´ll soon know it...


(Sue Ellen says a friendly goodbye to the receptionist and gets into one of the three elevators; Dusty Farlow comes out of the next one, wearing a suit and tie, and walks towards the receptionist)

Dusty: Good morning, may I see Ms. Sue Ellen Shepard.
Receptionist: Do you have an appointment with her?
Dusty (smiling): No, but we´re old friends and she´ll get happy for sure if you tell her who I am. My name is Dusty Farlow...
Receptionist: In fact she left just when you were coming in. If you had arrived one minute earlier, you´d have found her at the door...
Dusty (disappointed): Too bad...Would you please give her this card in my name, and tell her that Dusty Farlow was here?
Receptionist (smiling back): Of course, I will give it to her. Have a nice day, Mr. Farlow... (Dusty heads to the elevators again and, at the people´s back, closes his eyes saddened...and passes his right hand over his mouth.)


(Façade of the 80´s Club, with its parklot full of fancy cars and limos. The camera pans into the Club through a window. The song “Strange (I´ve seen that face before)” by Grace Jones begins to play.)

“Strange I've seen that face before
Seen him hanging round my door
Like a hawk stealing for the pray
Like the night waiting for the day"​

(Right then, Barbara enters the place, wearing a very sexy elegant gown and walking very self-assured to the bar)

Barbara: Hi Sammy sweetie...(she says, throwing the hunky black bartender a kiss with her hand) How are you?
Sammy: Great Barb. It´s been a long time...
Barbara: Yeah, I´ve been travelling a lot, ye know sweetie...I´d love to taste one of those “Screaming Orgasms” you prepare so well...
Sammy: My pleasure! Almost nobody dares to ask for one of those...having that name...(Barbara laughs out loud and turns around into the dance floor´s direction. The song continues)

"Dance in bars and restaurants
Home with anyone who wants
Strange he’s standing alone
Staring eyes chill me to the bone"​

(Suddenly, Barbara notices a known face, who´s having a drink at the bar in front of her, at the opposite side of the wide dance floor. The young man wears Armani and holds a glass of something that looks like vodka on the rocks. She thinks she´s identified him and starts to walk towards him, looking at him).

"Tu cherches quoi, recontrer la mort?
Tu te prends pour qui
Toi aussi tu detestes la vie"​

Barbara (in front of the young man): Hello…my name is Barbara. What´s yours?
Young Man: I´m Julian...(Barbara smiles ear to ear...)

"Dans sa chambre Joel et sa valise
Un regard sur ses fringues
Sur les mures des photos sans regret..."​

(Fade into next shot with the song still playing. Close shot of Barbara and Julian kissing with passion while they take each other´s clothes impatiently, sure of the other´s desire. Eventually they look at each other and smile, and kiss again. Travelling to the window with the moon in the background.... (Fade out and End of Act 3)


(Close shot of Madeleine looking at herself in the mirror, touching her make-up and then parfumes herself...)

Madeleine (in loud voice): Forsythe! What time is it?
Forsythe (off): Five minutes to eight Mrs. Farlow.
Madeleine (upset): Oh my God, he must be arriving...(She gets out of her bedroom and joins Forsythe) Tonight everything´s got to be perfect, dear Forsythe, our guest is very, very special. If everything goes the way I think, you´ll soon have a few more assistants and a nice monthly bonus...
Forsythe: That´s very kind from you...
Madeleine: I think he´s coming...
Forsythe: But madam, it sounds like a helicopter landing...
Madeleine: Of course he is coming on a helicopter. I´m out to welcome him...(Madeleine walks down the majestic staircase and then out through the backdoor, to the helicopter landing ground)
Forsythe (to himself): Assistants, bonuses, helicopters, demolished manors, dont´t know how this will end up...


(Smiling but anxious, Madeleine watches the helicopter landing and two men in black getting off with sun-glasses who she guesses are the bodyguards. When she seems to see the face of her guest who´s coming down, she approaches with a wide smile)

Madeleine: Welcome to my humble home, Mr. President. We wish you feel like home...(back shot of the guest and zoom to Madeleine´s happy face)


(A door is opened and Ray enters with Donna´s suitcases, followed by Donna herself)

Ray: Wow, I understand you had to pay for luggage excess babe...
Donna: Well I bought a couple of things only, dresses for Maggie and one for me to attend Dave´s tribute gala.
Ray (leaving everything down and getting closer to her): Welcome home (he kisses and hugs her). How was the tribute?
Donna: Moving and hard altogether. Luanne kept calm until she was home and then she had a good cry. I was more glad to be with her at that moment. The saddest thing is the feeling of fear everybody has up there in N.Y.C. You can feel it on the street, whenever you talk to anyone, even on the TV news. As if the whole city had changed and never could be the old New York again.
Ray: A lot of guys who were in Vietnam came home with the same feeling of having lost something they couln´t get back. Eleventh of September was like a short war that started and ended the same day...
Donna: Upon what I heard at the Washington corridors, this could be just the beginning: aborted attacks, rumors of a likely war declaration against Afghanistan...I have goose bumps just thinking of it.
Ray (holding Donna tighter): I´m so happy you´re here with me again...
Donna (surprised): Ray, what´s wrong? I love your hugs but this one has lasted five minutes already...Anything happened here?
Ray: O.K., let´s sit down, you must be exhausted.(Both of them sit down at the kitchen table) I´ve talking with Barbara...
Donna: With Barbara? About what?
Ray: About what she told Bob when Clayton died. ´bout the information she got about Madeleine and what let her take Southfork away from us.
Donna (thoughtful): I´m listening up Ray.
Ray: Better see it yourself (he gets up and takes a folder out of his briefcase).
Donna (passing the pages carefully as she reads some parts of it): My God...If this is true...
Ray: Donna, it is true, she can´t be wrong, there are too many coincidences...
Donna: If this is true, our neighbor Madeleine could end up in jail really soon...and the Ewing family could get Southfork back.
Ray: Ye mean you´re with us?
Donna: Of course I am darlin´. You know that our being here, at the hotel, was purely strategic and we were expecting something like this to have the opportunity of making justice...at least, in our small world.
Ray (holding her hand): That´s my little wife...Anyway, I must tell ye something before. No more secrets between us...
Donna (with wide open eyes): ...I´m beginning to get upset Ray...Just say it please.
Ray: Remember when you two came back to Andrew´s, after settling back to Dallas? I´m talking ´bout ´92 or ´93.
Donna: Yeah, you mean the time Barbara showed up, don´t you?
Ray: Exactly. After you left, I didn´t know that Andrew was blackmailing you into staying with him and keeping up his image as a spoltless politician.
Donna: Yes, I oughtta have told you that.
Ray: Well, so, it was then when I lost any hope to reconcile with you and get my family back, and I...had an affair with Barbara...until you returned again divorced from Andrew...
Donna (she stands up and turns her back on him. After a one-minute silence, she says): That´s all?
Ray: Yep. We fell in love but had nothing to do with us, and seeing her again these days, made me remember what a great person she was and the bad times she had gone through, and was able to pull herself together and improbé her life with our help...Don´t wanna this to effect on all we have to recover...No more secrets.
Donna (gulping): O.K. Ray. (Turning around again) No more secrets. (Ray gets up and hugs her again, while Donna silently cries, knowing she can´t keep that promise...)


(Travelling with Gary Ewing driving his sports car up to the manor and fade into a long shot of the living-room)

Bob: Your visit is a surprise Gary. We thought you still were at the Northern Gas Rigs.
Gary: Yes, I was. But yesterday I got something that made me rush back (he says, as he gets a folded note out of his pocket. He unfolds it and shows it to Bob, who reads it: “If you wanna see your nephew Christopher alive again, it will cost you 5 million dollars. We will contact you.”)
Bob (looking at the note reverse): And how did you get it, in an envelope?
Gary: Aha. With a Mexico postmark on it.
Bob: Do you think that maybe it´s got something to do with Chris missing?
Gary: Actually not. But I do think that someone out there wants to revenge on me. In fact, even more than one. Remember last year´s affaire with Alan Beam and his accomplice setting up that scandalous show on Cliff´s channel?
Bob: You think he might be behind everything?
Gary: You got a better clue?
Bob: Well, if you ask me, I do now. What´s more, I´ve just remembered John Ross´s kidnapping...
Gary: The California incident, with that terrorist?
Bob: No, it happened a few weeks after he was born: a woman who had miscarriaged her baby, had kidnapped John Ross but two of J.R. rivals tried to get the ransom money, and they almost got it. If I remember well, Alan Beam was already working for J.R. back then...
Gary: So it was worthless to bring you this note...
Bob: Oh no, it wasn´t! (he gets up and picks his phone up) Right now we are going to report the police about his, so they will be busy, and we´re goin´ to Houston.
Gary: Houston?
Bob: I´ll explain it on the way...


(Maggie is chatting with a boyfriend on the net, in her bedroom...and, all of sudden, pops up a new email warning. Maggie clicks on her account icon and opens it. When she reads it, she gets quite a shock. The email, whose origin address is unreadable, has the following message: “PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Signed, Chris.” Maggie picks her cell phone up and dials her parents´ home number...)


(Chris is looking at the screen and then he puts his glasses off and looks around, to check out if he´s alone. But, all of sudden, the figure of a man comes out of the darkness, wearing a white coat.)

Chris: Ah, it´s you!
Professor: Yes, you have nothing to be scared of.
Chris: Did Jane come with you?
Professor: No, she had to finish the new study program with Academy Committee.
Chris: (Putting his glasses on again) I can´t stand it any longer...
Professor: What do you mean?
Chris: I mean this kidnap...(he abruptly gets up) Don´t dare to tell that this is not being kidnapped!
Professor: We didn´t force you Chris. You made your choice because you wanted to be useful and close to Jane too.
Chris: I´m sure there´s a better way to get both.
Professor: Sorry to say no. Not anymore. You sent one email outside and someone could decode the address and tie up ends.
Chris: What are you supposedly going to do with me?
Professor: You´ll stay here, helping your country and your government, as you wanted...
Chris: How long?
Profesor: Permanently.


(Establishing shot and Travelling to Dusty´s table, where he is having a drink. Dusty finishes it and calls the waitress.)

Waitress: Do I bring another, sir?
Dusty: No, I´m waiting for someone and wanna order for her. Please bring me two Perrier bottles with a slice of lemon in every glass.
Waitress: All right. (The camera follows the waitress and, when she is off-screen, enter Sue Ellen into the cafeteria. Her eyes seek for him but she doesn´t recognize him. A serious looking Dusty waves up to call her attention. Sue Ellen smiles a big but not totally honest smile and walks to the table.)
Dusty: Hello Sue Ellen. (Dusty stands up and she kisses his cheek)
Sue Ellen: Oh mine, Dusty, I´m so happy to see you...Why didn´t you call me before?
Dusty: Actually I did, and I even called on your office once to invite you to lunch. But it seems you haven´t been given my messages or my card...
Sue Ellen: Lucky you could find out John Ross´s phone number and he contacted us. How are you doin´, how is everything? I was very sorry about your divorce from Barbara´s daughter Carrie...
Dusty: You look so beautiful Sue Ellen. You didn´t look that great for a long long time...
Sue Ellen: Thank you. You´re still living at Southern Cross, I guess.
Dusty: Wrong, actually my dear Carrie demanded its ownership in her divorce suit and that bloodsucker lawyer of hers ended up stealing my ranch away...for one of the Ewings´ acquaintances.
Sue Ellen: Who is it?
Dusty: My ex stepmother Madeleine.
Sue Ellen (shocked): Who?!
Dusty: Just who you heard. But I didn´t call you to talk about this.
Sue Ellen: Oh...
Dusty: Sue Ellen...I do need you...I´ve lost all that I had: dad, the ranch, I can´t even ride a horse due to my former injury...About Carrie…I was looking for you in her, that´s why our marriage failed. I´ve been looking for you in every woman since we made apart. Sue Ellen...I need your help more than ever...if I meant anything to you…(Sue Ellen gets still more surprised and arches her eyebrows...Fade to black)

End of Episode 16

(The song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush is played over the end credits)
“f I only could, I'd be running up that hill.
If I only could, I'd be running up that hill.
It doesn't hurt me.
Do you want to feel how it feels?
Do you want to know that it doesn't hurt me?
Do you want to hear about the deal that I'm making?
You, it's you and me.
And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
If I only could, oh...
You don't want to hurt me,
But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware I'm tearing you asunder.
Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts.
Is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don't we?
You, it's you and me.
It's you and me won't be unhappy.
And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building,
Say, if I only could, oh...
It's you and me,
It's you and me won't be unhappy.
C'mon, baby, c'mon darling,
Let me steal this moment from you now.
C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
Let's exchange the experience, oh...
And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
With no problems.
And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road, Be running up that hill,
With no problems.”


Special Guest Stars:

RICHARD GERE as ALEX (Pretty Woman)
Also Starring
Guest Stars:
SCOTT BAKULA as Agent X (Enterprise)


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September 12, 2001 (poster formerly known as Pam's Twin Sister)

Episode 17:


(Establishing shot of the manor, at the early afternoon. Sue Ellen parks her dark grey Mercedes by the entryway, and she gets out of it. She walks pensively towards the house door and opens it, and then gets inside. The murmuring of the kids playing and chatting with each other calls her attention. Sue Ellen stands aback and closes her eyes as she deeply takes a breath to face her family, in spite of her state of mind.)


Sue Ellen: Hello everybody! (she finally says, with a smile in her face) You´re obviously having a funny time, aren´t you, Ellie?
Ellie: Hi Sue Ellen! (The girl gets up and rushes to the person who might be considered her step-grandmother)
Cally: Honey don´t call your grandma like that...!
S.E.: Don´t worry Cally. That´s fine for me, though I´ve never grown accustomed to the idea of being a grandma, even having two beautiful grandchildren...
Jimmy: Besides she´s not your grandma, Ellie. Don´t ye know who you´re named after?
James: Hey come on kids, what´s goin´on here? Let Sue Ellen have a break and get comfortable and you go on playing with the videogame I brought to you.
John Ross (walking downstairs and joining them at the living-room): Hello mother...How did it go?
S.E.: O.K....I´m gonna go up to my room, don´t worry about me, all right? Enjoy yourselves.
J.R.: (Exchanging looks with Cally and James): Wait mother! (He follows her, who holds his arm as they walk upstairs) How was Rusty Dusty?
S.E.: My God John Ross, don´t be so nasty...! (Hitting his arm jokingly)
J.R.: Was he that bad? (They both walk on and out of shot, returning to the first floor)
Cally (looking upset): Is anything wrong with Sue Ellen?
James: Well, she ´s just met Dusty Farlow, as it seems...
Cally: Clayton´s son?
James: Yeah, and her former lover too. The first time she dumped my dad, she did it for Dusty...but things didn´t work out.
Cally: Are you hinting they could have a second chance now?
James: I´d love to, but all in this family have had experiences I wouldn´t wish to anyone, and she and John Ross aren´t an exception to it.
Cally: I know, and sometimes I feel lucky and guilty at the same time for being so happy with you now...
James: Don´t be silly. Now, only today matters...
Jimmy: Come back here daddy and help me, Ellie thinks she can win over me and she´s just a silly girl...
Cally: He´s your son, there´s no doubt...(laughing and making James laugh)
James: I suppose some things are transmitted through genes. (Walking towards the place where the children are playing)
Cally: I hope others can´t be never transmitted...just for the sake of us...(she mutters to herself)


J.R.: I can´t remember anything at all about the time we spent at the Southern Cross Ranch. If I hadn´t heard Grandpa Farlow talk about it so often, I wouldn´t even remember its name.
S.E.: It´s natural darlin´. You´re hardly two years old when we moved in to their house...
J.R.: Don´t make me wait: what did Dusty want to talk of?
S.E.: He lost the ranch due to his divorce settlement from Carrie, Barbara´s daughter. First he had health problems related with his former injury, then lost his dad and, eventually, his wife walked out and almost left him broke.
J.R.: Is that all?
S.E.: Can you see thru me?
J.R.: Yes I can. Especially if you may be having a hard time.
S.E.: Dear son...you´ve got a special gift to know my real feelings. Actually Dusty asked me for help, he´s down and wants us to get back together.
J.R.: You and he...back as a couple?
S.E.: Yes. Suddenly I feel so confused...It brought to my mind the months I spent thinking of Dusty and wishing he wasn´t dead, and how frustrated I was to know he was gonna marry Linda...
J.R.: Have you ever wondered why all his marriages failed?
S.E.: No, of course not...
J.R.: Well, maybe it´s time to wonder now...(he kisses his mother and leaves her alone.)


(Establishing shot of the manor, zooming into one of the first floor windows)

Val: I don´t want you to get involve in anything dangerous...
Gary: Val, you must trust us, it´s really important for us to go.
Bob: Gary´s right Valene. We can´t tell you more for safety reasons. (Bob puts one hand at one of his ears as the other points at the phone.)
Val (looking serious): No, not again...I lost my first husband Ben for something like that, and I myself went thru an awful situation when I began to search for a biography. Our grandson is next door and I do not want that lifestyle for him or any of our sons either, especially Lucy.
Bob: Would you prefer us to wait for Pam to be back before leaving?
Val: I simply want a quiet life...It´s just about time...(staring at Gary, until he holds her and she looks at Bob)
Bob: All right, we´ll wait for Pam, and, if you want to, the four of us will drive together...(Val gets away from Gary and holds Bob too. The door is half-opened and a surprised Peter shows his head. The others notice him and smile amused.)


Forsythe: Mrs. Farlow asked me to tell you that she pays you off through the check you will find in this envelope.
Julian: I want to talk to her in person Forsythe, and won´t leave until I have.
Forsythe (saddened): I deeply regret this situation sir, but it´s Mrs. Farlow´s orders and I have to respect them.
Julian: Madeleine! (he shouts. He lets the butler back and runs upstairs) Madeleine, I know you´re here and I won´t go until I had talked to you...!
Madeleine (she comes up): Don´t worry Forsythe dear. You can retire...(then he leaves and Madeleine walks into Julian´s bedroom and begins to empty his closet) Knowing you, you´ll probably want to take all this design clothes I bought you (she takes the hangers off and leaves the suits over the bed).
Julian (holding her arm and making her to look at him): You will listen to me.
Madeleine: Don´t make me laugh. You will listen to me. I found you exactly on the worst streets of your city, running away from the police. You are a runaway from justice, a suspect of murder, and I can immediately cancel your green card, since I´m your employer, at least until now.
Julian: Why did you let me into your limo and make me your bodyguard? I´d like to know what you were doing at the Budapest slums...
Madeleine: Frankly my dear, I don´t give a damn.
Julian: Maybe I was a suspect of murder but you are a suspect of a few murders, aside of many more crimes...
Madeleine: Get rid of those delusions of grandeur Julian...or should I call you...(she waits for a second to remember his real name) Kóvacs János, which is, by the way, a rather common name in your country, as I understand.
Julian: I was not wanted for murder, but for...who cares...Maybe my name is common, but when you met me, I was fighting for values you have never known...
Madeleine (wide eyes open, skeptical): I am still on time to report you as responsible of my late husband´s death, now get out of here... (Fade into next scene: Madeleine throws his elegant design clothes off the window. His suits end up at the pool and Julian jumps into it to pick it up, until Madeleine slams the window and he smiles...)


(Medium shot of Bob and Pam walking around the manor garden at night, and then sitting down by the pool. The song “Through the years” by Kenny Rogers begins to play)

“I can´t remember when you weren´t there
When I didn´t care for anyone but you
I swear we´ve been through everything there is
Can´t imagine anything we´ve missed
Can´t imagine anything the two of us can´t do"​

Bob: I asked Gary to take Val and Jimmy to the movies, and Lucy will spend the night at Sue Ellen´s…so we´ll have time to have a talk alone...
Pam: I´m so sorry for slapping you when we argued before I left...It was the first and last time this will ever happen. I promise.
Bob: I know Pam...You´re goin´ through a really stressing situation that has overlasted due to my inertia, my passivity...When we lost Southfork, I also lost part of me along with those lands. As if the only thing I kept from Daddy and Mama, and even J.R., had been taken away from me. And I respected Clayton´s opinion so much that his last will was sacred to me...
Pam: I know darlin´. All my life I wanted to have a son of my own. I had two miscarriages before to adopt Christopher, you know...and the idea to disturb his childhood after my car crash was what obsessed me before leaving that hospital...and your lives.
Bob: I know Pam. All that is forgiven and not part of us anymore. Maybe it was my own emotional condition, but when you returned from that trip to Milan, I noticed you were more distant than ever...They all had a lot of trouble back then: Gary and Val had to take care of Peter and Lucy was still in a coma, John Ross and James broke, Sue Ellen delegated to you and disappeared, Barbara tried, unsuccessfully, to get our support to contest Clayton´s will, and Donna was working hard to overcome the loss of her son-in-law´s loss and a big man too, Dave Culver.
Pam: I´m aware of all that...Have you ever thought that Christopher could have been in psychological trouble when we were living at Canada? Cliff told me once that he had received a couple of calls from his teachers who asked him for permission to put him under therapy. He seemed to have a hard time assuming he had a brother out there, Jenna´s son...Cliff visited him and talked to his therapist, and everything seemed to be under control...
Bob: Being apart from you one more time has confirmed what I´ve always known...(Kenny Rogers´ song continues)

"I can´t remember when you weren´t there
When I didn´t care for anyone but you
I swear we´ve been through everything there is
Can´t imagine anything we´ve missed
Can´t imagine anything the two of us can´t do"​

(Pam stands up, takes her shoes off and sits down on the edge of the pool...The garden lights illuminate the night and give a magic touch to the water...Bob does the same thing...)

Bob: I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, and fight together to get our son back. But if he had decided to live on his own, then we´ll have to accept that. I love you Pam...
Pam: Bobby, there´s something I´ve got to tell you...I must tell you...
Bob: Do you love me Pam?
Pam (teary-eyed): I always have Bob...
Bob: Therefore you don´t have any obligation to me...Anything you wanna tell me, just say it tomorrow...(Bob tenderly takes her head towards his and kisses her with passion, as the song plays on).

"Through the years, you´ve never let me down
You turned my life around, the sweetest days I´ve found
I´ve found with you ... through the years
I´ve never been afraid, I´ve loved the life weve made
And I´m so glad I´ve stayed, right here with you
Through the years
I can´t remember what I used to do
Who I trusted whom, I listened to before
I swear you´ve taught me everything I know
Can´t imagine needing someone so
But through the years it seems to me
I need you more and more
Through the years, through all the good and bad
I knew how much we had, I´ve always been so glad
To be with you ... through the years
It´s better everyday, you´ve kissed my tears away
As long as it´s okay, I´ll stay with you
Through the years
Through the years, when everything went wrong
Together we were strong, I know that I belonged
Right here with you ... through the years
I never had a doubt, wed always work things out
I´ve learned what love´s about, by loving you
Through the years"​

(Fade into next scene: from the bottom of the pool, we can see Bob and Pam´s silhouettes getting into the pool in their underwear...When they rock bottom, swim upwards together and surface, still kissing. Bob takes his only cloth and so does Pam with her underwear, and they start making love...The song contines until the end.)

"Through the years, you´ve never let me down
You´ve turned my life around, the sweetest days I´ve found
I´ve found with you ... through the years
It´s better everyday, you´ve kissed my tears away
As long as it´s okay, I´ll stay with you
Through the years!”​

(Fade out and End of Act 1)


(Establishing shot of the Barnes House, near the former Ewing lands. Medium shot of Cliff, Pam and Will sitting at the Barnes´ living-room table. Afton walks into the room and joins them)

Afton: A little more of coffee Will?
Will: No thank you Afton.
Cliff: Well dear cousin, what´s all this mystery about?
Will: Before to go on, I must know if you are going to help your sister and her family to get their lands back, unconditionally.
Afton (wide eyes open): Is it possible?
Cliff: I´m offended by your doubts, Will.
Pam: Of course he is, Will. He better is...
Afton: Don´t worry, he will...(Cliff arches his eyebrows and nods.)
Will (looking serious, while he opens his suitcase and takes a bulky folder out of it): The information I´m going to share with you must be kept secret...On my recent trip to San Francisco, I accessed confidential data of Madeleine Farlow´s personal account, which she oddly opened there, not in Dallas. Through my connection, I found out that Madeleine´s account balance is 200.000 dollars, a ridiculous sum, knowing that she is the universal heiress to the Farlow fortune who now owns the Southfork and Southern Cross lands...
Afton: Madeleine got the Farlow Ranch too? Oh mine, she´s more dangerous than I thought...
Will: Afton, “dangerous” is an understatement for her. Just wait and see...(Will shows them photocopies of driver licenses from several states and countries, featuring different pictures of Madeleine) Sally Matthews, Annie Savoy, Louise E. Sawyer, Michaela Odone, Regina Love (I really love the latter, though there are even more...), Helen Prejean, Jackie Harrison, Beverly Clark, Susan Tomalin...and maybe someone we didn´t find. As you can see, all of them are forged licenses for or by Madeleine, who has bank accounts all over the world at these fictional people´s names, preferably at the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.
Cliff: Perhaps I should contact her and ask her abut her methods...
Afton: Oh stop it, Cliff. This is serious, let Will finish...
Will: However, there is one leakproof account: the most recent one with unknown name. She travelled to the Washington D.C. bank to do the signing. We found out the name of the man who was with her then: a member of the U.S. Navy, a retired high position who´s probably his accomplice for her next and mysterious operation...
Pam: With this record, it makes me shudder to think what she´s up to now...
Will: It will possibly be her last and final operation, before her vanishing act. If we don´t move fast, maybe soon we won´t even take a look at the Southfork lands from a distance...
Cliff: You´re talkin´ of fraud, speculation, or something?
Will: And also a much more serious thing, like Clayton Farlow´s murder...(Pam and Afton look at each other and then at Will)
Pam: I think it´s time to talk with Barbara Southworth...
Will: I agree with you...(zooming in to his unusually tough cold face).


(Establishing shot of the Academy entrance, as Bob and Pam wait for Jane, Chris´s presumed girlfriend, who soon comes out)

Jane: Hello I´m Jane. Are you Mr. and Mrs. Ewing?
Bob: Yeah, she is my wife Pamela and I´m Bob.
Jane (looking amazed): Oh, do you mean that you are Christopher Ewing´s parents?
Bob: Yes, that´s right.
Pam: Is true that you used to date our son?
Jane: Yes it is, but I don´t understand why you´re making me this question...Chris explained to me that he told you about me when we met and also that we got together again a few months ago...
Bob: That´s impossible. As we understand, you two met when we checked Chris into the Academy...and began to date a couple of years later.
Jane: Yep, at least openly. You must know that Chris had a lot of problems of adaptation at the beginning...
Pam: Yes, though what you´re telling us is a big surprise, Jane, ´cause Bob and I were living at Toronto when this happened, and Chris never told us about you two. We found out through a third person...(Jane walks away from them and gets close to one of the lush trees surrounding the building. They go after her.)
Jane: All this is very upsetting to me. Don´t think you have a reason to lie to me, but if you´re right, it was Chris the one who lied to me...
Bob: Jane, we need your help: Chris is missing for about eight months. We don´t know where he can be, but his absence is affecting both of us more and more, especially his mother...(Jane looks at Pam)
Pam: Please, Jane, I don´t know if you have any baby, but Chris is our only son. You know he´s adopted, but we never treated him as such, just as if I had given birth to him myself.
Jane: Oh, Pamela...This is getting more difficult every day...
Bob: Our son is trapped in a troubled situation, isn´t he? (Crying, Jane stares at her...) Don´t think it over and just get into our car if you really do love Christopher...(zooming into Jane´s face)


(Subtitle: “Two weeks after”. Zoom into one of the house windows. First shot of frowned, arm-crossed Bobby)

Gary: This can´t go on Bobby...Since your 18th birthday, you´ve comin´ and goin´ with no explanation and using your credit card...
Bobby: I just went out on a holiday trip to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday with some friends, what´s wrong about that?
Gary: You spent three weeks at a luxury hotel and flew to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, business of course. Don´t wanna intrude in your private life but you seemed to want to impress someone...
Bobby: I don´t need the Ewing money for that, I am good enough for that!
Gary: I give up! (Gary drops onto the couch, crossing his arms)
Val (getting closer to him): Sweetheart, I don´t want you to make a mistake with us. We do love you and respect your lifestyle but you can´t forget you get a job and that Ray was expecting you back at the hotel after that first weekend...
Bobby: You´re arguing with me because you know I´m gay and not being a minor anymore, I´m free to do whatever I want to...
Val: That´s nonsense. We always let you and your sister Betsy free to do your will. You didn´t want to go to college and we accepted that. Ray is a great guy and we thought it would be fine for you to work with him at the hotel. But you gotta prove you´re responsible and committed to enjoy all the advantages we can offer you...You must remember that, the years we lived at Knots Landing, we had a modest life at that little two-floor house that Bobby and your Gradma gave to us. Your dad has invested all his money on his natural gas company and never asked you to work with him, the way Jock told him when he was young. Precisely because he wanted to get to this state of things.
Gary (standing up and walking towards Val and Bobby): Your mother is telling the truth boy...I used to have a great time doing the ranch duties until J.R pulled us to kick us off...first me and then your mama...Please learn from our mistakes. We wasted a lot of time for putting up with that shit and surrender to J.R. No J.R. any more in our lives. Nor second chances most times.
Bobby: (turning around to hide his tears) O.K., I´ll think of all this...Please let me alone now... (Gary nods and puts his arm around Val´s shoulder, then she turns and adds: )
Val: Honey, if you wanna talk of something...anything...you know you can count on me...(they close the door and Bobby is let alone. He picks up his cell phone and searches for Will´s number in his agenda. But instead of pushing the call button, he angrily throws the phone onto his bed)
Bobby (in low voice): You damned Will, I hate you, I hate you...God, how I...! (he drops over his bed and goes on crying in silence)


(Donna walks into the widest room of the Krebbses´ hotel annex and joins Ray, Barbara and Julian)

Donna: I just talked to him. He´s confirmed he´ll attend the fundrasing´ Ball at Southfork...
Ray: Great Donna...! Everything goes our way.
Barbara: Nothing should stop us from kick that witch off the lands that belong to us by birthright...She´s a speculator, one of the top execs in a fake corporation that has been conning the European landowners for a decade and now is planning to do the same onto us...
Julian: Don´t underestimate that woman just like I did. Her whole life revolves around land purchase and sale, she has no personal life. Her marriages have been just financial operations and she has no scruples at all.
Ray: You didn´t tell us if she had something to do with Clayton´s death yet.
Barbara (looking at Julian with trust): Julian and I have made an agreement about this subject and prefer to keep it secret until time is right...
Ray: All we have is at stake, and this can be applied to Dusty too...
Barbara: I have no resentment towards him, Ray, in fact I feel a big sympathy for being able to stand my unbearable daughter Carrie for so long.
Julian: I have nothing, only the freedom to stay here, in your country. That´s what I have to lose...(looking at Barbara), well, maybe something else...
Donna: May be talk you and I in private Barbara?
Barbara (smiling): Sure. Pardon us...(Barbara and Donna go to the kitchen and the latter closes the door)
Barbara: Shoot me honey.
Donna: I only want to tell you a couple of things, and will go to the point...
Barbara: That´s fine for me.
Donna: First is, if as it seems, you´re having an affair with Julian and this puts our plan in danger, Ray and I will support Bobby if he decided to stand against you again.
Barbara: That´s fair.
Donna: Second: I know everything about your relationship with Ray, previous to our new marriage. I can understand why he did it and I know what you saw in him, and that you let him go so he could re-unite his family...
Barbara: I´m dying to know the end of the story...
Donna: Ray is my husband, and I would fight for him tooth and nail if someone put in the middle of us. I did it before and I would do it again. Move just one teeth to try something with him again...and you´d better start to run off...
Barbara (smiling ear to ear, though she feels somewhat afraid): I respect you big deal, darlin´. In fact, you remind me of myself when I was in college. How could you get to our age and still be like that?
Donna: Quite easy: I married two extraordinary men who also were big pals and never told them one lie. If you think that Ray explained to me something about what happened when I was in Washington, no, he didn´t: he didn´t have to. (Donna looks at her eyes and heads to the door).
Barbara: Donna! (she turns around) I envy you and not only for having Ray. You´re a helluva woman and hopefully we´ll be friends.
Donna (sonriendo): Course. I´d love that...(zooming into her face)


(First shot of door nº 37, and zoom backward, until Dusty´s back appears. The door is opened and we see a first shot of Madeleine)
Madeleine: Hi darlin´.
Dusty: Give me a reason to not to slam the door onto your nose...
Madeleine: What about this document?
Dusty (taking it and reading the first page, he waves her to make her in): What the hell is all this of the unpaid doubts of the Southern Cross?
Madeleine (entering and checking the room out with her look): You didn´t think I forgot my dear stepson, did you? I didn´t buy that ranch to your wife to remember the terrible time you made me go thru when Clayton and I visited you a couple of years ago...
Dusty: You deserved that and much more. I wish I could have opened Clayton´s eyes that day to get rid of an opportunist like you...
Madeleine: It´s funny..and don´t mean this trashy motel...Saving a couple of little exceptions, everyone at Southfork welcomed me arm-open, but you...I don´t know, maybe it had something to do with the fact that you were just the bastard son of Clayton´s crazy sister...
Dusty: What do you want?
Madeleine: I own the promissory note for the sum then owed by the ranch to Treasurer, besides of other providers from the area. It was part of the agreement I made with your beloved ex-wife...a very clever and pretty woman, by the way.
Dusty: You two share the same sense of family loyalty, no doubt about it...
Madeleine: Fine then, I can´t waste any more time with you. You have six months, not even one more day, to return to me the three million dollars the ranch owed to the “Cattlemen´s Bank”. Your debts are settled with the creditors and, from now on, I am the one who will make you pay those debts. If you don´t pay, you´ll end up in jail. Ah, and I´ll see you at the fund-raising Ball at Southfork, oh, I meant, at the Farlow Manor. Costumes are required and I suggest you the costume of drunk beggar to save money...(Madeleine leaves right away, leaving the door open. Dusty closes it and heads to the table, where he has his last bourbon bottle, and fills an empty glass, which hequickly drinks...)


(First shot of an angry Bob)

Bob: Where the hell is my son Christopher?
Professor: You´re talking to the wrong person, your son doesn´t work for us anymore.
Pam: Your daughter Jane says that she went to see him yesterday, but she would lose her job if she gave us his precise location...
Professor: Maybe it´s too late for that...
Jane: I don´t mind dad...(entering the meeting-room where they are) They know that Chris´s life is in danger, in fact, an agent from the Gov called on them a couple of weeks ago...Tell them the truth...
Professor: Whose truth? His truth, ours or the truth of the people who are trying to kill him?
Pam: If so, we must know why they want to kill Christopher...You are a father too, you have the moral obligation to help us...
Jane: If you don´t tell them, then I will...
Professor: All right, all right...
Bob: The person who talked to me said he had been threatened by several terrorist groups...(he looks at Pam, unquiet...) What reasons can people like that have to attempt against Chris´s life?
Professor: “People like that”, as you call them, don´t need any reason...As you must know, Christopher had already finished three different careers at eighteen years old. His master for one of them was actually a project to elaborate the precedent of the most sophisticated GPS satellite tracking devices in the world. Advised by his teachers, Chris got the patent issued and sold it out to NASA, which offered him a regular job at Houston. But he wanted to live at Dallas and be independent, so he founded the city-based“Ewing Computing Resources” and kept on working for us. About eight months and a half, he contacted us again: in fact, it was Jane the one he visited.
Jane: He spent some days with me and then, something terrible happened...
Bob: You mean the WTC attacks?
Jane: No, this happened the summer prior to September 11.
Professor: We were told there had been a top-secret terrorist alarm and they needed an updated version of Christopher´s project. The cell threatening the country safety was located in California and only he could tune in the device in such a way to track them down.
Pam: Did he make it?
Professor: Yes indeed. Most of the responsible people were arrested and condemned, through the following year. Except two of the leaders, who succeeded to hacker the Agency database and find out who had provided them the media to frustrate their attack. Soon thereafter, they failed to murder him twice, one of them being with Jane, and the top charges decided that Chris had to eliminate all sign of life and touch with his family. The terrorists haven´t been arrested yet.
Bob: But, what role had Chris´s stepbrother in this?
Jane: I had no idea he had a stepbrother...
Professor: I don´t see him related to the rest of the story. I can only tell you that nobody will agree to set your son free...
Bob: Don´t undervalue the Ewings´ influence, pal...
Professor: I´m not, but I am being real. Jane was Chris´s schoolmate and as brilliant as he was, but she had to accept a position at the Academy Commission to live a normal life...though she can´t get out of here. She is being watched and still will because she knows too much...
Pam: And Christopher too?
Professor: Right. As you can see, it´s a rather intricate situation...I only receive orders and nobody, I repeat it, nobody, is willing to put your son´s life in danger letting him go.
Bob (looking at Pam): Don´t ask us to give up on our son. You may think it´s o.k. for your daughter to live as a prisoner but be sure that we won´t let that happen to Christopher... (Fade out and End of Act 2)



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(Aerial shot of the Manor at early afternoon, especially lit for the Ball, with several bodyguards standing at the entrance. A big top has been set up at the backside, covering the pool and reaching the partly demolished annex buildings. Zoom in to the manor inside. At the hall, Madeleine is welcoming the guests. The camera zooms into the bigger room and then into a small group, formed by people known by us)

Sue Ellen: I haven´t been here for a long time but, I can´t believe that, since she´s the owner of this house, it has become such a cold, decadent place...
James: Cold, especially when these waitresses leave after the party...
Cally: James, don´t try me…I love your costume Sue Ellen...
S.E.: Thank you darlin´. And I love yours. Anyway, I have the feeling that one person here is not disguised, but wears her true identity at everybody´s sight...
James: You ain´t speakin´ of our hostess, the Evil Witch of Southfork?
S.E.: (nudging James): Be careful, she´s coming this way (gently smiling). Good evening Madeleine.
Madeleine: Good evening dear Sue Ellen. I´m so happy you could make it. I hope there´s no resentment between us, after all this is a charitable party and I thought you´d like to cover it for your magazine.
S.E.: I wouldn´t have missed it for anything in the world.
James: Neither any of us...
S.E.: Oh, remember my stepson James and his wife Cally?
Madeleine: Of course, how could I forget such an attractive man...Sorry your company went into bankruptcy.
James: Well, you know, this happens all the time in the business world: some can be at the top one day and, the next day, hit bottom...
Madeleine: So they say, but I haven´t checked it out personally.
Sue Ellen: Here´s my son John Ross and his girlfriend...(pointing at two people in costume and masks who wave at her).
Madeleine: Will you excuse me...Sue Ellen (she looks at her smiling, and then she welcomes another group at other corner of the room).
S.E.: Watch out James! We can´t arouse suspicions!
Cally: Yeah, as J.R. used to say, “revenge without the surprise factor ain´t half as funny”...
S.E.: Sometimes I forget you and I had the same master, Cally...


(One of the bodyguards blocks the passing of Julian and Barbara, who are accompanied by Ray and Donna)

Bodyguard: I´m sorry but we got specific orders to let you out...
Julian: I want to see Madeleine...
Barbara: Here´s my invitation and you can read on it that includes Barbara Southworth, that´s me, and company, that´s him.
Bodyguard: I´m only following orders...
Ray: Hey friend, we´re gonna wait here while you go and ask Mrs. Farlow, o.k.? (The young man gesturing at one workmate and Madeleine appears son afterwards)
Madeleine: What´s wrong?
Barbara: Hello Madeleine darlin´. Your “Demolition Man” says that my companion Julian is not allowed to get into the house...
Madeleine: Your companion? What a real surprise...Keep in mind that we have to be very selective in a party like this, and do not want money missing, or something worse...
Donna: Madeleine, Ray and I are coming with them. If they don´t go in, neither any Ewing nor us will. I thought this was a fund-raising for the sick children...
Madeleine: Arnie, let them in. You´re right dear...Enjoy the party. (Madeleine goes back inside followed by Barbara and Julian, all smiles)
Ray: That´s my little wife...(Donna holds her husband´s arm and enters with him.)


(Pam embraces her son Christopher, in front of Jane)

Pam: I missed you so much son...
Chris: I missed you too, mum...and you (looking at his father).
Bob: The whole family has been missing you a lot. But we must know something Chris.
Chris: What is it?
Bob: Why did you spend the last years coming and going, keeping up the mystery? Jane´s father talked to us about the time you were under therapy...
Jane: Chris, this is the best moment to be true...Who knows if we´ll have a better chance...
Chris: All right. I´ll try my best to make you understand. Everything started when you checked me into that school, the Weinstein Academy. You don´t know but at the beginning, I hated that place. I just couldn´t make friends there, the same that happened at the Braddock school. Until I met Jane.
Pam: Did our moving to Canada have anything to do with your problem?
Chris: Yeah, someway...All the schoolmates had their parents, although they were divorced. But I had the feeling that you were more and more distant from me…and I couldn´t help thinking that it was due to Lucas.
Bob: You mean Lucas, Jenna´s son, your stepbrother? (Chris nods)
Pam: But, son, we always tried hard to let you know that being adopted didn´t make us love you less, all the opposite. About Lucas, he had his parents, Jenna and Ray, though Bobby was his natural father...
Jane: Forgive me for intruding but, how can you explain that to a fourteen-year-old boy...? Chris´s performance was so low that the Academy Commission even came to think about a temporary expulsion. It was then when they contacted his Uncle Cliff Barnes...
Pam: I know, my brother told me everything, and also that Chris´s problems had been solved.
Chris: They were, for awhile. But every time Lucas came to my mind, I went through depression again...Eventually, the school psychologists called on Uncle Cliff and he agreed to let them try hypnosis to “eliminate” my problem...
Bob: Did Cliff tell you that, honey?
Pam: First news to me...
Bob: I think your little brother and I are gonna have a long, long talk...
Pam: Let him finish Bobby.
Chris: So, it seemed to work out. To the point that the Academy granted me a 200.000-dollar scholarship that I donated to another fellow...After that, I continued my courses and, when I finished my last career, I was offered the job that Jane´s father mentioned...
Bob: Is true that they tried to kill you twice?
Chris: I´m afraid so. One with explosives and another one, causing a short-circuit at my workroom, as I was working with my computer.
Pam: Jane, why is your father against your relationship?
Jane: Because he knows everything about Chris. He´s afraid that he can have emotional problems again and jeopardizes my career...
Pam: Do you really love him?
Jane: He´s the only one I´ve ever loved...
Chris: Please let me tell the whole story...When I discovered the truth about my natural mother Kristin, I began to do some searching...You, mama, and Sue Ellen witnessed my anguish and Uncle Cliff also helped me to understand the truth...(He turns around and walks by a window) I resumed my therapy then, ´cause I couldn´t accept the fact that the person who had given life to me, not only ignored who my father was, but she had tried to kill her lover, Uncle J.R., and had been using me to blackmail a few men. She did the same thing to my father Jeff Farraday...I don´t think I had overcome it...
Pam: Sweetheart, they both had a serious issue with drugs that made them act that way. You shouldn´t judge them slightly.
Bob: But you must know the truth Chris. Kristin really was a girl who had made up her mind and, from the very first moment, she wanted to steal her husband to her own sister. We all make mistakes Christopher: the biggest thing of it is being able to forgive and moving on in our lives...
Chris: The barbecue´s day...when Maggie mentioned Lucas, I had completely forgotten his existence, and got so confused when I remembered it that I felt like running away. When I met Debbi Porter and talked with her, I realized that I had been unfair to Jane and missing her, and I really wanted to be with her...(Jane listens to him with her eyes full of tears)
Pam: We love you Chris, and will respect your decision if you wanna leave with her...
Bob: Do you agree with all we talked about, son?
Chris (staring at Jane): Yeah, no doubt at all. But...do we have any other choice? (Chris looks at Bob and he looks at Pam)


(Long shot of the manor´s dancing-room. Cut to a medium shot of Lucy and Gary)

Lucy: So dad? You like my costume?
Gary: I love it...although any other dress would have become you...
Lucy: You´re adorable. Mama looks lovely too, so does Will...
Gary: Lucy, can I make you an indiscreet question?
Lucy: No, Will ain´t Peter´s daddy...
Gary (laughing): I guessed so, I think you and your mama are over that. If you wanna introduce your son´s father someday, fine then...if not, we´ll still be grandpa and grandma...
Lucy: Just say it dad...
Gary: Do you think your brother Bobby´s in love?
Lucy: Funny you asked me that, I´ve been wondering that myself too...Sometimes I´ve noticed him much nicer, sensitive, and others, as if he hadn´t time for nobody at all.
Gary: He spent three weeks at San Francisco carelessly using his credit card...
Lucy: Are you hinting that he went there to celebrate his birthday in private?
Gary: Not exactly, but the point is, do you know who can be the person your brother is with?
Lucy: Honestly dad, I have my guesses, but not confirmed yet. Anyway, when he wants us to know, he´ll just tell us...
Gary: I´m glad to be near him and your sister at this stage of their lives, since we weren´t able to help you when were their age.
Lucy: No resentment dad. I can count on you for anything, now I´m certain...(Someone touches Lucy´s shoulder with her hand: it is Val)
Val: Can I dance with my husband, babe, at least one song?
Lucy: Sure mama. Besides, I´ve put my eye on a couple of masked young men who look the most interesting...(Lucy exits the scene and Val and Gary start to dance)
Val: What did you feel about her, is she any better?
Gary: I hadn´t seen so well in years Valene. We should worry more about each other and less about them...
Val: Changing of subject, do ye think that there will be blood here tonight, so to say? (whispering to his ear)
Gary: As long as it´s not ours...what else are we here for? But I haven´t seen Pam and Bob yet.
Val: No, they stayed home for awhile, they had to talk with Chris and his girlfriend...


(Long shot of the outside dancing-room, a top settled on the back ground of the manor. The camera zooms in to Will, who´s having a drink. Suddenly, Cliff and Afton come up)

Cliff: Hi cousin Jimmy.
Will (when he identifies him): Hi Cliff (sounding serious).
Afton: How are you Will? (Afton adds, warmly)
Will (kissing her cheek): Hello Afton...I´m very happy to see you here. You look fabulous...though I hadn´t recognized you with that costume...
Afton (piquantly): Good, this is a costume party so I thought, why not to promote my mystery and sex appeal?
Will: You´re right Afton. You want me to get you a drink?
Afton: Yep, thank you sweetheart. A glass of champagne please... (Will leaves and a frowning Cliff talks to Afton without looking at her face)
Cliff: What the hell´s wrong with him? We´re family after all...
Afton: When was the last time you invited him to dinner, or called him, or asked him about his job?
Cliff: We met him at our own house a few days ago.
Afton: That was a business meeting Cliff, and you know it...If you don´t care of your family, one day you´ll wake up and realize that you have nobody left...aside of me. Beckie is living her own life at college and has a regular boyfriend, and you always find an excuse to criticize the Ewings...
Cliff: That´s unfair Afton, you know I was devoted to you this last year, and nothing else mattered to me, not even my charge at the bank.
Afton: I thank you so much for that, but this has nothing to do with it…I´m totally recovered and wanna find a job, though I won´t be able to sing again. Cliff, open up your eyes, you´re not the young lawyer who fights the wicked Ewings. You´re already sixty and need to regain your links with your family, the family you have left, including the Ewings. Maybe I should invite my mum to stay with us some time...
Cliff: Er…no, you´re right Afton. Next week we´ll invite Will, Bob and Pam to dinner and won´t talk of business...
Will (handing her glass of champagne to Afton): “Voilà, mademoiselle”...
Afton (nicely surprised): Oh, “merci monsieur”...I´m gonna see if Pamela´s here, I wanna know about Christopher... (Will and Cliff sneak a look at each other. A blond woman wearing an arty mask passes by and Cliff comments)
Cliff: Wow, must be great being a single these days, with so many available women at parties like this, Will...
Will: Yep, I guess so. Well, see ya, little “cousin”...
Cliff is left alone and sips his glass of champagne)


(First shot of Barbara, followed by Julian, walking through the long corridor of the manor´s upper floor)

Julian: Hey wait Barbara...! Where are you goin´?
Barbara (rushing, looking at both sides): Where I belong...
Julian: What do you mean?
Barbara (stopping in front of one of the doors and opening it): Is this Madeleine´s bedroom?
Julian: Yeah...(she goes in and so does he. The song “Rescue Me” by Madonna begins to play)
Barbara (with angry eyes): Of all the rooms in this manor, that bitch had to choose “my” bedroom...When she´s out of here, I´ll get it disinfected...

“I'm talking, I'm talking
I believe in the power of love
I'm singing, I'm singing
I believe that you can rescue me"​

Julian: You should think about nicer things...
Barbara: Like what? Any suggestion?
Julian: Have you ever made love with a man in a mask?
Barbara: No, until now...(Julian takes Barbara and they lay over the bed, he still wearing his mask on as he gets naked, and she puts her costume helmet off her head)

"With you I'm not a little girl, with you I'm not a man
When all the hurt inside of me comes out, you understand
You see that I'm ferocious, you see that I am weak
You see that I am silly, and pretentious and a freak
But I don't feel too strange for you
Don't know exactly what you do
I think when love is pure you try
To understand the reasons why
And I prefer this mystery
It cancels out my misery
And gives me hope that there could be
A person that loves me"​

(Barbara and Julian kiss passionately and start making love over Madeleine´s bed)


(Establishing shot of the manor, zooming in to Chris´s bedroom. Cut in to a panning shot of Chris and Jane on the bed. The camera slowly zooms in to them as they talk)

Jane: Are you o.k., Chris?
Chris: I wasn´t so good for a long time…
Jane: I really mean it. You know that next days won´t be easy. We´ll have to face things that can change our lives...
Chris: I know but I don´t care, as long as we can be together...
Jane: Your mother looked gorgeous in that costume.
Chris: You know they aren´t just attending a Costume Ball, it´s much more than that...
Jane: Yep, I understand...
Chris: Funny...I always considered Bob and Pamela my parents, and Lisa and Sue Ellen as my aunts, but it was hard to define my relationship with the others. I mean, John Ross, James, Cally, even my uncles Cliff, Ray and Gary. John Ross made me go through a bad time when we all were living together at the old ranch...
Jane: Really? Is he the way they said his dad was?
Chris: I don´t know what he´s like now, he doesn´t seem to me too reliable. Did you know that once I shot him with my dad´s gun, when playing cowboys?
Jane: Are you kidding…? So you were a naughty boy...
Chris (sitting on the bed): I´m afraid not…I was rather boring. Remember that, when I was a little child, I used to wake up my mama and she made me jump into her bed, and caressed my head gently...It´s one of my earliest memories of her. She´s the sweetest person I´ve ever met...right after you.
Jane (kissing his mouth): Oh, Christopher...Every time you went back to Southfork and Dallas, leaving the Academy, I thought you wouldn´t come back anymore. You had such a big, beautiful ranch and a loving family, why would you come back to a workaholic like me?
Chris: It wasn´t your blame, Jane. Every time I felt pushed by scientists and military men, I used my last name to get rid of my obligations...It wasn´t fair for anybody, neither for them nor for us...(The couple hears a strange noise that calls their attention: someone has pulled off the safety catch of a gun)
Jane (shocked): Dad! What are you doin´ here?
Professor: I´m helping you to reason, since you obviously can´t do it on your own. Pick up your stuff: we´re driving back to Houston.(Jane gets up and stands between his dad´s gun and Chris, who slowly puts on his feet)
Chris: Take it easy professor...We can find a way out good enough for all of us...
Professor: You´re not good enough for my daughter, Ewing...Hands up or you´ll regret it...(Chris doesn´t do it and Jane gets closer to her father)
Jane: Give me that gun, dad.
Professor: Baby, get out of the house and wait for me inside the car...(Chris feels petrified and Jane rushes towards his dad and takes his gun. Chris tries to stop the fight...)
Professor: Let the gun go...
Jane: No, dad...
Chris: Jane, watch out...! (Cut in to the window. Then two gun shots can be heard and the camera pans away the manor. Fade out and End of Act 3)


(The song continues.)

"Ooh ahh, ooh ahh, love is understanding
Ooh ahh, ooh ahh, love is understanding
Love is understanding
It's hard to believe life can be so demanding
I'm sending out an S.O.S.
Rescue me, rescue me
It's not my business to decide
How good you are for me
How valuable you are
And what the world can see
Only that you try to understand me
And have the courage to love me for me”​

(The subjetive camera gets close to the door of Madeleine´s bedroom and the door is wide open. First shot of an astonished Madeleine watching Barbara and masked Julian making love, both half-naked...The song abruptly stops)

Madeleine: What the hell are you doin´, whoever you are? (Barbara gets up with a smile in her face and fixes her costume, as Julian takes his mask off) You too! How do you dare to do something like this...on my own bed?
Barbara: This is “my” bed, you damned thief! Enjoy your last minutes in this house because we´re gonna crucify you!
Madeleine (speaking to Julian): You´re done. You better begin to run away, because tomorrow there´ll be an arrest warrant at your name...And about you...
Barbara: Don´t even say my name, you whore, you humiliated the Ewings and you´re just a jet-set delinquent but even so, just a disgustin´ delinquent...(Madeleine slaps Barbara, who slaps her back. Julian puts in the middle, and Madeleine slaps him too, with her angry eyes wide open) Come on love, it´s moment of truth...(Barbara gets out of the room holding Julian´s hand, as Madeleine takes a few seconds to react...)


(Establishing shot of the building. Cut in to a first shot of Betsy having a look at a fashion magazine)

Maggie: Aren´t you thrilled about the Easter holidays, Beth?
Betsy: I´m ecstasic babe...Back to the lake house with daddy, mummy and my traumatized sister Lucy...
Maggie: Oh come on Beth, don´t be so bitchie. Lucy went thru a very hard experience, you should feel more compassion for her...
Betsy: I´m sorry but I´d always rather feel passion than compassion...
Maggie: Hear, don´t spoil the Easter family reunion Beth, I´m asking you for it as something personal. Pamela had planned to reunite all of us at her house and have a peaceful dinner with the family...
Betsy: I´d love to be at that Big Costume Ball now, there must be a lot of hot, available guys. Besides, since it´s a fund-raising´ party, they must be millionaires...
Maggie: I´ll never understand how you can get so obsessed with chasing a millionaire when you´re one of them yourself...!
Betsy: Wanna have fun and spend my life with someone who can give me all that I deserve, and be his center of attention...Here they only look at your car plate...
Maggie: Maybe if you didn´t drive an Ashton Martin at college, you´d be more valued as what you are...Well, you can have dinner if you´re hungry Beth. My sugar level was low and I had to eat something. I´ll have a shower...I´ll be inside for half an hour. If someone calls me, please take a message, o.k. sweetie?
Betsy: Bet your little ass I will, Maggie…(She disappears and Betsy gets up to check if her cousin is already under the shower. Then she opens one of her night table drawers and finds Maggie´s diary under a folder. She opens her own purse and takes a copy of the diary´s key out of it. She uses the key and begins to read the last pages...) Off voice: “I am still thinking of what mama told me about daddy. It´s so hard to believe that I can´t take it out of my head...Could they be wrong all these years? Is possible that my father is not the one everybody thinks he is...?” (At this point, Betsy opens her big eyes and gets a shock to read the following paragraph) “If it´s true what mama said, then neither I nor dad are Ewings, neither he nor I have any right to the Southfork land. This would make John Ross, Bobby, Lucy and Betsy the only legitimate heirs to the ranch, the only blood relatives of the originary Ewings-Southworthes. But we lost those lands and shouldn´t worry about it. I just hope dad will never know the truth because, as mama told me, this could affect him so deeply...” (At that moment, Betsy hears Maggie turning off the shower faucet, and returns the diary to its place...Then, muttering to herself, she says: Wow wow, my dear cousin Maggie. At the end, you´ll turn out to be not to cousin, but just the daughter of the old ranch foreman...)


(Long shot of the upper floor of the manor, Madeleine leaning on the baranda. At one of the corners are the Ewings and the Barneses, except for Bob and Pam)

Madeleine: May I have your attention dear friends...I´d like to say a few words. First of all, I hope you are enjoying the party. You know that both tickets and donations will go to the Children´s Disease Research Center...
Barbara (coming up from behind her, along with Julian): ...a fictional center in Texas, and in every other place in this country, at least with that name, and that´s the first proof of our hostess´s zero sense of ethics...
Madeleine (with a forced smile in her face): This “lady”, who is uninvited, is overdrunk, so please come a couple of my bodyguards to accompany her and her paid escort out of here. You know how these parties are, friends, you can never control who gets in completely...(Ray and Donna walk upstairs and accompany Barbara and Julian to the lower floor. When the bodyguards try to take them out, Gary, Ray, Will, Julian and James make a resistance front. First shot of Sue Ellen, who gets close to the masked person she previously introduced as John Ross)
Sue Ellen (whispering): Now it´s time to prove your technical abilities, darlin´...Be sure I will reward you quite well if everything goes our way...(The man, wearing a heavy armor and a metal mask, o.k.´s at her)
Madeleine: Before letting the fun going on, I´d like to announce something very important to me, as owner of these lands...and this house. (At that moment enter Bob and Pam) Oh, I see that its former owners have just arrived, welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ewing...Enjoy the party...(Bob and Pam look at each other and give a little smile. The camera focuses on Ray and Donna)
Ray: Where the hell is “he”?
Donna: He´s the one with the superhero costume...
Ray: That´s inspiration…
Donna: I hope he won´t miss a word.
Ray: As far as I know Sue Ellen has taken the right measures to avoid that.
Madeleine (rising the volume of her voice): Well, I´m proud to announce that I, as owner of the lands formerly known as Southfork, have closed a deal with a big company that will build one of the longest highways that ever crossed the State of Texas. (Then Bob encourages everybody to applaude Madeleine´s speech. Afterwards, he goes at the top of the staircase.)
Bob: Once again, this great woman Madeleine has showed us she´s a model business woman who never thinks of herself, but the rest of people. What will happen with this manor Madeleine?
Madeleine: Oh, it will remain my permanent residence. I wouldn´t leave it not even in my worst dreams...
Barbara: Not even when you have to serve a sentence in prison?
Lucy: We know everything Madeleine and have evidences to proof it...(Suddenly, people begin to murmur)
Donna: Confess in front of your presumed friends Madeleine...neither that is your name nor you inherited these lands legally. You forged your husband Clayton Farlow´s signature on his will and bribed the lawyer who took care of it...in order to make you his universal heiress.
Dusty (coming out of the corners and taking his mask off): And your biggest crime was murdering my father Clayton.
Madeleine: I´m not paying those bodyguards to let a lot of fools get inside...Take that riffraff out of here...
Bob: Madeleine is wanted by secret services of a few countries for conning a lot of people and marrying ancient millionaires to then kill them ruthlessly...She is the vice-president of an illegal cartel, a Europe-based pyramidal corporation which speculates with real estate and handle a fortune in undeclared money that goes to the Managing Board´s accounts. Whoever wants to see the evidences, they´re all here...(pointing at Will, who lifts a folder).
Dusty (walking upstairs): You´re gonna pay for what you did to my father...
Gary: Law is on our side and the Police has come to arrest her...(officers of the Braddock Police begin to enter the room).
Donna: Besides, the Attorney General didn´t want to miss the party either...(the man in a superhero costume takes his mask off)
Lucy: You damn killer, were using an illegal medicine to slowly kill a person with a heart condition...
Julian: …And up there in Switzerland, you only had to leave him alone in the snow when he was beginning to weaken...You are a viper with no scruples...
Madeleine: If I go down, you also will, trashy gigolo...
Barbara: He ignored you were gonna kill him, he was just your bodyguard...
Madeleine: Did he say that? It was the one who was with Clayton and let him die...(Barbara looks at Julian suspiciously. At that, Dusty rushes over Madeleine and Bob stops him. The police go up and Madeleine says in loud voice:
All right! I´m ready!!

(Then, lights go off and panicked people begin to scream, Val calls Lucy...and the police hold their laser pointer guns...but eventually, lights go on again before they shoot...Everybody is lying on the ground and, at the upper floor, Bob and Dusty are gone...The police looks for them, followed by Gary and Ray. They finally find them at the back balcony...staring into the horizon...)

Bob: She´s run away...somebody was expecting her in a bulletproof Navy helicopter. Our fugitive has friends in high spheres...
Dusty: She won´t go very far...Be sure of that.
Ray: Let´s join the other folks, they´re very nervous...
Bob: You go Ray. We´ll go in a minute...(putting his hand on Dusty´s shoulder) Your dad´s death won´t be in vain. I promise you Dusty. Madeleine will pay for what she did and you´ll get your ranch back...and this too, which always was your home...
Dusty (smiling sadly): You sound like a brother...
Bob: I wouldn´t mind to have another brother. The more people come to dinner, the more fun we have...
Cliff: Bob, hurry up, you got a call...
Bob: What´s wrong?
Cliff: It´s Christopher... (Zoom in to Bob´s worried face and freeze frame. Fade into the frame of a mask turned on red. The song “Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass plays over the end credits)

End of Episode 17

“Rescue me
And take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'coz i'm lonely and i'm blue
I need you and your love too
Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'coz i need you, need you by my side
Can't you see that i'm lonely
Rescue me
Come on and take my heart
Take your love and conquer every part
'coz i'm lonely and i'm blue
I need you and your love too
Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'coz i need you by my side
Can't you see that i'm lonely
Rescue me
Rescue me
Oh take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'coz i'm lonely and i'm blue
I need you and your love too
Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'coz i need you, need you by my side
Can't you see that I’m lonely”


Special Guest Stars:

Guest Stars:
DAVID MORSE as Professor MORRISON (Treme)

This episode is dedicated to actress Susan Sarandon, who was a true inspiration for creating the character and storyline of Madeleine.
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Episode 18:



(Subtitle: “The Next Morning”. Establishing shot of the Ewing Manor, early in the morning. Medium shot of Pamela looking thru the window. Someone knocks on the door)

Pam: Who is it?
Sue Ellen: Pam, it´s me, Sue Ellen…
Pam: Oh please come in.(S.E. comes inside, looking concerned)
S.E. (embracing Pam): I´m so sorry about what happened, Pam. Bob called me yesterday night. John Ross, James and Cally send their condolences…They´re overwhelmed too.
Pam (staring at her): Thank you. That´s very kind from you (holding her hand). It´s a great comfort to have your support. It always has.
S.E. (blinking, with a surprised look in her face): How are you, Pam?
Pam: Just fine. It´s a matter of time to fit in the new situation…
S.E.: Bob didn´t tell me much of anything. When and how did it happen?
Pam: Apparently, somebody sneaked into the house and tried to rob something, I don´t know, maybe they wanted jewelry, or thought that we had money in the safe.
S.E.: What about the police?
Pam: They said that someone called anonymously and reported the shooting, maybe a neighbor. Afterwards, they found…their bodies. (Pam begins to cry silently)
S.E.: I see. My God, we´re living in fear all the time…Oh, Dusty told me he was terribly sorry too.
Pam: I didn´t know you were back together.
S.E.: And we´re not. At least not by now. He´s in a big trouble and I´m trying to help him.
Pam: He looked so different last night. I thought he was going to kill Madeleine…
S.E.: Thank God she´s gone now. I´m sure you´ll get the ranch back…and that horrible woman will pay for what she´s done.
Pam: What about Christopher?
S.E. (sad): Pam, what if I stay and spend the day together? I may help you with any arrangements.
Pam: I need to rest, I haven´t slept much tonight…
S.E.: Really? I have been having this kind of problems lately. (S.E. gets her purse and gives Pam a pillbox.) My doctor prescribed me these pills and I have slept fine since then…Please take them. I have another prescription at home…(someone opens the door: it´s Lucy)
Lucy: Oh sorry. Sue Ellen, how´s Dusty?
S.E.: He´ll be alright. We´re so lucky to have the Ewings sticking together when something goes wrong. Where´s Bob?
Pam: He´s at the police station. He and Barbara are bailing Julian out.
Lucy: Sue Ellen, why don´t we let Pam alone for awhile?
Pam: Thank you Lucy. But I´d rather keep myself busy. I´ll make some coffee for you…(she walks out of the room, leaving the two women utterly worried)
S.E.: How has she taken it Lucy?
Lucy: I couldn´t say. She didn´t want to see anyone until you came.
S.E.: Oh mine. Poor Pam…when they finally find Christopher, they lose him again…and this time forever.
Lucy: It´s strange…I mean, about Pam´s reaction.
S.E.: Why?
Lucy: Do you remember when her mama died? She kept her pain inside and proved how strong she was.
S.E.: I´m totally lost dear.
Lucy: Honestly, aren´t you showing more pain right now than she has been showing?
S.E.: Christopher was my sister´s son. I don´t know what I´do if I lost John Ross like this…
Lucy: Well, I should prepare my bags to go back to Galveston…(Sue Ellen caresses Lucy´s shoulder)


(Cut to a long shot of the living room. Cliff and Will are sitting on the couch, in front of Gary and Ray)

Cliff: I think this is gonna be harder than I thought…(covering his face with his hand) It´s been a hell of a night.
Will: You can bet on that. I just hope that Pam can make it…
Cliff: She has overcome worse things…she almost died burnt in a car crash. But of course, you weren´t around then, cousin Jimmy.
Will: Stop being so negative, she´s your sister and Chris was your nephew. And don´t call me Jimmy!
Ray: Wow! It seems that the Barneses-Monahans have replaced the Ewings as fighting forces...
Gary: Do you think it´s gonna be easier for Bob, Will?
Will: No, sure not, I wish I could think right now. We all need to sleep a few hours and recover.
Gary (looking thru the window): It´s very early and I´d say there´s a couple of news people down there. Is possible that everybody knows already?
Cliff: If they knew already, be sure they´d be ringing that bell, Gary.
Ray: What do ya think of Julian? Are his hands dirty or not?
Gary: You oughta say that. You and Barbara are best friends, ain´t ya? I wonder what those two were doin´ upstairs before Madeleine made her speech…
Will: That´s a false step from her. She should´ve been more careful, there´s a lot at stake.
Ray: Everything will be as it always used to. I mean, except for poor Chris…I´m sure of it.
Cliff (raisin´ his glass of tomato juice): Here´s to…my poor nephew Chris...(He drinks and gets up) I must go home. Beckie is coming from Austin today and I don´t want her to see me…like this. Gary, would you mind…? (holding his car keys) I shouldn´t drive now. (Gary nods and the couple walks out)
Ray: I´ll go and call Donna. Maggie and Betsy are comin´ for Easter holidays earlier this year…Boy, do ya think we´ll go thru all this?
Will: Sure. We got plenty of evidences against Madeleine and only need to clarify Julian´s role in the plot. The family will regain their legacy and that woman can´t just vanish…
Ray: I wasn´t speaking of Madeleine…
Will: Oh…Well, I´m absolutely sure we will. Things eventually work out, you just have to be patient enough…mostly times…(Ray nods and leaves sad Will alone)


(First shot of arm-crossed Bob, behind the bars. The camera pans out to let us see that he is the one outside the prison. Medium close of Julian)

Bob: I need you to tell me the truth: did you know about Madeleine wheelin´n´dealin´?
Julian: I knew that she was dealing with lands and that she…hated the Ewings.
Bob: But why? We were very kind to her when she came over with Clayton.
Julian: I guess that Clayton never really trusted her and she blamed the Ewings and above all, Clayton´s son.
Bob: Dusty?
Julian: Yes. I wasn´t with her when they travelled back to Texas. I had to stay in Switzerland a few weeks, waiting for some papers from my country. Bob, I don´t want to go back to Hungary. I was a History teacher but I couldn´t teach the true facts, only what the government let me to. I encouraged my students to ask for freedom and therefore I was banned and persecuted. People want to become part of Economic Union and know how dirty politics is there.
Bob: But you joined the NATO, didn´t you?
Julian: Right, but you should ask the Hungarian people what they really wanted…I don´t want to be extradited. And I want immunity for my statement…
Bob: Barbara´s waiting outside. She begged me to help you, and I´d say she´s not merely interested in you…If you tell us the truth about Clayton´s death and co-operate with police, I´ll help ya to stay here. What do ya say?
Julian: I promise to co-operate in all the possible ways, Bob. I´ve been a victim of Madeleine´s as much as you.
Bob: O.k., I´ll talk with the guys. You´re lucky I went to college with one of the high guys here. You´ll be out right away.(He leaves and the camera zooms in to a concerned Julian)


(Long shot of the Police Station Façade, as Bob, Barbara and Julian walk downstairs)

Barbara: Thank you so much Bob. We´re in debt with you for this. I knew I could count on you whenever I needed you.
Bob: Don´t worry about anything Barbara. I´m sure the Police´ll eventually catch Madeleine, but you know what you promised, Julian. That´s my only condition…
Julian: Yes, I know. I owe you a whole explanation of what really happened to Clayton Farlow.
Barbara: What about poor Forsythe? He looked scared like hell last night, while the police were questioning him.
Bob: He said that Madeleine had ordered him to switch the lights off if she said the sentence “I´m ready” during her peech. About her helicopter friend, I guess it was that retired General we already heard from. Both of them are being searched.
Barbara: Do you think Julian might be accused of being her accessory?
Bob: One thing´s for sure: if Madeleine has been lying all this time, she probably had something ready for this twist of events. We´re not talkin´ about a small time crook, she seems to be a master in her specialty, so to say. You better be tellin´ us the truth, boy, otherwise no one will can help you. Neither me, nor Donna.
Barbara: You don´t mean he could be obliged to return to his country, do you? (She looks at him, fearful)
Bob: You know better than me Barbara. You´re a lawyer. Too bad you can´t defend him at court…
Julian: Bob, I´m really sorry about your son. I wish I could´ve known him.
Bob (sadly smiling): See ya then.(Bob kisses Barbara and holds Julian´s hand. Then he walks away)
Barbara (in loud voice): Bobby! (He turns around) Take care of Pam!
Bob: I will (he smiles again).
Barbara (looking at Julian): I´m glad you´re not a conservative man.
Julian: Why?
Barbara: Well, most men in Dallas wouldn´t like to be rescued by a woman.
Julian: So that´s what you think? That you rescued me?
Barbara: Yes, with a little help from my family. Let´s go.
Julian: Where? I´m a homeless man now!
Barbara: As the song goes, “a house is not a home”…you were homeless there at Southfork too. You were just an mployee.
Julian: Are you sure?
Barbara: Sure as hell!
Julian: You Texans speak so funny. I, being a Hungarian, speak your language so much better. I mean, are you sure you want to support me? That you´re on my side? I noticed you doubted, for a little moment, when Madeleine accused me of killing that poor man, Clayton.
Barbara: You´d never be able to hurt anyone, except maybe some young ladies up there in Hungary…
Julian: OK then. Let´s go home…(They kiss and leave)


(Establishing shot of the manor. The door is opened and Sue Ellen walks in. She hears Dusty talking with James and joins the conversation.)

Sue Ellen: Hello. Where´s John Ross?
James: He´s at the gym. I´m gonna join him right now. That´s the best way to start a new day…(he kindly smiles)
S.E.: James, you don´t think my son is becoming obsessed with exercise, do you?
James: Oh no. That´s great for everyone´s body…and mind. And you know too, Sue Ellen. You own your own gym at our company´s building.
S.E.: Yes, that´s why I don´t understand why he had to set up his own exercise-room at home. Well, I guess you´re right dear. Please take care he doesn´t force himself…
James: Don´t worry, sure I won´t have to…(James takes holds his towel and leaves. Dusty gets up and stares at her)
Dusty: How are Pam and Bob?
S.E.: I only met Pam and she looks like she´s having a hard time showing her emotions…In fact, I think I´m taking Chris´s death much worse than her.
Dusty: I know. He was your only real family, after all…apart from John Ross.
S.E.: Yes…When I remember all that Kristin and I went through…I mean, it´s as if the Shepard family were jinxed somehow…
Dusty: You don´t really believe that, do you? You´re too strong and clever…(Dusty turns and sips his bourbon glass.) Want me to make you some coffee Sue Ellen?
S.E. (worried): Dusty, we´ve got to talk. Let´s sit down.
Dusty: O.k. (The couple sit on the couch) What´s on your mind?
S.E.: You. (Dusty smiles) Us. I want you to move in here. At least for awhile, until the Southern Cross returns to your hands…
Dusty: You´re so sweet Sue Ellen…
S.E.: Please understand, I want you to leave that hotel and stay here, but not for us. You must resume your ordinary life before even thinking of us as a couple.
Dusty: But, Sue Ellen, you said…
S.E.: Yes, I said I wanted you back in my life, and I do. But I can´t be a crutch for you the way you used to be for me when I was still married with J.R. (She looks at the glass in her hands. He notices it and puts the glass on the small table)
Dusty: I agree with you. I understand your words. But don´t make me think all we get now is a good friendship. Don´t you really feel any attraction any more? (He gets closer to her and gently puts his hand in her face) You couldn´t imagine how I´ve missed the softness of your skin, Sue Ellen…
S.E. (staring at him): Dusty… (He slowly kisses her, and she kisses him back) I missed you too, but now I´m a different woman. I don´t even know if you´d like me.
Dusty: I´m a different man too. But we can make each other better persons.
S.E.: O.k., Dusty. Why don´t you go to your hotel and take all your things, then come back here and make yourself comfortable? The next days are gonna be hard for the family and I´ll need your support for sure.
Dusty: That´s what I wanted to hear…
S.E.: No promises Dusty. Let´s join forces to help Bob and the others. It´s not an easy job. Will you go to the funeral with me?
Dusty: Of course. (They get up and hold each other)


(Establishing shot of the manor by the sea. Medium shot of Val typing at her laptop while Lucy is reading a draft of her latest writing)

Val: So, what do you think Lucy?
Lucy: Hmmm. It´s…different.
Val: What do you mean?
Lucy: Well, it doesn´t seem like you´re writing a story, but trying to define yourself inside. If that makes any sense.
Val: Oh sure. I guess that´s a real compliment because that´s very close to what I was trying to do.
Lucy (self-absorbed): I wish I could do the same.(Val gets up and sits by her daughter) Mama, you sensed it, didn´t you?
Val: Are you talking about the moment when the light went off?
Lucy (nodding): You reached out for my and held my hand strongly. You knew the way I would be feeling in such a situation, didn´t you?
Val: Call it motherly instinct, call it common sense. But then I was so afraid you could…
Lucy: Remember that day?
Val: Yes.
Lucy (speaking calmly): We haven´t really talked about it since I came back from hospital. In fact, I only talked to the therapist about it. (First shot of Lucy) For a thousandth of a second, I feared that something like that could happen again. When we all were into chaos, the police was shouting “everybody down” and I was pushed and shoved, then, feeling your hand holding mine tightly made me feel the safest person in the world. Isn´t it ironic?
Val: The irony is that a little girl from Husky Corners, Tennessee, ended up writing bestsellers. You are overcoming the whole thing, right?
Lucy: Yes, as a matter of fact…(her cell phone rings) One minute, let me answer…(She gets up and takes her phone) Hello? Yes I´m Lucy Ewing…Oh really…Yes…That would be great!…I´m glad to hear from you too…(she hangs up and looks at Val)
Val (smiling): Good news?
Lucy: Yeah. Next week I have an appointment with my son´s father.


(Zoom in to one of the windows of the house. First shot of Pam, elegantly dressed in light grey colors. The camera pans away and we also see Val, Lucy and Afton)

Afton: Are you ready Pam?
Pam: Well, I suppose so. Val, have you talked to Betsy already?
Val: Yes, she´s coming with us…it won´t be easy for her either…
Lucy: It won´t be easy for anyone of us, Mama.
Afton: God knows we´ve overcome worse things dear Pam (she begins to cry)…only that…
Pam (holding Afton): Yes I know. Who could have thought we would go to Christopher´s funeral?
Lucy: Did he have a testament Pam? Or just let you know that he wanted his ashes spread into the ocean?
Pam: He mentioned it when Miss Ellie died. He was confused, just eleven years old…and loved his Grandma so much. He said to me that he wanted him to “sleep in the ocean” when that happened to him, just in case he couldn´t reach Heaven…
Val: He´s such a nice boy Pam. You oughta be proud to have raised him that way. I wished I could´ve known him better.
Pam: Well, it´s time. The others are waiting downstairs. Sue Ellen said they would join us at the place (all the women walk out of the room and Pam turns around to take something: it´s a picture of Christopher´s that she had on her bedside table. She looks at it and cries. Fade into next scene)


(Aerial shot of the place, fade into a large shot of the funeral group. Medium shot of the priest, who begins his speech. The incidental score is the only sound we hear in the whole scene. Medium shot of Pam and Bob, holding each other hand. The camera zooms out of the group and in to the sky. The song “Maybe You´re Gone” plays until the end of the scene:)

“Thought you were an angel
Shining in the clouds
Thought you were so faithful
Now I have my doubts
Maybe you're gone
You're gone
To sleep
Maybe you're gone
You're gone
For keeps
Thought you were my best friend
At least I tried to make it true
But though I hate to be alone
I was the loneliest with you
Maybe you're love
Is gone
To sleep
Maybe my love
Is gone
To deep
I'll never know
So never mind
You're out of sight
Well at least you're out of mind
Maybe our love
Is gone
To sleep
Maybe our love
Is gone
For keeps”​

(Fade out and End of Act One)


(First shot of Barbara.)

Barbara: As we know thanks to the citations we received, there´ll be a court hearing next week in order to determine if Clayton´s testament still is valid or not. I got reports from three different polygraphers who proved that the signature on Clayton´s last codicil to his will was definitely and undoubtedly not his. Madeleine signed it herself, probably due to the man´s hesitation to activate the clause in Southfork´s deeds through which Clayton became the sole owner of the ranch and lands. The experts have also proved that Madeleine´s writing matched the signature on the document…(She gives the papers to the men sitting in front of her. Travelling from Ray to Gary to Bob, then back to Barbara, as she speaks)

Bob: So, will it be so easy as it sounds?
Barbara: Nothing´s easy at court. As long as Madeleine is missing and out of track, she´ll be as guilty as hell. Even if that General of hers could take her to the Bermuda Triangle, she´d be suspicious.
Will: And don´t forget that her lawyers don´t have a clue of where she is, and I bet that as we speak, they are resigning…
Ray: What if she comes up at the hearing, Barbara?
Barbara: First of all, that will be a surprise. If she does, we will formally accuse her of fraud, among many other things, thanks to Will´s invaluable information.
Gary: Yes, Will, wouldn´t your methods to get this information be rather unethical and, of course, illegal?
Will: I would allege that I found it out by chance when my source sent me the information anonymously.
Gary (looking at Barbara): Isn´t all this too risky for him?
Barbara: He´s so involved with all this as we all…He cares about us and witnessed how Madeleine stole our lands away from us…not to speak about Clayton´s death…
Bob: You´re right, Barbara: we gotta know right now if Julian had anything to do with his death and everything that surrounded the facts.
Barbara: Tonight is the night, dear Bob. We´ll meet you at your house and everybody will know the truth about Clayton´s murder…(Zoom in to Bob´s face)


(Establishing shot of the restaurant. Cut to first shot of Shania speaking on the phone)

Shania: Yes Mother, everything´s ready...I´m sure you´ll be very proud of me…Oh I know how important this is and all the sacrifices you´ve been doing for me…Yes yes…I can´t really wait…
Sue Ellen (suddenly appearing, speaking in low voice): Hello Shania.
Shania (slightly nervous): Oh I must hang up, call you later…
S.E.: I hope not be interrupting anything…
Shania: Oh no, I was just talking to a friend who wanted me to go to her…birthday party but she lives in L.A. I can´t go. Just can´t.
S.E. (looking surprised): Oh. Look dear, if you wanna take one week off, you can do it. It would be no problem, I´m looking for another assistant…
Shania (serious): Are you?!
S.E.: Oh I didn´t mean it the way it sounded! I mean that I´m looking for someone to replace Pam for the next days in case she wants to take a vacation. And also for me, because I need more time to devote to my family.
Shania (smiling): Oh I see.
S.E.: I´m terribly sorry Shania, but I can´t stay for dinner: I have a last-minute meeting with that boring Mr. Smirnoff, and I wanna ask you a favor.
Shania: Sure. Whatever.
S.E. (taking her purse and getting a folded note out of it): Would you get these sleeping pills for me with this prescription? I´m in an awful hurry and I can´t go myself…
Shania: Of course, Sue Ellen. I´m glad to be useful…
S.E.: Thank you darlin´. Sometimes I don´t know what I´d do without you…Now I must be leavin´. See you at the office. (S.E. gets up and the waiter comes up) Waiter: Will you order now?
Shania: No, thank you. I´m leaving too.
Waiter: Is Mrs. Ewing coming back?
Shania: No she´s not. (The waiter leaves) She´ll NEVER be coming back…(Then she looks at her hand under the tablecloth and sees that she hurt her hand with one of the knives…)


(Travelling following Will´s steps through the path between the Krebbs´ annex and the Ewings´ stables there. Suddenly, the camera zooms in to his face, as he notices Bobby, wearing the Stetson cowboy hat he used to have)

Will: Hey Bobby!
Bobby (surprised, he takes his right glove off as he dries up his sweat and shakes Will´s hand): Hello Will. It´s a surprise…(Will shakes his hand back)
Will: I´ve been calling you at the cell number you had.
Bobby: Oh…(blinking) yeah, I lost it and had to change the number…
Will (looking disappointed): I see. I wanted to tell you that I´m back in Dallas and I…am helping your family in the Southfork case. You must know what happened at the Masquerade Ball…I didn´t see you there.
Bobby: No, I´ve got a lot of things to do…I just wanted to avoid being involved with this kind of trouble.
Will: Obviously you´be been avoiding a few things lately…(Bobby blushes up) Well, I came for a meeting with the Ewings and I must be going home now.
Bobby: Thanks for coming up to say hello…
Will: It´s the least I could do, isn´t it? Give my regards to Lucy and Betsy…
Bobby: I will…oh, and this is yours! (He takes his hat off)
Will: No please, you can keep it.
Bobby (slightly smiling): Thanks.
Will: Bye now…
Bobby (turning around): Bye Will…(Will walks away and Bobby turns back to him) Will…(He is too far to hear him and he puts his glove on again…)


(Tilt down over the exhausted bodies of Julian and Barbara, who rest on the bed)

Barbara: This is better and better, Julian…Is it the same for you?
Julian (sweaty): Yeah, of course…
Barbara: May I still call you Julian or should I call you Janos?
Julian: Right now, you can call me whatever you want honey…(he moves so he can look at her eyes, face to face, and so she does)
Barbara: Maybe you don´t know, but a lot of people in Dallas thought that you were Madeleine´s gigolo…
Julian (smiling): I´m not surprised.

Barbara: Were you?

Julian: Since the very moment of Clayton´s death, I tried my best to gain her confidence, especially when we settled down at the Southfork Manor…but don´t ask me why, but all she gets turned on is money and lands. I´ve never known anybody like her…I used to teach History at the Budapest University, but I had to make her believe that I was sort of a hustler, waiting the right time to get ride of her. She was a despot, a tyrant, asexual, amoral person who had changed her identity several times. I got to gather a few evidences against her but I don´t know if they´ll be useful.

Barbara: Any evidence will be useful to make Madeleine pay for what she´s done. She´s a criminal and you and I know that better than anyone…
Julian: Do you think that the attorney will accept my conditions?
Barbara: A permanent green card and a complete exoneration for any accusation of being Madeleine´s accessory? (He nods) I think you can count on that…
Julian: Is there any way I can reward you for that?
Barbara: I could figure out some things for you to do…but seriously, now the most important things for my family is getting to know the truth about Clayton Farlow´s death…
Julian: Then, let´s get dressed and go to Bob´s…(He sits down on the bed putting his feet on the floor)
Barbara: Julian! What about us? (Julian turns around and stares at her) I haven´t met someone like you in years…and I´d like to keep this. I´m beginning to feel something about you…
Julian: Me too...(They kiss)
Barbara: Would you marry me…? (He smiles at her)


(Aerial shot of the seaside of Mexico. Establishing shot of Alan Beam´s house in)

Betty (carrying two suitcases): Are you sure that I can´t take one more suitcase?
Alan: Come on, Betty Lou! We are practically on the run…We´ve spent one whole year living the big way but now it´s time to find a new method to make our living…
Betty Lou: Too bad that asking Gary Ewing for a ransom didn´t work out. It was a good idea…now that those two millions are gone…
Alan: It almost worked out once, when I was working with J.R. Ewing…Now let´s take that plane to Rio…My friend told me that Richard Channing is still trying to find us and he might have sent somebody…
Betty: You got everything?
Alan: Yes sweetheart, including our brand fake passports…We´re running out of money. I hope your girlfriend may help us down there in Rio…(General shot of the half-empty but still fancy house as we see Alan and Betty Lou walking out, locking the door and then we hear them closing the trunk lid, and then the car doors. One second later, a big explosion makes the house window glass shatter causing a deafening noise. Through the broken windows, we see the Beams´ car in flames)

(Fade out and End of Act Two)



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Here is the last part of Episode 18, and also Season 3. So it´s cliffhanger time, expect anything! You will learn the truth about Madeleine and Lucy´s father. I hope you like it @Karin Schill!


(First shot of Julian. Travelling from everyone´s face in the room ending up in Julian´s: Dusty, Sue Ellen, Bob, Pam, Ray, Donna, Barbara)

Julian: Clayton first met Madeleine´s at her hotel in Berna. He had to spend a couple of days there before leaving to the ski resort where he was going to have his holidays, supposedly to rest. I was already Madeleine´s bodyguard, though she always called me when she had to do anything slightly suspicious. I understand her behaviour now. I thought she was interested in me at first (looking at Barbara), I mean, as a man, but she made it clear really soon that she only had time for her business career. She received calls from people from everywhere: then one day, I began to take notice of some names I heard and collect some info here and there. The day she met Clayton Farlow, she looked somewhat different, maybe flattered or even infatuated by him. He was much older than him, but that´s not a problem nowadays, not even in my country, Hungary. Madeleine´s hotel was almost in bankrupt and she told me to pack up: we were leaving with Clayton to the ski resort. She was trying to close a deal with him about the hotel. That was her pattern: she knew someone, then she made him believe they had fallen in love, and that relationship became a business deal.

Bob: Clayton was not that kind of man. He hardly dated other women after his wife Amy died, and spent a very long time alone.
Sue Ellen: I agree with you Bob, but I think Clay liked women a few years younger that him…
Dusty: What do ya mean, Sue Ellen?
Sue Ellen (blushing up): Nothing…I just meant…that, as we all know, he felt an immediate attraction to Miss Ellie when he began to come around Southfork…
Bob: Please go on Julian.
Julian: So, the three of us went at that ski resort…
Bob: I guess that you´ll be able to give us all kind of details about that story, won´t ya?
Julian: Yes, Bob. I heard some conversations between the couple, and I felt that Clayton was more interested in Madeleine as a business woman than in herself as just a woman. He sounded like a man wanting to do his last big deal before dying…
Dusty: That´s more of my father´s…
Ray: And ours too (looking at Bob).
Bob (staring at Julian): Our dad Jock went to South America for his last drilling project, that´s why Ray´s said that.

Julian: I see. But Clayton didn´t know the kind of woman Madeleine was, and she even found out about his heart condition and which medicines he was having at the time. I remember her speaking on the phone with a doctor friend of hers who prescribed her a medicine called Vioxx. It was legal but a real danger for people following a treatment against high blood pressure. One day I heard Clayton telling her that he had suffered two heart attacks and had lived long enough, after meeting such wonderful women as his two wives. That was when I began to suspect that Madeleine might be something worse than an unscrupulous business woman…maybe she was able to kill someone. I went to a cybercafé in Berna and googled about Clayton: he was one of the last Oil Barons in Texas and his fortune was valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars. I had to do something and quickly. But it was too late. The first day we spent at the resort, Madeleine told me to take a couple of days off, and I feared for Clayton´s life. The second day, she and Clayton went out skiing and I followed them with my binoculars: he wasn´t strong enough to follow her and suddenly stopped. She skied back and tried to kiss Clayton, but he pushed her back. He raised his voice though I couldn´t hear a word. Then he turned round and began to walk towards the nearest aerial tramway. She lost her temper, shouted at him and called him names, though I don´t know what exactly. After that, Madeleine took her skiis and left him alone. That was when he began to feel badly, and put his hand over his left arm. I put my skiis on and called the resort´s medical services before rushing to the place. Once I was there, I saw Madeleine´s silhouette not too far from there taking pictures of the two of us…So it would made me look like the person who let him die…(Julian´s eyes get teary, and so do Sue Ellen´s and Pam´s)

Dusty: I should´ve been with him. I´m the person who let him die…It was my fault… (he gets up and walks away, followed by a concerned Sue Ellen)
Bob: Who has those pictures Julian? Are they in Madeleine´s Southfork safe box?
Julian: I don´t think so…(Bob looks at him and then at Barbara…)


(First shot of Lucy. The camera surrounds her and we eventually see her long blond hair. Suddenly, someone calls out her name)

Man: Lucy!!
Lucy (turning round and looking out innocently): Curtis? (A black man a little younger gets out of a yellow cab and walks towards her…)
Curtis: The very same!! (He stops in front of her and finally hugs her gently) Curtis: Too long time!!
Lucy: To me too! How many years since last time, five, six?
Curtis: Eight, to be precise. (Lucy feels a bit ashamed) Oh mine, you look simply wonderful Lucy…Let´s have a walk… (Fade to next scene: the couple walks on the beach)
Curtis: It was most unexpected to know that a girl from Texas was looking for me. I´m doing office work now, though my arm is in great shape again…(Lucy touches his left arm)
Lucy: Oh yeah, it seems to be stronger than ever…I guess my ex-husband Mitch would be glad to know…since he was the one who treated your burns in 1987. Forgive me if I´ve reminded you of those times…
Curtis: No at all, I did what I had to do. Serving my country was my job and it still is, but now under a roof in a safety place. A lot safer than Iraq…
Lucy: When we first met, you were at the Atlanta Hospital where Mitch was working, and I was still his wife…It sounds like ages…the 80´s.
Curtis: You look great Lucy…and that long blond hair…now I realized how I missed you.
Lucy: I missed you too, Curtis.
Curtis: It made me sad to know that you divorced...One day I came back at the hospital to resume the therapy and a nurse told me Mitch let you go…
Lucy: Well, in fact, he didn´t. He followed me up to Texas, at Southfork, but my feelings were all mixed-up…
Curtis: We didn´t talk about it the last time, but your company helped me to overcome my depression after returning from Iraq…I hope Mitch didn´t misunderstood the time we spent together…
Lucy: I´m sure he didn´t even realize…Since he became the Burn Unit Head, we hardly saw each other, just the opposite of the situation we went thru when we married. Then my job as a model was the cause of our separation…
Curtis: It was kind of fun to meet you by chance so many years after that…
Lucy: I was spending my Caribbean holidays with my friend Peter Richards and then, there you were, wearing a flowered shirt…
Curtis: I remember I thought: “Too bad she´s not alone”. I thought Peter was your boyfriend…
Lucy: Yeah, but he wasn´t. (Staring at him, sadly) Peter didn´t come back with me, he stayed there and died of aids a few months later. It was his choice. He felt that was the perfect place to…
Curtis: I´m really sorry Lucy.
Lucy: Are you married Curtis?
Curtis: I almost did once, but didn´t work out. I finished it before it was too late.
Lucy: I must tell you something Curtis…


(Establishing shot of the Building, which also houses the Shepard Inc. Offices. Medium shot of Pam checking a report. The intercom beeps and Pam presses a button)

Pam: Yes? What is it?
Secretary (off screen): There´s someone here who says he knows you. His name is Alex Ward.
Pam (blank, then she reacts): Oh… Please let him in…just one second. (She fixes her hair and clothes and gets up to welcome him. The door is opened)
Alex: Hello Pamela. (He walks in and the secretary waits for Pam´s orders) Pam: That´s fine, thank you. (Pam closes the door behind her. Then she kisses Alex´s cheek) What a surprise Alex? Are you doing business in town again? Please take a seat. (She points at two armchairs at one corner of the office. They both sit down)
Alex: No, Pam. As a matter of fact, I´ve returned for you.
Pam (amused): Oh, what´s that supposed to mean, Alex? Alex (smiling): Oh no…I didn´t mean what it sounded like. For you, I really meant for you and your family. I´m really sorry about your son…
Pam: Thank you Alex.
Alex: I read the newspapers. All that stuff about the Southfork affair. The way she seemed to press Farlow to make her his universal heir. That´s why I´m here.
Pamela, I owe you an explanation and an apology.
Pam (astonished): Go on.
Alex: Do you remember the time we spent together in Milan a few months ago? Pam: Of course I do. You´re beginning to make me nervous, Alex.
Alex: Our first encounter there was not accidental: it was planned, as everything that happened later.
Pam: Planned?! By whom?
Alex: By the same woman you know as Madeleine. She identified herself with another name. When we met at the Milan Duomo Hotel, I told you about my marriage, about that wonderful Italian woman who died of cancer…
Pam: And?
Alex: It all was a lie, a big lie…made out by Madeleine. I did marry, but my wife was a bloodsucker who took all my money when we divorced. All I had left was an old villa in Nice, deep in debt, that belonged to my grandmother, but Madeleine had bought the promissory notes to make me do what I did…
Pam (getting closer to him, eyes wide open): What the hell did you do?
Alex: Somehow she knew about our flirting when you were at The Store, and used that to cause trouble to Bobby and you. So he would get into a mess and couldn´t regain forces to fight her back. She said that nobody would get hurt, it was all a business strategy to secure her position at Southfork and even mentioned that you two were having problems again…(Pam gets up and begins to walk up and down the office. Then Alex gets up too.)
Pam (angry): Alex, just tell me one thing: Did we really make love that night in Milan?
Alex: If you want a straight answer, no, we didn´t. (Pam madly slaps his face)
Pam: You damn liar, tell me the rest of the story right now!
Alex: Madeleine gave me a bottle of sleeping pills called “Aubien”, and told me that they don´t only make you sleep, but also cause amnesia if you sleep less than 5 hours. A couple of them into your tea and I could convince you that we made love. I had to make noise so you would wake up at the right time…I´m really sorry Pamela. I really am.
Pam: Please get out of here Alex.(He heads for the door)
Alex (turning round): Pamela, I´ve been a victim of hers too. I just came here to apologize and tell you that I will testify against her if the Ewings take her to court. I never wanted to hurt you. Please believe me…
Pam: Just go now…(crying silently, turning her back to him)

(Fade Out and End of Act Four)

(Subtitle: “One week later”. Medium shot of Shania. Zoom in to her face slowly)
Shania (speaking on the phone): Yes Mother, but I thought that you´be here already…I don´t want to push along things but this is the best moment for you to come back…O.k., but within a month she, or he might be recovered…and she´s alone now. His son and his half-brother will be in Europe a few days…I´m sure she´d come into pieces if she knew that her worst enemy is going to ruin her life…In fact, her life is ruined now, but she doesn´t know yet…I´m missing you Mother…I love you too. Bye-bye.(She hangs up and puts her face on her pillow as she embraces another pillow, absent-minded...)


(Panning shot of the plane. Travelling to James and John Ross sitting face to face)

James: Well, here we are, flying to Switzerland…
John Ross: Did you make sure that Cally didn´t want to come with us?
James: And leave the kids? No way! And they´re too young to do such a long flight like this…and it´s business after all. We´re not goin´ to Euro Disney…
J.R.: Yeah, I guess so…(looking thru the window). You know, some people seem to be afraid of heights, they get, what´s the name…
James: …Vertigo…
J.R.: That´s right, vertigo. I love flying, it´s like getting a temporary license to live between Heaven and Earth…I keep on thinking about it since the day we did the parachute jumping. Nothing can be compared to that…
James: John Ross, I wanna tell ya something…
J.R.: Another brotherly advise?
James: Name it as you want, but you´d better take it…Don´t trust on our father´s last will. He´s been manipulating us since the day he died. He left me nothing in his testament just to make me feel lousy. I followed his rules and almost lost my mind…Then Sue Ellen´s movie, that intended to ruin your mother´s image. He forbid you to get your inheritance until you got your degree, and then what happened? His legacy is an old letter written by your Grandpa Jock.
J.R.: Stop it James! You don´t know how my dad really was…
James: He was my dad too and I´m only worried about you. We had enough disappointments from his side…
J.R.: I´m a grownup now James. If you wanna be my business partner, you´d better stop preaching me right now. I´ll try to sleep for awhile…(He gets up and lies on a berth. James shakes his head and looks thru the window…)
(Long shot of the hotel lobby. A young man enters and heads for the reception)
Man: Good morning. I´d like to see Mr. Ewing.
Receptionist: Which?
Man: Which what?
R.: Which Mr Ewing?
Man: The blonde.
R.: Which blonde?
Man: Well, there are several blond Ewings: Mr. Gary Ewing, his son Bobby, white-haired Ray Krebbs-Ewing…
R.: The latter…
Man: Mr. Krebbs?
R.: No, the second one. Mr. Bobby Ewing, please. I´m a friend of his. I´ll wait outside…(He turns round and we see his angry face: it´s Will´s friend from San Francisco. Cut to Bobby walking to reception and talking with the receptionist. He turns round and sees a man´s back. He smiles and heads towards the visitor. When he recognizes him, he stops)
Ryan: Hi. My name is Ryan.
Bobby: You seem to know me already. I´m Bobby.
Ryan: Yeah, we met before once, in San Francisco…
Bobby (slightly blushing up): You look so different with your clothes on…Why are you here?
Ryan: I´m a friend of Will Monahan´s. Obviously your company owns hotels in many cities…You were working at the San Francisco Renoir Hotel, right?
Bobby: Actually not. Maybe you were working there… (He begins to walk away)
Ryan (laughing): Look boy, we may be playing a wit contest for an hour or go straight to the point.
Bobby: I´m gonna tell you a story. It´s about a man who wanted to help his family and friends, and remembered he had a boyfriend who used to work for a National Bank. They weren´t lovers anymore but still close enough to be naked in front of each other without desperately having sex. This man was honest, warm and brave enough to take chances, so he quit his job for awhile and seeked for help. He did it even he was in love, truly in love, of a young, rich, blond man who seemed to love him back…He thought that his innocent boy would be waiting for him…But he seemed to be gone…Gone forever? (First shot of Bobby, eventually shedding a tear…The song “Deep” begins to play)

“So this is what you mean
And this is how you feel
So this how you see
And this is how you breathe
I know
I go down deep
Beneath the deep blue sea
Touching every breath
All a slight off hand
For everything you left
I know
I go down deep
I give myself for you
I know down deep”​


(Long shot of the bank´s safe deposit chamber. Two hands put the box in question on a table and the banker leaves and closes a transparent door, leaving John Ross and James behind)

John Ross: After so many safety measures, I hope it will be worth awhile, at least for the mileage we´ve done…(he takes his key and opens the box slowly. He gasps…)
James: So…what is it? John Ross: It´s sort of a coat of arms with lions… (he carefully gets it out of the box and shows it to James) There´s something written on it…I think it´s Latin. James: Is that all?
J.R.: You heard that man, all J.R. left for me is here…
James: Let me see…No, it´s not Latin, it´s German. “Schwarzenhach”. The lions in the coats…We should ask the Director, I´m sure he knows the meaning of all this.
J.R.: That´s a good idea…(Zoom in to the coat…)


(First shot of S.E. on the phone)

S.E.: All right dear. Thank you so much for your help. Give a big hug to Bob for me, o.k.? He´ll come up, sooner or later. Bye, Pam.
Shania (hanging up her cell phone): I´m sorry Sue Ellen, but there´s no one at the Dallas Memorial Hospital fitting in his description. Do you want me to call the police again?
S.E.: Not now Shania. Let´s wait a little. Dusty had never missed an appointment with me and he´s been missing for almost two days now. Bob and Ray have been searching for him around the Southfork lands, but they get no clue…I´m really worried darlin´. If Cally hadn´t taken the kids to the White Water Park, I couldn´t even think. Dusty´s a very special person to me and I know he has nobody else right now…Did you call the Quorum Hotel?
Shania (serious): Yes…I did.
S.E.: What´s wrong, Shania? Please tell me.
Shania: I called there several times, but they said that there was no Steven Farlow staying at the Hotel. I should´ve told you before, but…I found this at the office…(giving her a card)
S.E.: “Trade Winds Motel”…What does it mean?
Shania: Dusty told you that he had been at the offices one day, remember? (She nods) Well, someone took his card but gave you no message, as it seems. At least, we have something to begin with.
S.E.: Please Shania put me with that motel as soon as possible. You´re such a helpful person, the best friend a woman can have…especially now, with John Ross in Switzerland…
Shania: Count on me dear, we women have to help each other, haven´t we? (She takes her cell phone as S.E. looks at her address book)


(Establishing shot of Lucy parking her car in front of the house, with Curtis at her side)

Curtis: Are you sure you want to do this Lucy?
Lucy: I have no choice, they´ve been pushing me for years to know who Peter´s father is. Today is THE day. So put on a happy face and get out of the car…(she takes her purse and opens Curtis´s side door)
Curtis: I hardly know my son and you are about to introduce me to my so-called parents-in-law…
Lucy: Don´t be silly honey, it´s like having your teeth pulled out. And you may even like them…
Curtis (getting out of the car): O.k., but only if I can invite you to dinner afterwards.
Lucy: Hmmm. Maybe another day, but not today.(Cut to a shot of Gary and Val looking at themselves in the mirror)
Gary: You look perfect sweetheart. I wonder if Lucy is sure of wanting to do this…
Val: After all these years wanting to know who Peter´s father is, I am the one who is feeling unsure…
Gary: Smile and say cheese! (Both of them pose). Finish. Let´s go downstairs, I seem to hear her car roaring.(They hear the bell. The couple goes downstairs and opens the door, after putting their best smile on) Hi! (Lucy and Curtis are standing at the door)
Lucy: Hi dad! This is Curtis…
Gary: Hi Curtis…
Lucy: He´s my dad Gary Ewing…and that is my mama Valene.
Val (shaking his hand): Nice to meet you Curtis.
Lucy: Well…Finally. Here you are. This is Peter´s natural father. (Gary and Val smile trying to look sincere)

(Fade Out and End of Act Five)



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It is a especially long episode so it took me three posts to complete it!


(Travelling of the lands, beginning with the last oil rig, to the current abandoned manor and stables, and ending at the distant Hotel. Some horses come into the scene, ridden by Maggie, Betsy and Bobby. Entering the scene Afton and Beckie.)

Afton: Why haven´t you ridden your horse today honey? Don´t you feel in the mood for your cousins?
Beckie: I love my cousins and you know Mama. I´m just recovering from…you know…
Afton: Oh men. My little baby is a grownup woman and has had her first heartbreak (kissing her tenderly). If he doesn´t want you, or doesn´t want any commitment with you, then he doesn´t deserve you. I dated a lot of men at high school and I can still remember your Grandma Arliss saying: “Choose a decent man, but keep this in mind, a decent man can make money too!” (both laugh out loud)
Beckie: I´m so happy to be here with you, but I miss Christopher so much!
Afton: Me too darlin´. But we get your dad and the rest of the family too…Here comes Ray…
Ray: Ladies…I was wondering why you Beckie ain´t riding your horse. He isn´t ill, is he? We lost some horses lately…
Beckie: No, I was just a little dizzy. I´m o.k. Ray, thank you.
Ray: We wanted you to know about our project…
Afton: What project? (Cliff and Donna reach them)
Donna: Your dad, I and the rest of the family are planning a new organization of the Southfork land, now that the Court returned the land ownership to us…and Cliff wants to giv´us a hand.
Cliff: I thought, I mean, we thought we should build a new, big house for all of us, instead of re-building Ray´s, Gary´s and Clayton´s annex houses.
Beckie: What about Bob and Pam?
Donna: They´ll live with us at the big house, just like the happy family that we always were…
Beckie: By the way, where are they today?
Donna: Well, they sounded very mysterious when they left. Bob said they had some unfinished business…(everybody look surprised and then relieved)


(Subjective view walking thru the people and waving at Shania, waiting for her)

Shania (waving back): Hi! (She hugs her and gives her a bunch of flowers)
Woman (speaking with a deep, suggestive voice): Oh honey! You´re so sweet!
Shania: I´m so happy to see you again, mum. It´s been a long time…
Woman: Oh darlin´, you know that my business keep me busy all the time, you know, my investments, my designs, my public life…But I missed you so my baby…Where´s the cab?
Shania: There it is, parked at that corner! Get inside, I´ll go and get the baggage…
Woman: My poor baby! Call someone to help you, I´ve brought a lot of stuff! And a few gifts for my darlin´ too…(The woman walks thru the airport, attracting everybody´s attention, both men and women, but for different reasons. When she finds the cab, she gets into it and takes her little mirror out of the purse. Then we see the reflection of her big, beautiful, green eyes. The taxi driver notices her beauty and tries to chitchat with her)
Driver: So, are ya comin´ home or you´re not a Dallasite?
Woman (roughly): I…beg…your pardon? Er…Oh no, I wasn´t born here. But I do love Texans, especially men from Dallas (her eyes shine)…


(Panning shot of a helicopter descending to the heliport landing area. Long shot of James and John Ross getting off the helicopter. Cut to the shoulder of a white-haired man sitting on an armchair. Cut to the men´s feet walking towards the man´s office. The door is opened and the men walk in. The man turns around and begins to speak:)
Franz: Good morning. My name is Franz Weinheim. You must be John Ross Ewing III (looking at the youngest) and you James Richard Beaumont (looking at the oldest. Then he holds out his hand to them. Back into his armchair, he takes out of a folder two envelopes and looks at John Ross)
Franz: I understand you have something belonging to me…
John Ross (opening his briefcase and showing him the coat of arms): We were told at the Bank that this coat of arms belonged to this castle. This was part of the legacy from my father J.R. Did you know him?
Franz: Oh yes indeed. He and I were very good friends, though we hardly saw each other in person. Let´s say that I was “his man in Europe”. We did a lot of big deals together. Before going on, I have a question for you, Mr. Ewing…
J.R.: You can ask me whatever you want, sir.
Franz (with a penetrating voice): Why did you come in with your…stepbrother James, instead of coming in alone?
J.R.: My brother is my best friend and I share everything with him. He is much more experienced than I am and I appreciate his advises…
Franz: I see…(he takes one of the envelopes and puts it back into the folder.) When your father travelled to Europe in 1990, a few months before his death, he and I had a secret meeting. He wanted to ensure that his son, his heir, would receive the whole sum of his fortune. But the political changes in Eastern Europe led him to believe that there was only one way to do this. Then he made me the executor of his last will, (pronouncing slowly the words) his last will. (He raises his hands and looks at the two shocked brothers)
J.R.: Please no more old stories dear sir. Now we want to know why he had this coat of arms locked in a safe box in the Swiss International Bank.

Franz: I was the Bank´s Director for forty years. Of course, I am retired now. Listen up to me, Mr. Ewing: you will never know what your father was able to do. Never (suddenly raising his voice)! Would you please give me that coat of arms? (Trying to hide his fear, John Ross gets up and puts the coat of arms on the man´s hands. Then, Franz opens the envelope with a paperknife and begins to read the letter) “Dear sons: all of my life, I´ve been thinking of this moment, being long dead, having you both in front of my dear friend Franz Weinheim, at that impressive background of the Schwarzenhach Castle. Finally, it´s time for me to pass you the torch that my beloved father John Ross Ewing, best known as Jock, passed me when I was twice your age. Maybe there´s no Ewing Oil company, maybe you don’t even have a company of your own, but remember what I once told you, John Ross: “Ol´ Jock was Ewing Oil, not a building or the oil wells, and he will always live…” (John Ross gasps) Now, Franz will explain to you, and you too James, (James gasps now) what the hell this is all about.” Franz fills a glass with water and drinks it. If you still didn´t trust me, I honestly hope this letter had changed your mind. This castle…and all that surrounding it: the forests, the resort, and every rock in 60 hundred miles radius, belongs to you…to both of you, 50%. Your father expresses in this letter his desire to let you decide what to do with them: enjoying it all your life or selling it…to me, at a revalued price.

J.R.: When do we have to give you an answer, Mr. Weinham?
James: I assume that everything will be legally done, as well…
Franz: I always do everything legally Mr. Beaumont. And, Mr. Ewing, you have…one day to decide…So I expect you here tomorrow, at the same time…(They shake hands again, and began to walk out. Suddenly, John Ross says to James)
J.R.: I´ll be with you in a minute James…(he raises an eyebrow and slowly, walks away) One more question, sir: Why did you put the other envelope away?
Franz: I was afraid of that question…(Looking at his eyes) J.R. specified that, if you walked in alone, you would be his universal heir. But, if you came in with company, then his legacy had to be shared between you and your stepbrother…
J.R.: Tomorrow, James and I´ll be here to sign the sale contract…and you´d better be good with numbers! (J.R. smiles as he watches Franz burning the other envelope…)


Sue Ellen: Where he must be?
Shania: Don´t get obsessed with him, you know what the therapist told us at the clinic group meetings…
S.E.: I can´t believe he could stay at such a dirty motel…I had no idea his financial problems were so big…
Shania: May I be honest with you, Sue Ellen? I mean, speaking as a friend, not as an employee?
S.E.: Absolutely Shania. Please say what you think…
Shania: Didn´t you ever notice the way Dusty emptied his bourbon glasses…? Please don´t blame me for saying this…I just…thought you had noticed that already…
S.E.: As a matter of fact, dear, yes.
Shania: I know that I´ve just met him a couple of times, but I had that feeling…
S.E. (looking sad): That certain, horrible feeling…
Shania: Yes…But, why don´t you go to sleep now? I´m sure tomorrow he will come around.
S.E.: Maybe you´re right…(Cut to next scene)


Shania: Are you comfortable Sue Ellen…?
S.E.: Yes, you´re an angel. Will you please give me my pills?
Shania: Of course, I brought you a glass of water…(She hands two pills to Sue Ellen)
S.E.: Please give me two more darlin´…
Shania: Are you sure Sue Ellen?
S.E.: I´m so tired, I can´t take the image of Dusty´s motel room out of my head…
Shania: O.k., here you are…
S.E.: Thanks Shania…See ya tomorrow…Don´t forget to lock the door from outside. The kids will be a couple of days away…and there´ve been robberies in the area lately.
Shania: Don´t worry Sue Ellen. Don´t worry about anything…(She comes out of the room. Cut to next scene)


(First shot of the clock in the wall: five minutes have passed by. Shania opens the door stealthily…and sneaks into the room again)

Shania (in loud voice): Sue Ellen? (She heads for her purse and puts it on the bedside table. She softly slaps her right cheek, but the woman doesn´t wake up. Shania takes her purse and gets a bottle of pills out of it) Dear Sue Ellen, you know what they say about the overuse of sleeping pills, don’t you? But I have the solution for this: I have my own antidepressant pills, and these work out just fine. Want to try them? (She takes the half full glass of water and puts a handful of pills in Sue Ellen´s tongue, then she empties the glass into her throat. After that, she takes a medium-sized bottle of vodka out of the purse and opens it…) Yes, you are right Sue Ellen. It´s your favorite brand of vodka, and I know because I am like a daughter for you…(Sue Ellen begins to cough, even unconscious…) Drink my dear, drink…You don´t know yet, but I am your late husband´s daughter…Yes, how did you guess it? She was pregnant when she went to Hollywood to become a star…she was carrying me…Right again! My mother is Mandy Winger…and my father was…J.R. Ewing. Now we´ve come to stay...and get what belongs to us. (One minute later, she takes her purse and gets her own bottle of pills into her purse too) Oh yes, I´ll give my mum regards from you…and I´ll lock the door from outside, though I must take your keys too…(Shania smiles a sweet smile and leaves, this time for real, leaving Sue Ellen unconscious on her bed)


(Beckie looks herself in the mirror, and combs her hair. Suddenly, she looks down and holds a pink-color test strip in her hand)

Beckie (muttering to herself): My God…I can´t be pregnant…I just can´t…
Cliff (off screen): Dear daughter, all the members of the Barnes family are carriers of a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis. Any of our children, including yours, are liable to die in infancy, before their first year of life. This is something you always, always must remember…
Beckie: Oh daddy, I´m so sorry…What am I gonna do…? (She begins to cry in front of the mirror…)


(Travelling following a hostess that stops at a medium shot of Christopher and Jane, sitting at the seats of an airplane)

Chris: How do you feel?
Jane: Strange…but deep inside, good. As if I were a different person.
Chris: As long as you keep your feelings for me…
Jane: What feelings? I still am a single woman.
Chris: The day we come back to Dallas, you and I will be married.
Jane: You´re hopeless…Your parents looked so sad…(Fade into flashback scene)
Bob: We know that this is the only solution for now. A temporary solution. It will be hard for all of us, but I´m sure it´ll be hard for you too. (Then the camera shows Professor Morrison, Jane´s father)
Morrison: Of course it will. I love Jane as much as you love your son Chris. We´ve been lucky we had all the collaboration from our side and from the Ewings´ side to carry this plan out. You have a big family, but I only have my little Jane…(She enters the shot and hugs her father)
Jane: Dad, I´ll be missing you so much…(Morrison kisses her daughter)
Chris (entering the scene too): Mum, dad… (Chris holds Pam tightly and Bob joins the couple) Soon they´ll catch those people and we´ll be together again, and this time for good.
Pam: Shall we ever know their new identities?
Morrison: We won´t have to. If we´re lucky, they´ll be back within a few months. But now, this is the best and safest way out.
Pam: Jane, sweetheart…(she kisses her cheek and Jane hugs her)
Bob: You deserved an Oscar for your performance.
Morrison: There was a lot at stake…(looking at her daughter) I regret to say this but…it´s time to leave. (Chris hugs his son and the young couple get out of the airport waiting-room)
Bob: Are you sure that this airport wasn´t bugged?
Morrison: They confirmed it this morning once again.
Bob: Hope to meet you again.
Pam: At least, on their wedding day…
Bob: You know, she´s a little old-fashioned…(smiling at Morrison) Please keep in touch, you know the way…(Morrison leaves and gets into his car, waiting to see the plane take off…) He´ll be back Pamela. I promise you.
Pam: Promised? (looking at him as she cries…) Sometimes I think I´ve spent my life saying goodbye to you two. Do you think that Sue Ellen and Betsy will ever forgive us?
Bob: For what? For making´em believe that our son was dead to stop just that?
Poor Beckie and Maggie cried a lot at the funeral but they´re aware now, and the others were warned before it happened…
Pam: You know something Bobby? Now I want to travel…
Bob: Travel? Why this sudden desire to travel?
Pam: Why not? You´re always saying that…We might take the car… Bob: No, not by car, please… (They begin to argue as the score overlaps their talk. Fade into the previous scene. Chris and Jane kiss and the camera pans away.)


(The instrumental version of the song “Don´t Come Home Too Soon” begins to play up to the end of the episode, as we see:)

(Will gets out of his car and rings the bell. Bobby opens it and gets shocked. Lucy is spying thru the second floor window and waves at them. Will invites Bobby to a have a drive on his car…)


(Barbara and Julian get married by Justice of the Peace in an Elvis costume. As they kiss, the Minister begins to play his guitar and the couple end up laughing to death)


(Depressed Dusty curls up in a dark small prison, surrounded by beggars)


(Sue Ellen lies on her bed unconscious)


(Pensive James looks at his brother flirting with the hostess)


(Chris and Jane through the airplane window. The camera pans away. Freeze Frame. The same song begins all over again, now with lyrics by the band Del Amitri, as end credits roll over)

End of Episode 18
and Season 3

"So long, go on and do your best,
Let all France have whiskey on it's breath,
The world may not be shaking yet but you might prove them wrong,
Even long shots make it.
So go then, out into history,
and show them how easy it can be,
you might not believe it yet but pretty soon you'll see,
Even long shots make it.
Just don't come home too soon,
Just don't come home too soon.
And I don't care what people say,
we can laugh it all away,
But if I have a dream at all for once you won't be on that stupid plane.
And the world may not be shaking yet,
but you might prove them wrong,
Even long shots make it.
Just don't come home too soon,
Just don't come home too soon,
I don't care what people say
(Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way
(Just don't come home too soon)
I don't care what people say
(Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way
(Just don't come home too soon)
I don't care what people say
(Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way
(Just don't come home too soon)
I don't care what people say
(Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way
(Just don't come home)"


Special Guest Stars:

RICHARD GERE as ALEX (Pretty Woman)
Guest Stars:
DAVID MORSE as Professor MORRISON (Treme)
JAMIE BAMBER as RYAN (Battlestar Galactica)

Special Appearances By

This episode is dedicated to actor Richard Gere, who was a true inspiration for re-creating the character and storyline of Alex Ward.

Karin Schill

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Now I've caught up with the episodes you've posted so far @Toni
First of all I must compliment you on your writing style. I see a clear improvement from season one and two. The way you've incorporated the songs is very modern and very typical for a tv series made in the 2000s. :hat:

Then as for the season itself it's been a roller coaster ride. I thoughts parts of it was really gloomy and sad. It had a dark edge to it. I guess it's the subject matter of people dying in 9/11 that is hard to cope with combined with that the Ewing's have lost everything, like Ewing Oil and Southfork that is a bit much at once. I was annoyed that you killed off Christopher, since like I mentioned I hated it when CC presumably did that in the final episode of Dallas TNT. But I was later relieved to learn that he was still alive but in hiding. So congratulations on your plot twists. I didn't see those coming.:clap:

Same thing with Alex Ward. Ugh I always hated the character, so annoying. So I was not happy to read he had slept with Pam. But later I found out he hadn't. Phew!

I guess reading your story I should expect the unexpected...

I like the way you've used JR's legacy and how John Ross and James inherited some more things from him.

I hate Shania already. Why did Mandy have to have had JR's daughter for? :re:

I loved that Bobby and Pam solved their problems and came back together again. :kiss:

I was surprised to learn that the father of Lucy's son is a new character we had never heard of. I had not expected that. Also since we were sort of lead to believe that the father could be Alan Beam I was surprised that the father was a black man, since that means that the child would have a darker skin tone. I mean think President Obama who had a white mother and a black father. So how anyone could suspect it was Alan's child is beyond me. :confuse:
Did you originally plan to make the father someone else?

I was also surprised to learn that you changed Ray's paternity. I wonder how Ray will react when he finds out?

Bobby Jr and Will seems like a real mismatch. It's really older man - younger boy relationship. I bet his parents won't be thrilled if they found out who he is involved with.

I suppose Dusty and Sue Ellen can work together since JR is dead in your story. I always thought Dusty was one of Sue Ellen's better lovers.

Madeline sure was a :censer: bitch. I am glad that they were able to reveal what a con artist she was and get Southfork back.

Oh and I see you've casted David Boreanaz in your story! :cool:

Over all kudos on creating such an intersting story with lots of plot twists. I look forward to read season four. :)


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September 12, 2001 (poster formerly known as Pam's Twin Sister)
Now I've caught up with the episodes you've posted so far @Toni
First of all I must compliment you on your writing style. I see a clear improvement from season one and two. The way you've incorporated the songs is very modern and very typical for a tv series made in the 2000s. :hat:

Then as for the season itself it's been a roller coaster ride. I thoughts parts of it was really gloomy and sad. It had a dark edge to it. I guess it's the subject matter of people dying in 9/11 that is hard to cope with combined with that the Ewing's have lost everything, like Ewing Oil and Southfork that is a bit much at once. I was annoyed that you killed off Christopher, since like I mentioned I hated it when CC presumably did that in the final episode of Dallas TNT. But I was later relieved to learn that he was still alive but in hiding. So congratulations on your plot twists. I didn't see those coming.:clap:

Same thing with Alex Ward. Ugh I always hated the character, so annoying. So I was not happy to read he had slept with Pam. But later I found out he hadn't. Phew!

I guess reading your story I should expect the unexpected...

I like the way you've used JR's legacy and how John Ross and James inherited some more things from him.

I hate Shania already. Why did Mandy have to have had JR's daughter for? :re:

I loved that Bobby and Pam solved their problems and came back together again. :kiss:

I was surprised to learn that the father of Lucy's son is a new character we had never heard of. I had not expected that. Also since we were sort of lead to believe that the father could be Alan Beam I was surprised that the father was a black man, since that means that the child would have a darker skin tone. I mean think President Obama who had a white mother and a black father. So how anyone could suspect it was Alan's child is beyond me. :confuse:
Did you originally plan to make the father someone else?

I was also surprised to learn that you changed Ray's paternity. I wonder how Ray will react when he finds out?

Bobby Jr and Will seems like a real mismatch. It's really older man - younger boy relationship. I bet his parents won't be thrilled if they found out who he is involved with.

I suppose Dusty and Sue Ellen can work together since JR is dead in your story. I always thought Dusty was one of Sue Ellen's better lovers.

Madeline sure was a :censer: bitch. I am glad that they were able to reveal what a con artist she was and get Southfork back.

Oh and I see you've casted David Boreanaz in your story! :cool:

Over all kudos on creating such an intersting story with lots of plot twists. I look forward to read season four. :)

One more time, and very sincerely, thank you for your constant interest. I am very flattered for your kind words. After writing the first two seasons using the novelized format, I wanted to take a challenge, and used the script format and included songs too, so fashionable at that moment (mid 2000s).
I´m addicted to plot twists. A good supersoap is made of good plot twists. The best about the best years of "Dallas" is that some of them were teasers, and others not, and made the story go forward. I try to do the same thing. I usually date my timeline 3 to 6 years before our current time, so I knew I wanted to include the 9/11 tragedy respectfully. Dave Culver died and Lucy was temporarily wounded by the WTC crash.
If you hate Shania (you are not the only one!), then I have written her successfully because that was my intention. Of course, things won´t be exactly as they seem now. The actress who inspired me Shania, Mia Kirshner, always plays beautiful scheming girls (especially on "24" and "The L Word"), and to be honest, she reminds me of a younger (and classier!) Deborah Shelton.
About Lucy´s son, I started with no plans at all. This plot came from the discarded mid-quel "The Last Years of Southfork": Lucy became best friends with now widower Peter Richards, who happened to be dying of AIDS. She convinced him to go on an idyllic vacation with her as friends, and (offscreen) she found Mitch´s old patient Curtis at the same place. They had a passionate romance there, but she also had had an on-night fling with Alan, hence he also was a potential father for Peter (the baby, named after Mr. Richards). Then Lucy showed up back in Southfork pregnant!
The season I´m writing now (Season 6) happens 5 years later (2008) and so far Ray hasn´t learned about his true parentage. Though it´s going to be one of the major plots for this season.
Hey Will (you know, that cousin Jimmy!) is only 40, not an old man at all! There are many gay relationships in real life with that age gap (not personally though) and they last long. I guess you noticed it´s a gay take on the old Barnes-Ewing union.
Oh and who wouldn´t cast Mr. Boreanaz as anybody! He´s a hottie!