Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots

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@Daniel Avery this would be fantastic - if Quentin Tarantino could write and direct it! But we know that will never happen. 'TV Line' also has some wishes how the show should end. And while it appears to be logical to the storylines I fear most of it will not completed how it should:
3. THREE COUPLES SHOULD GET HAPPY ENDINGS (...) Jeffrey and Madison, Benny and Rianna, and Candace and Mitch (....)
2. THE VILLAINS HAVE GOTTA PAY… DEARLY (...) the unholy trinity of Veronica, Jim and Katheryn have to get their comeuppance. Ideally, Veronica will wind up being blown to bits by the bombs that she’s earmarked for her family (...)
I disagree about Katheryn's destiny. Killing Jennifer Sallis was actually about a mother who knew that her son becomes the victim of the D.A.'s actions (again almost dying because the bitch gave him the money for drugs - well aware of his history). Before that Jennifer claimed that Amanda was murdered. Above all it was one of my all-time favorite soap scenes when Katheryn walked to the stairs after the killing and cared for the flowers. The actress Reneé Lawless (who reminded me a bit about the time when I watched The Bold & The Beautiful because of Darlene Conley's Sally Spectra) delivered so many memorable moments but without the malicious glee Veronica is displaying. And Katheryn stayed longer in jail than any of the other characters - I think compared to Wyatt's drunk-driving responsible for the death of a child and Veronica's murders and murder attempts it's unfair. She already got her "comeuppance". Freedom for Katheryn!

So far that 'TV Line'-article had more than 540 comments. The story about the cancellation from a week ago received more than 1.000 comments - people seem to be very angry about it.

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Fans of the show tend to gravitate to TVLine because so few other sites give them any coverage. TVLine would often do recaps and gossip when no one else did. I do wish the commenters would get a grip and quit writing as if Tyler Perry is running the site, though--all the "Please don't cancel the show, Tyler"-type posts are misdirected to TVLine's administrators and clog up the site. Besides, the decision was made long ago and a "done deal"; they've probably already filmed the last episodes and released the actors and crew to go look for other work. Eight seasons is a good run.

Speaking of which, some of the HAHN actors might now be available to play roles on NuDynasty (which also films in Atlanta). My imagination is running wild.

As for their list of Must Haves:
5. Yes, put him out of his misery.
4. They're generous--I've wanted him written out for several years and believe he would not have stuck around had he not been Tika Sumpter's babydaddy.
3. Jeffrey and Madison could very easily decide to pack up and leave town; I'm not invested in Benny or his latest girlfriend; I like the idea of Candace/Mitch but I fear TP's affinity for Tika Sumpter means he will want Candace to come out on top (with the Perpetual-President-Elect).
2. I agree with you that Kathryn has suffered enough--but Veronica deserves a cinematic, cathartic, karma-filled death that befits her heinous reign of terror. Jim could be bumped off randomly and left by the side of the road in a Hefty bag for all I care. As long as he doesn't emerge in any way 'victorious' at the end.
1. I don't think Hannah's life would be improved by becoming rich. I mean, did money make ANY of their lives better? I think the best happy ending for her would involve a solid, honest romance, but it would not be as rewarding to the viewer if it's rushed (and it would have to be, since there's only eight episodes left).
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