1. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Dynasty

    As I have done already with the other three major supersoaps, some "Dynasty"-themed videos are coming soon, starting with the Top Ten episodes. Anyway, since both Spelling soaps are included in my video "Top 39 most-watched supersoaps", I decided to open now this thread and post it here too...
  2. Toni

    Dallas Actors Watch Linda Gray starring in "Wally's Will"

    The multi-awarded short "Wally´s Will" starring Linda Gray is finally available to watch for free: Linda rocks!
  3. Toni

    Faye Dunaway to write a book about "Mommie Dearest"!

    It had to come! Dunaway must have got so annoyed by the recent news of Jessica Lange playing Joan Crawford in Ryan Murphy´s upcoming miniseries "Feud", that she´s now writing a memoir book about the filming of "Mommie Dearest": As Benjamin Franklin allegedly said once, there are only a few...