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Well, my mother was sick for a long time so by the end, she was ready to go. But thank you. I just remember being ticked off that she had done something like that for me, and years later, I now see what she was trying to do.

But when I talk to younger people, that is what they do. Prom and Homecoming are no big deal. They go with a group of girls and have fun. But I know people that think that girls should have a date, period.

Yes, that situation with Ann is going to get even more interesting!

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Chapter 10

An alarm woke Ann at the hour of six. She slowly sat up and heard the shower running. Oh God. She was still here in this strange world and she was still losing time. She didn’t even remember leaving Bobby and Pam’s party the other night.

She looked down at herself and realized she was still wearing her pink shirt and shorts. Why?

Ann opened the door and found Ella and Emma beginning to get ready for the day. They had a shared bathroom and she could hear arguing. She also heard Champ growl…probably at Emma. Ann opened Ella’s door and Champ saw her. He came out, ready for breakfast from one of his favorite people, for the day.

A half hour later, after making coffee and drinking a strong cup, she had fixed a nice breakfast of toast, hash browns, bacon, eggs and fruit. She set out orange juice and looked on her phone under Google. Maybe if she Googled ‘Bobby Ewing’ or Walter Skinner’ she would find out where she worked and what she was supposed to wear.

She heard Harris’s voice out in the dining room and looked down at Champ. He was eating a nice breakfast of bacon, mixed with eggs. Ann had thrown away his diet food and given him fresh water. Ann made her way out of the kitchen, just as Harris was looking at Emma, who had sat down and was giving him the silent treatment. Ella spoke.

“Thank you, Daddy, for letting me go to prom with Meg and the other girls.”

Harris, who had been looking at Emma, looked over at Ella.

“Yes,” he said in a tight voice, “your mother and I came to an agreement. You can go, and you can also go to the movies tonight.”

Ella looked confused.

“On a school night?”

“Yes.” Harris said, now smiling at her. “Do you think Meg and you can rustle up some of those friends of yours to see a movie or something?”

“Yes!” Ella said, staring at him as if he were a stranger. Harris then looked at Emma.

“You know, I would rather die than hit you. You know that, don’t you?”

Emma nodded.

“You scared your mother and me last night. I’m sorry.” Harris told her.

“Mom told me you were. She also said I could have the jeep from Grandma. Oh and I’ll be out tonight as well.” she beamed. Ann looked from her phone and at her! She said Emma could have the jeep?

Harris looked at Ann and smiled!

“Well it looks like last night was very productive. Annie, you’re going to change so we can go into work?”

“We drive in together?”

“It makes sense.” Ella said. “Since you two are in the same building. Daddy, I would like to drive to school today but Emma always takes over the wheel.”

“Emma,” Ann said to her, sensing that she had not given permission for Emma to do anything, “let your sister drive.”

“She drives the speed limit!” Emma complained and then realized that was the wrong thing to say. Both Harris and Ann gave her a look and Ella smiled, happy to see that for once, Emma’s bitch like colors were being seen.

“Okay. I guess I can do that since I’m getting a JEEP!” she announced, smiling at Ann and getting up from the table. Ella got up, hugged both Harris and Ann, before going back upstairs. Harris now focused on Ann.

“You’re changing? We have about twenty minutes.”

“Yes.” Ann said and began to walk out of the dining room, when Harris said something else horrifying…

“And don’t forget our therapy session with Dr. Wade at 12:30.” Harris said, now getting up from the table. He grabbed some bacon just as Champ wandered out of the kitchen. Harris saw him and called upstairs.

“Ella, you walk this dog before you leave, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Daddy!” Ella called down. Harris looked at Ann again.

“You’d better get going…”

“We’re in therapy? Like marriage counseling?” Ann asked.

“Honey, have you taken that pill today?”

“I don’t need any pills, Harris! It was just that drink from the other night left me kind of foggy. I’ll get ready.” Ann said and turned back towards the stairs. She was in marriage counseling with Harris, she worked for his cousin and Bobby and Emma was up to something! Could this world she was in get any worse?

But, Ella was happy. There was that.


Harris drove like a bat out of hell on the highway and didn’t care that he did. He had that in common with the Harris she had always known! He was talking on a hands free phone about business and yelling at people, mainly about the yoga drink. Ann ignored him and adjusted her make up in her compact mirror. She would be seeing Bobby this morning and wanted to look her best.

Ann scarcely noticed when Harris hung up and noticed her make up check.

“So you have a new client this morning?” he asked, half glancing over at her.

“Yes.” she lied. Ann had no idea what they were doing exactly. She reached for her phone and Googled Bobby and Walter’s names…

She then gasped and Harris looked over at her!

“Annie? What is it?”

“Nothing. I just was looking at the company website and I think the hours are wrong.” she lied. Yes, the hours for the Skinner Investigations. The motto said they look into the real and surreal! What the hell did ‘surreal’ mean???

“Well you’d better let cousin Walt take care of that. And you let me know if Bobby doesn’t apologize to you for Pam’s crappy drink! She thinks your meds may have affected you and that the drink isn’t just shit! Karen had a seizure! How does she explain that?”

Ann said nothing and watched as Harris did not signal, got a horn blown at him and sped into an undercar garage. Once parked, they both got out and Ann realized she had no idea what floor this investigation place, was. She pulled out her phone once they got on the elevator. Harris hit ’12’ and she realized she was on ’10’. She hit that and waited.

“I know you don’t like the sessions, Annie. I appreciate you going along with this. I didn’t know what else to do.” Harris said in a tone that made Annie stare at him. He had sounded almost anguished.

“It’s fine, Harris. I’ll meet you at 12:30.” Ann replied. She would look up this ‘Dr. Wade’ online and see if she could find her office.

“I just wish I could take back what we did that day.” Harris said.

“Take back what?” Ann asked.

“Annie, blocking out how irresponsible we were, isn’t going to help things. Or our family.”

“Why don’t you just say it? Maybe I’m having trouble dealing with it because neither one of us has said it out loud.” Ann said, tiring of the innuendo. But she knew it was not innuendo. She was supposed to know what Harris was talking about.

“Alright, fine. We had a foursome with Walter and Dana, forgot the time, forgot to pick up Todd and now he’s dead! Now you say it out loud, Annie!”

But Ann was too appalled to speak! The elevator came to her floor and she started to get out, but Harris grabbed her arm!

“You say it too!” he almost snarled. Ann’s response to that was to slap him across the face, before leaving the elevator! She didn’t look back as she headed to the door that said ’Skinner Confidential Investigations’! She and Harris were busy having sex with Walter and his wife??? How could they do such a thing??? There was not enough therapy in the world that would wipe away guilt over that! She wanted out of this world and back to her life with Bobby on Southfork!

But she had shot Harris. What kind of world would she come back to? One where she was in a prison cell?

Ann composed herself and opened the door to the office. The first thing she noticed was that Dana was the secretary. Somehow seeing her at that moment, made what Harris told her seem worse.

“Ann? How are you? I know that Yoga drink hit you pretty hard.” she said. Ann just stared at her. Walter and Bobby came out of offices to look at her as well.

“Ann?” Bobby asked. “Are you alright? Maybe you should go home?” Bobby suggested. But Walter had something different to say. Something that Ann found more shocking than Harris’s elevator confession.

“No. Ann’s not going home. We’re all going to sit down and figure out how to get back to our real lives.” he said. Ann looked from Dana to him.

“Real lives?”

“You aren’t the Ann we know, are you?” Walter asked calmly. Dana stood up from her desk and peered at her too. Ann looked from the both of them to Bobby.

“Bobby?” Ann questioned.

Bobby shrugged.

“I don’t even know who Pam is! I am married to a woman named Jenna Wade, who just happens to be your marriage counselor. I want to go home just as badly as you do, Ann.” he said.

“So…none of you belong here?” Ann asked, feeling an odd sense of relief.

“No,” Walter said, rolling up his shirt sleeves. “But Dana and I are trying to find some pattern or way to correct the problem.”

“The problem? I think you’re understating it, Walter!” Ann yelled. “I left a world where I am married to Bobby here and shot Harris for stealing Emma from me! I come into a world where I have twin girls, a dead son and a husband that is not as mean as the Harris I know, is. Though there are similarities.”

“There always will be.” Walter said. “But you said you shot Harris?”

“He is your cousin, right?” Ann asked.

“Yes. Though we’re not close. Shooting Harris is the last thing you remember before you came here?” Walter asked.

Ann nodded.

“Okay,” Walter said, “Bobby remembered being run down by a car a woman named Katherine Wentworth was driving, as he tried to save Jenna, and Dana and I saw a UFO take someone we know before we ended up here.”

Ann raised a brow and looked at Bobby who shrugged. Dana looked at Ann.

“Ann, the Ann that belongs here and myself, were taken by aliens. We were on a UFO. I think that is part of the reason this is happening. This thing is a virus, that moves different versions of people to other universes, where many of the people are the same but the relationships are not.” she said.

“Do you understand what we’re saying?” Walter asked her.

“Explain the foursome thing.” Ann said, deciding to ignore the UFO crap. Bobby looked confused.

“Foursome thing?” he asked. Ann looked at him.

“Harris just told me that our son died because we were busy having sex with Walter and Dana! Is that true?” she asked them. Dana looked down but Walter did not bat an eye.

“Yes. But it wasn’t Dana or I that was with you. Just like you weren’t really there either.”

“So only this Harris was?” Ann asked and Dana nodded.

“Okay, so how do we get back to where we belong? I love having twin girls and a dog but Harris, not so much.” Ann admitted.

“Part of getting back to where you belong, is having sexual relations with a version of some loved one that you don’t necessarily love.” Walter admitted.

Ann folded her arms.

“So you’re saying that if I have sex with Harris tonight, which is what he wants, I could go back to my real life with Bobby?”

“Maybe. I can’t be sure. It’s a theory.” Walter told her in a grim, authoritative tone.

“I don’t actually mind having sex with Pam.” Bobby admitted. Ann nodded.

“Okay. Well then by tomorrow morning, a new ‘Ann’ or the one that belongs here, will be back.” she said. “Because I’m getting this over with tonight!”

Bobby looked from Ann to Walter and Dana.

“What does that mean for us?” he asked them.

“If Ann is not who she is now, by tomorrow, then we will know for sure that three of us have to find some loathsome, familiar person to us, and have sex with them.” Walter told him.


12:30 came quickly, as she had spent the morning talking with Bobby about what he was like in her world. He seemed amazed and he compared what J.R. was like in his time, versus how Ann knew him. They seemed like the same person, if the truth be told!

Ann found out that Dr. Jenna Wade’s office was in the same building, only on the seventh floor. Ann began to feel uncomfortable, since she had slapped Harris the last time she saw him. But she told herself everything would be fine. She’d sleep with him, go home and see if he was dead from the bullet she saw go into his chest, or not.

When she entered the office, she found that Jenna and Harris were talking, as if they were old friends. They looked up when Ann entered. The secretary got up and closed the door to the office. Ann sat down in a chair next to Harris.

“Ann, I’m glad to see you here. Let’s get started.” Jenna said in a soft voice and Ann could not help but compare herself, and Pam, to Jenna. She knew who Jenna Wade was in her world. She was married to Bobby’s half brother, Ray and her father had been Lucas Wade. He had lost all of his money somehow, back in the day, leaving Jenna, his only child, penniless.

Ann smiled at her and felt Harris’s eyes on her. She knew that that elevator slap would probably come up in the ‘session’.

“Ann, why don’t you start?” Jenna asked.

“Actually, I would like for Harris to start. I realized this week that maybe I haven’t been listening to him as much as I should have been.” Ann said. Harris looked from her to Jenna, before looking at her again.

“Okay, Annie. I’ll start. I’ll start by saying that I feel as if in the last day, you’ve pulled away from me more than ever. We were getting someplace after what happened to Todd and last night, when we didn’t make love, I felt as if we were going backwards.”

Ann raised a brow.

“Harris, I was passed out from a bad drink. Otherwise…”

“You told me you wanted to wait until tonight. You slapped me in the elevator this morning, so is tonight even happening?” Harris asked in an accusatory tone.

“Yes, Ann, will you be open to intimate relations with Harris tonight?” Jenna asked and Ann looked at her, suddenly not liking this woman for more than just being a past love of Bobby’s! But she gritted her teeth, thinking about what Walter and Dana told her. She had to see herself as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She just needed to click her heels, or sleep with Harris, to get back home. Maybe, as Walter said. Hopefully, was her thought.

“Do we really have to discuss this now?” Ann asked, a bit embarrassed. “I said I would, didn’t I?”

“You don’t have to have attitude, Annie. If you don’t want to…”

“Harris, I don’t have ‘attitude’! I just don’t want to talk about that sort of thing in front of someone else! Even if she is a health care professional!” Ann sniffed, folding her arms.

“So you’re just feeling shy, Ann?” Jenna asked.

“I’m ‘feeling’ like I don’t want to discuss my sex life in front of a stranger.” she replied in a surly tone. “And I’m sorry if I seem distant or not there. I just sometimes feel as if this whole thing has happened to someone else. That’s how I get through this. By pretending it happened to someone else. I don’t mean to be that way. I love…I love all of you and I want this to work.” Ann said, thinking of the girls and Champ.

Harris reached for her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. Ann smiled wanly at him and did not pull her hand from his right away. She had not completely lied. This had happened to someone else. Another Ann. But she was so disappointed at not being able to meet her little boy that it hurt. It really hurt.

Jenna smiled softly.

“I think we’ve really accomplished something today. I want to see you back next week at the same time.”

Harris nodded and Ann pulled her hand from his. Hopefully she would not be here next week, feeling all of this pain. Hopefully the Ann that really belonged here, could bring her family back together.

She and Harris walked out of the office together and headed towards the elevator. Once inside, Ann was silent, hoping Harris wouldn’t talk because somehow she knew that would ruin their moment in the office back there.

And of course, he did…

“Dr. Wade was saying to me, before you came in, that it might help if we ask Walt and Dana to come to one of our sessions. They were just as much a part of this as we were.” he said. Ann looked at him.

“Harris, Todd was our child, not theirs. I don’t get Dr. Wade’s reasoning.”

“She thinks we need to deal with our feelings about the foursome.”

“I don’t like Dr. Wade. Maybe we should find someone else?” Ann suggested, just as the elevator came to her floor. She was about to get off when Harris grabbed her arm!

“We’re not looking for another doctor, Annie! What is the matter with you now? Why is Dr. Wade suddenly a problem?”

“Let go of me! I don’t like your tone!”

Harris let go of her.

“You’re back on your high horse, aren’t you, Annie? Like it was a threesome and you weren’t involved!”

Annie turned to slap him again but he grabbed her wrist tightly to stop her from striking him!

“You can save all of that ‘energy’ for our bed tonight, Annie!” he snapped and suddenly let her go. Ann got off of the elevator and watched his smug face disappear as the doors closed! She kicked at it, then went back to the detective agency office.

When Ann got inside, she saw no signs of Dana or Bobby. Walter was on a phone call. Ann trudged to her office and threw her purse down on her desk. Walter finished his call and came into her office.

“It didn’t go well, did it?” he asked. Ann shook her head.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do.” she said more to herself. “There are times when I hate his guts. And then there are times when I actually see glimpses of the man he could have been. I don’t know.”

Walter suddenly pulled her to him for a gentle kiss, before letting her go! Ann stared at him, stunned. Before she could say anything at all, he reached for her hand and placed a USB chord within it.

“Watch this. It may help with tonight.” was all Walter said, before heading back to his office. Ann stood stock still for another few seconds, still feeling his soft lips on hers, before she pulled herself together and walked over to her computer to sit down. It was already on and Ann reached around to plug in the chord.

A file appeared on the desktop titled ‘Smut’.

Uh oh, Ann thought. When she clicked it, there was only one item in the folder. A 6:03 video of the foursome she and Harris had with Walter and Dana Skinner.


Bobby was nice enough to drive her home. Ann could not sit in a car with Harris after viewing that video. And looking at Walter was also a chore now as well. As for Dana, Ann wondered if she had once been a gymnast in her youth?

Bobby glanced over at her as he stopped at a light.

“Walter said he showed you the video.”

Ann was looking out of the window.

“Yes. He did. You’ve seen it, I suppose?”


Ann looked over at him.

“Walter was very into me. That much was clear. Dana was in to Harris, but Harris could not have sex with her and not watch what Walter was doing to me.”

“Oh.” was Bobby’s response.

“What was all of that earlier about UFO’s and aliens? People actually come to you all wanting information about that kind of stuff?”

“They take it seriously. Apparently Walter and Dana worked for a branch of the FBI that dealt with supernatural phenomenon.”

“The FBI actually wastes money looking into that?” Ann asked, one brow raised.

“I’ve seen some things on cases that I cannot explain. Pam just thinks it’s a regular detective agency.”

“But it doesn’t say that on your website.”

“Our website, Ann. You might be sticking around awhile.” Bobby said wryly and Ann nodded and looked out of the window again.

“You told me about what J.R. and myself are like where you’re from. You said you shot Harris and why. But you’ve never said anything about how you came to meet him?”

Ann looked over at Bobby.

“It was so long ago it isn’t worth talking about.”

“Really? He’s the father of your children…”

“Bobby, he is the father of only one child! I don’t have twins with him, nor did I ever give him a son! I don’t know how to deal with all of this. The girls, yes, they are easier. But Harris…THIS Harris, is like a combination of what he used to be and what he is now.”

“How did he used to be, Ann?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Because if you want to leave here, you have to draw on some part of Harris that you cared for and wanted to be with. I think that’s why Walter showed you that video.”

Ann gave him a look of disbelief!

“Walter’s head is the only thing that’s seen in that video, Bobby. And that’s because his tongue is working it’s ‘magic’ on a certain part of my body. He did not give me that video to help me with Harris. That and he kissed me.”

“Oh. Did you tell him off?” Bobby asked.

“No.” Ann replied. “The kiss was strange. Like he half couldn’t help himself and half like it was his duty or something. I didn’t really have time to be offended. It was so quick.”

“Okay…I do know that Walter has said that you remind him of his wife.” Bobby told her.

“I remind him of Dana?”

“No. He had another wife before her. She was run over by a car or something. But she is here. Walter is just very ‘business like’ about this whole virus. He doesn’t want to go looking for her and muddy the waters.”

“Why is he with Dana? Are they really not married?”

“When Walter’s wife died in the other universe, he married Dana. So she is his wife.” Bobby replied. “Now, back to our other subject: Harris. There must have been something you loved about him once?”

“Of course I loved him once! But you don’t know what marriage to him was like. His mother was a third person in our relationship. And before I could think to get away from him, I was pregnant. I had Emma, he stole her from me and then after…when I had to tell him and his witch mother that she had been kidnapped, they blamed me! Harris also wanted another child…I mean when I think back to that time, never knowing that they were responsible for what was happening…”

“Okay, Ann, but that Harris is not here. Not really.”

“I know.” Ann said softly. “And I need to get over that. Harris is expecting sex tonight and I can’t look as if I’m dreading it. Hopefully the deed will be done and when I ‘wake up’, I’ll have shot him and watched him fall to the ground.”

“Let’s talk about something else,” Bobby said, trying to inject some cheer, “what is Jenna like? I see her in the building sometimes and I just ache to hold her.”

“Nosy.” Ann said. “Very, very nosy.”

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Another great update! What a plot-twist. I didn't see it coming that Bobby didn't belong in that universe either. I actually could have pictured him married to Jenna in an alternative universe. Also hilarious how Jenna was Ann & Harris marriage counsellour in this universe! :giggle:

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Chapter 11

Bobby dropped her off at her house and Ann was greeted by a friendly Champ. She made sure he had something to eat, along with fresh water, then sat down on the couch, thinking about how she wanted the night to go.

Something came to her. A night she had had with Harris, when they were first married. Back when she thought they could get past their problems and make things work.

Ann walked Champ, saying hello to the neighbors and answering questions on how she was, after the ‘Yoga Drink Incident’. She made a mental note to visit Karen in the hospital as she walked by her and Mack’s house. It looked as if no one was home. They probably weren’t. Mack was probably spending every waking moment with her in the hospital.

She returned to the house and went upstairs to shower and look through ‘her’ lingerie. It looked alright, even passable, but she realized that the night she wanted to recreate, called for no clothing at all, And Ann forced herself not to struggle with the concept. She thought about that night from long ago, when Judith went away somewhere for a whole weekend! Ann could remember jumping for joy in her mind at the time, because Harris had always been a very different man when his mother was not around.

Harris had dismissed the servants and the two of them had spent the whole weekend in that house—naked. And when they were not all over each other on several couches, against walls or on floors, Harris was chasing her around while she giggled and ‘let’ him catch her.

Harris had the servants return in time to clean up their messes, but it was for naught. Judith knew her house had been defiled and she put a guilt trip on Harris for ‘soiling the very couch his father died on’. Harris’s father had killed himself at his his office and Harris knew that, but he cow towed to her and the two of them never had a close moment like that again. Not where they weren’t in their own bedroom.

Ann was thinking along those lines as she studied her naked body in a floor length mirror. She heard the front door open and close, then nothing. Ann peeked out of a bedroom window and saw that Harris’s car was in the drive. He must have left work after she texted him and told him she was going home early.

Meanwhile, Harris went into his study, took off his suit jacket and plopped into his desk chair. He opened up a drawer and pulled out a small bottle of bourbon and a coffee cup. He was under no illusions that he and Annie would ever find their way back to one another. Just when he thought she was coming out of her shell, she went right back in again. He was pouring the bourbon when Ann appeared in the den, in front of his desk wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and smile. A smile that looked real.

“You’re a little overdressed for our night together. But I’ll forgive you since it’s still daylight.” Ann told him, looking from him to the liquor. Harris’s jaw tightened. He wanted to believe what he was seeing was real and that they were going forward, but he could not help but he cautious. He hid his desire for her and sipped from his cup.

“Is this really going to go anywhere, Annie?”

Ann took off her hat and shook out her hair. She rested the hat on his desk.

“I’m coming to you ‘hat in hand’, Harris. This is very real.”

“That isn’t what I asked you,” Harris told her, “is this a one time thing or are we going to get back to where we were?”

“Harris,” Ann sighed walking around to his desk and plopping herself into his lap, “you ask too many questions! Let’s just live in the here and now…”

Harris got up, forcing Ann to stand up and faced her.

“So that’s a ‘no’?”

Ann had tried. She was not about to put the same effort in to seducing him as she would her real husband!

“Alright, Harris.” was all she said, leaving the room. She went upstairs, put on a short sleeved shirt and some shorts and looked around for Champ. She would take him to the nearby park she had seen on their earlier walk.

Champ, sensing they were about to go someplace, got up out of Ella’s room and trotted down the stairs with her. Just as Ann got to the door, a rope went round her waist! Ann gasped and then turned to look in the direction of the living room couch.

Harris stood up, naked, except for her cowboy hat that he was wearing and the rope he held in his hand! He has lassoed her! He looked from her and down at Champ.

“Would you like some of those pork chops from the other night?” Harris asked in a kind tone. He reached down on the couch and dangled a balled up napkin. Champ, smelling food, hurried over to him! Harris gave him the whole napkin, which was filled with meat scraps. Champ hurried off with it!

Once the dog was gone, Harris slowly pulled Ann to him with the rope. Ann had to admit she had not been expecting anything like this!

“I see you’ve had a change of heart.” Ann noted, trying to keep her eyes off of his ‘radioactive’ parts.

“We both have. You have clothes on and I don’t. That needs to change. And I’m going to trust that this is a new beginning for us, Annie.”

Ann said nothing more. And that was because there was no time for words! Harris…BIT her clothing off with his teeth! Just rip…rip…rip…and before she knew it, she was underneath him on that couch and wracked with spasms of pleasure as Harris slammed himself into her over and over again. Ann began to slip away as she found herself drowning in his lovemaking and then…white lights, spinning, the smell of chocolate cake and a lot more spinning…

Ann found herself clutching one of Harris’s forearms because the whole couch seemed to be moving! Harris, in the afterglow, had his arms wrapped around her while they lay on the couch, and could tell something was going on with her!

“Annie? What is it?” he asked softly.

“The couch…everything is spinning. Don’t you feel that?” Ann asked in a whisper, holding on to him tighter.

Harris grinned and licked her earlobe.

“Next time, don’t make me wait six months to love you and the couch will stay still.” he murmured. But Ann barely heard him and just decided to keep holding on until everything stopped moving. Harris on the other hand, heard something outside. The sound of screeching brakes. Champ came running from another room and began barking maniacally! Harris disentangled himself from Ann, who sat up and held on to the arm of the couch, while he got up, put on his pants and shirt and opened up the front door.

Ella was lying out in the middle of the street! Emma jumped out of a jeep and ran to her sister, crying! Someone called 911 and Harris ran to his daughter, lying motionless in the middle of the street. Champ was by Ella’s side as well and Harris yelled for Ann and…

Next thing Harris Ryland knew, Ella was not in the middle of the street. Emma had not hit by her twin sister with a jeep and Champ was nowhere around.

He was standing in the family home he had grown up in staring at a very angry looking Annie! And she was about to shoot him!

Harris had seconds before he moved to throw himself behind a chair as Annie fired at him! She then moved to shoot him behind the chair and missed!

“Annie! Annie, I don’t know what this is but I’m going to need for you put away the gun!”

“And I’m going to need for you to die and go to hell!” was Ann’s response.

“No one is dying. Or going to hell. At least not tonight.” a voice said.

Harris peered around the chair and Ann turned around to face J.R. Ewing, wearing a robe that he barely kept closed, and Judith Ryland, who was wearing some sort of unflattering, Victoria Secret, lime green concoction. Ann hid the gun behind her back while Harris stared at his mother! She was sleeping with J.R. Ewing??? How? Why? How and why was he here and why was Ann getting ready to kill him?

“J.R.,” Ann said calmly. “I didn’t realize you were here.”

“Well of course I’m here, darlin’. Judy and I are getting married in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t just keep away from my fiancee.” J.R. said with a smile. A sickening one.

Judith walked up to Ann.

“I know you weren’t here to kill my boy.” she stated threateningly.

“Your boy and you have it coming.” was Ann’s response. Emma came into the room and looked shocked by what she was seeing.

“Daddy? What’s going on?” she asked him, as Harris slowly rose from behind the chair.

“Nothing, honey. Where’s your sister? Doing her homework?”

Ann, Judith, J.R. and Emma looked at him as if he had lost his mind!

“Sister?” Emma asked. “Daddy, are you alright?”

“Were you actually shot?” Judith asked. Ann just raised a brow.

Harris had to make a decision and quickly! He didn’t know what in the hell this was or what exactly was going on here, but he suspected that playing along until he learned what he needed to know, or until he woke up, was the best play here.

“I might have hit my head.” Harris admitted, clearing his throat. Ann turned away from him and started to leave when Judith blocked her way!

“You’re going to stay right here until the police are called!” she snapped. But Ann gave Emma a look of regret and longing, shoved Judith into J.R. and walked out of the house! J.R. spoke before anyone else could say anything.

“Let her go. I was in your position once, Harris, with Sue Ellen and John Ross. I can’t quite say I would have handled things the way you did. But we can use this situation to help us with Southfork.” J.R. noted. Emma moved to Harris’s side and he put an arm around her. Yes, he would play along and find out just why Ann hated him and what the hell J.R. Ewing wanted from his mother and himself.

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Chapter 12


Harris managed to learn the specifics of everything that was going on in this world he was in, except for WHY he was here and how he went about getting back to the place he actually belonged.

Ann hated him because he stole Emma from her when she was a baby, at the Texas State Fair! Why in the living hell would he do something like that? Harris was correct in assuming that his mother had had a hand in it. She didn’t deny it at all, claiming that Ann had been a bad mother and was taking pills all the time. He was reminded of one of the main reasons he took Annie and Emma and got the hell out of this house! He had come home to find his mother, in a similar get up like she had been wearing the night he ‘arrived’ here, with Cliff Barnes! He hadn’t wanted his family to ever see Judith liking so whorish around the house. That brought to mind something else…

When he had left, Judith put another man in charge of Ryland Transportation. A young, Cliff Barnes wanabee named Frank Ashkani. Harris wondered where he was now that Harris himself ran the company here? Probably off doing Barnes’s bidding.

Emma was his and Ann’s only child. And there were a few pictures of Ann with Emma as a baby, but nothing else. Every other picture had either himself or his mother in the photo with Emma. Lord, how would ever get Ann to even speak to him here?

Ann was married to Bobby Ewing! Goddamned Bobby Ewing from across the street, who apparently, had not given up his family birthright. And that was what J.R. was bitching about at the breakfast, dining room table this morning. His mother was planning on marrying this prick! And, unfortunately for Ann and Bobby, they wanted their wedding to be at Southfork and they wanted to live there…

“I still think you ought to press charges, Harris. Harris? Harris!” Judith yelled. Harris pulled himself out of his thoughts and focused on Judith.

“What were you saying?” Harris asked and he picked up his fork to eat some eggs.

“Your mother was saying that you ought to press charges against my brother’s third wife,” J.R. said, “but I disagree. It’s better to keep the family peace. Plus I don’t want to upset Bobby any further.”

“Honey,” Judith said, “Bobby is upsetting himself by refusing to leave!”

“Well that’s on him. But I hold the deed to Southfork. We are going to live there as a happily married couple. If Bobby and Ann want to stay, then God bless them.” J.R. said, as Emma walked into the room. Harris noticed J.R.’s gaze upon her was not entirely grandfatherly. Judith beamed at Emma and Harris noticed Emma pasted on a smile back.

“Emma, I am sorry you had to see that last night.” Judith said. “But that mother of yours…”

“Can we not talk about it?” Emma asked with a sigh.

“Of course. So then let’s jump to the subject of dinner tonight: Emma, I think you should stay home. Your mother tried to kill your father. There is no telling what she could do tonight.” Judith said, almost smirking. Harris eyed her and then looked at J.R..


“How hard did you hit your head?” J.R. asked. “The wedding dinner! Now I talked to Bobby this morning and Ann agreed not to cancel it as long as Emma was there.”

“There is nothing that woman can do about it if Emma isn’t there!” Judith protested, but Harris saw this as a way in. A way in to see Annie.

“You know, Mother, I agree with J.R.. Southfork is his and it’s time everyone mended fences. J.R., I’d like to have a word with you. In private.” Harris said, standing up and leaving the room. Emma and Judith gave one another questioning looks as J.R. rose and followed Harris back into the same room that Ann had almost shot him in.

Harris fixed J.R. a drink before getting down to business.

“From what I can ascertain from your conversations with my mother, you own the house and the land but not the mineral rights, correct?”

J.R. raised a brow.

“From what you can ascertain? That’s common knowledge! You really did hit your head!” J.R. surmised, sipping his drink.

“What you need,” Harris said, ignoring J.R. jibe, “is for Bobby to be too distracted to notice when he ‘accidentally’ signs over the mineral rights to you.”

J.R. now looked at him. Hard.

“And you’re proposing to come up with that distraction?”

“J.R., I’m proposing that if the four of us, move on to Southfork right now, Bobby won’t be able to stand my being near Ann, or my mother, to be truthful. You get the document ready for him to sign. I’ll have Annie get him to sign it.”

J.R. squinted at him.

“Your plan is to get Bobby’s own wife to get him to sign away the mineral rights to me?”

“Yes.” Harris told him.

“Look, I want them, but I don’t want Bobby heartbroken either.”

Harris could give a good goddamn about Bobby Ewing’s heartbreak! He couldn’t believe Ann was married to him! Married to him and living and sleeping in his bed on Southfork! That was going to have to change! If he was stuck here he was not about to put up with that!

And there was something else nagging him in the back of his mind. It was the feeling he had, that the Ann he was dealing with in this reality, had been similar to the one he had just left. They had had their problems, but in the last day, she was like a different woman. Closed off and hard to talk to.

That was, until their couch romp. And Harris also had the distinct feeling that if the woman living at Southfork now, was like the woman he had left, then Bobby Ewing didn’t know how to love Annie right worth a damn!

That, was something that was going to change while he was here as well.

Harris focused on J.R. again, who had been studying him.

“You want my brother’s wife? Even after she came in here trying to kill you the other night? I know how women like that are. Sue Ellen could be like that. They would get violent, fail to hurt you but then work out that aggression in bed! Still…she is my brother’s wife…”

“I didn’t say anything about going after Ann. Though I do plan on pushing Emma in her direction. I can’t stop them from getting to know one another, now can I?”

“No. I don’t suppose you can. Just know that Bobby hands out a mean can of whoop ass. So don’t be surprised if he does something if you get out of line with Ann.” J.R. advised.

“I”m sure Annie will protect me from him.” was Harris’s answer as the two men came to an understanding. They would announce their plans tonight—over dinner at Southfork.


“You tried to kill Harris last night?” Bobby asked Ann. They were alone in the kitchen. Ann threw up her hands!

“I overheard you talking to that police detective last night and something just cracked in me.” Ann admitted. “Do you know how horrible it was, back then, to have to call Harris and tell him that someone had taken her from me? He called me every name in the book and I thought I deserved it for being so irresponsible. You do not know what it has been like wondering if someone ‘good’ took my baby or if she being hurt in some way. To find out that HE had her all of this time! Bobby, that isn’t even the worst part of it.”

Bobby reached for her hands and squeezed them. She clearly needed to get this out.

“Our marriage didn’t end right away after that. He wanted another child and I just couldn’t stand the sight of him by then. I now wonder if I had given him a second baby, would Emma have ‘miraculously’ reappeared?” Ann asked, close to tears.

“Honey, I want you to listen to me: he hasn’t filed charges. Emma was there when you tried to kill him. Harris probably didn’t do it for her.”

“Emma hates me! She has no interest in getting to know me. He did not, not press charges, for her! He wants something. Bobby, whatever you want to do, I will deal with it. But I am not about to run from anyone in that family again.”

“Annie, I want you to go to the townhouse. It’s still in our name from when we were looking to leave before. You stay there and I will deal with J.R. and Judith.”

“No. No, I am staying right by your side.” Ann told him, just as her cellphone rang. She looked at it and saw it was Harris Ryland. Bobby looked over and saw it was him as well and started to reach for it. But Ann picked up her own phone.

“I will handle him.” she said. “Let’s go for a ride to relax before dinner. I’ll be along.”

Bobby didn’t think it was a good idea that Ann speak to Harris at all, but he nodded and got up from the table they were sitting at. He then left to go outside. Ann waited until he closed the door to pick up.

“What do you want, Harris?” Ann asked in a surly tone.

“Now Annie. Don’t be like that. I’m calling to apologize. What I did was God awful all of these years ago. But I was hurt that you’d give up on our marriage like that.”

“We had nothing left. I have to go.”

“Annie, I’d hate to have to press charges against you. Especially before the wedding. So I need for you to keep an open mind and not hang up on me.”

Ann clenched her jaw and waited for him to say more.

“I know that Mother and J.R. plan on moving in there. I would appreciate it if you invited Emma to live with Bobby and you at Southfork.”

Ann unclenched her jaw.

“What? Are you serious, Harris?”

“Yes. J.R. has been eyeing her in an unwholesome way. Yes, she would still be living with J.R., but Bobby and you would make sure nothing happened to her. And she does want to get to know you.”

“Emma said that?” Ann asked, feeling a sense of hope she had not felt since Harris had re-entered her life.

“Yes she did. I told her the truth about the lousy thing I did. I’m hoping tonight’s dinner will be a peaceful one.”

Ann didn’t know what to say! She rubbed her throat.

“Okay, Harris. I’ll talk to Bobby. I’m sure he’ll be fine with it. And I’ll keep an eye on J.R..”

“Well you should…not just for Emma. Those jeans you were wearing the other night fit in all the right places Annie…”

“Goodbye, Harris!” Ann said, now hanging up on him. Emma was going to live here! Granted, Judith was too, but she would deal with her. She could deal with anything as long as she had a chance with her girl! And it might not be so bad. If Harris moved in as well, well, yes, that would be bad. But luckily, they didn’t have to worry about that!


Harris hung up the phone in his office, just as Emma was announced by his secretary. She walked over to his desk. He stood up and tried not to think of Ella, lying out in the street. He didn’t want to return to that and there was a part of him that was fearful of doing so.

But he put that out of his mind. He had to. He hugged Emma tightly before setting her away from him.

“Honey, we need to talk. About new living arrangements.” he said and Emma sat down. Harris sat on the corner of his desk.

“Okay. Are you selling the house once Grandmother moves to Southfork?”


Emma eyed him.

“Okay, so what is this all about?”

“I want you and I to move to Southfork with your grandmother and J.R..” Harris told her. Emma’s eyes widened and she stood up.

“Are you serious?”


“Daddy, Bobby Ewing is not going to let you near Ann! He’s just not! You can’t stay there!”

“I can if it looks as if you need me to stay.” Harris said in a low tone.

“Meaning what?”

Harris was betting that there was some of his ‘Emma’ in this one. The same Emma that had accused one of her teachers of fondling her to get a better grade. Ann had been horrified and Harris pretended to be so. But he knew his Emma. She had lied and managed to get a better grade out of it. The girl had a D average so…

“I want your mother back. I want you to go live with Bobby and your mother, call her ‘Mom’ and then make sure you tell her that Bobby tried something with you.” Harris told her, looking her in the eye. He was going to see if his little girl was the same one he knew!

The glint in her eye told him she was.

“So you want my mother back? Even though she tried to kill you? Even though she’s said terrible things about you?”

“Honey, that’s called passion. And Bobby is just suppressing it within her.”

“Meaning he’s cock blocking you?”

“Emma, honey, I don’t like that word.”

“Which one? Block or…”

“You know what I mean!” Harris said abruptly. “And it hurts me to have to ask my baby girl to do such a low down thing. But do you think you can do it?”

“I’ll make sure it happens tonight at dinner.” Emma smiled and Harris pulled her into another hug.



Christopher and Elena agreed to have dinner with Bobby and Ann that night, just to keep the peace. Bobby could not believe his brother was pulling this! Moving a new wife, a woman as despicable as Judith Ryland(Bobby suspected that they would literally kill one another within a year) into Southfork while he and Ann lived here was beyond obscene. J.R. was only doing this to force them to leave, though he swore up and down that they were family and that he truly wanted Bobby to stay.

Ann told herself that she could get through anything as long as Emma came to live with her. She had already fixed her room up. Ann really hoped she liked it! She also expected Judith or J.R. to try and take her and Bobby’s room from them. But Ann could even deal with that as long as Emma was here. She planned on weaning Judith’s influence off of her daughter.

J.R. insisted on sitting at the head of the table, like Jock used to and Bobby let him. Judith sat on the other end, like Miss Ellie used to, and it was all Bobby could do not to be sick! Ann knew the seating was troubling for him, and she rubbed his arm as they made their way to their seats. Elena and Christopher sat on one side, along with Harris, while Emma, Bobby and Ann sat on the other side.

Ann tried to ignore the knowing way Harris was smiling at her. He was sitting near his mother and was diagonal from Ann, but his outright stare was off-putting! And she could tell Bobby noticed it as well. It was the way he used to look at her before…

Ann wondered why she allowed her mind to go THERE? She nibbled at her food as J.R. dominated the conversation…

“Bobby, you remember that one night when Mama and Daddy had that party…I’m trying to think of what the occasion was, but Cliff Barnes showed up, drunker than a hellhound, claiming that he was a Ewing too and that Daddy was his father! Darlin’, you were there with Harris’s daddy…”

Judith smirked.

“Yes, I seem to recall that Mr. Barnes was with that woman that was married to the late Senator Culver at the time. Her name was Dana or something.”

“Donna.” Bobby told her before looking over at Harris. “I don’t mean to interrupt this touching walk down memory lane, but Harris, is there some reason you have been leering at my wife all evening?”

Harris used his napkin to wipe his mouth, before addressing Bobby.

“I’m sorry, Bobby, isn’t this a free country? I can’t look in some direction or at somebody?”

“It’s fine, Bobby.” Ann said, not wanting Emma to see any of this.

“No it’s not, Annie!” Bobby snapped, still focused on Harris. “Stop looking at her like that!”

“Like what?” Harris asked in a fake, innocent sounding tone. Judith felt like slapping Harris! She didn’t know what was going on, except that as usual, he could not keep his lust for that low bred giraffe that he had mistakingly married once, under control! The woman had the nerve to be referred to as the ‘First Lady of Southfork’! Ann Ewing would never be Miss Ellie. She had known Eleanor Ewing and Ann was no Miss Ellie!

Before anymore could be said on the subject, Emma suddenly squeaked and jumped up! She then glared down at Bobby accusingly!

“You put your hand up my dress!” she exclaimed, horrified. Bobby and Ann stood up but Harris was already on his feet and grabbing on to Emma!

“I don’t know what this is, Annie, but my daughter isn’t living here!” Harris told her and he and Emma walked out. Ann patted an embarrassed Bobby on the arm.

“I know this is a mistake. I’ll talk to them.”

“A mistake?” Judith asked. “Miss Ann, if you aren’t keeping your husband happy, my granddaughter is not here to do that for you!”

Ann picked up a pitcher of gravy and flung it down at Judith, hitting her squarely in the face! It messed up her updo! Elena gasped and stood up, unable to believe things had gotten this out of hand! Christopher was up as well, but he was glaring at J.R..

“Really, Uncle J.R.? This is what your marrying in to? Are you going to defend my father?” Christopher asked in a demanding tone.

Judith was slowly wiping gravy off of her person, as Ann turned and hurried out after Harris and Emma! They were by the car they had come in when she caught up with them!

“Emma! Honey, I’m sure it was just an accident! His hand probably just slipped!”

“That’s a hell of a big ‘slippage’, Annie! I told you I was upset about J.R. and now it looks as if this runs in the family!” Harris howled. Ann ignored Harris and pulled Emma out of his grip.

“Emma, I’m sorry. If you don’t feel comfortable being here. I’ll understand.”

Emma let tears pool in her eyes.

“I want to be here with you…Mom. But that was Bobby’s hand! I just don’t feel safe…I’m sorry.”

“Emma, get in the car. I’m going to talk to your mama alone.” Harris said and helped his daughter into the passenger side of the vehicle, before closing it. Ann rubbed the back of her neck.

“Whatever this is, Harris, damn you for embarrassing Bobby this way!”

“So you don’t believe Emma?”

“I think Bobby’s hand just grazed her.”

“That’s not what Emma thinks! Now, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to insist that if you want Emma to stay here, so you can get to know her, I come with the package.”

Ann squinted at him.

“What does that mean?”

“What do you think it means? Annie, I’m going to need for you get a room ready for me. I’m moving in here as well.” Harris smiled.

Meanwhile, J.R. watched Ann and Harris from a window. He had went along with this foolishness so that Harris could get Ann to get Bobby to sign over Southfork’s mineral rights to him. But he would be goddamned if he would sit back and allow Bobby’s good name to be sullied! He planned on keeping a close on on this situation, that was for damned sure!
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Chapter 13

Harris did not move on to Southfork. At least not then.

And he knew he was pushing it. Pushing his presence off on Annie, which is why he kept his distance from her, surprisingly. But Harris Ryland considered himself to be a master in the art of gentle persuasion. And it was his intention to gently persuade Annie to let him back into her heart, and her bed.

But things did not go as planned. Bobby stayed on Southfork and Ann went to live in some town house! Emma did not go live on Southfork, since Ann was not there and it was clear to Harris, that this was all designed to keep him off of the ranch. J.R. was not happy about how things turned out, with regards to Harris’s plan to use Ann to get Bobby to sign over the Southfork mineral rights. But he had been equally unhappy with what Harris and Emma had pulled at that dinner. It had backfired spectacularly.

Harris had been at the end of his rope as to how to get back into Ann’s life again, when the answer dropped into his lap. It was something he would have never guessed and of all people, he had his mother to thank for it.

He had been at the office when this incident happened and was grateful for the distraction. Running Ryland again had been effortless, like slipping into an old pair of shoes that still fit. He was honestly debating whether he and Annie should talk about moving back here, when, or if, he ever returned to his own world, when his cellphone rang and he saw it was his mother. The wedding was in a week.

“Yes, Mother?” Harris answered, as he looked over some budget projections.

“Harris, did you do as I asked with regards to your cousin Walter?”

Harris, who was in the middle of signing something mid-swirl, stopped.

“Walter?” he asked carefully. “He’s in Texas?”

“Harris, what is wrong with you? Yes, he’s in Texas and I can’t get that wife of his to respond as to whether they are coming to the wedding or not.”

Harris did not respond right away.

“His wife’s name is…”

“I know, she’s duller than dishwater. I think it’s Sharon. But I can’t be sure and I don’t want to be rude about it. Can you get ahold of her and find out whether they are coming or not? I do not have the time with the way things are going around here on the ranch and…”

“Mother, I will take care of it. I’ll contact you when I find out for sure.” Harris said and hung up on her. Why the hell was Walter HERE?

Then again, Walter lived in California as well, so Harris guessed he would be here in this crazy dream life, someplace. But something felt off. Sharon had been Walter’s first wife. His mother hadn’t said ‘Dana’.

Harris got ahold of his secretary and asked her to find his cousin Walter Skinner’s address. She came back with an answer he did not like: Cousin Walt lived in the same town house suburb that Ann was staying in. And when Harris did more hunting, he discovered that he actually lived next door!

Harris stood up and put on his suit jacket. He was going to pay a visit to Annie. Right now.


Harris eased his car in behind the one he knew Ann drove and then looked over at the other driveway, that was separated by a strip of grass. Walter drove the same kind of car that he did in their real world.

He got out and walked up to Ann’s door. It was locked. Harris glanced over at Walter’s door but suspected that they were both in Ann’s unit. He took out his wallet and pulled out a credit card. People said that jimmying a lock with a card did not work. But in his experience, it actually did.

Harris took out an American Express card, jimmied the lock and the door popped open. He stepped inside, stealth like and softly closed the door behind him.

He saw nothing in the immediate front room or foyer. He eased around and found a kitchen and bathroom. Harris turned and began heading towards the stairs, when he realized he missed a room that was sort of behind the staircase.

When Harris reached the door of the room, which was partially open, he found Ann, naked, who’s back was to him, sitting in a hot tub! And she was moaning. What was clear, was that Walter was underwater, using that tongue of his on her! Neither sensed his presence and Harris noticed Walter’s glasses sitting off on the side.

Harris walked up behind Ann, bent down and kissed the back of her neck! Ann yelped and turned around, just as Walter came up for air!

“Well, well! It looks like I’ve found quite the love nest here!” Harris grinned, picking up a champagne flute.

Walter reached for a towel to pat his face down with, then grabbed his glasses and put them on.

“What are you doing here?” Walter asked in calm tone. Ann was not feeling so calm and moved in the water so she was behind Walter, to shield herself from Harris’s invasive stare!

“My mother wanted to know if your wife and you were coming to the wedding. What is her name again?” Harris asked, pouring himself some champagne.

Walter turned to look at Ann, who just nodded to him and mouthed ‘go’. Walter shook his head and looked at Harris again.

“What do you want, Harris? You could have called Sharon from your office.” he said in the same calm tone.

“Is Sharon next door? Is she home now? We could invite her over and make this a foursome.” Harris said, feeling anger quell within him! Todd! That whole thing had been Walter and Dana’s idea! If he had not talked Annie into going along with it, then their little boy would still be alive!

Ann whispered to Walter that she would be fine and that he needed to go. Walter turned and started to kiss her when Harris interrupted.

“Don’t you dare! Keep it moving cousin before I call your wife!”

Walter slowly turned and got out of the hot tub. He too had been naked. He reached for his clothing, which had been in a pile across the room, then left to change in the living room. Harris stared after him and Ann used that moment to get out of the hot tub and put on a robe.

Harris heard the front door close and that was when he turned his full attention back to Ann.

“You know, Annie, there is a part of me that is flattered as hell! I wouldn’t think you’d want anything to do with anyone that looked like me.”

Ann folded her arms.

“Walter doesn’t look like you.”

“Oh he doesn’t, hey?”

“No. He doesn’t. I don’t where you’d get an idea like that. What are you doing here?” Ann asked crossly.

“Oh I think the question here is what are YOU doing, Annie? I thought Bobby was a dream husband? Meaning not me?” Harris asked sarcastically.

“Okay, Harris, you’re clearly going to hold this over my head…”

“Annie, I just want to know why! Something is wrong between Bobby and you, for you to be doing this. How long has this been going on?”

Ann didn’t know why she felt the need to say anything about any of this to Harris, but suddenly something inside of her made her talk.

“Bobby had cancer awhile back. And ever since…he’s very aware that he could die. That it could come back. I found out that he hired a private investigator to find out if his first wife was really alive. When I asked him about it, he said he needed ‘closure’. Marrying me wasn’t closure enough, I guess.” Ann said in a dejected tone. Harris moved closer to her.

“Annie, honey, that’s what cancer does sometimes. It changes people. He doesn’t mean anything by it. I’m sure he’s not going to find anything. The woman is dead.”

Ann looked at him with surprise. He had sounded soothing and sympathetic just now. But she said nothing more. Harris prodded her.

“How does my cousin come into all of this?”

“Walter had a big case here. He said we should get dinner. One thing lead to another—regularly. I always kind of liked him and he was kind to me after our divorce. And he made an effort to find Emma—neither of us knew that she was safe the whole time.” Ann said and it was clear that she was putting up a wall again.

Harris sighed.

“I can’t let this go, Annie. You know that.”

“Harris… what do you want from me? I have nothing to give you. If you want something from Bobby or J.R…”

“I want to move in to Southfork. We’ll say my mother is insisting on it. Then I want you in my bed at night.”

Ann threw up her hands!

“What the hell, Harris??? How do you expect me to pull that off??? No! And you can tell Bobby and Sharon whatever you want! I couldn’t make my feet move in the right direction of your bedroom! Do you get that?”

Harris slowly reached into his inner suit pocket and pulled out his wallet. He took out a picture and handed it to her. Ann took it, then gasped!

It was a family picture of the ‘Emma Twins’ and a little boy. Harris and Ann were with them.

“What is this?” Ann asked softly, now sitting down. Harris moved to sit beside her.

“I know you’re going to think I’m batshit crazy, Annie. But that picture represents the reality I live in. That I come from. One day I was living a life with you and our family, the next, you were about to shoot me. I don’t belong here. But I belong with you, that I know for damned sure.”

Ann frowned.

“I don’t understand.” she said.

“Neither do I! I just know that in the world I live in, Emma and Ella are our daughters. We live in California and Todd…someone kidnapped our little boy and killed him. And we’re having a hard time getting past that. My mother cut me off when I left here and Bobby is married and lives across the street from us. My cousin is married to someone named Dana, not Sharon.”

Ann stared at the picture again.

“You could have faked this except…” she said, now getting up and walking over to a window to inspect the picture. She then looked at Harris.

“Those pictures your mother always kept of your father…Todd looks like your father! But still…” Ann said, thinking what she was hearing was too fantastic to take seriously.

“We had a foursome, Annie. You and me, Walter and his wife. We didn’t get up and get Todd and that’s why he’s gone. Cousin Walt does this stuttering…humming thing when his tongue is…”

“Oh. My. God!” Ann gasped, backing away. If he knew that about Walter then he had to be telling some kind of truth! “You are …you can’t be the same…there is no way you would know that!”

“I had to listen to that during our foursome,” Harris said with disgust, “I don’t know how you put up with it.”

“Walter is a gentle, loving man. What we have is just comfort. When we need comforting. That’s all.” Ann admitted. Harris slowly closed the distance between them.

“If ‘that’s all’, then you can honor my request?”


“I’ll tell you all about our children. In bed. And…damnit, Annie, if it will help…I’ll wear the same glasses Cousin Walt does. Would that help?”

Ann said nothing for a long moment.

Then she nodded.

“Yes. It actually would.”

“I had hoped you wouldn’t say that. But I’ll wear them. For starters.”

“Harris, in order for me to get in the mood, you’re going to have to wear them for awhile.”

“Annie, you’re thinking about the Harris you knew. I’m not him. I fully expect I won’t need to wear ‘Walt Skinner Glasses’, after our first night together. So…it’s a deal? Starting tonight?”

Ann had no choice. She did not want Bobby to know about her and Walter. But she didn’t want Bobby to know about her and Harris either. She would just have to go along with this until she could figure some way out of it.

“Fine, Harris. But you’re going to have to get your mother to go along with your lie. I’ll call Bobby and tell him I’m coming home.” Ann said dejectedly. Harris moved to steal a kiss from her, that shocked and surprised her!

“Harris! This is supposed to start tonight!” she huffed, touching her mouth.

“I kissed better that Walt, didn’t I? That’s why you’re upset.” Harris grinned. “I’ll text you tonight about when to come to my room.”

Ann watched Harris walk out of the hot tub room before looking at the picture of their family again. Harris had to have faked this and yet…something inside of her said these children she was looking at, were very real. Her eyes then went to herself and Harris. The two of them looked very real, and together, as well.


Harris had to stop and pay Walter a visit. Walter was waiting for him because the door was open and he was just finishing up a phone call.

Harris closed the door and walked over to him. But before he could speak, Walter did so first.

“Whatever you’re planning, I will be one step ahead of you. Every time.”

Harris grinned!

“What am I planning then?”

“To work your way back into Ann’s life again.”

“What Annie and I…”

“See,” Walter interrupted calmly, “that was always your problem, Harris. ‘Annie’ is a little girl’s name. Once it was clear to you that she was a woman, with her own thoughts and knew her own mind, you suddenly didn’t want her.”

Harris folded his arms.

“Look, I don’t know what kind of horseshit nonsense you told her about Emma, but I found a picture of the two of us with Emma when she was a little girl. Now Annie just said you tried to help find Emma for her and never came up with anything. You’re quite the liar, cousin.”

Walter looked him over as if he was nuts!

“You were the one that told me that ‘Emma’ was a child Aunt Judith adopted! Out of grief over the ‘Real Emma’ being gone. I had no more reason to believe you would pull what you did, than anyone else!”

Harris didn’t believe him but let that go, since he had no way of knowing what he had or hadn’t done here. He noted that Walter had a suitcase open and was in the middle of packing.

“So by that suitcase, do I take that to mean that you won’t be at my mother’s wedding?”

“You can take it to mean that I have to return to Washington. I will be back for Aunt Judith’s wedding, with Sharon. And if I find Ann in any kind of condition that isn’t to my liking, because of you, you will be sorry.”

“Have a pleasant trip, Walt.” was all Harris said to that. He turned and left Walter’s townhouse and glanced over at Annie’s. A curtain had fallen quickly at the window. Harris smiled and headed to his car. Annie knew damned well that him and Walt were practically twins! Annie was thinking their nights together would be nightmarish, but he planned to prove her wrong. For now he knew that Bobby Ewing was not his rival here. Not really.

His cousin was.

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Wow! This story is really unlike any other I've ever read. :cool:
You constantly keep me on my toes wondering what will happen next and which character from which universe will interact with each other.

Also I don't know why but I can imagine Harris cousin to look a little like the first character he portrayed on the original Dallas. I have forgotten his name but he was the bad guy at the psychatric ward.

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Well he's the character he played on the X-Files. I could see him liking Ann.

Yes, I remember that character. His name was Morrissey and J.R. met him when he was in there. It's a shame that Larry and Mitch didn't have more scenes together.

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Chapter 14

Dinner that night at Southfork was interesting. Probably because it wasn’t much of one.

In order for Harris to be present, he had to do some fast talking to J.R., claiming that once again, it was the only way to get Annie to get Bobby to sign over the mineral rights to him.

J.R. told Judith their little secret, since she herself was thrilled Ann had moved out. Looking at her again would have to be worth her while.

Bobby was not happy about any of it! Nor did he understand why Ann felt she had to come back…

“Annie, I am dealing with them!” he protested as he watched her unpack a suitcase in their bedroom.

“You’re dealing with them alone.” Ann countered and walked over to their closet to hang up a blouse. “I won’t have J.R., his Bridezilla or Harris, stressing you out and bringing back your cancer.”

“Honey, I would never let that happen. Besides, Christopher and Elena moved in. They are my back up.”

Ann walked over to him and touched his face.

“And now I’m here too.” she said, trying not to react as Harris’s voice could be heard down the hallway from their room. He was speaking to his mother. Loudly. Bobby decided to tell them to keep their voices down! Ann followed after him out of their bedroom, praying there would not be any trouble!

As soon as Judith heard footsteps approaching Harris’s ‘bedroom’, she quieted down. Bobby and Ann appeared and Harris smiled at Ann, something Bobby noticed. But he tore his eyes off of Harris and looked at Judith.

“What is going on in here?” Bobby asked calmly. “You’re making a lot of noise.”

Judith was in a rather precarious position herself. Because as much as she disliked Bobby, J.R. loved him, despite all of his scheming against him. And that show Emma pulled on Bobby at that dinner, did not go over well with J.R.. And to be honest, Judith was pissed off that Harris dragged Emma into the scheme in the first place!

So she had to be careful when speaking to her soon-to-be brother-in-law…

“I’m sorry, Bobby. I was just trying to get Harris settled in.” was her reply. The hair on the back of Ann’s neck rose! Judith had apologized? Why?

“Yes, Bobby,” Harris joined in, “sorry for being so loud. Mother and I forgot we weren’t in our other house. But we’re ‘home’ now.”

Bobby clenched his jaw and turned to leave. Ann eyed the both of them and followed after him. Judith closed the bedroom door.

“J.R. and I are going out to dinner then staying overnight Dallas. I want you out of here by tomorrow morning. You are not living here.” Judith told him.

“I can’t do what I need to do in one night.” Harris replied.

“You already have something on that woman, don’t you? Otherwise she would not have come back here! Use that and move on. J.R. will take it out on me if Bobby loses his precious wife.”

“Bobby doesn’t have her.” was Harris’s reply.

Judith squinted at him.

“What have you got on her?” Judith asked again.

“Enough to get Annie to get Bobby’s signature on a piece of paper, signing the mineral rights over to your husband-to-be. Now you are just going to have to trust me.” Harris told her.

“I trust you to get the job done, Harris. I don’t trust you not to bring that woman back into our lives.”

“Have a nice night out with J.R..” Harris said dismissively. He had the feeling he wouldn’t be in this world much longer anyway. Something would propel him back to where he belonged. Back to cradling his Ella in the middle of the street. And he needed someone, something, to comfort him before he had to deal with that reality again.

Annie was who he needed.


Dinner was sparsely attended. Meaning, Elena had to work late at the office, Harris ate out and came home to burrow down in his room, J.R. and Judith were out and so Ann, Bobby and Christopher had a nice, quiet meal.

Then bed time came.

Christopher left the ranch to pry Elena from the office. Bobby went to sleep and Ann tried not to think about what she was going to have to do. But the noise of a text, alerted her that the time had come. She sat up and looked at her phone.

“It’s bed time, Annie! Ryland Style!”

There were also some emoji’s of hearts after that phrase. Ann looked over at Bobby, who was now snoring and eased out of bed. She left the room, closed the door softly behind her and headed down the hallway to Harris’s room…

Ann slipped the door open and peered at the sight on the bed.

Harris was naked, save for a cowboy hat! Ann closed the door and locked it. She slowly approached the bed, eyeing his ‘attributes’. Was it her imagination or did he seem larger than before?

“Walter doesn’t wear hats.” she said.

Harris sighed loudly, removed the hat and put on the glasses he had found that looked like Walter’s. He then patted the bed.

“Happy?” Harris asked. Ann nodded, smiling and sat down on the edge of the bed. Harris eyed her attire. She was wearing a burgundy nightgown with spaghetti straps.

“Whenever you’re ready to take that off…” Harris trailed.

“I was thinking you could tell me about our children.” Ann said.

“I was thinking I could do that after.” Harris replied.

“Oh.” Ann said without enthusiasm. Harris reached out to touch the straps of her nightgown.

“We could begin by taking that off.”

“It’s chilly tonight, Harris. And I could be coming down with something.”

“You didn’t look chilly in that hot tub while my cousin’s mouth was in your…”

“Harris, please! This isn’t easy for me.” Ann sniffed delicately. Harris nodded.

“I understand.” Harris said, taking off the ‘Walter’ glasses and tossing them on a nightstand. Ann frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“Sometimes,” Harris said, moving down towards the end of the bed, “you just have to jump in there and show people what you’re made of.”

“What?” Ann asked. And that was the last solid word she would get out for awhile, as Harris yanked her nightgown up, wrenched her legs open and showed Ann Ewing how much better he could pleasure her than his ‘Cousin Walt’.

Ann had no time to react, as Harris’s WHOLE tongue was suddenly inside of her, furling and unfurling and reaching areas that Walter or no other man should be able to reach! With a lone tongue! Any doubts she had about this being the same Harris were gone were squelched, which is how she felt, as she struggled not to cry out and realized she was failing miserably! At least she had locked the door!

When it was over, and by ‘over’, that meant when Harris replaced his tongue with his engorged lust, leaving Ann with fleeting memories of his hands on her hips…an increasing tempo, the smell of chocolate cake and then endless spinning and spinning…

Then she fainted.

When Ann awoke, Harris was looming over her, looking worried! He had begun to lightly slap her cheeks.

“Annie? Thank God! Honey, did you not eat today? Is that why you passed out like that?” Harris asked knowingly. He then reached over to put on the ‘Walt’ glasses.

“Don’t you dare put those on!” Ann snapped, pulling herself together.

“Meaning you don’t want me to wear them?” Harris asked, prodding.

“I don’t know…okay…look, I’d better get back to Bobby.” Ann said, though the room was still spinning.

“You do want to hear about our beautiful children, don’t you, Annie?” Harris asked softly, taking one of her hands within his own. Ann looked at him and nodded, squeezing his hand.

“When I left here, Ella had been hit by a jeep that Emma was driving.” Harris admitted. Ann sat up, letting go of his hand!


“I think it was that happening, that triggered this: me being here. But I don’t know why. If I’m here then the man you know has to be someplace else. Probably with a version of you.” Harris said quietly.

“But why is this happening?”

“I came here when you tried to shoot me. Somehow, I think that is something that happens everytime: you try and shoot me.” Harris admitted. Ann nodded and then said something else.

“I want to meet Ella. Or I want to go back with you and help you find who killed our little boy.” she said softly.

Harris pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.

“I don’t know who did it, Annie. But it’s tearing up our family.” he whispered against her. Ann relaxed in his hold, just as Bobby’s voice could be heard down below! Ann lurched out of Harris’s arms and eased over to a window!

Bobby was awake and looking for her outside by the pool! Ann ran over to the light in the room and turned it off!

“I have to go!”

“Where are you going to tell Bobby you were?” Harris asked in a daring tone.

“I don’t know!” Ann hissed, feeling around for her nightgown.

But Harris had it! He picked it up and opened up a window. He then tossed it down below and watched it land on a patio chair! Ann saw that and could have killed him!

“Look what you’ve done! How could you do that!” Ann hissed again.

“Annie, honey, I was concerned about him. You see how worried he is. His flashlight is shining over the pool! I think he thinks you might have drowned, darlin’. Now when he finds your nightgown down there, it will be a ‘clue’! Come over and give me a goodnight kiss before leaving…Annie!”

Ann snuck out of his room, naked and hurried down to her own room with Bobby! Once inside, she cleaned herself up the best she could, before putting on a new nightgown. She then hurried out of the room, down the stairs and met Bobby, as he walked in with her burgundy nightgown in his hands.

“Annie? What happened? Your nightgown was out by the pool.”

“I’m sorry, Bobby. I couldn’t sleep and I was coming down to take a night swim when I saw Harris’s light go on. I was just so shocked that he could be watching me that I hurried back into the house—without the gown. I’m sorry I scared you.” she said, taking the gown from him and kissing him.

“You think he was watching you?”

“Probably. I also think that you’re right. I’m moving back to the townhouse. Tomorrow.” Ann said. Bobby nodded and he took her hand to walk back upstairs with her.

Meanwhile, Harris closed the door to his room. He had been at the top of the stairs when he heard Annie tell Bobby she was leaving. That was fine. They would take up where they left off at her townhouse— from now on.


The day of the wedding of J.R. Ewing to Judith Ryland came faster than anyone anticipated.

J.R. was not happy that Harris had essentially begun an affair with Ann, without pressing her to get Bobby’s signature. He threatened to tell Bobby.

Harris, in turn, threatened to tell his mother that J.R. had taken up with Sue Ellen again, behind his mother’s back! J.R. sure as hell didn’t want that getting out, so he kept quiet. But he had not forgotten his ’step-son’s’ treachery.

Harris and Ann had continued their affair at the townhouse, while Harris continued to live at Southfork. But what neither Harris, nor Ann realized, was that Bobby was now aware of what was going on between them—no thanks to FBI Assistant Director, Walter Skinner!

But Walter left himself out of it, of course. He was meeting with Bobby in his office at Ewing Energies…

“I hate to bring this news to you on the day of your brother’s wedding, but I do care about Ann.” Walter said, gauging Bobby’s reaction.

“How can you be sure this is true? Annie would tell me if your cousin was forcing himself on her, to get her to go along with this!”

“Ann loves you. And she wants to save you however she can. I can’t speak at length because this is a CIA matter, but they are looking in to Ryland Transportation for drug smuggling. Cancer drugs that have not been proven to work. I believe Harris has told Ann that he could save you with these drugs. And in return he has demanded a sexual relationship.”

Bobby stood up, barely able to breathe!

“Does J.R. know about this?”

“Not that we are aware.” Walter said, standing up as well. “I do know that they are at the townhouse. I lived next door just to keep an eye on her, knowing Harris would pull something. When he did, Ann didn’t want to believe he could be lying, but I did think she would listen to me. I was wrong.”

“How do you know you were wrong?” Bobby asked, trying to hide the anguish in his tone.

“Her townhouse was bugged. To get the goods on Ryland. They are on some of the recordings, together.” Walter told him.

Bobby folded his arms.

“You’re telling me this, today, for a reason? What is it?”

“We’re going to arrest Harris and my Aunt Judith today. There will be no wedding. I think you need to prepare your brother. There is no evidence he was part of this, but if he knows something, it would be in his best interest to cooperate.” Walter lied.

Bobby nodded his understanding and Walter left his office. No, no one was looking into Ryland Transportation, though he had no doubt they were probably guilty of something. Aunt Judith and Harris had always been slick.

But one of his agents, a woman named Dana Scully, had finally realized that Ann and Harris were at the crux of this virus, that moved them through different realities and time. They had thought that all that needed to be done, was to have sexual relations, with people known to them that they half loathed.

Ann had not believed Dana when she revealed that the both of them had been taken aboard an alien ship.

Todd. Todd Ryland had not been murdered. Not in that reality. He had been taken. Taken and was still with the beings that took him aboard their ship.

It had been Walter that had arranged for a body to be found. The truth would have been harder to believe, or bear, for the Ryland family in that reality.

Ann and Harris, the original Ann and Harris, needed to join with their children they had already met in the other realities and become a family unit. And in order to stop this merry go round they had all been going through, for good, Ann needed to give Harris yet another child. That would close the doors to the various universes they had all been in.

Walter needed to close the door on this universe for all time. And Bobby Ewing was going to help him.

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Chapter 15

Harris did not want to go to his mother and J.R.’s wedding. Not today. Not at this moment.

He and Annie were relaxing in the hot tub that had previously been used by Annie and Walter. Ann sat in his lap with her arms around his neck, as Harris sipped a glass of bourbon. Things had improved vastly since they began their affair. There was no more coaxing to get Ann to give in to her desire for him. And she became just as passionate as he was during their lovemaking.

“You know, there is nothing wrong with girls going to prom together. I mean in a group. It takes the pressure off of not being asked and girls can dress up and have some fun.” Ann said, as her fingers stroked his head. Harris had been telling her about some of the things going on in his ‘world’. Harris set the glass aside and closed his eyes.

“Annie, Ella is Emma’s identical twin. Emma is also popular. You know what that means? It means that Ella should be able to get dates too!”

“Maybe she’s shy! I was shy at her age.”

“Hmmm.” was all Harris had to say to that.


“Our girls are sixteen. I met you when you were what? Seventeen? And you weren’t shy worth a damn!”

Ann swatted the top of his head! The details of their lives seemed to be similar until they married. And in her version, things had not went well. In Harris’s, they had.

“How could you say that? Yes I was! I was tongue tied!”

“I don’t quite remember it being like that, but I suppose my memory could be faulty.” Harris purred.

“Okay, I’m going to let that go.” Ann said and Harris kissed her hungrily, before moaning something else.

“This is almost like when we conceived Emma and Ella,” Harris breathed, “only you had a cold.”

Ann broke off their kissing.

“We conceived our girls while I was sick?”

“Annie, honey, that was your own fault. You were naked and then you sneezed! I just couldn’t help myself!”

Ann giggled and their mouths met again with more fervor than she herself ever expected to feel for this man again. He made her laugh and he was charming, two things that she had never expected to feel or think about Harris Ryland ever again. He listened to her about Bobby and her fears that he might die. What was odd, was Ann realized that on a certain level, she felt more guilty about betraying Walter than Bobby.

Walter was a listener. He didn’t do a lot of talking but he just let her vent and go on about things, all while making love to her and making her feel needed. And yet Ann had to tell herself that he too was married. That she wasn’t really betraying him. But deep down, it didn’t feel that way and yet she couldn’t help herself. She just felt as if she could not get enough of this Harris. And it was his mouth continued to sear hers possessively, that Bobby and Walter burst in! Ann turned in his arms and barely registered that Bobby was standing there—with Walter.

But Harris was not so shy.

“Well, well! Tattle Tale Walt here told you where to find us?” Harris asked blithely. Ann moved out of his arms and faced Bobby.

“Bobby, I’m sorry.” she said.

“Is he forcing you, Annie? For cancer medication?” Bobby asked but he sounded heartbroken. Harris glared at Walter!

“Is that what you told him to get him to find us?”

Walter took out a gun and even Bobby was a bit stunned! He moved away from Walter.

“What is this?” Bobby asked, now unsure of what was really going on here.

“What this is, is unfortunate. It’s not anything you will ever understand, Mr. Ewing, except that this is a virus that spreads. And you have already been affected by it.” Walter told him, as he kept his gun on Harris and Ann.

“A virus?” Harris asked, scoffing. “What in the hell are you talking about?”

“A virus that moves people into other realities. And it is spreading. This began with Ann and you. Then it spread to myself and people I care about. Bobby has already been infected. The infection has to end. Now.” Walter stated.

Before anyone could think to say another word, Walter pointed his gun, regretfully, at Ann and fired…

The next thing the original Ann Ewing and Harris Ryland knew, they were back in their own reality and in the moment they had left. Ann fired her gun at him and the bullet stopped mid-air and dropped to the floor! Ann and Harris’s mouths dropped open for a moment, before Ann put the gun back in her purse and started to back away. Harris said nothing and watched her, until he saw someone he had not seen in years, walk in behind Ann.

It was his cousin Walter.

“Walt? What the hell are you doing here?” Harris asked and Ann turned to look at Walter Skinner, whom she had met in another reality.

“What is this?” Ann asked him, thinking of their conversation in the other world. “Is everything alright now?”

“Excuse me, Annie, you know my cousin? Since when?” Harris asked in a hostile tone. Walter moved so he was between them.

“Ann, we talked in the other reality, but I was wrong about some things. This virus can stop for good, if the two of you agree to a life together with ALL of the children you met in your realities. This whole thing is happening because of the two of you, and this moment. I need for you to surrender to living in one reality together—as husband and wife.” Walter told Ann.

Harris folded his arms.

“I’m fine with it.” he said. Ann looked from Walter to Harris.

“I’m not.” she said and moved around Walter to leave. Walter grabbed her arm!

“Ann, I’m sorry. But that is the sacrifice that needs to made. And to keep this from happening again, Harris and you need to have another child.”

“Good night, Walter! I’m going home to Southfork.” she said. Walter touched her face briefly, before letting her go. She skulked out of the house. Harris rolled his eyes!

“The nerve of her! Thinking she’s too good to give me another baby!” Harris snapped.

“Keep her from getting back to Southfork. Because the moment she does, this whole thing begins again.” Walter told him, before turning to walk out. He did stop and look back at Harris.

“Say hello to Aunt Judith for me.” he said, before leaving the house as well. Harris pulled out his phone. He didn’t care what Annie wanted or what she thought she wanted! He dialed 911 and told them that Ann Ewing had left his house after shooting at him, while drunk and that he wanted her arrested. He also told her he feared she was headed back to Southfork to kill someone there.

Harris then hung up, sat down and waited. He closed his eyes and waited and waited until…

Both Ann and Harris awoke, again, this time in the living room at Southfork! Ann jumped up, got her bearings and looked for something to throw at Harris! She found a vase and flung it at him! He sidestepped it and moved behind the bar!

“Now, Annie, calm down!”

“Calm down??? The police, along with a helicopter, pulled me over on the road and kept me from coming home! But I somehow made it here though…why are you here…”

Ann suddenly gasped as she looked up at the picture on the wall! It was not of any Ewing.

It was a portrait of Judith Ryland. Ann swallowed and backed back!

“What have you done, Harris?” she whispered.

“What needed doing. Cousin Walt said we needed to stop what was happening. We have.”

“No we haven’t! I’m not where I need to be!”

“But I am!” Harris countered. “I liked where I was just fine! I liked how we were together and I liked our three children! Emma, Claire and Todd! So we are going to make this work…”

“Todd?” Ann asked carefully. “You met him?”

Harris eyed her.

“And you didn’t?”

“He was dead where I was!” she shouted. “All we had were twin girls. Someone had killed Todd. Someone had killed our little boy.” she said, more to herself and turned away from him. Harris stared at her back in shock!

“Someone killed Todd? Who the hell was this ‘someone’? What did I do about it?” Harris asked, trying to keep his voice down but he knew he wouldn’t be able to! Someone had killed his boy? When? How?

Ann turned back to him and shook her head slightly.

“I ended up in a house in California…”

“As did I.” Harris interrupted. “And we had three children!”

“We used to.” was all Ann said to that. The door opened and Emma and Ella walked in on the arms of Drew Ramos and Christopher Ewing! Harris moved out from behind the bar and stood beside Ann.

“We have to act like this is normal, Annie, because this is the new normal.” he said between clenched teeth to her. Ann said nothing to that and smiled at the four of them.

“Well, well,” Harris said in what served as a cheerful tone, “what do we have here?”

“We just got back from that awful new Star Wars movie,” Ella said. Christopher rolled his eyes.

“Come on! It wasn’t that bad.” he said. Ann smiled at them. She liked Christopher and Drew. They were good young men.

“Christopher’s right, Ella. It couldn’t have been that bad.” Ann said and Harris tried not to look over at her. The girls looked exactly the same, down to their hairstyles. How could she tell them apart?

“Well,” Ella said, linking arms with Christopher, “I liked my date. Christopher made it bearable.”

“What about you, Emma? How did Drew and you like the movie?” Ann asked.

“I thought Kylo Ren was cute.” Emma noted. Now Drew rolled his eyes!

“God, Emma, he killed his father!”

“It doesn’t mean he wasn’t cute.”

Harris only had a passing knowledge of what they were talking about. And he didn’t especially like his daughter’s choices in men. But he’d let it go. For now.

Claire suddenly came down the stairs and tried to ease over to the door to leave, without saying anything! Harris looked around the foursome and addressed her.

“Claire, honey? Where are you off to this late?” he asked. The wall clock said 9:00 P.M..

Claire closed the door, which she had had partially ajar and turned to smile and flutter her eyelashes!

“Daddy, I have to go and help out a friend who’s flunking. I was also going to take one of your sports cars. You understand, don’t you? Good. Goodnight!” she smiled, pulling on the door again.

“Who is this friend?” Ann asked. Claire was clearly slick.

“It’s Jenny, Mom. You know she’s always on the verge of flunking something…”

“As are you.” Emma said knowingly.

“Shut up, Emma!”

Harris decided to end this.

“The answer is no. You have a goodnight. Upstairs.” he said, giving her a knowing look. Claire walked into the room and up to Harris and Ann.

“Daddy, you said that if I got my Algebra grade up, I could spend some time with my friends. I did get it up.”

Ann lifted a brow. She actually wanted to see how Harris handled this. It was as he was about to answer that Todd and Champ came bounding into the room! Champ, who’s coat was gleaming, ran past everyone and up to Harris! He practically ignored Ann!

“Dad, Champ chased down a raccoon near the stables! I got it on video. I need to stay up late to upload it to Youtube.”

Ann slowly reached out and touched the top of Todd’s head. He looked up at her.

“Mom? Please? Can I stay up? Please?”

“Daddy, about my going out?” Claire interrupted.

Ann took over.

“Claire, do as your father says. Todd, it’s late. I want you in bed. You can upload tomorrow.”

Claire tore her eyes off of Harris and gave Ann a challenging look. It was clear that she was used to going around Ann to get what she wanted. She looked at Harris.


“Daddy says no too!” Ann snapped and Harris cleared this throat.

“No, Claire. Do as your Mama says.”

Claire sighed loudly and turned to leave the room. Drew and Christopher gave one another looks and Emma and Ella steered them off towards the kitchen. Ann reached for Todd’s small hand.

“I want you to tell me all about what Champ did while getting ready for bed, okay?”

“Okay, Mom. Goodnight Dad. Goodnight, Champ.”

Champ looked at him, then nuzzled Harris’s leg. Ann smiled at the sight, before walking out of the room with Todd. Harris figured Ann’s smile was worth keeping the dog around.


It was much later before Ann and Harris had any time alone again. Drew and Christopher had said their goodnight’s to the girls and they were in bed. Claire was texting, but was in bed and Todd was fast asleep.

Champ had a dog bed in the room that belonged to Harris and Ann. Harris didn’t want him in the room but Ann, while looking through the closets, tried to persuade him to let him stay.

“You want the dog to stay in this room?” Harris asked her, as he began taking off his shirt.

“Why not? He likes you, Harris.” she said, not looking at him.

“He can stay. If you agree to stay. Give me a year, Annie, to prove that we can make this work.”

Ann turned to look at him.

“A year and a baby?” she asked sardonically.

“A year. For now.” Harris replied.

Ann said nothing for a very long moment. So long that Harris didn’t know if she was actually going to answer him at all.

Then she did.

“Can you make the room spin?” she asked.

Harris smiled at her question before walking over to her and closing the distance between them.

“That and more.” he replied before drawing his mouth towards hers. Ann felt herself responding to him and began to melt into a helpless puddle as they fell to the floor. Champ’s ears went up as he watched them.

“Maybe,” Ann breathed between kisses, “I can do this for a year.”

“Or forever.” was Harris’s reply as his lips sought hers again and Champ Ryland, the family German Shepherd lowered his ears and turned his head away, out of respect, of course.



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Great story very unique and different. I love how Dallas, Knots Landing and X-Files characters were all involved with each other. I enjoyed how the story ended. ❤️

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I thought I had left a comment on this when I had finished reading it. But I must have forgotten. Anyway great story. Cute how Harris had to get used to the dog! :)