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What if Pam never turned around in the shower? What if they began Dallas TNT from the prospective that Pam had a mental breakdown and dreamed she saw Bobby again and everything which followed was a dream, thus the dream season was cannon again?

After the explosion, JR spent years by Sue Ellen’s side as she regained her life and he grew into the man his father had been. He also expanded the company, back into Ewing Enterprises with Ewing Oil as one subsidiary, along with the South Fork Cattle Company.

We return to Dallas in 2012:

J.R.: owns 30% of EE in trust for John Ross, as well as the South Fork house. John Ross is married to Amy Anderson and has 3 young children living in a mansion in Dallas and staying weekends and such at South Fork. He runs EE while JR is “retired.”

Bobby: Pam is in a mental institution much like Amanda, JR controls his trust with 30% of EE for Christoper. Mark was killed and Pam broke down into a catatonic and delusional state. JR bankrupted the Wentworth companies, gobbling up all the pieces. He takes care of Pam in an institution for Bobby while Cliff and Katherine rot in prison. JR and Sue Ellen raise Christopher after Pam’s breakdown as a Ewing, JR looking at him as all he has left of his brother. Christopher also looks up to JR and tries to be like him, while John Ross always backs his “brother” despite disagreeing with him in business most of the time. Chris has recently taken over as President of Ewing mining, getting into lithium and looking to create the Ewing Motor Company. He still lives at South Fork.

Gary: owns 10% of EE in a trust controlled by Lucy to benefit himself, Lucy and the twins, the premise is she has also been married several times and is now a wealthy woman on her own living in NYC.

Miss Ellie: her 10% of EE went to set up the Ellie and Clayton Farlow Foundation (along with all of Clayton’s money) and is controlled by Lucy.

Ray: moved to Virginia to ranch on his own where Donna has been Secretary of Energy and is a U.S. Senator. His 10% of EE sits in trust for Tony and Margret Krebs.

Jack: Jack and his wife died in a car crash and his daughter, Nancy Ewing, showed up in Dallas with 10% of EE and JR and Sue Ellen adopted her. She moved into South Fork and is like a sister to the boys. She has arranged to buy Ray’s shares and now wants to buy out Gary

J. Paul Wendell (Jeremy’s son) is married to Pamela Barnes (Cliff and Jamie’s daughter) and the feud is about to be rekindled.

Just an idea ……

Karin Schill

I miss the "creative" rating that we used to have. Since your idea is "creative" IMHO.

So I guess this means that Bobby is still dead?
You had me confused for a moment there when you listed "Bobby" but after reading the description several times I understood it like he was dead and this is what happened to his family.

I don't get why Cliff ended up in prison in this version. There was nothing in the dream season that indicated he'd end up there. If anything he and Jamie were happy together. Also how can he have a daughter with Jamie if Jamie died in the end of the dream season?

Poor Pam back in the nuthouse again.

Jock's Ghost

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Erase all the post Bobby returns years, save for Wes Parmalee, I liked that story; hells yeah! But your premise was based soley on the return of Victoria Principal, although Margret Michaels still gotta eat...

A little too much intermingling and twisty. Wendell prided himself on having never been married.....
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