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PS: Gaga, Beyonce and Taylor -- all three Leo Risings.

Oh, those Leo Risings -- so many energetic celebrities, and the most preeminent pop stars, are Leo Risings.

Rising sign (based on birth time) is kind of the catalyst of the horoscopic make-up (some consider it the "mask," but it affects the substance a bit more than that). Leo Rising pop stars:

Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Elton John
Celine Deon
Lance Bass (does he count?)
Sam Smith (Sun in Taurus/Leo Rising, like Lance Bass)
Demi Lavato
Nick Jonas
Art Garfunkel
Tina Turner
Freddie Mercury
Steve Perry
Marilyn Manson
Dennis Wilson
Justin Timberlake
Josh Groban
Donna Summer

...and many more. And many wonderful composers, too. Even if the vocals were (sometimes) debatable, their performance sense is at an optimum.

All have different Sun/Moon pairings, by the way.

And the women generally live to be 135.

"Runaway" notwithstanding, Charlene could've maybe done it with the right voice and the right producer... which, obviously, she didn't have:

But don't let Leo Risings become heads-of-state (or run your hedge fund). The 3 worst presidents of the last 60 years (LBJ, Dubya, Trump) were Leo Rising (and don't get me started on Tony Blair!). And, funnily enough, nearly every celebrity who went after Trump publicly (at least during his first term) were also Leo Risings!