The Miles Colby Appreciation Thread


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Those pecs, those biceps, that ass....

But more to the point is that ABBA on the cover of Newsweek?


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He looks kinda weird.
In an ‘alien’ way? (Those ears!)

What can I say? I have odd tastes. It’s why bats & ETs like hanging out at my place. The neighbours don’t like it when I yell because of what they do to me. But then the neighbours can’t see what’s going on.

The dude did have aliens for relatives once upon a time – before they became naturalized citizens of the good ole US of A. :D

Who is he?
A descendent of that other-worldly Latino Sikh with a Viking mullet: Alex Montalbán, son of Mark, son of Ricardo.

Ricardo’s dad was blonde, but the gene skipped his generation. Mark was the only child who was blonde, and he married a blonde and both their kids are blond.

Alex’s mum really was a Stephanie Zachary before marriage. And Alex, the younger child, was born during the second season of The Colbys. Dad Mark is the same age as Stephanie Beacham; just 2 weeks younger. I loved that the The Colbys series had in-house jokes about a lotta things: young Pedro’s name change being one of those.

….It made me wonder if, after making the cut because of prior stage experience, it was little things like these – the ticking off of some very odd checkboxes – that made all the difference between who got cast as Sable: SB or Kate O’Mara, or someone else.

Alex aspired to write for Hollywood after uni. I don’t know what has become of those aspirations as he works as a stuntman; the only one in his immediate family with an in-films connection.

(Both his parents and sister Lauren Marie worked/work in healthcare. I know Ricardo put money into building healthcare facilities in South America, and later also in the US. Ricardo had steered all 4 children away from Hollywood careers and Hollywood types, but said he regretted standing in the way of his second daughter, Anita, a talented musician, who was looking to Hollywood.)

I think if there was a remake of The Colbys series where the titular family was still Caucasian but set in a later time than the original, then Alex Montalbán could make the grade as modern-day Miles. He’s in his 30s now.

Modern-day Miles may not have a twin. Or, he could have had a conjoined twin who didn’t survive surgery, and he has a scar on his body to remind him (like Andy Garcia, I’ve read).

Modern-day Miles’s biological father could be left as written originally: Jason.

Or, modern-day Miles could be written as the son Jason knew was not his biological son. (And either Miles knows or doesn’t.) ….The idea for this comes from the piece of fan-fantasy which was passed off as truth by someone on the Dynasty forum long before the crash: that Jason had told Sable the only reason he’d married her was because she was pregnant!

The biological father of modern-day Caucasian Miles could of course be Anglo. Then again, he could be of Latin or Hispanic ethnicity.

The latter idea comes from something I read in a blog at a time when blogs were catching on as the in-thing to try out.

Now, it wasn’t a blog of fiction writing. It comprised simple entries of day-to-day life. One entry was of the blogger’s recollection of their favourite show of the ‘80s: The Colbys (supposedly).

But the writing focussed on Sable. And, without mentioning Dynasty at all, the blogger stated Sable’s twins were fathered by her lover, Zachary Powers.

Go figure.

Was there even a question on The Colbys series that Jason wasn’t the father of Miles and Monica? Nope. Or that Jason had felt obliged to marry Sable for whatever reason? Nope.

In Channing’s last scene on The Colbys series, she told Miles her situation and plans. No reference was made to her on Dynasty. Why then do people say she made good on her plans like as if they were done deeds, facts engraved in stone? Just because Miles still had the hots for still-married Fallon in the post-Season 9 Dynasty movie? **rolling my eyes**

I’m so glad Dynasty on the CW decided to make the Colbys African-American and go in a direction unconnected with original The Colbys series. So. Damn. Glad.

A serial killer who will hopefully keep me alive for a few months at least while he uses me as a sex toy before offing me.
Oh, if only that had been your actual arc on Dynasty, dear Alexis, it would have spared us all the horror that was your last husband, Sean. :D
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So much text in a pinup thread. Not sexy! :(
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Oooo, thanks Willie, just what I need to fly out of here. Bye guys, have a great 2018 and beyond.

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Now that I removed it as my signature, this The Colbys promo with the beautiful Maxwell in his character's signature polo uniform belongs here.



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Now that I removed it as my signature, this The Colbys promo with the beautiful Maxwell in his character's signature polo uniform belongs here.

Holy hell! That is one drop dead gorgeous man! Why is Maxwells acting so much better and more natural in this promo than anything we saw from him on The Colbys?


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Maxwell popped up in a season 4 episode of HOTEL. His hair seemed much darker brown, but he looked insanely hot. He acts opposite his real life wife Juliet Mills who appears to be twice his age in the episode which I think was in 1986. He wears a camel coloured turtle neck in one scene and I swear it hugs every single defined bit of his gorgeous torso. It's weirdly even hotter than his shirtless scene. I have tried to find a pic from the episode online but I cant. Trust me... He looks DAMN FINE.


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Think this hunk could play modern-day Miles Colby if ever they did a new show with a white Miles Colby? Haven’t seen him in anything so I can’t say if he can act well or not. I don’t think he trained for it.

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Now there’s a clown act that’s hard to follow!

But what an inspiring little fella. What a circus star he became! All thanks to his little mate Timothy Q. Mouse.

I suspect @tommie took one look and was inspired to draw lines to the past, remembering the crows who’d scoffed at the idea that elephants could fly. The graves of some good old country men indeed.

“Open your eyes,” is not what Mrs Jumbo said to her infant son whom Mr Stork had just delivered.

But “Mother, open your eyes,” is what Miles Colby did say.

It was a line to the future past, echoing the words Khan Noonien Singh spoke to the USS Enterprise’s historian as he brought her to her knees on Star Trek: TOS. We really do have to appreciate Miles for looking out for his woman-child mother, getting her to see the other picture.

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Not the best picture quality, but this clip definitly belongs in here:


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All of these beg the question: was Miles' hotness used sufficiently on THE COLBYS? I mean the closest to compare to is Lorenzo Lamas on FALCON CREST and I think they had a lot more gratuitous pool and semi-naked scenes of him there.