Should Emma have joined Julia in the convent?


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After Emma made her emotional exit from FC in 1990 should she have decided to join Julia, in the convent? She didn't get pregnant from Charley but after all the madness decided life as a nun would be so much better. Then a very much alive Charley appears at the convent causing havoc and we get a one off appearance from Julia, when she hits him from behind with a giant crucifix. This time he really is dead and we get Julia back at her bloody best. What about this?

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I do see your point @Chloe-Fusco. Your season 9 ingredient would have been a hell of a lot better; than what we were served up, towards the end. As much as Emma should have been trouble free and increasingly making her stamp on the business I still think Charley would've shown up in a possible season 10 (all things considered) and been uncouth again. There wouldn't have been a turning over of a new leaf, from the surviving St. James brother. Lauren Sharpe Daniels Channing should have been the wacko's next victim. He could have been armed with Macadamia Fudge ice-cream. A 90-'91 villain you just loved to hate.

From left to right: Charley, Emma, Angela and Frank (Mark Lindsay Chapman's first FC appearance as despicable Charley St. James, en route to Maggie's funeral).

Emma has recently married uncouth Charley St. James. Frank Agretti joins Emma and Angela, in the living room of the Falcon Crest mansion, (a scene from season 9, 1989 - '90):

Frank gives Angela a glass of FC Cabernet Sauvignon 1984: "Here Angie."

Angela: "Oh, thank you Frank! How long is this Charley going to stay?"

Emma: "I dunno. We have some things to resolve."

Angela: "Like your marriage."

Charley St. James appears with a glass bowl. The contents of which were given to Chao-Li, by the pickers in the morning.

Charley to Angela: "Try these grapes. They're great. Juicy!"

Angela: "No thank you Mr. St. James!"

Charley: " me Charley, Angie."

Frank drinks some brandy and looks to be mad, at the newcomer.

Charley then goes over to Emma and tells her, "Open up!" before putting a grape in her mouth. He then eats one.

Angela is sitting unusually tight lipped and clearly not impressed. Emma is besotted.

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Julia should have been released from the convent near the end of Season 6, after only a few months sojourn through Jesus' House (albeit less violently than when she was a nun with a gun), returning to Falcon Crest and attempting to reconcile yet again with Tony.

Throughout Season 7 & 8, Julia and Emma must come to terms with the brain tumors they'd developed as the result of that Strontium 90 nuclear waste Jacqueline conveniently -- and maliciously -- buried under the vineyards 35 years earlier. It's what really caused both sisters' mental deterioration over the years (to say nothing of Maggie's brain tumor four years prior) and not just Angela's domineering maternal personality (although that didn't help).

Melissa, obviously suffering the same malady (or at least pretending to), refuses to get tested.

That chardonnay, tainted by the radioactivity, results in spontaneous human combustion consuming those who partake of the current vintage.

Are there more murders in Season 7 or 8? Did Julia commit them or did her brain surgery heal her of her homicidal ways?

Will she disappear into some other institution by Season 9?

It's just not her fault.

P.S.: according to scientific authority, the Strontium 90 will be bioactive -- in a bad way -- for about 58 years. So the coast is clear in the Tuscany Valley by around the time 9/11 happens (which Jacqueline Perrault was undoubtedly also involved in).

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