The marvellously mirthful Miriam Margolyes

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28th September 2008
Miriam and Alan: Lost In Scotland And Beyond

Episode Two was even better than the first, I think. It was so wonderful to see Miriam's excitement at revisiting the Isle Of Sky, which she'd previously visited with her partner Heather fifty four years earlier, and I loved that the walking stick with which she was presented was made of Heather. And of course her lack of interest in Harry Potter is always great fun: I love that in order to answer Alan's question about if her character even had a wand she had to ask the wand whittler/fan (he confirmed that yes, Professor Sprout did have one).

It was also touching to see Miriam so emotional upon hearing the horn blown (in, where else, a Jewish, Scottish, vegan, LGBT+, anarchist cafe) and being reminded of her own childhood.

The American leg of their little tour looks set to prove at least as much fun - especially given Miriam's previous visits and her aversion to Hollywood fakery.

Naturally, Miriam exposing herself while falling over as she tried to wee in the ocean at Malibu was a highlight but it was also sweet to see her reunited with a favourite beach waitress from her time living there.

I'm assuming there will only be three episodes once again, in which case I feel a little sad that I'm already two thirds of the way through this entire series.