Ewing Empire: Season 5


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And here we come to Season 5, the shortest of all, though filled with strong emotions and suspense galore.

I won´t post any more episodes today, but I´ll do post a couple of promos, because we got to...the Promo Era!!



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Episode 24:



(First shot of clouds, then the camera pans away and we see the airplane window, and a young man´s profile, off-screen)

Hostess: Hello, how´s your drink?
Man (smiling): It´s ok, thanks.
H.: Would you like…something a bit stronger?
M.: Oh no! Thanks. I don´t drink…alcohol, I mean.
H.: All right. Have a good flight!
M: Thank you! (A woman sitting two seats beyond turns to him. We only see little glimpses of their bodies, like hands, shoulders, or shoes)
W.: Don´t worry! The worst is over now. You can put your belt off. Aren´t you used to fly?
M.: Well, once in awhile. But on smaller planes…
W.: Oh me too…My husband is in the bath-room. He always gets dizzy when flying! I am from England...but live in Denver. Where are you from?
M.: I am from Texas…
W.: You were on Sydney for business or pleasure?
M.: Both I guess.
W.: That´s the best thing! I always say that business is done in board-rooms and bed-rooms…
M.: Haha, they say that in Texas too!
W.: Are you single?
M.: No, I am married.
W.: Oh what a pity, I am trying to find a good boy for my daughters…
M.: How many daughters do you have?
W.: Two. Both of them beautiful, a blonde and a brunette. And I have two sons too.
M.: We´d love to have a baby soon. Just waiting…for the right time.
W.: Oh yeah, that´s very important. Sometimes the sons come too soon or too late and the marriage can´t stand the strain…
M.: Oh you´ve been married before?
W.: Oh yes indeed. I have married FIVE times in total. Oh my husband is coming. He doesn´t like me to talk with strangers, he´s a bit jealous. I´m glad to meet you, Mr…
M.: You can call me Patrick. (The woman smiles and looks herself in a small mirror. The camera focuses on the man´s face: he´s the one and only Christopher Mark Ewing. Fade into black)


(First shot of Donna driving with Maggie and Southfork foreman sitting by her side. She frakes the van and gets out of it when she notices someone moving among mist and rain.)

D.: Ray! Is it you?
R.: Donna! Go home, now…
D.: Ray, what´s wrong?
R.: Leave now, come…oh… (he stops talking as if he had been knocked out in his head)
D.: Ray, are you OK? (she goes back to the van) Please Steve, help us. Ray seems to have some sort of problem…(Steve walks out with his shotgun and towards where Ray´s voice was coming from. Fearful Donna and Maggie stay inside the van. All of sudden, a shot is heard.) Raay! (A shocked Donna screams…Fade into black. Fade from black into unconscious Ray´s close shot, lying on the ground. We don´t hear anything at all. Suddenly, we hear his heart slowly beating again)

Maggie: Dad! Dad! Can you hear me? (Ray moves and opens his eyes very slowly).
Donna: Honey…Oh Maggie, thanks God you brought him back.
Steve: Didn´t know she was at the med school. Come on Ray, some guys are coming to help us take you to the hospital…
Ray: Hospital? Why, what happened to me? (He feels pain in the left side of his head and also in his left arm and chest. He realizes he is bleeding).
Donna: Don´t worry about anything darlin´. We will drive you to the Braddock Hospital…
S.: Donna, the ambulance will be here in five minutes if we call them now…
D.: We MUST take him to the hospital right NOW! He didn´t breath for half a minute, don´t you realize how bad this situation is?
M.: Mother, Steve is trying to help us, please let him do it his way (Donna looks at her daughter and then back to Steve, and nods. Steve takes his cell phone and calls the hospital). Mother, don´t worry, he´ll be alright…
D.: Oh yeah, you can bet that, he HAS TO be alright (crying, she puts on her knees and cleans her husband´s wound…(Zoom in to Maggie´s concerned face)


Sue Ellen (looking tougher): Mr. Carrière, I think you didn´t understand what I said. I have positive clues that prove that Shania Wyatt might have tried to kill me, giving me alcohol and anti-depressive pills.
Mr. Carrière: Even so, “madame”, please realize that we can´t share any information about the patients. Just put yourself in her place…
S.E.: I already did when I hired her as my personal assistant and now…she might be plotting some kind of revenge against me and my company.
M.C.: Following your words, those are mere possibilities…not real facts. I only can tell you that Miss Wyatt has kept in touch with us since you both left, and even has come here every three months.
S.E.(surprised): Oh. And I guess you can´t say if she seemed to be recovered the last time, can you?
M.C.: Mrs. Shepard, I know you have done a very long trip, but I´m afraid you did it for nothing. (He gets up and holds S.E.´s hand, she winks, looks down and leaves the place. Then she walks out of the main building and into the gardens. She picks up her cell and makes a call. The voice-mail answers):
S.E.: Hello Dusty darlin´. I need you here in Switzerland. I miss you…Love you. (She hangs down and looks back at the inside). Oh no, Mr. Carrière “cheri”, I haven´t come this far for nothing!


(Establishing shot of Southfork in the evening)

Gary (on the phone): I know it´s dark out there but my wife might have drawn and I don´t wanna wait till tomorrow to search for her! We have lost our house almost completely and my wife would have called me if she were safe. No more questions, just find her, I will be in the Ewing Ranch…(He hangs down in a rampage)
Lucy: Don´t lose your nerves, dad! The police still is overwhelmed by the hurricane wrecks…I wish I could locate Betsy at least…
Curtis: We could get first-hand information about the survivors if I called my former boss at the Army.
Lucy: Oh Curtis, could you do that?
(Bobby enters the living-room, followed by Pamela)
Bobby: More bad news. Ray´s had a heart attack and an ambulance is driving him to the Braddock Hospital. We don´t know anything yet.
Lucy: My God. How have the girls taken it?
Pam: Maggie is alright, but told me that Donna is overexcited…
G.: Can we do anything for them?
B.: Just stay here by the phone…and keep your cells on.
C.: I will make a call, ok sweetheart? (twinks an eye to Lucy)
L.: Gotta love than man…(Smiling at her father).


(Sue Ellen, wearing an elegant red dress, walks down the way to the park lot. She bumps into a blond woman known to her, though the other woman doesn´t seem to recognise her)

S.E.: Mrs. Carrière?
M.C.: “Oui”…
S.E.: I´m Sue Ellen Shepard, do you remember me?
M.C.: Of course, I´m so sorry, I was thinking about something…in French, “c´est clair”…
S.E.: You look wonderful, your dress is a Chanel, right?
M.C.: How could you guess? Of course, you work in the business. Do you still own that women´s magazine?
S.E.: Well, actually not. I visited your husband to try to solve out a problem, a big problem…
M.C.: Oh, I gave up asking him for help a long long ago…For help or anything else.
S.E. (suddenly she seems to have got an idea): Why don´t we have lunch together dear? We could catch up…and weather is so nice in this season…
M.C.: Well, my husband was waiting for me but…I´ve waited for him so many times…Let´s go, Sue Ellen. (The latter smiles ear to ear)


(Establishing shot of the hospital. Zoom out of a first shot of the doctor taking care of Ray. He is talking to Donna, Maggie, Steve, Bobby and Pam)

Doctor: He had a heart stop for over forty seconds, and now still has an arrhythmia…
Donna: What about the bleeding in his head?
Dr.: He obviously hit his head when he fell down, while feeling the pain in the chest. You told me it was foggy then, is that right? (Donna nods) Maybe that confused or scared him, and just slipped away due to the pain.
Maggie: Have you already had an echocardiogram or an electrocardiogram done? What about blood analysis and stress tests?
Dr. (smiling kindly): Well, so far we only have had time for stopping his bleeding and take a sample of his blood. In the next hours, we will have done most of the tests you have suggested…Er, are you a doctor?
Maggie: I will. I am in my Second Year. I wanna get specialisation on psychology, and work with handicapped children.
D.: Doctor, will my husband…may I talk to him?
Dr.: Well, he´s still at the UCI. He lost consciousness again, probably due to the concussion. Due to his age and slight overweight, it might be a little more difficult for him to overcome this, but I wouldn´t say this if I weren´t sure: Ray will recover soon. Now go and have rest (Middle shots of Maggie, Donna, Bobby y Pam)
Bob: The doctor is right, Donna. Let us to drive you home and tomorrow, all of us will come back.
D.: Sorry Bob…but I´m not…won´t, let my husband alone in this hospital (She turns around and sits down in a nearby chair. Pam tries to go and convince her, but Maggie advises her):
M.: She won´t come with us. Mum seems so desperate…I think I never saw her like this before. Why is that?
Pam: Well…Donna loves your daddy very much, honey. But be hopeful and pray and he will soon be riding again…(Maggie holds Pam. Fade into black and End of Act One)


Bob: You must be more careful than ever. He must know for sure that we´re looking for him.
Det.Doe: So he´s yours and Jenna Wade´s son, right? Is he over 18?
B.: He just became 18 not long ago. But he seems to have enough sources to live on his own. You must know something about Lucas: he´s capable of faking a new identity, and I think he was not working at the ranch that used to be her mother´s, just by coincidence.
Det.Doe: There was a fire there recently, right?
B.: Yeah, an accidental fire that caused no personal damages. Even Lucas saved her boss, Callaway.
D.D.: May I talk to him?
B.: He´s in Florida for health reasons, with her wife Molly. Back to his past, in 1992, Lucas´sister, Charlie, fought with us legally for getting his brother´s custody. She was mad at us after losing her mother in a violent car accident. Her face had to be rebuilt and looks different now. Here´s a photo of her new looks (Bob hands it to the man). We don´t have the least idea of where she is. That´s when you get in.
D.D.: Any suggestions?
B.: Just don´t leave any little clue uninvestigated. Maybe she doesn´t wanna be with us, but sure that her brother do wants so. (Hears Pam walking in)
Pam: Oh, excuse me. Didn´t know you were having a meeting.
B.: We´ve finished, for now. Please keep us informed…(Doe walks out)
P.: Sorry Bob. Just wanted to tell you that tomorrow I´ll have to spend the whole day at the office…
B.: But it´s Saturday…
P.: Yeah, but I have a very important piece of news for you…
B.: Oh, hope it´s something good for a change.
P.: It is. I emailed Christopher yesterday and he will arrive at the Dallas-FW airport this afternoon. Everything´s ok for the Justice Department now and he and Jane will formally be re-introduced in our society “as if nothing ever happened”.
B.: How to forget that we had to make pretend that he was shot to death, buried and then we mourned him?
P.: Stranger things have happened in this town…Chris will help Sue Ellen and me to improve the security facilities at the offices and will meet me there. Once the work is finished, we will go back home, so get the family ready for that.
B.: I have more news for you…
P.: I know, I heard something, couldn´t help to, besides that detective is really handsome…
B.: Should I be jealous?
P.: So you are on the search for Lucas again…
B.: Pam, please listen to me. If you tell me to let it go, then I will…
P.: No Bob. Now I do know that you have to find and see if your younger son is doing well. Do you think he might be in trouble…
B.: What else for do you get a fake IC? It´s gonna be you and me against the world, again?
P.: If we have to…(they kiss passionately).


(Sue Ellen is changing clothes and puts on a robe, to feel more comfortable. Suddenly the bell rings and she opens the door. She finds a person carrying a big bunch of flowers of different types and colors, he gets in and another comes up holding another bunch, this time of orchids…and goes on and on and on, until the last maid leaves and Sue Ellen gives her a good tip. Then someone knocks on the door again…She opens it as she says…)

S.E.: Who the hell is it now?? (She gets a nice surprise to see there Dusty, who has listened to her voice message. He´s carrying in one hand a bottle of light cider and in the other, a big box of chocolates.) Thank you darlin´, I´ll take the bottle, you take the bombons…(Dusty smiles as he puts his hand on to his stomach)
Dusty: I promise to begin to work out as soon as we get back to Dallas.
S.E.: I hoped you would be my partner at the upcoming Oil Barons´Ball.
D.: I will, if this doesn´t change your mind (he hands her a couple of tickets for the “Scala de Milano” Opera of Verdi´s “Don Giovanni”). What about this?
S.E.: Oh, even my favorite performers…Only the date is a problem…
D.: Because of the Oil Barons´Ball? Can´t we be everywhere…?
S.E. (smiling and thanking him for the gift with a loving kiss) Hold on, sweetheart. Don´t you wanna know what I found out about Shania Wyatt?
D.: Only if you tell me in the shower…me and you together…The camera looks down and shows S.E. taking off her shoes, her skirt and the rest of the clothes, and getting into the shower with Dusty…


(Gary approaches and touches Donna´s shoulder, then she looks up to him, still with tears in her eyes.)
Gary: Has there been any change, Maggie?

Maggie: The blood lost has been controlled and now we´re waiting to know the results of the cardiograms. He´s stable, but still can´t sleep.
Bob: At least he´s not in an irreversible comma. Sure we will get him back just the way he was.
D.: Oh, now you have become a doctor too, Bob? Or maybe a medium?
M.: Mum, please, do not talk to Uncle Bob like that, it´s not his blame that daddy got the arrhythmia and fell down.
D.: Then whose fault is it? Maybe if the ranch hands had minded in their own business, Ray would´ve not been there. We don´t know if someone attacked him or if it was just a driven mad horse…I´m gonna see my husband…
M.: Pardon her, Uncle Gary. She´s so upset about this, it was so unexpected and sudden…(Gary seems to be listening to her, but he stops doing so, and looks up to someone who has just come out of the elevator. It´s Valene, who stops as soon as she sees him there.)
G. (with his mouth wide-opened): Valene…
V. (walking slowly to them): Oh Gary…(she begins to rush and eventually runs to him and holds him tightly). I thought you were in our Galveston house…
G.: Me too, my love. I was so worried about you, I have many things to explain to you…
V.: Ok, ok, but remember, I came here for Ray. Lucy called me. How is he?
G.: They are not sure yet, he´s got an arrhythmia and he has pending tests to go through. Where were you, by God´s sake?
V.: Luckily, I had the idea of visiting Mama in Miami, very far from the hurricane…
G.: Let´s go with the family now. But never leave me again. Never again. (They kiss)


(Establishing travelling of a desert downtown Dallas, on Saturday. Then the camera follows a relatively modest red Mercedes that parks into the parking lot of the big bosses. Standing there is an all-smiles Pam, happy and nervous at once for re-uniting with her son. Finally, he gets out of the car and picks up his small baggage)

Pam (embracing her son very quickly and tightly): Oh Christopher, you don´t know how much I have missing you…My only baby…Are you using contact lenses?
Chris: Yep! I´m afraid that´s because of too many hours in front of the computer…
P.: How´s Jane?
C.: She´s lovely, working on the last details of a secret project, you know…We hope that she will come back too once she´s finished. What about our big old family?
P.: Well, Uncle Ray is at hospital, he has a heart condition and still is having tests done. Donna and Maggie are with him. It seems that it was Maggie who saved his daddy´s life when she practiced on him mouth-to-mouth.
C.: She´s always been a great gal. And my other cousins?
P.: Betsy is missing somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, doing who knows what…
C.: Her usual thing to do…
P.: Oh and you have another second cousin, an adorable baby called…J.R.!
C.: Oh Uncle Cliff and his unpleasant sense of humor…
P.: Now let´s work. Had you been at Sue Ellen´s building before?
C.: I don´t think so…I made a few calls to Dallas, and they have it all ready. Are you sure that it´s not just another of Aunt Sue Ellen´s fancy decisions?
P.: Believe me, I am sure. Besides, now I´m the boss. I and a new girl called Shania. She´s the reason we are here now…I will explain it to you later on. Let´s go inside…


(A sad-looking James is watching over the kids, playing in the pool…)

Jimmy: So, Ellie, if I time your swimming, will you time mine then?
Ellie: Ok. But I need some extra benefits to do this.
J.: Like what?
E.: No tricks, of course, because we´re all family…
J.: Yep. Ok, that´s fair. (As the kids begin to swim, James remembers one event that happened at the Oil Barons´Club in 1991. Fade blurred into a flashback)

(James and Cliff are sitting at the table as having lunch, now they are customers in the new Barnes-Ewing company. Carter notices that Cliff is now in a wheelchair.
Carter: You´re crazy if you think you are getting away with this! (walking along very quickly, followed by a group of reporters).
Cliff: Wait wait Mac, what is going on here? James, do you know anything about it?
James: Well, I should have told you before, but we had to move fast. It was a very good deal and you always repeat that “oil field” must be our motto…Business is business, Mac. We are not responsible for your personal problems because, as you know, you really have a lot of them: you killed your son, then killed another man and were released months later, and that bimbo of your daughter probably still picks up men in the pool circuit.
Carter: You bastard! Being paralysed is not enough for a worm like you. You better have hired the best bodyguard, or else will break you into pieces…And you (pointing to James), you oughtta be ashamed of siding with your dad´s nemesis. But I swear that I´m gonna find what your weaknesses are and I´m gonna destroy you both (Cassie the blond waitress comes for the order, but she is pushed away by Cliff with an angry “Later!”)

Cally: James!! (louder) James!!!
J.: Sorry sweetie. I was just thinking of business.
C.: Pam has called: Chris is home and Ray is in a comma. Donna and Maggie are down, I´m gonna cheer them up, if I can…Are the kids causing any trouble?
J.: No, they are unusually friendly lately. Can you imagine that, precisely at this moment?
C.: James, don´t worry about the suit, we will hire the best divorce lawyer in the State, Pam knows one with an impressive resume…
J.: Ok, go and tell me how they are…(James gets the air-ball into his very face and threatens the kids with playing with and win them…The camera zooms in to the mid shot of Cally about to drive off her sports car, staring at James…)


(Pam and Chris walk through the elevator and shows him the offices, where he checks out every phone and possible location for a mike. He also checks out that the current camera surveillance system is very old and isn´t doing its job too well. Then he calls someone and four men arrive 30 seconds later.

Chris: Hello boys. Some of you already know me, sorry if I scared you. This is a very important job, and might imply success or failure if it goes well or not. You can´t say to anyone that you will be coming here for these two days. The work must finished completely and all must be cleaned afterwards. I already sent you what ideas I had in mind and you have the material. Let´s put on the work.
Pam: You sound like the President of the USA, at least a good one. I´m so proud of you. It was just great to see you and Jane when we visited New Zealand last year. It caught me by surprise, though I did know that you were alive…Oh my son…(getting sentimental)
P.: Are you sure that recording image without sound is not illegal?
C.: Oh yeah, this business needs more protection and who cares if we pay for the best in the world or not.
P. (smiling): Me. You´re gonna see big changes in the family: Barbara and her boyfriend are vacationing in Hungary, and that horrible Madeleine provoked her own death at falling into the Thames…I hate cars more and more…still.
C.: By the way, did you like my new Mercedes red colored, from year 1978?
P.: Yeaah, I think I saw it somewhere before…


(A general establishing of the classic breakfast at Soutfork, sitting at the table are Bobby, Maggie, Will, Gary, Val, Lucy and Curtis. Out of the door comes new patriarch Bob).

Bob: Hello everybody. Is there any news about Ray?
Lucy: All stays the same and Donna spent the night at the hospital…
Val: I thought that we could make shifts and give Ray the best company he can have…
Lucy: What are you thinking of, Mama? Reading to him all “Capricorn Crude”…? (the biographical novel that made a success of new writer Val).
Val: No, but maybe I could bring Lilimae some day and let her sing one of her songs…
Bobby: Please no mother, don´t awake our sleeping phantoms!
Will: Was she really that bad?
Lucy: Yeah, but she never knew.
Bo.: Hey dad. Have you decided where you are gonna live from now on. I heard that your house is in Timboctoo now…
Val: If that´s useful for anyone, then I´ll be happy for them…
Gary: I would like something more with that idea. We built houses for poor people in 1992, and I doubt this could go worse than then. But now Bob is here, he´s got quite experienced and Will perhaps would like to join us some way…
W.: Count on me…By the way…Bobby and I want to communicate you one thing:
Bo.: Say it if you wanna say it yourself…
W.: No, this is your family…
Lucy: Ok, since Betsy is not here and was so good with this kind of situations, I will save them the saliva for announcing that these two gorgeous men will get married in a beautiful chapel out in the woods. In privacy, and no family. You better not tell Pam, she´s like Grandma, loves being a wedding planner more than if it were hers.
Curtis: “Calling Occupants of Lucy´s Interplanetary Head…”
Lucy: Now you like The Carpenters too?
C.: I am the one who likes them! Ok, I recorded it here in my cell and I´m gonna play it in front of the family if you don´t announce our marriage…
Lucy: You damned blackmailer…and sorry for the black-part…Hello hello, my dear family! May I have your attention? Here Curtis and I are gonna marry in a beautiful wedding, to be celebrated some place else! Let´s beat it, Curtis…


(Pam is supervising the installation of a new camera and, all of a sudden, her cell phone rings). She goes to the next office and hangs up the phone):

Pam: Hello, Sue Ellen…
Sue Ellen: Hi Pamela. How are things going there?
P.: Chris and his team are doing a really good work…
S.E.: Anything wrong?
P.: Well, yes, Ray had a heart attack and got a head concussion. We´re very worried about him…You know, her two fathers, her aunt and finally his cousin Mickey had very…
S.E.: …tragic deaths…I remember very well that I was partly guilty for Mickey´s death. That was a burden I had to carry for a lot of time. What does the doctor and the tests say?
P.: It seems that the arrhythmia is more controlled but the concussion is giving him headaches and conscience losses.
S.E.: Please tell Donna how sorry I am. If I can do something, just call me. I called partly for asking you a favour…
P.: Oh. Just say it.
S.E.: Take note of these data on a paper sheet and never lose it.
P.: So, who is this Josh Hartman and why is so important for you to hire him?
S.E.: He is an actor, a very idealistic one. He played John Ross when I shot “The JR Story”, remember that? Afterwards, he devoted himself to off-off-Broadway career, but once in awhile I call him to do “special jobs”…
P.: Right now, I seem to be listening to J.R., Sue Ellen. What do you exactly mean?
S.E.: He´ll be a pawn in our game of uncovering those damned Winger & Wyatt women. His name will be Jerry Smith and he will try to get into that ice-fortress that is Shania Wyatt…(Zoom in to Sue Ellen´s smiling face. (Fade into black and End of Act Two)



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(Ray lies on his bed, connected to a life-support machine. Donna begins to hear voices from the past…)

Man: “Haven´t you heard the news report?
Woman: “Your husband´s been arrested for murder!”
Lil Trotter: “The Lord took him away.”
Donna: “Lil, did Ray do something, did he?”
L.: “Ray´s a good boy. He loved Michael.”
D.: “The people at the hospital said Ray….disconnected Micley´s life support system.”
Ray: “I don’t need a lawyer...What I did, I did...There’s just not much I can do about it, except take what’s comin’.” (Donna stops crying when she notices her daughter is coming in)
D.: Hi darlin´. (She gives her a kiss and Maggie embraces her)
M.: How´s daddy?
D.: He´s not worse…The doctors say that he could come to in any moment…
M.: So why are crying like that, mum? (caressing her mother´s face)
D.: Donna, I think we should talk about something…(Both of them sit down by Ray´s bed)


(Sue Ellen and Dusty finishing their lunch)

Dusty: So did you find anything about Shania?
S.E.: I was leaving when I met the director´s wife, who wasn´t very talkative at first but then, at lunch, she surprisingly opened to me and told me they were about to separate…
D.: Oh, what did you do then?
S.E.: I talked to her about my own experience on the subject…and also let her know that her husband had just ended my hopes of making justice. (Smiling a big, beautiful smile) She asked me more about it and promised me she would send me the information I was looking for before I left tomorrow…(She gets up and shows him a big envelope). Here it is: Miss Shania Wyatt complete medical record, full of twists and surprises…
D.: Did you read it?
S.E.: Not all, but the best parts for sure…Shania has been visiting the clinic a few times every year, as Carrière told me, and her health reports are satisfactory…to my surprise. Anyway, what really interests me is the first pages of the report: She was born from “unknown father” and our dear Mandy Winger (here Wyatt) just in 1986, some months after she left Dallas by first time. She came back “to help me” or so she said. I assume that Shania was already born by then…
D.: Do you really believe that J.R. fathered Shania?
S.E.: Why shouldn´t I? He already did that to my sister Kristin and who knows how many other women…
D.: I feel you think there´s something missing…
S.E. (getting up and walking around): And there is…No matter how it takes, but I will find out who tried to kill me…


(The camera pans around Maggie´s serious face, then stops at Donna´s).

M.: I can´t understand…why did you do that?
D.: Honey, you know how tragic Mickey´s death was to your daddy and me. We were sure you would never be left in a situation like that.
M.: So, if I understood you well, right after your second wedding, you both decided to redact a new testament that would make me the only heir if one of you would die…and also, your vital testament…
D.: Yes.
M.: So if any of you remains longer than two weeks in a comma state, the machine should be unplugged, for everybody´s sake.
D. (sighing): Yes.
M.: But that´s so unfair…to you and me…and daddy…
D.: Please understand that, honey. We went through a hell at that time…Ray didn´t want it to re-live anything like that, neither for himself, nor for us.
M.: Ok. Now please Mama, I have to leave and think…
D.: Take care and tell me where you are. I love you.
M: Me too. Bye mama…(she gets near her father and kisses his cheek. Then she turns away and leaves. Fade into black and End of Act Three)


(Establishing shot of the mansion, and zoom in to Gary´s and Val´s bedroom. Middle shot of the couple together in bed)

Gary: So you do understand?
Val: Of course I do. Anyone who hurts you, is hurting myself and my family. You oughtta have told us…
G.: Maybe, but I had no pride left after I was beaten by those hoods…
V.: My dear Gary…I was going through my own crisis and didn´t tell you either…but writing my last book helped me a lot…I´ve had an idea, Gary…
G.: I wanna know that…
V.: After watching our neighbors in Galveston homeless and suffering, I think we should do something to help them and people like them, who lost everything material.
G.: You are so extraordinary, Val…Wanting to help the others when you have lost as much as them…Your home, your belongings…
V.: Not that much really. I had my book loaded into my pen drive and also all my family pictures. I can go shopping again and buy new clothes, you know I like that so much…
G. (laughing out loudly): Oh yes, you do…So, what are you thinking of? Maybe creating a foundation?
V.: All these years, I have been saving a lot of money and I was waiting for something like this to invest…You are experienced in building unexpensive homes, did it when we were in California, and your brother Bobby also is. In fact, he gifted us our home in Knots Landing…
G.: Ohh yeah!
V.: I mean, of course, people in the Gulf of Mexico should be the first to get the help, but also others who suffered due to other disasters…
G.: Things like that make me remember how much I have loved you all my life, and how much more I´m loving you right now (he kisses her and she puts her head over his hairy chest. The camera pans away from the couple).


(Shania gets out of her apartment and once on the street, she stops at a newsstand and buys the “Dallas Press”. Before leaving, she notices a cover of a male-oriented magazine showing a very familiar face: her mother Mandy Winger. The headline says “Vintage Sex Goddess: Mandy Winger shows all at 50”. She opens her eyes widely and calls her mother, but her voice mail answers. Shania gets into her car and drives off fast.)


(James, Cally and Ellie get into the girl´s bedroom. Cally kisses her daughter and tells James…)

Cally: Honey, I´m gonna call Pam about Ray´s condition. I´m worried about them…ok? Will you stay with Ellie and switch off the light?
James: Sure love. (Cally walks out. Ellie gets into the bed)
Ellie: Is Uncle Ray gonna die?
J.: Of course not, he´s only sick. His heart is old but very very strong…
E.: I think that Jimmy is beginning to like me. He used to be so rude to me. I like to have a brother.
J.: He likes you, be sure of that…
E.: I also love my cousins very much. Maggie is so beautiful, I wished I looked like her some day…
J.: You´ll look much more beautiful. Now you do are…
E.: Why do we never see cousins Chris and Betsy?
J.: Well, Chris…left to get married but you´re gonna see him soon…
E.: That´s so cool…
J.: And Betsy, well, she must be busy working…
E.: What´s her job?
J.: Hmm, sort of dancing and modelling.
E.: Great!! James…
J.: Yeah…
E.: You are my real father to me. I love you very much and nothing could change that…
J. (teary-eyed): My sweetheart…(He hols her and Cally walks into the room and smiles).
C. (touching his shoulder slightly): Darlin´…(James turns around trying to hid his tears and gets out of the room. Fade into next scene)


(James walks into the garage and locks it up from inside. He opens his car´s trunk and checks if the two bags in there are well-locked. Then he covers them with a cloth and locks up the trunk too. His serious face reflects in the mirror, and he looks at himself and thinks about the past. Fade blurred into another flashback from 1991. Carter McKay opens his office door to James, dressed in an elegant blue business suit):

Carter: Come on in, boy. Want a drink?
James: No thank you. I´m working out.
C.: Oh that´s great. Sit down. (Both of them sit down face to face) James, I have been thinking about that regrettable incident at the Oil Barons´Club…I will be blunt: I know that your father left you nothing in his will, and all the money that Miss Ellie left you is invested on the Barnes-Ewing Oil…
J.: That´s true. Now tell me something I don´t know, ok?
C.: You don’t know what a twisted snake Cliff Barnes is, especially after your father´s death. That crazy half-sister of his tried to kill him, but now he´s alive and paralyzed. You are his associate and the only one who can do business properly. Barnes even betrayed her sister before she had that car accident, and took his mother´s company funds many years ago. (He takes a folder from his desk and hands it to him.) It´s all here, including the newspaper clips that prove what I told you.
J.: So you want me to leave Barnes and come here to work instead?
C.: Not that fast. I want you to do certain deals at Barnes Oil and then resign.
J.: Would you put that in written? I mean the part about working at WestStar Oil?
C.: Of course boy. In fact, I already have. (He hands him some papers again)
J. (reading them quickly): I´d want one more thing. My wife Debra Lynn is pressing me to return to her town with our son Jimmy, but I´d rather stay here in Dallas. There´s no way to convince her…Would you help me with that?
C.: Dear James, if you sign now, I promise you that next week, your son will be living with you…
J.: No violence, no tricks…
C.: We´ll have her sign a document to give you your son´s custody, I will call my lawyer now and tell him to get it ready…
J. (standing up and holding Carter´s big hand): It´s a deal. And remember, no violence…(Fade into present. First shot of teary-eyed James) Dammit Mac, I told you no violence…I only have one choice now…


(Shot of the luxury jet flying amid the clouds)

John Ross (giving a champagne glass to Andrea): This is looking at you kid.
Andrea: Cheers. (She drinks and then kisses J.R. with passion) Did you like it?
J.R.: I did. Do it again.
A.: I meant my country home. The Hawaiian Islands.
J.R.: They are fabulous, wonderful, amazing…just like you. I even remember their names…Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Kahoolave, Molokai…hmm…help me.
A.: Oahu and Niihau. Next time, though, I´d like to spend a little more time out of the bed…Remember that I have many friends there.
J.R.: I promise…(They kiss again) Let me tell you something. I have some work to do within next weeks, but I want to take you to a place, very special to me…It´s something I have shared with no one…
A.: Do you mean it´s a secret place?
J.R.: Not exactly, but makes me feel high, very high…
A.: You have already impressed me with a lot of things, John Ross. Your jet, your caviar, your well-hidden sweetness…
J.R. (joking): Me sweet? Naah! (Smiles again) Next time I will pilot the plane. I told you that I have the license for it and wanna fly you to the moon…
A.: Again? (They kiss once again. The jet flies away…) (The song “Other Ways” by Trevor Hall, begins to play)

“Well I think about all the other ways I could've played
All the other simple moves I could've made
All the other cards that I could've dealt
All the books I didn't read upon my shelf
All the other ways I could've sung my songs
I've realized that none of it went wrong
It was all play
How could it be any other way?”

(Establishing shot of the hotel. Zoom in to Sue Ellen´s suite window)

Dusty: Are you sure that you don´t mind to miss the Oil Barons´Ball, Sue Ellen?
S.E.: Of course I am. No need to say, that I´m sorry for Pam, Donna, Val and the rest of the family, but I don’t feel very much like seeing again lousy women like Marilee Stone, or maybe even Mandy…
D.: Or Shania, right? You invited her yourself.
S.E.: Yes I did…(the woman winks twice).
D.: What´s on, darlin´?
S.E.: I think I have just remembered who tried to kill me…(fade into a false flashback from Episode 18, “The Good Son”. As told to Dusty, Sue Ellen is half-asleep and she is given a glass of vodka by…Mandy´s thin hands)
Mandy: Drink my dear, drink…You don´t know yet, but I am the mother of your late husband´s daughter…Yes, how did you guess it? I was pregnant when I went to Hollywood to become a star…I was carrying his baby…Right again! My daughter is Shania Wyatt…and her father was…J.R. Ewing. Now we´ve come to stay…and get what belongs to us. This time, I do have come to help myself, not you! It´s my turn to cutt you off!! Now you really are as disposable as a used piece of facial tissue…(Fade into the present).
S.E. (horrified): She did it Dusty! Mandy tried to kill me!! (Dusty looks surprised and sceptic at once)


(First shot of John Ross´s face, as he checks out his e-mail at his laptop. Suddenly, a warning pop-up appears and he clicks on it. The new e-mail is displayed immediately and he reads it in low voice: “Mr. Ewing. I must meet you. Money problems. Unsigned.” He reads the address and, one hour later, they meet at the parking of a motel in Plano.)


(John Ross parks his silver Mercedes and opens the other occupant´s seat door. A bold man in his mid-fifties gets into the car.)

John Ross: So, what´s the problem?
Man: I saw this the other day (he hands to him a newspaper´s gossip column with a picture in it, showing him and Andrea coming out of a restaurant. The headline says: “Ewing heir finds mate”.)
J.R. (frowning): So? That´s why you want more money?
Man: One thing was scaring the hell out of a CEO from Dallas, but it´s not the same thing to know that she is dating you now…Besides, I have been checking out the stock market lately: The Wentworth Industries´stock went all the way up after I shot than woman, Andrea Thorne…You told me what to do, but not why. Do you have stock.
J.R.: I just wanted to cause some havoc at the boardroom, after Pamela Ewing sold out the company…It had to be mine, not anyone else´s. Nobody died at that shooting, I only had a few scratches in my suit. So forget it.
Man: Forget what? I have problems and need a big sum of money! Pay me one million dollars or I myself will say to Miss Andrea Thorne that her boyfriend called her attention by trying to have her shot…I will give you two days to think it over. I´ll call you next Wednesday. Get the money in cash…and unmarked. (The man gets out of the car and lets the door opened. John Ross gets angry and slams the door, keeping an eye on the man, who leaves in another car…)


(The song “Don´t come home too soon,” by Del Amitri, begins to play, over the next sequences):

1 - (At the hospital, Donna kisses Ray´s hand, while Maggie cries silently as Cally comforts her)
2 – (James and Jimmy get into his sports car and they leave)
3 – (Cliff rocks little J.R. in his arms, and Becky and Afton smile)
4 – (Gary is working at his office computer, and suddenly the screen goes black, and a virus sign appears all over. Gary gets shocked)
5 – (Chris calls his parents to see what his wife has to tell them, via netcam: “I´m pregnant”, we read in her lips, and Chris begins to cry, as Bob and Pam hold him…)
6 – (Lucy, Curtis, Bobby and Will make a toast to their future marriages at a restaurant)
7 – (Sue Ellen and Dusty shake hands as watching the opera)
8 – (The gunman takes his shotgun and points at a imagined target)
9 – (John Ross and Andrea are standing at the top of the former Ewing Building, he behind her, feeling the wind blowing in their faces)

End of Episode 25

“So long, go on and do your best,
Let all France have whiskey on it's breath,
The world may not be shaking yet but you might prove them wrong,
Even long shots make it
So go then, out into history,
and show them how easy it can be,
you might not believe it yet but pretty soon you'll see,
Even long shots make it,
Just don't come home too soon,
Just don't come home too soon,
And I don't care what people say,
we can laugh it all away,
But if I have a dream at all for once you won't be on that stupid plane
And the world may not be shaking yet,
but you might prove them wrong,
Even long shots make it
Just don't come home too soon,
Just don't come home too soon,
I don't care what people say (Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way (Just don't come home too soon)
I don't care what people say (Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way (Just don't come home too soon)
I don't care what people say (Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way (Just don't come home too soon)
I don't care what people say (Just don't come home too soon)
We're gonna laugh it all the way (Just don't come home)"


Special Guest Stars:
DOMINIC PURCELL as Detective John Doe (Prison Break)
MITCH PILEGGI as Morrissey (The X-Files)
Guest Star:
Special Appearances By
and cameo by

Karin Schill

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September 2004
Ouch I didn't expect Ray to have a heart attack. Poor Ray and Donna. :(

I like how you tied the present into the past in this storyline and acknowledged that Ray pulled the plug on Mickey. Poor Donna having to wrestle with the decision to pull the plug or not. I hope Ray wakes up soon.

So Sue Ellen is finally on to Shania and suspect she might be Mandy and JR's daughter. I can see why that won't score her any brownie points with Sue Ellen.

Did James just leave Cally and Ellie?

I look forward to read more. :)


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September 12, 2001 (poster formerly known as Pam's Twin Sister)
Ouch I didn't expect Ray to have a heart attack. Poor Ray and Donna. :(

I like how you tied the present into the past in this storyline and acknowledged that Ray pulled the plug on Mickey. Poor Donna having to wrestle with the decision to pull the plug or not. I hope Ray wakes up soon.

So Sue Ellen is finally on to Shania and suspect she might be Mandy and JR's daughter. I can see why that won't score her any brownie points with Sue Ellen.

Did James just leave Cally and Ellie?

I look forward to read more. :)
The Ray health scare was going to be more serious but I thought it over and decided not to do that. After all, daddy Jock also had a heart attack... or isn´t he his daddy? Don´t believe in anything too much if it sort of "retcons" the original story.

About James, sorry if it wasn´t clear enough. James allied with McKay when he didn´t get any money from JR (he didn´t at first, but this happened in the "midquel"). He wanted to get Jimmy´s custody and thought that Mac would get him great lawyers. Instead, Mac pulled a JR and Valene with Debra Lynn and Jimmy: he set up a kidnapping and a car accident for her that ended up paralyzing her legs.

So Debra Lynn was "missing" all this time because of this. Now she´s somewhat better and wants her son back. James found out what Mac did and just accepted his son back. But karma is a b*tch and eventually bites your as*. James is afraid of losing his son again and takes him on a camping trip...

...And yes, his intentions are obscure, but he will have enough time to change his mind and come back (he will but...you will see what happens). Initially he was going to run to Canada with Jimmy, but James is too much like uncle Bobby, and he will return to Dallas.

Thanks again for your encouraging messages and feedback! More episodes this week.
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Episode 26:


(Pam and Chris arrive at the patio in his new red Mercedes car. They get out of the car and she puts her arm around him and get into the house)

Pam: Hi everybody! (Present are John Ross, Lucy and Bob) John Ross, what a surprise! (She kisses his cheek) I didn´t see you for a long time! Is there a special reason you are here for? (Chris shakes his cousin´s hand)
Chris: I´m glad to see you too, John Ross.(They hear the phone ringing)
John Ross: Well, yes...(Teresa enters the room and tells them there´s a phone call for Mr. Bobby)
Bob (getting up and kissing a quick kiss to his wife): Thank you Teresa. (He walks up to the foyer and picks up the phone). Hello, Bob Ewing speaking. Oh Doe, yeah. Do you have any more news?
P.: Are you going to keep the mystery, John Ross? (He looks at Lucy and Chris and, a little blushed up, he continues).
J.R.: Er, no, aunt Pam. I just want to ask you a favor.
P.: Oh, a favor? I´ll be glad to. What is it?
J.R.: Would you give a special dinner for a friend of mine? A girlfriend, I mean...
P. (smiling ear to ear): Oh, I´d LOVE to do that. What day did you have in mind?
J.R.: Next Monday. Or is it too soon?
P.: Well, today is Saturday, but maybe with a little help of Lucy, we could make a really special event... (Lucy raises an eyebrow) What do you think Lucy?
Lucy: Oh that´s great John Ross. Count on me Pam. Who is the lucky woman, my dear cousin?
J.R.: It´s a surprise, but she is a very dear woman to me, we have been dating for several months now...well, a couple of months. I´m sure you´ll like her Pam.
P.: Ok then, it´s a deal, next Monday at six o´clock, as usual. (They hear Bob hanging the phone down. He returns to the room)
B.: It was my detective. He´s tracked Lucas down. He seems to be working at a ranch in Lubbock. I´ll get there with Doe to talk to him.
P.: That´s wonderful, I hope you can get him back to Southfork...
J.R.: That´s great piece of news, isn´t it Chris? Your long-lost brother is coming home. You must be impatient about meeting him, right Chris?
C.: Yes I am, cousin, I really am.(Lucy´s cell phone rings and she hangs it up)
L.: Hi Cally how are you going? Wait wait, don´t speak so fast...(Pam and Bob look at each other, and so do Chris and J. Ross). Please be calm honey, I´ll be there in half an hour...(She hangs down the phone)
J.R.: Anything happened to Cally?
L.: We´re not sure yet, but she says that James has taken his son Jimmy and left them last night. (J.R. frowns, rather surprised)


(Sue Ellen and Dusty finish their breakfast and two hotel employees take the remains of it away.)

Dusty: O mine, it was a long long time...since the last time I ate six scrambled eggs with bacon...
Sue Ellen: Do you remember that you asked that the first time we had breakfast together? Then you said you just wanted to impress me.
D.: Oh no, darling, cowboys never lie, did you never hear that say?
S.E.: French cuisine is too delicious to say no...Maybe we should hurry up and return to Dallas as soon as possible...(winking at him).
D.: Well, after all, Oil Barons Ball can´t do without you. Now, let´s do that sightseeing you promised me and let me burn out all these calories...(He kisses her. The scene fades into the next scene)


(Sue Ellen and Dusty walk holding their hands)

S.E.: Well, not exactly the Takapa resort in Texas, is it?
D.: Not at all...(laughing). You must not know, but I had already been here with my father...
S.E.: Clayton? Really?
D.: Yes. When I was a teenager, I father wanted to make sure that I wasn´t gonna be just a mere cowboy with no culture and used to accompany him when he travelled to Europe, or even Asia. That didn´s stop me from being a cowboy anyway...
S.E.: Dusty...we never talked about this, but...he couldn´t have loved you more if he had been your real daddy, you know that, don´t you?
D.: Yes, darling. A father is the person who takes care of his or her children day by day, not the one who only fathers the baby. I never knew about that man who was Jessica´s lover, therefore my real father. But let me tell you one thing: the last thing he was, is my father.
S.E.: I could stay here forever, it´s so full of peace, greenness and stillness. But we had a reason to come here, apart from attending the best operas in town.
D.: I can´t wait to know what Eloise Carrière told you about Shania...
S.E.: Part of me felt guilty after our lunch together...
D.: Why that?
S.E.: Because Eloise was obviously drinking too much wine and I didn´t want to take profit of the situation...Even less, of SUCH situation.
D.: I see.
S.E.: I instantly understood that their marriage is in serious trouble, only together because of the partnership in the clinic. I quickly realized that Eloise was seeking for something I had been longing for so often years before...
D.: Revenge from your husband?
S.E.: Exactly. (Fade into flashback)

SC. 2c: INT. SAVINI RESTAURANT, MONTREAUX, SWITZERLAND (Flashback at the dinner-room of the restaurant)

S.E.: That´s why I have come to Montreaux this time, Mrs. Carrière...
Eloise: Please Sue Ellen, call me Eloise, we have known each other for a long time, and share a few secrets...(sipping a little of wine from her glass).
S.E.: I need proofs to make up my mind and get to a logical conclusion of who might have tried to murder me...You know about my alcoholism, but I never, ever, had taken sleeping pills...and even less, those anti-depressive capsules that person put in my mouth...
E.: Little “innocent” Shania...Her life was in a real turmoil when she came here. Her mother didn´t want to see her at all and just checked her in the clinic and years later, she appeared asking for her daughter´s condition...Her name was Amanda something...
S.E.: Mandy Winger, if I´m not mistaken.
E.: Yes, you´re right, “chérie”. She was sort of an American entrepreneur who had an unclear past related with jet-set and big shots. Now she was down but still a pretty woman, though very common to my opinion.
S.E.: Yes, she´s the same Mandy Winger we´re talking about then, dear. I need to ask you one more favor: Shania´s history record. Your husband refused to let me see it, but it´s the only way to find out the truth...
E.: (looking pensive, and then raising her glass) Ok Sue Ellen. I will get you those papers. But I won´t lie to you: partly because I want to piss my husband off even if he never gets to know. Here´s to us, Sue Ellen, and to all the ladies in the world who dont´t depend on an abusing husband. (The ladies click their glasses).


(Evening establishing shot of the manor façade. Cut to a mid shot of Lucy and Cally holding each other)

Lucy: I´m so sorry about what´s happened sweetie.
Cally: Thank you Lucy. You were the first person I thought of. With Sue Ellen in Europe and John Ross staying at his Dallas apartment, now I´m practically alone in this big house.
L.: How did you notice that James had left with Jimmy?
C.: It probably was 4 or 5 in the early morning, and reached out for James, but he wasn´t in the bed. Something had made me wake up, probably the sound of his car, I don´t know...I went to check out that Ellie was alright and then, did the same thing with Jimmy. But he wasn´t there and his bigger bag was missing, as well as his laptop. Then I had a chill all over and went downstairs calling for them. At last, I picked up my mobile, but all I got as response was an automatic message.(Crying)
L.: He probably was afraid of losing Jimmy´s custody and chose to leave instead of staying here and battling together. But why?
C.: There´s the custody suit hearing this week and I don´t wanna make any mistake if I am called...
L.: Honey, we will get ahead of this, you bet we´ll do. I´ll get ya the best divorce lawyer in the State of Texas. Now tell me: is there anything in James´s past that might be a threat to gain Jimmy´s custody? Anything that might be considered, ahem, slightly illegal?
C.: Lucy, before we got married, we promised each other to forget the past and raise our two children together the best possible way. We had made several mistakes each in their own way, and decided to forgive each other. I chose to erase my past as J.R.´s wife and he, his years with his ex-wife.
L.: Darling, please take just a bag with some things for you and Ellie, and let´s go back to Southfork. Tomorrow will be another day...(Cally holds Lucy´s hand and Lucy smiles back)

(The song “Strong Enough” by Cher can be heard all through the gym:

“So you feel misunderstood
Baby have I got news for you
On being used, I could write a book
But you don't wanna hear about it
Cause I've been losing sleep
And you've been going cheap
And she ain't worth half of me, it's true
Now I'm telling you
That I'm strong enough to live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough, now I'm strong enough
To know you gotta go
Come hell or waters high
You'll never see me cry
This is our last goodbye, it's true
I'm telling you
Now I'm strong enough to live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough, now I'm strong enough
To know you gotta go
There's no more to say
So save your breath and walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I'm strong enough to know you gotta go”​

Long pan at the people working out with weights and machines, stopping at Shania, who is working on a leg machine. An unknown dark tall man in his thirties comes into the room and looks for the woman. Once he has found her, goes to a machine and tries to work out casually. Shania has noticed the good-looking man and takes a look at him. He doesn´t look back but, when Shania looks away, he stares at her and smiles a little but charming smile. She remains serious but blushes up. The man begins to work hard at the machine.)


(Travelling of the Southfork helicopter landing at the center of the airport. One unidentified man walks towards it and, when it stops, Bob Ewing gets off the chopper. The man waiting for him is Doe, his detective. Shot-countershot of the talk)

Bob: How are you, Doe? Is there any more news about my son?
Doe: Yes, but nothing surprising. He got a job at a ranch called “Big T” and has been working there as a handman until yesterday.
B.: What happened?
D.: I don´t know for sure, but I got some clues. So we have where to investigate now.
B.: Great. Now let me go to the motel and have a shower, and will join you in half an hour.


(The song “Secret” by Madonna is played at the gym)

“Things haven't been the same
Since you came into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go
Happiness lies in your own hand
It took me much too long to understand
How it could be
Until you shared your secret with me
Mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over me
My baby's got a secret”​

(The camera pans away of one of the monitors playing the Madonna video and then stops in Shania´s profile. She is looking for the man who called her attention before. Suddenly she hears “Hi” at her back and gets scared. It´s the man in question.)

Man: Oh, sorry if I scared you...
Shania: Oh silly me. Don´t worry.
Man: My name is Tyler. My first time here.
S.: Oh, really?
T.: I noticed that you were doing the exercises really well...I used to have a coach, but not now. Too expensive...(She smiles openly) And your name is...
Shania: Oh, I´m Shania Wyatt, nice to meet you (she shakes his hand very formally)
T.: Would you like to have an energetic drink at the bar, Shania?
S.: Why not? Let me have a shower first. We´ll meet at the bar in twenty minutes, ok?
T. (smiling ear to ear): Ok. Can´t wait. See you now Shania...(The song continues)

“Mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over me
My baby's got a secret”​

(The camera zooms into Tyler´s smiling face, who reminds a little to John Ross´s face. Fade out and End of Part One)


(Travelling of a group of girls who walk to the weigh-room, ending up in a mid-shot of Tyler talking on his cell phone).

Tyler: Ok madam. She seems to be opened for a drink and talk. I´m waiting for her.
Pam (on the other side): Ok Josh. But please keep this in mind: I don´t wanna get her hurt at all, and keep your emotions apart from this. It´s a delicate matter and Sue Ellen didn´t hesitate to recommend you to me but I´m not as sure as she is.
T.: What do you mean?
P.: I mean that you are playing a part, and you should never forget this. She is vulnerable and there are some lines you must not cross.
T.: Like sleeping with her?
P.: To be honest, yes. That might be dangerous even for you, Josh.
T.: Well, I should hang down now, I seem to see her coming. Bye.(Shania comes out from the corridor that connects the dressing-rooms from the bar. She looks perfect as usual although her hair is still wet. She sees Tyler and walks to him.)
S.: Hi.
T.: Hi. You look terrific now. I mean, not that before you didn´t, just that now too (he begins to giggle).
S.(she smiles sweetly): Thank you. I don´t have too much time, must go back to work.
T.: Really? What would you like to have?
S.: A glass of orange juice, thank you.
T.: You´re not Texan, are you?
S.: No, I´m from N.Y. but Dallas fits me by now. It´s a very cosmopolitan town. People say it has the best and worst of Texas. Do you agree?
T.: I´d better say that best things in Texas are more available here in Dallas than in any other of the Texan towns.
S.: Wow, are you a tour guide?
T.: No, but maybe I´d show you a few interesting places if you´re staying long enough.
S.: That´s great. Really great! (They both click their glasses and drink).


(Establishing shot of the west wing of the ranch. Mid shots of Cally and Lucy)

Lucy: You´re gonna be just fine here until Sue Ellen returns.
Cally: That´s so kind of you, darling. But this is temporary. I´m sure that we´ll know about James soon.
L.: Sure, expect the best but be ready for the worst, like my uncle J.R. used to say. Do you like your bed, Ellie?
Ellie: Oh yes, it´s great. Thank you very much Lucy.
L.: Don´t worry about your daddy sweetheart. He´ll come back one of these days.
E.: Did…my real daddy live in this house too?
C.: Ellie, you know what I told you about that?!
L.: Well, honey, he did live here, and your grandma Ellie too, but the house was different. It had to be rebuilt after a big storm and now it´s big enough for all our family, including you two, babe.
C.: Why don´t you go to swim at the pool, Ellie? I´ll follow you right away.
E.: Ok, mum. (She takes her swimsuit and gets into the bathroom.
C.: You know Lucy, I don´t like her to speak that way. All these years I have considered Ellie as my own daughter, as a single mother, and James has been such a good father that the J.R. issue hasn´t appeared until very recently. What should I do, telling her about J.R. or not? She knows the basics about him but now, she´ll be living under his same roof. In a way, J.R. will always be present in the ranch.
L.: Also for me darling. Take my advice, don´t think too much of that. Before my first marriage, I was very resented to my parents and his presence was all around, especially because J.R. used to say awful remarks about him and my mum. Believe me, he doesn´t deserve you to keep his memory. Just enjoy your time here and don´t let Ellie to make up any good thought about J.R. He threw you away from here when you were carrying her, and didn´t give a damn of none of you while he lived. He was just a bastard! (Cally holds Ellie very endearingly. Cut to a shot of Ellie sitting on the ground of the bathroom, hearing what they are saying with a worried expression in her face)


(Establishing shot of the place in the afternoon, and cut to two glasses of beer that are served to Bob and detective Doe)

Bob: So, what news do you have of my son?
Doe: As I told you before, he has been working at the “Big T” ranch until yesterday. He was fired accused of stealing some money, but I think it all was a setup.
B.: What do you mean?
D.: The ranch owner is famed to be rather jealous and has a young daughter who was seen a couple of times talking to Lucas.
B.: Just talking? Is that why he was fired?
D.: So it seems. Anyway, I asked you to come here because he usually comes by to have some beers at the end of the day. He´s over there (pointing at the man in the corner of the bar).
B.: Let´s talk to him. (Both men get up and walk up to where the man is) Hello. My name is Bob Ewing…
Man: Oh yeah (staring at him), from the Ewings of Braddock, right?
B.: If you like. My friend and I are looking for a young man who was your employee (handing him the worn picture from his burnt I.D.). Remember him?
M.: No. And I don´t have time to waste with you.
D.: I´d say that you´re not too busy now, sir.
M.: Who the hell are ya?
B.: He´s a friend. Please let this to me, Doe. We just want to confirm that he was at your ranch. Do you know where he went to afterwards?
M.: He was more interested in my daughter than in work. I told him to go as far as possible, he was a troublemaker…
B.: But didn´t he tell you anything at all? Some place maybe?
Man 2: Hey, Joe, what´s the matter here?
B.: We´re having a quiet conversation, it´s none of your business.
Man: I can handle them, Buster. They just want information about the handman I fired yesterday.
Bu: He was lucky that we didn´t call the police.
D.: What do you mean with that?
B: He was a hustler, and was after the boss´s daughter.
Bu: I said that this is none of your business, bud.
D.: It´s ok Bob!
M2: No, I don´t think it´s ok that you´re upsetting my old man, get out of here! (trying to punch Bob out. He avoids the man´s fist and then other people there get up and join the group. Someone takes a chair and throws it to Bob and Doe´s direction, and it misses by little. Then Bob and Doe look at the crowd around them. They look at each other and then Bob hits the old man´s son as Doe tries to get away of the other men. They all fight and, finally, the rancher finishes his drink and leaves the place. One minute after that, Bob and Doe end the fight and the first of them puts $100 on the bar).
B.: Just to pay the damages. And remember that nobody messes with the Ewings of Braddock, neither in Lubbock nor anywhere else! (Doe smiles and both walk out of the place)
D.: I guess that we have looked in the wrong place. I´m sorry, Mr. Ewing.
B.: I think I´m beginning to be too old for this kind of brawls. And you can call me Bob after a fight like this, Doe!


(We see a close shot of her face, looking at the mirror and putting a necklace on. She looks hesitant and then puts it off and then back on her left ankle. She shakes her head and then hears the sound of John Ross´s car arriving as he blows the horn. Wearing just a towel, she leans out of the window. John Ross says “hi” and she drops her towel. He smiles and gets out of the car as she opens the door.

John Ross: Are you still undressed? You know how punctual my family is!
Andrea: I know I know, you always have dinner at six o´clock. But I have calculated that we still have ten minutes for us…(She takes his tie off, then unbuttons his shirt and pulls him onto the bed. The couple begin to make love and the camera pans away and into the next scene.)


(Profile of the ranch, then the camera pans away all through the room. Present are Lucy, Cally and Ellie, Gary and Val, Pam and a pensive Maggie)

Pam: How´s your dad, Maggie?
M.: He´s stable, but remains the same, Pam.
P.: You look very worried about him, aren´t you?
M.: Yes. And I get more worried every day, after what I told you about his vital testament. I just can´t sleep thinking that next week, maybe they will have to unplug him...
P.: He´s in good hands Maggie, I know that the doctors who treat him are some of the best specialists in the whole country. Just keep your faith sweetheart.
M.: Thank you aunt Pam. I will. (The camera follows Teresa, who is serving some snacks, and stops at Gary and Val)
Val: Why isn´t Bob here? I thought that the dinner was held in honor of John Ross and his girlfriend…
Gary: Pam told me that he has found some clues about Lucas in Lubbock. He will probably be here tomorrow.
V.: Next Friday is the Oil Barons´ Ball. I don´t know if we should go after all that happened in Galveston, all those people suffering is more important than a vacuous party…
G.: Val, you said that you wanted to create something, do something for them. Why don´t you use the Ewing connections at the Ball to start with? It´s for a good cause, you might create a foundation to raise funds for the victims, and help them with our own money too.
V.: It´s a great idea. Maybe Pam can join me, and also Sue Ellen and Donna, when Ray recovers.
G.: I miss Sue Ellen. Is she out of the country, Lucy? (addressing to Lucy)
Lucy: I think she and Dusty flew to Europe last week, we might ask John Ross about her.
V.: Your daughter is really beautiful, Cally.
C.: Oh thank you Val, you´re so kind. She is precious in and outside. She´s the center of my life. I don´t know what I´d do if I lost her…
L.: Oh come on, this is a party, we all have problems, but this evening belongs to John Ross, let´s not spoil his dinner!
John Ross: Thank you Auntie. We…we finally made it…(He and Andrea look at each other, because of the “double entendre”). It´s six o´clock. Let me introduce you a very important person to me: Andrea Thorne. (A splendorous Andrea smiles as the family smile back at her. Fade out and End of Part Two)


(First shot of John Ross explaining to his family how they first met)

J.R.: We have been dating for some time, but both of us have very busy agendas…
Lucy: I thought that you said that your P.R. job left you a lot of time for the gym…
J.R. (giving her a killer look): Yes indeed, but I´m not satisfied with what I have now, this is the difference between me and other people I know: I want more.
Pam: Do you run your own business Andrea?
Andrea: Well, not exactly. I…
J.R.: …She is the CEO of a big company here in Dallas, Pamela. A perfect example of the women´s role in the Texan society today…
Pam: I am the director of a magazine for women, maybe we should make you an interview. Do I know your company, by chance?
J.R.: …Auntie Pam, I don´t think that she has to give you a professional resume, after all Grandpa Jock always said “no business talk at dinner”.
Lucy: Oh and he really meant that! J.R. and Bob had to bite their tongues very often when we all lived here.
J.R.: Maybe you should bite yours Lucy…
Ellie: How was J.R., Lucy? (Cally looks at her, worried)
Lucy: Like all of us sweetie. He had his good days…and, mostly, his bad days.
Ellie: Was he sort of a bad person?
Pam: Honey, J.R. always wanted to do his way, and his parents had to lesson him even when he was grownup, go figure!
Cally: Thank you Pam (looking at her sweetly).
Gary: So, John Ross, your mother is out of town, isn´t she?
Val: I would have loved to meet her again…I haven´t seen her for awhile.
J.R.: Yeah, she had a business trip and must be in Rome, as we speak.
L.: I thought she went with Dusty…
J.R.: Business and pleasure are the perfect mixture. You should try some time, Lucy. Anyway, she´ll be here next Friday, she won´t miss the Oil Barons´ Ball for anything in the world…
Gary: Will you attend, John Ross?
J.R.: Yes, I have to deliver Grandpa´s memorial scholarship this year…
P.: I hope you will be sitting at our table darling…(addressing to Andrea)
A.: I wish. But I´m afraid that I will have to be at the Wentworth Industries´ table.
P.: Oh. And why is that?
A.: It´s where I work at. (John Ross raises an eyebrow and looks at Andrea, and then at Pam)
P.: Are you the CEO of Wentworth Industries?
A.: Yes I am. (Pam tries to smile and gives John Ross a killer look. Then she sips her glass of white wine)


(Establishing shot of the boat with employees putting the lights on the masts. Travelling to a limo arriving at the place who stops right there. Two women get out it: Mandy Winger and Betsy Ewing. The chauffeur takes their baggage out of the trunk)

Mandy: What do you think? Isn´t it amazing?
Beth: Oh sure it is.
M.: This is going to be the first of many yacht travels, dear Beth. You will have enough money to buy one for yourself…
B.: Oh…really? (She smiles shyly) When will the fashion show happen?
M.: Friday evening. I hope you are ready for this, because ready or not, this is going to be your real start.
B.: Did you begin in the business very early Mandy?
M.: I was about twenty when came to Dallas with my first modelling contract. I used to model high couture at the best places of the town, until someone discovered me, just like I have discovered you!
B.: Was it a man or a woman?
M.: Well…I don´t want to talk of old times now, only of your future success. I can´t wait to introduce you to your girl fellows, they must be in the boat, come on! (her cell phone rings: She notices it´s Shania, and switches it off) Ahoy there!! (Cut to next scene)


(Cut into the new scene, a close shot of an angry Shania, who throws her cell phone away…Then she looks for something with her eyes and stops at the bathroom´s cabinet. She opens the door and sees her medicine bottles. She takes one of the bottles and takes the lid off. Then she changes her mind and the cell phone rings. Undisclosed caller)

Shania: Hello.
Tyler: Hi. Shania?
S.: Yes.
T.: It´s me, Tyler. Do you remember me?
S.(She wide opens her eyes and smiles a little smile): Oh hello Tyler. Of course I remember you. I´m glad to hear your voice again…
T.: That´s great. I was wondering…if you´re interested in having dinner tomorrow. A know a fantastic pizzeria near the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Not even my grandma could make them that good!
S. (her smiles becomes a laughter now): Ok, I´d love that…I love pizzas but my diet doesn´t allow me to eat it often…You know…
T.: …one minute in your mouth, one life in your hips. Haha…But you don´t have to worry about those things at all Shania. At least for what I have seen…
S.: You´re gonna make me blush up. So tell me where and what time at.
T.: There´s a flower shop in front of the Stadium, I´ll be there at eight o´clock, tomorrow. Unless you wanna me pick you up…
S.: I prefer it this way, Tyler. See you tomorrow.
T.: Bye-bye Shania. (She hangs down and goes to the bathroom again. She opens the two medicine bottles and picks up a couple of pills from every bottle. She takes them with a glass of water and then, she looks herself at the mirror, and smiles innocently)


(Establishing shot of the hospital in the dark of the evening. Cut to a middle shot of Ray´s bed and Donna sitting by his side. She is falling asleep. All of sudden, Ray moves his right hand and tries to reach her arm.)

Donna (shocked): What? Oh…My God. Ray, darling… (She pulls the nurse alert and kisses her husband´s forehead.) The doctor will be here soon.
Ray (he smiles at her): Donna, where am I?
Donna: At the Braddock Hospital my love, you fell down at Southfork, remember?
R. (taking his breathing mask off): No Donna. I can´t remember anything. Anything at all.
D.: Don´t worry honey. Everything will be alright (kissing his lips). I love you…
R.: I love you… (Fade Out and End of Act Three)

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(Ray´s close shot. Then cuts to Donna and the doctor as they speak)

Doctor: Mr. Krebbs, you are a very lucky man: your stats are stable now and nothing seems to indicate that your heart or your brain has been damaged. Anyway we would like to have you here for one more week and be sure that you have recovered once and for all.
Ray: But doctor, what about my memory? Why can´t I remember what happened that day?
Dr.: It´s not unusual to have amnesia of recent memories in cases of head injuries like yours. That´s another reason to keep you here for now. We need to know that your neocortex wasn´t affected by the hit. Maybe if you can´t remember the facts, it´s because there is an injury in this part of your brain that our tests haven´t detected yet. Now you are conscious, we will be able to give you a complete, fast diagnosis, Mr. Krebbs.
R: When will you begin the tests?
Dr.: Tomorrow morning. A specialist will come to submit you to a number of memory tests too. Just to accelerate your return to normality.
R.: Ok, doctor. Thank you very much for your attentions.
Dr.: Now Mrs. Krebbs you should go home to rest. There´s nothing we can do for Ray tonight.
R.: The doctor is right, go home and tell Maggie and all the family that your cowboy is riding again… (She smiles and nods)
D.: Ok. (The doctor leaves the room) But don´t forget, cowboy, that I´ll be back tomorrow. (The couple kiss tenderly and she goes away. The camera follows her, and she is about to faint when is out of the room. She sits down for awhile and begins to cry silently.)


(Night establishing shot of the ranch. Cut to a general shot of the family after dinner)

Cally: Teresa has cooked delicious dishes, Pam.
Pam: Yes, she has been with us since before I came here.
John Ross: Yes, she is like family, real family.
Andrea (taking her hands): Pamela, I´ve had a wonderful time, and the dinner was great. I´m so glad I could meet you all, except for your husband…
Pam: He had some business to do in Lubbock but he´ll come back tomorrow. I hope you can meet him at the Ball.
A.: Me too. And also your sons, Val.
V.: Thank you. I´m afraid that Betsy won´t be there this year but Bobby will. He and Betsy are twins.
A.: Oh, will he come with his wife?
V.(slightly blushing up): Uh…he´ll come with his partner, Will. He´s an extraordinary man.
J.R.: Will is also Pam´s cousin. As you can see, for us the Ewings and the Barneses, all stays in the family. We are very open-minded…
G.: Yes we do are. I wonder if YOU are…
P.: May we talk before you leave, John Ross?
J.R.: Sorry Pamela but I have to take Andrea home…
P.: Just one minute. This way… (pointing at the living-room. Pam closes the doors and begins to whisper) What the hell was this supposed to mean?
J.R.: Dear auntie, I don´t know what…
P.: Of course you knew! You´re like your father: there´s always a reason behind anything you do. You should have told me that Andrea was the CEO of Wentworth Industries and avoid us all this embarrassment!
J.R.: She is the most magnificent woman I have ever met, and I didn´t want you to see her as anything negative.
P.: Me, negative? Why should I see your date as someone negative? I bought the idea that you wanted to share Andrea with us, but you have tried to hurt me the way your father did!
J.R.: You´re crazy. Tell me how.
P.: By showing off that you are dating the Wentworth CEO, not a wonderful person. You can´t cheat me John Ross, I had enough with J.R. and now I will not let you play strange games with me. You know, when we visited Christopher, I had a lot of time to talk to him about many things, including your propositions to make dirty business with him. You are a snob, oportunistic, devious little man. You better be honest to me next time or I will take the shotgun and throw you away from Southfork!!
J.R.: Who do you think you are Pamela? Uncle Bob misses one dinner and you think that you´re the lady of the manor. Let me tell ya one thing: Maybe someday soon, I and Andrea will own this ranch and will kick you off, as Grandpa should´ve done the day you came here. Watch me, dear aunt, because I´m gonna take her home now but she´ll return as Mrs. John Ross Ewing III. (He opens the doors and finds the whole family group worried about the argument. He takes Andrea´s hand and leaves.)
Lucy: Are you ok, Pam? (She walks into the living-room)
P. (nervous): Oh yes. Just another quiet, pleasant evening at Southfork…


(Establishing shot of the office building at the Dallas downtown. Close shot of Kyle)

Kyle: That´s the situation, Mrs. Beaumont. If your husband wants to keep his son, the first thing he must do is returning to Dallas immediately. Otherwise he might be accused of kidnapping.
Lucy: Will you represent her, Kyle?
K.: Sure Lucy. My brother is taking the business cases, I am a divorce lawyer and Barbara still is in Europe.
L.: Oh, do you know anything about her?
K.: No, but we have to find her. She has been missing for too long and the firm needs another active associate.
L.: I´ll ask my uncle Bob about her, they keep in touch by phone. I´ll let you know.
K.: Mrs. Ewing, the hearing for the custody of the boy…(he reads the name) James Richard Beaumont II, will be held next week. If your husband doesn´t show up, we have no chance to gain the boy´s custody when his ex-wife claims for it.
C.: But Jimmy is already 16 years old, he needs a father more than a mother right now. And he´ll be legally independent in two years.
K.: The fact is that Debra Lynn Beaumont, his mother, has been prived of his son´s raising for the last ten years. If we just knew the reason behind this…(Cally looks at him and Lucy with fear in her eyes)
C.: I have talked to his friends and workmates, but he´s vanished.
K.: If you agree, we will hire a detective and track them down as possible. Don´t worry, Cally, we will find a solution to this… (he gets up and holds Cally´s arm with kindness)
C.: Thank you, Mr. Bennett.
L.: Thanks Kyle. Call me and have dinner one of these days, ok? (She kisses him. The two women leave the office) Isn´t he a hunk? I told you…and a good lawyer too. His father used to run Sue Ellen´s finances when she was married to J.R. He even tried to get her out of prison when he was shot, the first time.
C.: He seems to be a very competent lawyer…Did he and you…?
L.: Us? No! But I tried. He was too tall for me anyway…(Both women laugh and get out of the shot)


(Close shot of Gary, that pans away and shows him sitting behind his desk, in front of Christopher)

Gary: Thank you very much, Chris, for solving out the problem of the virus. You may have saved my company…and indeed have saved our database.
Chris: You´re welcome uncle Gary. This was the most unusual of all the computer viruses I have found. There must be someone out there who doesn´t wish you well, I think…
G.: Do you mean it? The competitors, maybe?
C.: You can´t discard that, it´s a mad world the enterprising world, nowadays. I am very glad that my father has retired from business.
G.: What about you? Are you still working for…the Big Brother?
C.: I probably wouldn´t be here if I were. They are too possessive with their employees. And I don´t want that for Jane, either. Even less now that we´re going to have a baby…
G.: Congratulations boy! It´s great to know that my little brother and his wife are, eventually, going to be grandparents.
C.: I…felt very guilty for all the pain that I caused them when I disappeared, thanks God that´s over now.
G.: So the people who were after you have been caught, at last? Are they 100% sure?
C.: Yes they are. Living in New Zealand has been amazing, and made me realize that we have to fight to keep what we have, I mean our natural resources…If you had been there, you´d know what I´m talking about…
G. (pensive): Would you…like to work with me, Chris?
C.: As what?
G.: I´m not sure, but it´s too good of a chance to miss. You are sounding as myself when I was living in California and began to commit with environment cause. Valene wants to help the people who lost their homes due to the hurricane. I intend to build good houses quickly, she wants to raise funds and maybe you and Bobby could be very helpful too. Whatcha think?
C.: Sounds good. Dad might join us too. The Ewings working together again…Let me think about it. (Gary smiles openly at him)


Abby: You have disappointed me. I thought you were the best in your field.
Hacker: And I am. That Westfork company must have a real genius behind their security system. You can bet I am the second best.
A.: I don´t hire second bests. I told you I wouldn´t pay you if you weren´t “creative” enough in this plan.
H.: What? You owe me a lot of money. You can´t con me like that.
A.: Con you? You use too big words. Maybe I should call the security guards to show you the way out.
H.: No, I will find it. But this isn´t over yet.
A.: I think it is. (The young man slaps the doors and Abby pulls the button of the intercom)
H.: Yes, madam?
A.: Call the airline company and get me one ticket to Dallas, Texas.
Secretary (off): Return ticket?
A.: Open return. For tomorrow. First class, of course. (Then Abby takes her cell phone and dials a number) Hello, it´s me. How´s that girl going? Fine. Keep her there as soon as possible. That girl and her brother have always been like a thorn on my side. Thanks, darlin´s. (Abby looks through the window and smiles a wicked smile)


(Establishing shot of the condo)

Harmony: I´m sorry can´t help you more, Mrs. Ewing.
Val: It´s ok Harmony. Betsy is a grownup woman now. I forget it sometimes and still treat her like a child…By the way, Harmony is a very nice name…
H.: It´s my artistic name. I´m studying dance and work at night. (She notices Val´s embarrassment) Don´t worry, Beth is a decent girl. We just dance and pose at that place. Very elegant men come and go, but we´re not whores or something like that…Oh sorry.
V.: Harmony, I understand. I appreciate your sincerity. Now we must find her especially if she is in Europe in company of people she hardly knows.
Bobby: Do you remember the name of the woman who offered her a job? You said she visited her at the bar.
H.: No I don´t…but I think…(She gets up and lets Val and Bobby worried)…I think that it´s her (She shows them the adult magazine featuring the cover with Mandy). Her name is Mandy, Mandy Winger…(zoom to the cover)
B.(passing the pages): Let´s see. There is an interview too, aside of the photos, though she doesn´t say anything important here…What a dumbass!!
V.: Bobby!! Let me see…(She reads it over trying to find some kind of clue) She says that her upcoming project is a showcase for new young models that will took place in Greece…Bobby: She might be there.
B.: Does it say where exactly?
V.: Athens.
H.: I remember now that she mentioned it. She said that this Winger gal was looking for models to debut on a spectacular fashion show during a cruise. She asked me too, but I am a dancer, not a model…I knew that wouldn´t be good for my career…
B.: Harmony, thank you very much for helping us! May I keep the magazine?
H.: Sure! (Val and Bobby head to the door. Val holds Harmony´s hands)
V.: Thank you again. Bye-bye.
H.: (They both leave, and Harmony yells) Please call me when you find her, will you?


(Establishing shot of the hotel, travelling through the suite, stopping at Sue Ellen´s mid-shot)

Sue Ellen: Are you ready darlin´?
Dusty: Give me five minutes.
S.E.: Ok. You don´t want me to miss the Oil Barons´ Ball, do you?
D.: Do you have the tickets?
S.E.: Yes. Rome-Paris, Paris-Dallas. I asked Pam to take my new dress to the tailor for some arrangements. I think it will look just fine.
D.: You always look fine, Sue Ellen.
S.E.: Don´t flatter me, we are in a hurry. Come on! (Somebody knocks on the door and she opens it.)
Bellboy: Mrs. Sue Ellen Shepard?
S.E.: Yes, it´s me. (She is handed an envelope, says “thanks” and gives a tip to the bellboy. Dusty comes out of the bathroom)
D.: What is it? (Sue Ellen slowly opens the envelope and takes out of it some papers)
S.E.: I said to Eloise that she could find us here. She has given me the final weapon to get rid of Mandy Winger and Shania Wyatt…(She smiles and Dusty looks surprised. Fade Out and End of Act Four)


(Zoom into the window of Pam´s office. Close shot of a disc being put into the computer dvd reader. Close shot of Pam, then the computer´s screen shows people coming into the office hall. Pam puffs. Cut to next scene)


(Mid-shot of Bob packing his case, open over the bed. He hears someone knocking on the door and opens it)

Motel manager: Mr. Ewing, I found this envelope in the mailbox. It´s for you.
Bob: Really? (Taking the envelope and reading his name on it) It´s strange, I didn´t expect any mail from anybody…Thanks you, Mr. Bates.
M.M.: You´re welcome, sir.(Bob walks into the room and opens the envelope. Close shot of the typed letter inside, and then of Bob.)


(Close shot of Doe)

Doe: “We have your son. If you want him back alive and well, get $ one million. Expect our next note. Call police and he dies.” (He then looks at the photo clipped into the letter: it´s Lucas tied to a chair.”) Who brought this note?
Bob: The manager, Mr. Bates. He found it in his mailbox. Doesn´t know who brought it. We must find out the truth about this. I spent last year living as if my other son was dead. I won´t do the same thing with Lucas now.
D.: Bob, we´ll find your son. He can´t be too far, he was here last week. Do you have any connections within the Lubbock police?
B.: They say no police, and no police will be involved. I won´t put my son´s life in danger. Never again.


(Establishing shot of the building. Shot of the computer monitor showing the images being fast-forwarded.)

Pam: (Suddenly, Pam thinks she have seen something unusual: she clicks on the rewind button and then plays it: It´s an image of Shania´s office. The door opens and she enters along with someone else: he is Tyler and the couple begins to kiss in front of the camera. Pam reacts and fast-forwards: they are on the ground seemingly making love. She stops the recording) Damn Tyler, I told you not to sleep with her! Sue Ellen, I wish you were here…


(Establishing shot of a poster announcing the event. The camera pans away and the Ewings and Barneses group enter the shot)

Afton: I hoped to see Bob here, Pam!
Pam: He is looking for Lucas, I thought he was going to make it…
A.: Don´t worry, everything will be alright. I´m so glad that Ray is recovering. Is Maggie coming tonight?
P.: No, she is going back to college and wanted to spend the most possible time with his father before leaving.(The two women pass by. Enter the scene Gary, Val and Lucy)
A.: What about Chris?
P.: He is getting into the building through the VIP door. We are avoiding the public exposure as long as we can.


(Travelling to Lucy, Gary and Val)

Lucy: Curtis told me to excuse him for not being here. He is trying to sell his Atlanta house and will be here when the deal is done.
Gary: So you will be living at Southfork?
L.: Why not? Peter is ten now, and will be able to ride his horse, swim in the pool and attend the same school than me.
G.: Aren´t you afraid of J.R.´s ghost?
L.: If I could handle him when he was alive, I will handle his ghost as well, haha…(Her cell phone rings the message alert) Oh is that my cell? (She takes it out of her purse and sees the message alert on the screen. She pulls the button to read it and says:) “Hi Lucy. Having holidays in Europe. I´m ok. Kisses. Betsy”.
G.: Is that all?
L.: Yes. Well, I guess we´ll have to trust her now. She´ll be fine dad. Let´s go inside. (First close of a pensive Val).


(Mid-shot of Mandy in a red gown, sitting inside a limo, and holding a cell phone. Zoom into the cell screen: “Message sent”. Mandy smiles and looks outside the window.)


(Travelling of the tables full of meal, sophisticated garnered)

Cliff: What do you think of this place Will? Had you been here before?
Will: Of course I did, Cliff, once, years ago. A very impressive party in every sense.
C.: I have heard that you and Bobby are gonna marry, sort of. Is that true?
W.: Well, if everything goes, yes, we will, probably before two months, in Toronto.
C.: Let me tell ya that I´m very happy for you two. It´s time for everybody to have the same rights here in Texas.
W.: Cousin, you´re a constant surprise to me. Do you really mean it?
C.: Of course. Oh I´ve seen my favorite delicatessen at the end of the table. Excuse me…(Close shot of a surprised Will. obby enters the scene)
Bobby: Hey, what is wrong? Did Cliff tell you one of his dumb insolences?
W.: No, all the opposite. He wished us the best in our marriage, his own way…
B.: I´m very glad to come here with you.
W.: Not more than me with you (sipping his glass of champagne and smiling at him)


(Close shot of a woman´s purse, being opened, and her hand taking her lipstick. The camera pans up to the woman´s face: it´s Shania. Once she is ready, the camera pans down to the purse again, and we see, inside the purse, a small gun. She goes out of the restroom, walking past Lucy and Val)

Lucy: I´m so happy that we finally got news from Betsy, ain´t you?
Val: Sure I am. However, I find something strange…
L. (looking at herself in the mirror): Really mum? What is it?
V.: You said that she signed the message with “Betsy”. But she has been calling herself “Beth” for over one year.
L.: Oh mum, you worry too much. Just try to enjoy the ball and meet people for the fund-raising.
V.: Will you work with us Lucy?
L.: Well, I would like to. But actually I have a new business at sight.
V.: Oh, it´s great. Why didn´t you tell us?
L.: Actually, I don´t want John Ross to interfere with it. I´m gonna create an oil company to exploit an oil field that I lease. The land is in New Mexico, and the true owners are a family I met at the hospital when happened the WTC tragedy. They´ll be the beneficiaries but I´ll run the company and, who knows, maybe I´ll follow the Ewing tradition.
V.: You´re very wise to keep this away from John Ross. He would envy your position. I´ll keep you the secret honey.
L.: Ok mum, now let´s go to the ball, I wanna dance with dad, Bobby and Chris. (Both women exit the scene.)


(General shot of the table, where are Pam, Cliff, Afton, Bobby and Will. A couple enter the shot. It´s John Ross and Andrea)

John Ross: Good evening family.
Andrea: I´m very happy to see you again. Pamela, you look wonderful.
Pam: Thanks Andrea. You too, I love your dress.
A.: (looking at Bobby and Will): You must be Bobby and Will, am I right? (They get up and shake hands with Andrea) I didn´t meet you the other evening at the Southfork dinner.
Bobby: Pam is right, you look splendorous.
J.R.: Bobby is Gary´s son and Will his, so to say, “friend”.
Will: You can talk about it loud and clear John Ross. Bobby and I are going to marry soon in Canada.
A.: I´m sure you´ll be able to marry here in Dallas, sooner or later. (Cliff clears his throat). Oh excuse me, I think we haven´t been introduced. I´m Andrea Thorne.
Pam: Cliff, Andrea is the person behind the Wentworth Industries now. She´s doing a great work with our family legacy.
C.: I´m sure you do, young madam. (Shaking hands) She is my wife Afton.
Afton (smiling politely): Nice to meet you.
A.: I love your name Afton. Where are you from?
Af.: I´m from Biloxi, Mississippi.
C.: Maybe you have heard her sing. She has recorded many albums and had her own TV show.
A.: Maybe I have, I thought your face was familiar to me. It´s a small world, isn´t it. Well, we must go now. I hope to see you again later. (The couple exits the shot. Close travelling of all the present there.)
B.: What is she, his date or his P.R.?
C.: Whatever she is, she is damn cute.
Af.: I wonder what she is doing with someone like John Ross?
C.: Don´t you know Afton?
P.: Let´s stop talking about these two. I wanna dance with my brother. (Pam and Cliff get up and exit the scene.)
Af.: Oh I have seen someone I wanna say hello to. I´ll be right back boys. (Bobby and Will smile at her)
W.: Alone at last.
B.: I could never imagine that a bunch of rude oilmen could organize such a glamorous party.
W.: And you ain´t seen nothing yet… (He takes something out of his pocket and gives it to Bobby: it´s a box. Bobby takes it and opens it, discovering a ring inside.)
B.: Oh! I´m speechless. There´s something written on the inside, right?
W.: Yes.
B.: It´s a date. About four years ago…it´s the day we met, isn´t it?
W.: You´re right. Almost four years ago, coming from another Oil Barons´ Ball, our lives collided in a literal way, and since then my life has become better and better, all because you are in it. I know that we agreed to marry already, but I was waiting for the right time to give you the ring.
B.: Oh Will, I love you so much.(They hold tightly and notice some distant glances). You´re the most important person in my life and I hope to be able to give you back as much as you have given to me, in every sense. (Then they kiss shyly)


(General shot of the ball-room. Mid-shot of Chris dancing with Beckie)

Beckie: We all have been missing you all this time Chris, even if we knew you were…
Chris: I know, I wish there was another way out…But Jane and I have been working hard Monday to Friday, with slight personal interferences from anybody, and have had the weekends to explore those wild lands…You should go there some time…
B.: I hope to travel a lot when J.R. is older…
C.: I was shocked to know that you had named him after my uncle…at least the initials are the same…
B.: I guess it´s a private joke…Have you seen Maggie lately?
C.: A couple of times, at the hospital. She was very worried about his daddy´s health.
B.: May I tell you a secret Chris?
C.: Sure! What is it?
B.: My family doesn´t know yet, but I have…fallen in love with somebody. We have been dating for some time, secretly.
C.: What a couple of spies we are, you and I…I promise to keep my big mouth shut, but remember that they will eventually know…
B.: Yes…but it´s so hard…
C.: Why?
B.: He´s my pediatrician. He´s specialized in the genetic illness carried by my family, and his attentions have helped little J.R. to become a healthy precious baby.
C.: Still, I don´t know why they would disagree to your relationship.
B.: Well, in fact, he´s twice my age.
C.: Oh I see. But isn´t your father twice older than your mother too? (She smiles openly and kisses him in his cheek)


(Mid-shot of Cliff and Pam dancing as the music stops. Someone calls Pam´s name: it´s Shania)

Shania: Pam!
Pam (slightly embarrassed about the video she viewed earlier): Hello Shania, you look absolutely gorgeous. Blue color becomes you!
S.: Thank you, Pam. You´re as kind as always. I have talked to the photographer and the reporter we had at the red carpet, and they have probably made a great report about the event!
P.: Great. Are you having fun Shania? Have you come alone?
S.: Yes…but I´m sure I will enjoy this party, and keep these memories forever.
P (smiling): Please come by our table and I will introduce you to all my family. You already know John Ross and Cliff…
S.(serious): Pam, I have bad news from Sue Ellen. She called from the Paris airport. There seems to be a controllers´ strike there, and they couldn’t to take the flight to be here tonight. She asked me to give you her apologies.
P.: That´s really bad news…She hasn´t missed any ball in almost forty years. She and John Ross had to announce the winners of the memorial scholarships at USM. I guess he will have to do it alone.
S.: I guess so…(She smiles mysteriously and walks away)


(Close shot of Mandy taking several things out from her purse.)

Mandy (muttering to herself): Well, well, I think I have everything here. Finally, the tight time has come and tonight, justice will be made. (She puts the papers inside the purse and, when the driver opens the door, she gets out of it slowly and calmly).
Driver: Enjoy the party, ms. Winger.
Mandy (turning to him): Oh thank you. I will. Believe me...I will. (She smiles ear to ear)

(Fade out and End of the Episode. The song “Secret” by Madonna is played again as titles roll)

End of Episode 26

“Things haven't been the same
Since you came into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go
Happiness lies in your own hand
It took me much too long to understand
How it could be
Until you shared your secret with me
Mmm mmm (skip for the first two times)
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over me
My baby's got a secret
You gave me back the paradise
That I thought I lost for good
You helped me find the reasons why
It took me by surprise that you understood
You knew all along
What I never wanted to say
Until I learned to love myself
I was never ever lovin' anybody else
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret for me
Mmm mmm, mmm mmm, mmm mmm”


Special Guest Stars:
DOMINIC PURCELL as Detective JOHN DOE (Prison Break)
MITCH PILEGGI as Morrissey (The X-Files)
DEAN CAIN as KYLE BENNETT, Jr. (Lois & Clark)
Also Starring:
DEBORAH KELLNER as BECKIE (Dallas: J.R. Returns)
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Coming soon:


Karin Schill

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I've caught up now.
Great to see Abby make an appearance. :D
Looking forward to find out more what's up her sleeve.

I am really glad that Ray woke up. He will get better now I trust.

Shania and Mandy are super annoying. Ugh!

Sue Ellen seems happy with Dusty.

Betsy is being conned for sure. I think she can use Lucy's help.

The time line is moving real fast in your story. I only now realized that Bobby and Betsy were no longer 16 but 20. :oops:

Cally and Ellie moving into Southfork is bound to cause some drama. I love that.

Poor Lucas getting kidnapped. Let's hope Bobby can get him back.

Looking forward to find out what happens next. :)
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Time for another episode (finally!). This the last episode, therefore the Season 5 cliffhanger. Enjoy it (especially @Karin Schill and @Jessie! Thanks in advance!).

Episode 27:


(Close shot of Mandy taking several things out from her purse.)

Mandy (muttering to herself): Well, well, I think I have everything here. Finally, the tight time has come and tonight, justice will be made... (She puts the papers inside the purse and, when the driver opens the door, she gets out of it slowly and calmly. General shot of the limo arriving at the Oil Barons´ Ball building from the view of one of the doormen. Medium shot of him taking a cell out of his pocket and talking to someone):
Doorman: She´s here. Yes I´m sure. Ok.
Driver (closing the car´s door): Enjoy the party, Ms. Winger.
Mandy (turning to him): Oh thank you. I will. Believe me...I will. (She smiles ear to ear. The doorman he hangs up and watches the woman walking towards the door...)
Doorman: Good evening, madam.
M.: Thank you...I´m so sorry to be late.
Doorman: The dinner has just started. You have all night long to have fun.
M: Thank you (taking a 20-dollar note out of her purse and handing it to him). I hope you can have fun too when you end you´re finished.
Doorman: Thank you (he smiles and watches her walking inside).


(General shot of the Oil Barons´ Ball-room. Close shot of Shania talking to one woman at her table. The doorman shows up at the entrance door and their eyes meet: the man nods and she smiles.)

Shania: I must go to the ladies´ room. Will you excuse me please...(She smiles and walks towards the hall. Zoom into her face, which expresses anxiety. Finally, she sees her at the end of the corridor, leaving her coat at the wardrobe. Her eyes twinkle and she tires to hide behind a plant. She gets her hand into her purse and holds her gun. The camera pans away to another table: the one for the Ewings and Barneses.)
Cliff: I forgot I had to make an important call to Europe... (reaching for his cell in his pocket...)
Afton: Cliff Barnes, please give me that cell and don´t dare to spoil the party to anyone. Business must be left out of family time and this is family time, isn´t it Beckie?
Beckie: I think Mama is right this time, Dad...
Afton (taking the cell from Cliff´s hand): I´ll leave it at the wardrobe, I´ll be back in a minute...
Pam: Don´t be long Afton...John Ross is going to name this year´s winners of the Jock Ewing scholarship and then, it´ll be Cliff´s turn with Digger´s one...
Afton: Don´t worry, Pam. It will take me just a minute...(She stands up and walks to the hall.)


(Mandy is already at the wardrobe. When Afton gets there, Mandy is giving a tip to Cindy, one of the wardrobe girls, before walking inside).

Afton (smiling at the girl closest to her): Hello Cindy!
Cindy: Good evening Mrs. Barnes! (Mandy overhears the name and stops, while brushing her face). Are you having a good time?
Afton: Wonderful time Cindy, thank you! I just wanted to let Cliff´s cell phone in his coat (she gives Cindy the receipt for Cliff´s coat. Then the girl gives Afton the coat and she puts the cell into one of the pockets, and gives it back to Cindy).
Mandy (addressing to Afton): Excuse me lady, you said you´re Cliff Barnes´ wife? Sorry if I´m being nosey...
Afton (after looking up and down the woman, dressed to kill): Oh...never mind. Have we met before?
Mandy: Actually not. But I used to date your husband...in fact, I was his alibi when Bobby Ewing was shot...but that was long, long time ago.
Afton (thinking pensively): O mine...I had almost forgotten those days...So you were my replacement...I had just left Cliff when you appeared in his life. Then all he needed was someone to do the household work and warm up his bed...Fortunately, he has changed very much since then...
Mandy: Oh really? Maybe we could update each other after dinner...
Afton (smiling a wicked smile): I don´t think so miss...
Mandy: Winger, Mandy Winger.
Afton: Now we´re a well-respected family and we can´t be seen in public with anyone...You´re the same Winger lady who was J.R.´s mistress and recently did the nude photos, am I wrong?
Mandy (slightly blushing up): Oh no, you´re right. I think that you have to be proud of what you have...if you are in a good shape, of course...
Afton: Well, miss Winger, it´s been an interesting talk. Maybe you do should come and see us at our table. Though I´m not sure that Cliff will be able to recognize your face...(she smiles wickedly again and leaves. Afton walks into the ball-room again and, when Mandy is about to turn right too, she hears someone calling her name: it´s Shania. Close-up of Mandy, shocked to see the gun Shania is pointing at her).
M.: But, what are you doing here darlin´?
S.: Turn around and walk towards the lift, "Mama"...and remember I will be pointing at you...(She does as she is told and both woman stop at the elevator door) Now we will get into this elevator, ok? (Pushing the open button)
M.: Honey, what´s wrong? Did anything happen to you?
S.: I said get in there!! (Showing the gun to her. Both women get into the elevator. The doors close)


(Mandy is frightened by the whole situation but, while she watches Shania´s hand holding the gun, tries to smile and whispering, she begs her…)

Mandy: Shania sweetheart, please pull away that gun and open the doors…
Shania (looking at her with despise in her eyes): No I won´t. We´ll go up all the way… (she pulls the button of the last feet. Mandy looks still more scared).
Mandy: My little baby, I know you have been going through an awful lot since you were a little girl…and I do know I´m partly responsible for that.
Shania (suddenly taking her purse away): Oh really, you know? I´m gonna tell you something “Mama”: if you weren’t my mother, I´d kill you right here and now!
Mandy (swallowing saliva): Ok, ok, I´ve had enough. Obviously you didn’t have your pills today, give me my purse, I always have one bottle of your pills in my…
Shania (her eyes wide open): I don´t need those pills. Not anymore. From now on, I will take control of my life and I won´t let anyone, anyone at all! tell me what to do or what to say…or what to feel. If you want your purse, just pick it up… (she throws it towards the right door, and its contents are dispersed all over the elevator floor. A yellow envelope is among the usual things.)
Shania (picking up the yellow envelope with her hands): Oh, what is this?
Mandy: Nothing, dear. Just nothing. Please give it back to me…
Shania: Nothing? You´re sweating too much for something that means nothing to you… (She drops the envelope through the elevator slot, very carefully) Bye-bye nothing! (Shania smiles again and Mandy is petrified. Suddenly, Shania pushes the stop button, ensuring it will remain that way for awhile. Then she takes the gun and points at Mandy´s face with it.) Any final words?
Mandy (almost crying): Shania, calm down. Everything will be alright. Now let´s go back to the Ball, or better, let´s go home together…
Shania (with a cold look in her face): Do you think that everything will go back to normal after this? After what you made me do to Sue Ellen last year?
Mandy (inhaling): Shania, that was a misunderstanding: I didn’t want you to kill Sue Ellen or anobody. I just told you to make her drink again…That was our plan…You were the one who forced her to overdose, to take those pills and vodka that almost killed her…
Shania: Of course it was me! Because “she” didn´t want to hurt Sue Ellen at all! “She” was almost in love with her, they had a mother-daughter relationship. And as usual, I was the one who had to do the dirty work…Like now…
Mandy: No, you´re wrong. Let me tell you what I´m gonna do tonight. You´ll love my plan…
Shania: Are you gonna take your clothes off at the Ball too? You disgusting bitch!
Mandy (outraged): All I did, I did it for you. I did it for you to have what belongs to you. You are a Ewing, and deserve to live like one. I have the papers to prove it, here in my purse… (She slowly puts on her knees and takes a handful of papers. Unexpectedly, Mandy uses an anti-rape spray all over the face of Shania and knocks the gun away from them. Shania is unconscious for a few seconds and Mandy, holding the gun now, pushes the button to the main hall. She takes some pills out of her purse and obliges Shania to swallow them) Ok, that´s what you needed. Now it´s time to get out of here as soon as possible. Damned bitch, you have to go back to the sanitarium… (The elevator finally opens its doors and both women get out, Shania barely walking on her own, but Mandy helps her way to the ladies room and leaves quietly…)


(A few seconds later, Shania hears a voice out of the blue):

Marilee: Honey, are you alright? Too much liquor tonight? Hope you didn´t mix, sometimes I think that you young people only can do well one thing…
Shania: Who…where…what am I doing here? (She notices the woman´s high-browed surprise) Oh yeah, I just had too much bourbon and it´s not my thing…(She quickly checks out her make-up and her gown) By the way, do you know what´s going on on stage? Who´s talking now?
Marilee (laughing stridently): Oh nobody, just that cocky John Ross Ewing… (Shania takes her purse, notices the gun is not there and rushes back to the Ball-room.) If his father could see what a loser his son has become…Oh would you believe it if I said that J.R. Ewing once wanted to marry me…? Honey? Honey!!


(The camera pans away through the ball-room full of people in fancy dresses. Then it cuts to a mid shot of John Ross talking at the stage.)

John Ross: …Dear friends, this would have been a perfect evening if my dear father had been with us. As you all know, he was a hard act to follow…(Cut to a close shot of Cliff)
Cliff (grunting): Where does he think he is, in the Oscar Gala?
Afton: Honey, don´t get angry, now it´s your turn…
Cliff: …Tell me, Afton: was J.R. a hard act to follow…in any sense? (Afton just rolls her eyes, and claps: now Christopher is joining his cousin by his request, and then Bobby too, who is obviously embarrassed. Shania looks at the press table while listening to John Ross)
John Ross: And now, the last person who joined our family…It´s a woman and I must say she´s a pretty one…She´s also a Ewing but we didn´t know about her until today (Shania abruptly stops and her heart stops too, for a second)… John Ross notices that Shania is the only woman standing there and gives her a kind smile from the distance. Shania´s hand begins to tremble and Pam, sitting at the Ewings´ table, turns around and notices her too. Finally, John Ross continues…)
Chris: Please John Ross don´t…
John Ross: Why not? She has all the right to be here too…(then he talks to the mike again) The woman who should be with us today is…Chris´s wife Jane, who will soon come back to Dallas…and who is gonna make me a happy uncle. My dear cousin Christopher and his wife Jane are going to have a baby. Let´s welcome that baby with a big applause… (Bobby looks at Chris and realizes that John Ross is being rather indiscreet about his cousin.
Bobby thanks the people present for their applause while Shania turns around and heads the exit. Pam has a strange feeling about her and goes after her…But, when Pam arrives at the door, the guard tells her that she left in a taxi. Pam looks concerned…Fade out and end of Act One.)


(Long left-to-right establishing shot of the city at night. We hear someone knocking on a door...Cut to a shot of door being open. We see that the person behind that door is Shania, and the person who opened the door is her new friend Tyler.)

Shania: Hi. Thank you for letting me in.
Tyler (smiling at her while he shows her way in): Sure. Your call scared me a bit. What´s wrong?
Shania: Nothing...I mean, something...has happened to me. There´s somebody who wants to hurt me and I...didn´t want to stay alone at home.
Tyler: Don´t worry. I was bored to death. Sit down. Would you like something hot to drink? A glass of milk?
Shania: Do you have any herbs? Maybe a chamomile?
Tyler: Well, I don´t think so, but a glass of milk with honey will do you good.
Shania: Ok, that´s fine... (She looks around, as she sits down in the sofa) It´s a nice place. Do you own it?
Tyler (from the kitchen): Oh no, it´s just an apart-hotel, I stay here when I have to come for work.... (Shania sighs) It´s getting ready, just wait for a minute. (He sits down by her side) So what´s happened?
Shania: Somebody from my past has come back. She made my life terrible and is sort of stalking me... (Tyler frowns) Could I spend the night with you? I mean...here? I´ll sleep on the sofa.
Tyler: Oh no, you sleep in my bed, I´ll sleep here.
Shania: No, I can´t let you do it... (Tyler caresses her face)
Tyler: Listen, Shania, I just wanted to tell you...that I´m sorry for pushing you the night we went to your office...
Shania: Oh that...It´s been a long time since I was with a guy...I just wasn´t ready for that, yet.
Tyler: Ok, something came to my mind: Why don´t we spend the weekend together? It´s Friday night, and you can stay here if you like. Tomorrow I´ll go with you at your apartment, so you can change your clothes, and we can go to Galveston, and spend the whole day there. What about it?
Shania: I´d love something like that... (smiling a sad smile)
Tyler: Done then. I´m going to bring you the glass of milk. Just stay here. (Tyler gets up and goes back to the kitchen. Shania looks upset again when she remembers what happened with Mandy...)


(Medium shot of Sue Ellen in a cloth, talking on the cell)

Sue Ellen: Hi Pam, it´s me, Sue Ellen. I must talk to you as soon as possible. I´ve found out something terrible about Shania that might affect our lives for worse. I guess you must still be at the Oil Baron´s Ball, please call me when you hear this message. Thank you Pam. (Sue Ellen turns around when she hears someone´s steps)
Dusty: Do you know what time it is Sue Ellen? Here in Paris and also in Dallas...
Sue Ellen: I just had to try to find Pam but I got her voice mail. I´m so worried about all this affaire, Dusty. That woman tried to kill me and who knows what she can do now...and she might be Mandy Winger´s daughter!
Dusty: The only thing you do know for sure is that Shania is being treated from bipolarity and she might be recovered. You have no proof that she killed her grandmother or the guard she was dating...
Sue Ellen: And I don´t have proof that she didn´t either! It´s my safety what we´re talking about now, Dusty. This girl might have used my sympathy toward her to get into my life and then, in her insanity, think she has to kill me off...
Dusty (making her sit down over their bed): Sue Ellen, please look at me: what if someone had believed, when J.R. was shot, that you were the one who tried to kill me?
Sue Ellen: They did. The whole family did. Only you believed I was innocent and bailed me out.
Dusty: Yes, because I knew that someone capable to give so much love never could murder anyone. You deserve the benefit of doubt, and so does Shania. Do me a favor, to me and to yourself. Don´t rush and do anything that might be unfair to Shania. Let´s wait until tomorrow, or the day past tomorrow. When we´re back in Dallas, we´ll talk to her. You and I. But don´t let your temper take the control of this convoluted situation. I´m sure everything has an explanation...
Sue Ellen: All right, Dusty (holding him). I just want everything go back to normal...
Dusty: And it will, I promise... (sweetly touching her hair)


(General shot of the crowd dancing in the dance-floor. Then it cuts to a medium shot of Pam walking to the table where she is in company of Lucy, Val, and Gary.)

Lucy: Oh Pam, you´re back. Could you talk to Bob?
Pam: No Lucy, I wish I could...
Valene: Don´t worry Pam, I´m sure he will find Lucas and will bring him home.
Pam: Bobby told me he wouldn´t turn the cell phone off. He´d text me if something new happened, but I don´t know anything since we left home.
Gary: Val is right: there´s no point in getting worried now. He´ll probably come home tomorrow (his cell text alarm rings). Ooops, speaking of text messages...I must read this, excuse me.
Lucy: Pam, are you worried about Bob or about what may happen if he finds Lucas?
Pam (smiling at her): Well, Lucy, I guess that´s 50/50, but honeslty I want to know what kind of person Lucas is. I mean, he was living at next door´s ranch last year, and he didn´t dare to give us any sign of life. He rescued his boss from the fire and saved his life, but then he vanished. Why? And I also think, is his sister Charlie with him?
Val: Pam, I think I know the way you feel. Now that Chris has come home finally, you find out about Lucas and are afraid that there might be some kind of trouble between them...but remember: he´s been raised by Ray and Jenna, and no matter what kind of person he is: he will be happy to get to know you both. After all, Bobby´s his natural father. (Then Val stops talking as she notices something strange in Gary´s face, talking on the phone at the other corner of the ballroom.) Sorry, I´ll be right back, girls...(Val walks towards Gary and he puts his cell phone back into his pocket.)
Val: Is anything wrong Gary?
Gary: Valene, remember what happened a couple of years ago, when I was kidnapped by the sons of that guy from California who beated me? (She nods) And your mistrust when I told you a lie trying to keep it away from you?
Val: Yes. Gary, now you´re scaring the hell out of me...
Gary: Bobby´s got a problem and I must go home, pick up a few things and go help him. I´ll let you a note over the nighttable. I´ll tell you all I know there. I don´t want to feel your mistrust again, Valene. I love you... (They kiss and he leaves the place, letting Val deeply concerned.

(To Be Continued)


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(Pam´s chaffeur is driving her elegant but relatively small black limo through the Dallas downtown. Subtitle: "3 days later".

Pam: I´m happy to hear you Dusty. How´s Sue Ellen?
Dusty: She´s still regretting to have come to Paris. The air traffic controllers´ strike doesn´t seem to be ending anytime soon.
Pam: If I know Sue Ellen, she must be trying to buy a jet or something like that...
Dusty: Actually I tried to talk her out of it. You do know her Pam! How´s Bob?
Pam: Ok I guess.
Dusty: Anything wrong?
Pam: Well, he showed up at Southfork two days ago with Jenna´s son and daughter...We even though the boy, Lucas, had been kidnapped.
Dusty: I remember Sue Ellen told me once that Jenna Wade was your least favorite person...
Pam: Don´t misunderstand me Dusty: I´m really sorry she died in that horrible accident in Nice long ago. But her daughter Charlie is a complicated person and...her son...is Bobby´s son too.
Dusty: I´m sure you´ll handle all this greatly Pam.
Pam: Thanks for being more sure than I am! I have to ask you for a big favor...
Dusty: Just say it.
Pam: Would you keep Sue Ellen for a few days there? I want to solve the Shania affair my own way.
Pam: Great!
Dusty: ...but if Sue Ellen flies to Dallas and spoils your plan, there´ll be nothing we can do. Neither you, nor me. Shania has gone through long painful times in her life, and it´s hard to live with her disease.
Pam: I know Dusty. We´ve just come out of the lab where Shania´s DNA is going to be tested. I´ve also had Mandy Winger her own DNA tested, so we can find out if she actually is Shania´s mother, or just her victim. It´s a matter of time for us to know if there´s another Ewing heir or not. But I´ll try to be fair...


(The camera tilts down on the building´s façade. Subtitle: "3 days later". A taxi parks in front of the main entrance and Mandy Winger gets off the car, wearing a fur coat. When she walks toward the door, Shania comes out of the blue)

Shania: Hey you!
Mandy (nervous): Oh you scared me honey.
Shania: Don´t play Big Mama, it´s time for truth. After all these years, I´ll find out who the hell you are!
Mandy: Was it you who scared me at the underground park lot two days ago? I almost had a heart attack...
Shania: I was waiting for you because I wanted to tell you something: if I find out that you have spent these last years lying and manipulating me, you´ll have nowhere to hide from me! I´ll make your life a hell and you´ll wish you want to be dead. So if you have something to tell me before knowing the results of the tests, speak now...(Mandy gasps and looks up the building and then back to Shania´s face)


(Shania and Mandy join Pam at the laboratory´s waiting-room.)

Pam: I´m glad you´re here. Both of you. I was not sure you´d come Mandy.
Mandy: I have nothing to be ashamed of Pam.
Pam: Well, we should go inside and talk to Dr. Glassman. (Mandy looks at Shania and Shania looks at Pam)
Shania (self-assured): I´m ready. (The three women are received by the doctor who supervised the DNA tests. He kindly says hello to them and the four sit down)
Doctor: J.R. Ewing was a very foresighted man. When he was shot in 1980, he made sure that we kept a large amount of his blood in the hospital in case his son John Ross might need a transfusion in the future. He had a rare blood type and it´s been a very easy task performing these DNA tests (Mandy begins to sweat and her eyes are wet).
Shania: Doctor, she has just told me she´s NOT my mother. If the test confirmed this, please only tell if I J.R. Ewing was my father.
Doctor (Pam looks at Shania and holds her hand): Well then. Miss Wyatt, you ARE J.R. Ewing´s daughter. (Pam´s eyes open widely and stares at Shania, while Mandy gets up and walks away...The camera follows her path in a subjective shot and, when the elevator door seems to take too long, she walks downstairs as she cries. Suddenly, she stops and leans on a wall and cleans up her face. But she keeps crying in despair. Meanwhile, Pam and Shania come out of the lab...)
Shania: She told me she miscarried a baby before coming to Dallas. She fell for an older, married man, and he used and abused her.
Pam: That´s no excuse for what she did to you Shania.
Shania: I know...I know. But meeting J.R. became the last chance for her. She thought she´d become his wife and have his children...
Pam: And...it never happened. (Pam looks down) Take it easy Shania. I can help you to overcome this.
Shania: When she left for Hollywood, she was did a lot of horrible things, and she was involved in the WestStar débàcle. She got away with that too, despite using her connections to spy for the company´s big boss (like speaking in dreams) And one day, she met that blonde woman, who had met J.R. and had given birth to...me. And they made an agreement. A wicked, twisted agreement. And Mandy began to pose as my mother. She came to visit me at the clinic, and eventually, I wanted her to be my mother, the one I had never met. She was beautiful and sounded so sincere...And Sue Ellen checked herself into the clinic to get over her depression. (Pam holds Shania tightly and the latter begins to cry on her shoulder. Fade out)


(The song "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins begins to play over the montage of the scenes that happened but could not be included in this episode. Most of them will be mentioned or remembered as flashbacks in the next episode and Season 6 Premiere)

"How can I just let you walk away, just let you leave without a trace
When I stand here taking every breath with you, ooh
You're the only one who really knew me at all
How can you just walk away from me,
When all I can do is watch you leave
Cause we've shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears
You're the only one who really knew me at all
So take a look at me now, oh there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
Just the memory of your face
Ooh take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space
And you coming back to me is against the odds and that's what I've got to face
I wish I could just make you turn around,
Turn around and see me cry
There's so much I need to say to you,
So many reasons why
You're the only one who really knew me at all
So take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of your face
Now take a look at me now, cause there's just an empty space
But to wait for you, is all I can do and that's what I've got to face
Take a good look at me now, cause I'll still be standing here
And you coming back to me is against all odds
It's the chance I've gotta take
Take a look at me now..."​

(Scenes included in the montage: The camera zooms into Shania´s enigmatic face, looking out an airplane window, ready to fly to New York with his new boyfriend Tyler; then we see Valene burning a letter signed by Gary in their homeplace as she cries silently; we get into a church where a couple has just married and we see their faces after they kiss: Rebecca and his fiancé Kent, and Afton giving teary-eyed Cliff a handkerchief; after that, we go back to Southfork, where Bob is watching his two sons riding together, with Pam at her side, looking at the window of Charlie´s room, who is spying on them; John Ross and his brand new wife Andrea walk out of the aisle, but a hitman shoots her and blood stains her white dress; Abby kiss Gary passionately; his son Bobby says goodbye to his boyfriend Will in tears; John Ross holds his gun firmly and turns around a corner, and a shot is heard; Sue Ellen is following Mandy on the street and, when she sees her stop a taxi, she cries out loud: "Mandy Winger!" Mandy turns around and a car going towards them brakes suddenly: we only see the alarmed face of the driver; after that, there is a close shot of Gary´s daughter Betsy waking up at a dimly place after a man's voice says "open your eyes"; fade to black.)


(Subtitle: "3 years later". Aerial shot zooming over the Dallas County Prison and fade into the next scene. The camera doesn´t show us the face of the character in the whole scene. The corrections officer hears the inside door being opened and turns around)

Officer: Time to go back home Ewing (he gives him his personal belongings, including a Rolex watch with a big E printed on it. The camera shows his hands putting his watch on, as well as his wedding ring.) I hope it wasn´t too difficult to you in there, you know... (The man nods and puts his jacket and his hat on. Then he takes his backpack and we see his feet stepping the ground of the prison for last time. Fade into the next scene. The camera shows a long-distance shot of the prison metal door. The door is opened from the prison officer and the mystery man walks out of there. He stands in the middle of the road and looks a both sides. Nobody is there waiting for him. He turns on the left and walks as another aerial shot pans away until the man can hardly be seen.)

End of Episode 27

Special Guest Stars:
Also Starring:
DEBORAH KELLNER as BECKIE (Dallas: J.R. Returns)
RYAN CARNES as LUCAS (Desperate Housewives)
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