Dallas Character JR/Mandy questions


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We all know JR was a horny animal. He was the horniest for Mandy. The second he laid eyes on her he was doing anything to have sex with her (bringing her flowers, asking her out for dates, etc). Then when he did at that hotel, he loved it so much that he badly wanted more go arounds in bed with Mandy (he was always showing up at her place, always calling her, etc).

1.) Do you think Mandy got truly annoyed with how JR was desperately persistent in how he was sexually starving for her? I'm not just talking before they became lovers, but he was even more so like this while they were lovers. I know she enjoyed him too, but do you think she got annoyed with how he was constantly lusting for her or do you think she loved the attention?

2.) What did JR enjoy the most about Mandy sexually? What was it about her specificially that aroused him the most when he was with her or was lusting for her?

3.) What kind of sex life did they have? Was it wild like Jr's and Kristin Shepard's?