The Tories Partied In Downing Street While Telling Everyone Else Parties Were Banned

Julia's Gun

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Oct 2011
Boris got elected by literally ruffling his hair and saying 'get Brexit done', & 'build 40 hospitals', over and over again. This and the sheer hatred of the media towards Corbyn - and Corbyn's own ineffectiveness in interviews - was enough to give the Tories 5 more years in power with a big majority.
The whole country has has paid a heavy price now everyone can see him for what he is - whilst Boris doesn't give a damn and earns millions doing after dinner speeches and hosting talking shows.

It's the supposed comments about 'letting old people accept their fate' that really sicken me.

Angela Channing

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While I agreed with you all the way during lockdown, I now see we got it wrong. News coming out now on what our leaders were doing while the majority of the country were abiding by the rules is disgusting and I believe criminal charges should be thrown at Johnson

Not that any of this shocks me and I’m not one to say ‘I told you so’, but I would really love to hear the thought of those who voted for this government and more so, those who stood up and backed Boris.

Long before he became PM, we knew he was a dishonest, racist, homophobic, misogynistic idiot and I honestly think his ‘buffoon like’ behaviour is partly what won his supporters over.
I was very critical of how Johnson and the Tory government managed the Covid crisis (and other matters) but now seeing the evidence presented to the Covid Inquiry, I realise that my criticisms didn't go far enough and were significantly less than what members of the government were thinking and saying about each other.

People who voted for this government knew they were getting a corrupt, dishonest and self-serving bunch of incompetents because we were all told what Johnson was like beforehand but I think they didn't care because they were motivated by their racism and xenophobia which they value more than what is best for our country. Dominic Cummings admitted as much at the Inquiry when he said he didn't regret helping getting the "f*ckpigs" and "c*nts" elected because he considered that to be a better option than a second Brexit referendum and a Corbyn government. I would be fascinated to hear what people who voted for this lot now think about how they voted.