What more would you like Miss Ellie to do?


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I agree he didn’t hate Gary, but how was Gary a threat? Bobby was the adored baby of the house.
The key difference between Gary and Bobby is that Gary is unpredictable and doesn't merely play the Ewing power games when challenged. If J.R. challenges Bobby, then Bobby acts predictably and J.R. knows it. If J.R. challenges Gary, Gary could back down and run away because he's uneasy about the responsibility or he doesn't care for whatever power game is being played, but he could also retreat and find a way to win in an unexpected manner. This makes J.R. uneasy. Gary isn't acting like Jock taught his sons, doesn't often give a damn when challenged directly (whereas J.R. and Bobby would never back down), but if Gary does want something badly enough then he tends to go and get it. J.R.'s mentality is "Do unto others before they do unto you", which means that anyone with potential to hurt him must be seen as an automatic threat to him, so J.R. doesn't want Gary complicating things, which Gary would if he insisted on sticking around.

From J.R.'s point of view, I don't think he likes Gary's influence on Bobby either. Bobby has a strong inner confidence and is very sure of himself, which would be more dangerous for J.R. if Bobby picked up some of Gary's unpredictability and complexity. Bobby was really annoyed in the Reunion episodes when J.R.'s manipulations saw Gary leave. Bobby said something like "Damn it, J.R., I liked having him (Gary) around, I like the way he sees and thinks a bit different". Yes Bobby, that's why J.R. wanted Gary gone, among other reasons. J.R. was also prepared for Lucy to hate him and make the family believe that Valene accepted a bribe, so that it would drive a further wedge.

Bobby also asked J.R. at that time, regarding Gary "What is wrong with a man being gentle instead of ruthless?". What J.R. is scared of isn't necessarily Gary's gentleness per se, but his complexity and unpredictability. Being gentle just isn't what Jock Ewing taught them. Of the brothers, Gary is his own man the most, in my opinion, the freest and most independent, however chaotic he can sometimes be. Gary is stubbornly independent in insisting that he does things his way, and if he is briefly pressured into doing something that he doesn't really want to do, he will tend to walk away before long. He won't have any of the "It's my duty" J.R. and Bobby mentality or the "It's a man's job to be strong and the breadwinner" mentality that Ray has. While Ray is uneasy about Donna doing anything better than him, Gary leant on Val's support and gained a certain strength from Abby's strength. Gary is prepared for his women to be stronger than him inside even if he wishes he was better, and he does get better over time.
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There's more about Jock in this thread than Miss Ellie.

Maybe Miss Ellie should have had an interracial romance - can you imagine JR and Sue Ellen's reaction?

BBG did a Broadway (or off-Broadway?) play in the '40s called "Deep are the Roots" in which her character had an interracial romance -- very daring at that time and probably the real reason nasty Howard Hughes ejected her from RKO Studios.

I never cared for Miss Ellie as a character. I always thought she was a hypocrite.

But she was a Ewing. Who amongst them was without that sin??

I could see MW as Jock, I think he would have been great
Another possibility - I could envision Forrest Tucker as Jock. He had that imposing exterior, and I could see him inspiring
respect from Bobby and JR

Forrest Tucker does seem a perfect fit for the Ewingverse somewhere. Of course, his fondness for the grape was well-known and that could have hurt his chances at getting hired (the poor man collapsed at his Hollywood star christening). But maybe he could have started his mornings with Larry and three bottles of champagne.


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Yeah in season thirteen.

I think it was one of Clayton's friends who was presumed dead. I think the character was Atticus Ward played by John Larch. He played twins in it but I can't remember the name of the other brother. Anyway one of them was Dusty's real Father & it was Clayton's sister who was bumping them off! :)
What I can't understand is why Atticus Ward's will was even read in the first place, given he was only missing and not dead!?