Life Is But A Dream

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Welcome back @CeeCee72 :danc:

Right Sue Ellen is pregnant, I had almost forgotten about that. Typically Jerry not giving up that easily. Also it's sort of funny how it was the same actor who portrayed Abby's ex-husband Jeff on Knots Landing. I tend to think of him as Abby's ex more than as Jerry Kenderson somehow.

I look forward to when Richard aka Bobby will be rescued and the family's reaction to him still being alive.


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This fic is an alternate timeline where the dream season wasn't a dream. It picks up after the last episode of season 9.


Life Is But a Dream

Part 24:


Cantrell slipped on his jacket and checked his appearance in the mirror. He and Cliff were having dinner with Pam and Mark. Cliff wanted him to tell Pam everything he knew about Katherine and how JR whisked her out of the country after she skipped bail - and like it or not, he had no choice but to do exactly what Cliff wanted.

But Barnes was in for a rude awakening. Cliff didn't know the whole story. He knew they HOW Katherine had disappeared but he didn't know the WHY of JR's involvement. Once Pam heard everything Mark had to tell her, she wouldn't want to hurt JR at all anymore. In fact, Cliff would be damned lucky if Pam didn't declare JR Ewing a sainted hero.

Matt smiled at the thought of how shocked Cliff was going to be. He couldn't wait to see the look on the other man's face. It was going to be priceless.


"What are you going to do, Ellie?"

Ellie sighed and sat her coffee cup down on the kitchen counter. "I don't know," she sighed heavily. "But I have to do something."

"You should tell JR."

"I can't, Clayton. JR will kill him."

"Maybe, but if you don't tell him and he finds out only after he gets served with the papers, he'll kill Barnes for sure."

"I just don't understand why Cliff would do this! John Ross's paternity was settled long ago."

"He's doing it because he blames JR for Jamie's death. He thinks JR cost him his wife, so now he's trying to destroy JR's family."

"We can't let this happen."

"Then we have to talk to JR."

"Yes," Ellie agreed reluctantly. "I suppose there is no other choice, is there?"


Jack grimaced and looked down at his watch. He'd just come from April's hotel room, but she hadn't answered the door. He didn't understand it. She knew he was coming to see her after he left Southfork. Where had she gone?

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. Jack stepped out into the lobby and made a beeline for the front desk. "Excuse me."

A young, pretty female clerk looked up at him and smiled. "May I help you?"

"Yes. I was supposed to meet April Stevens, but she doesn't seem to be in her room. I was wondering if she left a message for me. My name is Jack Ewing."

"Room number?"


He watched her punch something on the computer keyboard and then turn to a row of mailboxes behind her and retrieve an envelope. "Miss Stevens checked out this afternoon, but she left this package for you."

"Checked out?" Jack breathed out in shock. He took the manilla envelope she was holding out to him. "Thank you."

He walked over to a chair, sat down, opened the envelope, and pulled out the contents.

There was a large folder and a smaller, pink envelope. "Jack" was written across the back of the envelope in April's familiar, dainty handwriting. He opened it up and unfolded the letter inside.

"Jack, sorry to be such a coward, but I just couldn't bring myself to face you. The real reason I came to Dallas is in the folder. I got a judge to grant me half of your income for the next five years. I promise never to bother you again. My lawyer will be in touch."

Jack laughed lightly and shook his head. "Oh, no April," he muttered, standing up and heading for the exit. "If you think I'm going to let you get away with this, you're even crazier than I thought you were."


"You didn't eat much at dinner."

Sue Ellen looked up and smiled at her husband. "I wasn't very hungry."

"You're still not worried about how things will be between us when you get back from therapy tomorrow, are you? Because if you are, you don't need to be."

"How can you say that, JR? We have no idea what I'm going to remember or how I will feel…"

"I know you love me. You know I love you. That's all we need to know, Sue Ellen."


"Honey," he voice was soft and soothing, "whatever you remember, no matter how ugly it is, I'll deal with it. I'll answer any question you have. I'll tell you whatever you need to know. We'll work through it."

"You promise?" her voice sounded small and shaky.

He smiled and leaned close to her, pulling her into his arms and holding her close. "I swear it."

"JR," Ellie appeared in the doorway of the living room, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Clayton and I need to speak to you. It's important."

"Can't it wait, Mama?"

"I'm afraid not," Ellie said evenly.

"It's fine, JR," Sue Ellen squeezed his hand. "I'll go upstairs and read a book with John Ross."

JR stood and helped his wife off the couch. "I'll be up soon."

Sue Ellen nodded, kissed his cheek and walked gracefully from the room.

"Alright, Mama," JR turned back to Ellie. "What's this all about?"

"Cliff Barnes," Ellie sighed. "JR, there's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come out with it. Cliff has a court order. According to Jack, he intends to have you and Sue Ellen served tomorrow morning."

"Served with what?" JR demanded. "What does he want?"

"DNA," Ellie's voice sounded nervous. "He wants John Ross's DNA."

"For what?"

"To prove he is John Ross's real father."


"Matt! What a lovely surprise!"

Matt caught Pam as she launched herself at him and hugged her close. "Hi, Pam. It's good to see you." He released her and backed away. "Mark," he nodded at the other man.

"Matt," Mark nodded back at him. "What brings you to Dallas?"

"Cliff actually," Matt sighed, casting a sideways glance at Cliff. "He brought me here to tell Pam something."

"Tell me what?" Pam asked.

"What really happened to your sister," Matt sighed.

"Katherine?" Pam gasped. "What could you possibly know about Katherine?"

Matt took a deep breath and looked Pam square in the eyes. "I know JR smuggled her out of the country after she shot Bobby. And I know he used me to do it."


"You need anything else from us?"

McSween looked up at the warden and shook his head. "No. Thanks for all the help and cooperation."

"Not a problem. I'll never understand how a good cop like Lowell could go so bad. Hope you find some answers."

"Me too. And this will help."

"I wish you could have talked to the inmate who killed Lowell before the bastard hung himself."

"Yeah, me too."

McSween closed the folder the warden had given him and stood up. "This stuff really does help. I'll call you as soon as I find out anything."

"I'd really appreciate it. A murder and a suicide here in my jail...let's just say if I don't come up with some answers, my job is the one on the line."

The warden stood up and extended his hand to McSween. "Good luck."

"Thanks," McSween shook the other man's hand and nodded, "you'll be hearing from me soon."

McSween left the warden's office and walked swiftly through the exit of the jail and across the parking lot to his car. He needed to see JR right away. They had a problem.

They had a HUGE problem.


"This is nuts!" JR raged. "John Ross is MY son! The blood test proved it!"

"Yes...but Cliff is claiming the test was tampered with."

"Tampered with how?"

"Well…" Ellie struggled to find the right words. "Cliff presented the judge with evidence that someone switched the samples."

"What?" JR demanded. "Who? Who would do that?"

"Are you sure you don't know?" Clayton asked carefully.

"How in the hell would I know?"

"JR…" Ellie reached out her hand to cover his. "I know how much you love Sue much you've always loved her. If Cliff had turned out to be the father...Jock would have never allowed you to stay married to her. If you did this to keep Sue Ellen...I'd understand."

"I didn't do this!" JR protested.

"Are you sure, JR?" Clayton pressed him. "If you did, we can fix this. But you have to be honest. According to Cliff's court order, Harry McSween is the one who swapped the samples."

"What?" JR's voice was full of barely contained fury. "McSween?"

"You really didn't know, JR?" Clayton asked softly.

"No," JR growled. "I wouldn't have rigged the blood test to keep Sue Ellen. I would have thrown her off Southfork on her pretty little ass. And I never, NEVER would have lowered myself to raise Barnes's bastard!"

There was a sudden gasp and sharp cry from behind him. He whirred around and saw Sue Ellen standing in the doorway. She was white as a sheet.

"JR," she cried out. Her hand flew to her mouth and she shook her head violently back and forth. "Dear God no!"

He watched helplessly as she turned and ran blindly out of the room and up the stairs.

"No!" Ellie's voice shouted when he turned to go after her. "I'll go, JR. I think you've done quite enough!"

"I...I didn't know she was standing there," JR whispered after Ellie had left the room.

"I know," Clayton sighed. "Come on, JR. I think we both need a drink so we can figure out how to fix this."

"I'll take the drink," JR growled. "But there's no fixing this. Not ever."


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I can understand JR's reaction in a way. Of course he is upset to hear that John Ross might not be his son.
Just too bad that Sue Ellen overheard what he said. :confused:

Also what a coward April is, just skipping town like that. I hope Jack goes after her.


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This fic is an alternate timeline where the dream season wasn't a dream. It picks up after the last episode of season 9.


Life Is But a Dream

Part 25:


Pam felt sick.

Matt had just told her in vivid detail how Katherine had contacted JR after skipping bail and demanded that he help her get out of the country. JR had agreed, contacted Matt and used him and his connections in South America to smuggle her out of the country.

"I just don't understand! JR is slime, but he wanted Bobby's shooter in jail as much as the rest of us. Why on earth would he help Katherine escape justice?"

"Who knows why JR does anything?" Cliff snapped. "He's pure evil. His mind is so sick none of us could understand it even if we tried."

"Actually," Matt broke in, "he had a reason. If you ask me, it was a damn good reason."

"What reason?" Pam demanded. "What possible excuse could he possibly have for protecting the woman who tried to kill his brother?"

"Pam, JR wasn't protecting Katherine. He was protecting Christopher."

"What?" Mark spoke for the first time."What do you mean?"

"I should start at the beginning I guess," Matt sighed. "Pam, have you ever heard of a woman named Lisa Alden?"

"No…" Pam answered, "I don't think so. Why? Who is she?"

"She's Christopher's biological Aunt. Katherine was threatening to contact her and give her Christopher's birth certificate. She was blackmailing JR. She said if he didn't get her out of the country she would make sure the Alden woman came forward to claim her custodial rights."

"You can't possibly expect us to believe that JR actually gave a damn about Christopher."

"I don't care what you believe, " Matt shot back,"but I'm telling you what happened. JR helped Katherine to protect his nephew and his brother. You can accept it or not, Pam, but that's the God's honest truth."


Richard forced himself to remain calm and pleasant as Dr. Eliis checked his vitals and drew blood. He smiled and nodded and made appropriate responses to the other man's small talk.

In his mind, he was taking note of the keys Dr. Ellis carried, where he put them, how many there were, and which ones looked big enough to be to doors instead of to file cabinets.

He had already started organizing an escape plan in his mind.

He couldn't remember who exactly Sue Ellen and Christopher were, but he knew he loved them.

And he was determined to get back to them - somehow, some way.


"Honey," JR hesitated in the doorway. "I need to talk to you."

"No." Her eyes were red and puffy and her voice was hoarse from crying. "Not now. Please I just can't."

JR sighed heavily and cast his eyes towards his mother who was sitting on their bed beside Sue Ellen holding the other woman's hand."Mama, give us a minute, please. I'm sorry Sue Ellen, but I have to talk to you now. It can't wait, honey."

Sue Ellen sucked in a ragged breath and closed her eyes. "Fine. Go ahead."

Ellie squeezed Sue Ellen's hand and then stood up. "I'll be right outside."

JR nodded and moved into the room as Miss Ellie moved out. He carefully sat down on the edge of the bed - far enough away from his wife that he wasn't touching her but close enough so she could look directly into his eyes.

"What I said downstairs," he began carefully, "it was all true. Back then…"

"What, JR?' Sue Ellen pushed him, "please just get this over with. Say what you need to say and then leave me alone."

"Sue Ellen, you and I were miserable together in those days. I know you can't remember the details, but you do remember we were unhappy. We had a nasty, ugly relationship. Cliff Barnes was my sworn enemy. I was...disgusted that you slept with him. If you hadn't been pregnant, I probably would have divorced you. I prayed every night that the baby was mine, but I didn't believe it. You and I had tried to have a baby for years. It seemed unbelievable that I had finally gotten you pregnant - especially considering Barnes was sharing your bed. I was angry. At that point in our lives, I wasn't capable of accepting Barnes's son as my own. I just wasn't."

"I understand, JR," Sue Ellen said coldly. "Are you done?"

"No, Sue Ellen, " JR struggled to keep the annoyance out of his voice, "I'm not done. I didn't manipulate the paternity test and I very well might have divorced you if Cliff had been the father. But that was then. You and I are both different people now. And if you had all your memories you would know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't put you aside now no matter what. Even if there was another man and even if there was a child that wasn't mine."

"Why…" she hesitated and took a deep breath, "how would I know that, JR? Was...was there another baby? A baby that wasn't yours?"

"All I am saying is that if there were I would fight like hell to keep you. I love you. You're my wife. No matter what, I won't ever leave you. I tried living without you honey. It didn't work."

"…" her voice trailed off as a faint memory teased the corners of her mind. She was in a hospital bed. JR was there. He had brought her flowers. There was someone else in the room...a young, blond man…

Her eyes widened and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Peter. His name was Peter. And there had been a miscarriage. "Oh, my God…"

"Sue Ellen, we both made terrible mistakes. But we worked it all out. What you heard me say downstairs is how I felt then. It's not how I feel now. I love you. Nothing, NOTHING will ever change that."

Sue Ellen lost complete control of her emotions and crumpled into a sobbing heap. "What are we going to do JR? Can Cliff really make us give him John Ross's DNA?"

JR moved next to her and pulled her into his arms. "I'll take care of Barnes," he promised her. "John Ross is MY son - yours and mine. Don't you doubt that honey, no matter what Barnes got some judge to believe."

Sue Ellen wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him with all her strength. "I'm so scared, JR."

"Don't be scared," he whispered softly. "I am going to take care of everything."

"Excuse me," Clayton interrupted from the doorway. "JR, Harry McSween is here to see you. He says it's an emergency."

JR nodded and kissed Sue Ellen's forehead gently. "I need to talk to him, honey. Stay here with Mama and I'll be back as soon as I can."

Sue Ellen Ellen nodded and wiped her tears from her cheek. "Alright, JR."

JR got up and moved to the door. "McSween better have some answers for me," he growled as he followed Clayton down the hallway towards the stairs. "Or I will personally break his neck."


"I should kill you where you stand."

Matt couldn't help himself. He burst out laughing and shook his head. "Give it a go, Barnes, if you're feeling particularly brave and stupid."

"Why would you want to make JR out to be a hero in front of Pam?" Cliff snapped angrily.

"I didn't make him out to be a hero, Cliff. I just told the truth. What I want to know is how you found out about any of this in the first place."

"Doesn't matter how I found out, the point is that I did. And I know a lot more about JR and his schemes and misdeeds. I know everything. And I'm going to use what I know to put JR Ewing down once and for all, like the dog he is."

Cliff paused and took a long drink of whiskey. "And let me tell you something, Cantrell, if you get it my way, I'll put you down too. That goes for anyone who gets in my way; including my wishy-washy sister."


"What are you going to do?"

Pam turned away from the window and shrugged at her husband. "I don't know. I'm not sure if I totally believe Matt, but I have got to know if this Lisa Alden woman exists and if she does if she's really a threat to me and Christopher."

"How are you going to find that out?" Mark asked quietly.

"I guess, I have no choice," Pam answered, her face twisted into a nasty grimace. "I have to go talk to JR."


JR choked back a gulp of bourbon and slammed glass down onto the bar.

"JR, I'm sorry.. "

"Save the apology, Harry," JR growled. "I understand why you did what you did. What I can't understand is why, in all our years together, you never told me."

"I didn't want to tarnish Jock's legacy."

JR turned to face the other man, his eyes narrowed to dangerous slits. "I know damned well who my Daddy was. The only thing keeping this from me tarnished is my trust of you."

Harry grimaced and sank back further into his chair. "What now?"

JR shook his head and moved to the couch. He needed to think.

Harry had told him the whole story. He'd been a young detective back in those days and he'd done a lot of side work for a Dallas based PI firm that Jock frequently employed. Jock had never believed JR and Sue Ellen's denials about her affair with Cliff. He'd been convinced John Ross belonged to Barnes. He was terrified of how Miss Ellie would react to the scandal if the affair and the true paternity became public knowledge. He'd paid the PI firm to switch the blood samples for the paternity test and McSweeen himself had done the deed. But Harry had messed up. He'd contaminated the samples, and that's why the first test had come back inconclusive.

"You're sure the second test wasn't tampered with?" JR asked lowly.

"Damn sure," Harry nodded. "They ran the blood work before I had a chance to get into the lab and switch the samples. John Ross is your son, JR."

"I never doubted that," JR shot back at him. "I need you to go see Cliff's judge and tell him what you told me. Get him to rescind the court order for the DNA. I don't want Sue Ellen embarrassed by a scandal."

"If that's what you want, JR, that's what I'll do. But we have a much bigger problem to deal with."

"What?" JR snapped. "What could possibly be a bigger problem than a paternity suit splashed all over the Dallas news?"

"Barry Smith."

"Why does that name sound familiar to me?"

"He's the inmate who killed Captain Lowell in jail."


"So they ran his DNA for the autopsy. His real name wasn't Barry Smith. It's Jason Maxton."

"Is that supposed to mean something to me?"

Harry shifted uncomfortably in his chair and dropped his gaze to the ground. "He's former Dallas PD. Kicked off the force because of one too many brutality complaints. I thought he was a good cop getting a bad rap, so I occasionally threw some PI work his way. And sometimes I used him on my jobs - including jobs for you."

"And?" JR snarled. "Get to the point, Harry."

"And two years ago he just disappeared. Into thin air. I looked for him for a long time before giving up. JR…"

Harry paused and took a deep breath. "JR, he took some of my files with him."

"I don't understand what you're trying to tell me, Harry."

"He knew everything. Every plot and scheme and blackmail and set-up. If Barnes knows about the paternity sample switch…"

"Jesus," JR muttered as understanding finally dawned on him.

"If he sold the information about the blood test to Barnes," Harry muttered, "there's a good chance…"

JR covered his face in his hands. He didn't need Harry to finish the sentence.

If Barnes had somehow found Maxton and knew about the blood samples, he probably knew about every other evil scheme Harry and JR had ever pulled off together.

This was a nightmare.

And JR knew there was no waking up from it.



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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This fic is an alternate timeline where the dream season wasn't a dream. It picks up after the last episode of season 9.


Life Is But a Dream

Part 26:


"Good morning," JR mumbled, sliding into his customary seat at the breakfast table.

"Good morning, JR," Ellie nodded at him. "Will Sue Ellen be joining us for breakfast?"

JR bit back a wave of annoyance at the question. He and Sue Ellen had had a difficult night together. The threat of the court order for John Ross's DNA, the memory of her affair with Peter, the aftermath of JR's angry had all taken a huge emotional toll on his wife. She'd spent the entire night sobbing in his arms. "She'll be down soon," he finally answered his mother's question. "She didn't sleep well last night."

"I can imagine," Ellie sighed. "Does she still plan on going to see that therapist this morning?"

"Yes. Donna should be here to pick her up shortly. Where's Clayton this morning?"

"Down at the stable. One of the horses went into labor. I hope you don't mind but he took John Ross with him. We would have asked permission, but we didn't want to disturb you."

"That's fine," JR grumbled. He took a sip of his coffee and turned his attention to Lucy, who sat silently in her chair, picking at her food. "You heading back to Atlanta soon?"

Lucy's eyes snapped up to meet his and she shrugged. "Guess I have to, don't I?"

"Seems to me you don't have to do anything you don't want to," JR replied evenly.

Lucy made no reply. She returned her eyes to her plate and started picking at her food again.

JR started to push her, but Jack coming into the dining room interrupted his thoughts.

"Good morning, everyone," Jack bent to drop a kiss on Ellie's cheek.

"Good morning, Jack," Ellie smiled. "Please join us."

"Thanks, Miss Ellie, but I already ate. I just came by because I need to have a word with JR...alone."

JR growled and stood up. He followed Jack into the living room and folded his arms across his chest. "Well?"

"I was wondering if you could have that detective you always have hanging around to try to find someone for me."


"My ex-wife."

"Look, Jack, in case you haven't noticed, there's a lot going on around here right now. Harry doesn't have time to chase some woman around just to improve your life."

"JR, I know this is a bad time," Jack said evenly. "I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

"Why do you want to find her?"

"It's personal," Jack shrugged. "But like I said, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

"You got any leads?"

"Yeah. Her lawyer called me yesterday. I have his name. And I know her well enough to guess about a couple of places she might run to."

"Alright, Jack," JR gave in. "Give me what you've got and I'll pass it along to Harry."

"Thanks, JR. I appreciate it."

"I guess I owe you one anyway. Thanks for dropping the dime on Barnes."

"Yeah. What are you going to do about all that?"

"Exactly what you knew I'd do, Jack," JR snorted. "I'm going to crush that little worm - once and for all."


Richard slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath. "Sue Ellen," he said softly.

He could see her face, hear her voice.

He wished he could remember what she was to him. When the memories first started, he'd thought maybe she was his wife. But that didn't feel right. He knew he had deep affection for her, but it didn't feel romantic. It felt more like…

"Family…" he muttered.

He closed his eyes again and concentrated as hard as he could. He could see her. She looked...radiant. She was fixing a plate of food. There were lots of people there. It was some kind of party. She was talking to someone...another woman.

Richard's heart started beating hard and fast. He knew that woman! She was…

"Oh, my God," he breathed out in a rush of air, "Pam!"


Cliff rubbed his temples as he watched Marilee pace - practically stalk - back in forth in front of his desk. "You PROMISED me that Pam would be on board by now!"

"I'm working on her!" Cliff snapped. "You know Pam has always been flighty!"

"That's not my problem, Cliff! I am risking a lot backing you against JR. I can't afford to wait forever for you to hold up your end of the deal."

"What are you saying, Marilee?"

She stopped pacing and leveled her angry eyes on his face. "If you don't have Pam in Wendell's office by close of business tomorrow, I'm out."

"Marliee...I need more time…"

"You have today and tomorrow," she bent to retrieve her purse then turned to the door. "I suggest you get busy, Cliff. You promised you'd help me destroy JR. If you can't keep that promise, I'll be just as content to work with JR to destroy YOU instead."

Cliff swallowed hard as he watched her leave the office. He snatched up the phone, dialed, and waited for an answer. "It's Barnes. We need to talk. NOW. Alright, I'll be there."

He sat back into his chair and frowned deeply. He had promised never to contact his source of information again. He knew there would be consequences for breaking that promise.

But desperate times called for desperate measures.


JR glanced at his watch and frowned. Sue Ellen would be back from her appointment soon and he wanted to be free before she got home. "Alright, Harry. I think that's all for right now."

"Okay, JR. I'll run down all the numbers from the jail's phone logs and get back to you. "

"Good," JR nodded. "And don't forget about that Stevens woman. You don't need to keep me in the loop on that. If you find anything, just report it straight to Jack."

"Understood, JR," Harry stood up. "I'll be in touch."

"You might not want to leave just yet," Clayton said from the doorway.

JR looked up at the other man and noticed how pale he was. "What happened, Clayton?"

"Carl Castle is dead. They're saying it was a home invasion, but…"

"But what?" JR pressed.

"His throat was cut. Ear to ear."

"Calhoun?" JR breathed out.

"No idea…" Clayton shook his head. "But if I had to take a guess...yes."

"Jesus, JR," McSween growled, "if the CIA had Castle killed…"

"Then that means they know I'm still digging," JR finished the sentence. "Call Ray and tell him to get over here. We need to strengthen the security around here - and we need to do it fast."


Donna gripped the steering wheel tightly and tried to figure out a way to talk to her friend.

Sue Ellen had been sobbing continually since coming out of her therapist's office. Donna had gently prodded the other woman to talk, but Sue Ellen had remained stubbornly silent.

"I wish you would talk to me," Donna finally said softly. "It might help."

Sue Ellen dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and sucked in a deep breath. "Do you…"


"Do you remember Peter Richards?"

"Wasn't he John Ross's counselor for a while?"

"Yes," Sue Ellen said in a small voice. "I slept with him. I got pregnant. I don't know if the baby was his or JR's. I had a miscarriage."

"Oh...Sue Ellen. I'm so sorry. I never knew…"

"No one did - well, Lucy suspected, but JR covered the whole thing up."

"Oh…" Donna shifted uncomfortably. She had no idea what to say.

"I remembered it last night...and JR…"

"JR what?"

"He made me feel so guilty. Dirty. Like I was a scarlet woman who had wronged her husband."

"Oh, Sue Ellen...I'm sure JR would never make you feel like that on purpose."

"No, he wouldn't. But…"


"He told me he loved me and that it didn't matter to him. I let him hold me while I cried out my shame. And I realized what a horrible hypocrite he is."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean he is just as guilty as me. More guilty."

"Sue Ellen, I don't understand."

"He told me he doubted John Ross was his. He told me he doubted the baby I lost was his. What he didn't tell me is that he fathered a child with another woman. Guess he was hoping I would never remember that."

"What? JR fathered another child? With who?"

"Kristen," Sue Ellen spat out the name. "My sister."


"How did the session go?"

"According to plan. Mrs. Ewing recalled that her husband had an affair with her sister and that her sister became pregnant as a result."

"How did she take it?"

"Not well. There were a lot of hysterics."

"And were you able to talk to her about me?"

"Not talk exactly. But while she was under hypnosis, I suggested she was very much considering leaving her husband for you before her kidnapping. Hopefully that suggestion will take root as a memory."

"Good work. Call me after her next session."

Jerry hung up the phone and grinned. Sue Ellen should be back at Southfork soon. And JR was in for one hell of a fight.

"Dr. Kenderson?"

Jerry looked up and saw his secretary standing in his office doorway. "Yes?"

"Cliff Barnes is here to see you."

Jerry growled under his breath. "Fine. Send him in."

He couldn't believe Barnes had the nerve to call him again in spite of their agreement to have no further contact. He was beginning to wish he had never given that file to Cliff - it was turning out to be more trouble than it was worth.


Daughtry carefully opened his bottom desk drawer just far enough to be sure his gun was within reach and then sat back in his chair. "You shouldn't have come here."

"Why not?"

"The work you do for the company is off the books. You shouldn't come waltzing into my office."

"Yet, here I am."

"Yes," Daughtry sighed. "What do you want?"

"Did you hear about the unfortunate fate of Carl Castle?"

"Yes. I don't suppose you had anything to do with that, did you?"

The other man barked out a short laugh. "JR Ewing didn't take your warning to heart. He's still poking around."

"I know all about McSween's visit to the warden. We are uninvolved in Lowell's murder. It's of no consequence to us if Ewing keeps digging into that."

"It has every consequence to us. There's a straight line between Lowell and Kenderson and Kenderson and Bobby Ewing."

Daughtry shifted uneasily and dropped his gaze to his desk. "We can't eliminate JR Ewing. His profile is too high."

"Maybe. But the bitch has to die."

"Excuse me?"

"The Ewing woman. She saw Bobby Ewing with her own eyes."

"No one believed her."

"I'm not taking the chance someone will. I'm not asking for permission, Daughtry, just giving you the courtesy of letting you know."

Daughtry didn't reply. He watched warily as the other man stood up and moved to the door. "And you'd better get JR under control. If you don't, I'll take care of him too. High profile or not."

Daughtry waited until he was alone again, then let out a frustrated growl.

BD Calhoun was a loose cannon. He wished the company had never involved that man in any of this. But they had.

And now, Sue Ellen Ewing was as good as dead.


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Oh no BD Calhoun is coming after Sue Ellen. He better leave her alone or JR will come after him with a vengeance.

Great that Jack got Harry involved in finding April.

Yay! Bobby is remembering more and wants to escape. I can't wait for everyone's reaction when he comes back to Southfork. Funny though how he remembers Pam, Christopher and Sue Ellen's names but not his own name.


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Tell you what it is Calhoun? Get through me!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This fic is an alternate timeline where the dream season wasn't a dream. It picks up after the last episode of season 9.


Life Is But a Dream

Part 27:


"Thank you for agreeing to see me, JR. I know this isn't the best time."

JR grunted and fixed his eyes on her face. "No. It's not. Sue Ellen will be back from her therapist soon and I want to be free for her."

"Then I'll get right to the point," Pam sighed, sinking back into her chair. "I know you got Katherine out of the country after she shot Bobby. And I know you used Matt Cantrell to do it."

JR growled under his breath and ran a frustrated hand through his hair. "Your brother tell you that?" He demanded.

"Yes," Pam answered softly. "And Matt Cantrell told me why you did it."

JR laughed bitterly and shook his head. "That's hard to believe, since I never told Cantrell why I did it."

"He said…" she paused and took a deep breath, "he said it was because Christopher's biological aunt was going to be a threat. He said Katherine was going to use her to take Christopher away from me and Bobby. He said you did it to protect Bobby and Christopher."

"Listen, Pam...I…"

He growled again, stood up, and walked over to the window. He stared aimlessly outside for a minute before deciding to tell her the truth. "You know me too well to think I'd do something so risky if there wasn't some benefit to me. Yes. Lisa Alden's appearance in Dallas would have been disastrous to you and Bobby. It would have been disastrous for me too."

"What do you mean?" Pam pressed him.

"I had just got her back," he confessed, his voice low and even. "If Lisa had shown up and started a custody battle, it all would have come back."

"What would have come back?" Pam snapped. "You're not making any sense!"

"Kristen. My affair. That I thought Christopher was my child. Don't you see, Pam? I had her back in my bed. Back in my life. We were happy. I sent Katherine away to protect myself and my marriage - not for Christopher and Bobby."

" did it for Sue Ellen?"

"Yes," JR shrugged. "I had her back. I wanted to keep her. Protecting Christopher and Bobby was an afterthought. I only wanted to protect my marriage."

"Cliff said there was no way you were a hero."

"For once, your brother is right," he finally turned around to face her. "I could have lied to you, Pam. I could have let you think I was some kind of hero."

"Yes, you could have. Why didn't you?"

"I don't know," he admitted. "Are you and I gonna have trouble over this?"

"No," Pam sighed heavily and stood up. "I appreciate that you were honest. And...well,'re a snake. But your love for Sue Ellen and John Ross has always been your one redeeming quality. It's really the only thing that makes you human. Sue Ellen needs your full attention now. I won't distract you with a meaningless revival of hostilities between us."

"Good," JR let out a relieved breath. "But your brother…"

"I can't speak for him anymore than Bobby could ever speak for you. Whatever is between the two of you has nothing to do with me. Understand?"

"Yes, Pam. I understand completely."

They said their goodbyes and JR walked Pam to the door. Neither of them noticed Sue Ellen standing quietly behind the door to the study.

She'd heard the whole thing. And she was so very confused.

Who was Katherine? Who was Matt? And what did either of them have to do with Kristen and her baby?

Pam had said JR loved her. She knew that was true. But the lies...the secrets and the lies and the guilt…

She felt as if she was losing her mind. And she didn't know how much more she could take.


Richard cursed, threw down a razor,and grabbed a tissue to wipe the blood from his chin.

He needed a new blade. The one he was using was old and dull.

He moved closer to the mirror and examined the wound. It was only a scratch.


There was something familiar about this…

"You cut yourself! Mama is going to kill me because you got hurt!"

"It's just a little cut, JR!"

"She told me you were too young to shave. She's going to be all over me, Bob. Can't you ever do anything right?"

Richard sucked in a deep breath and stumbled backwards a few steps.

"Bob," he muttered to himself.

It was a memory. A REAL memory. He had been very young. There was another boy...a little older than him...he had been learning how to shave. "Mama…"

That other boy was his brother.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. "JR… and Bob...BOBBY!"

His eyes snapped open, wide and shocked. He had a brother named JR.

And his name wasn't Richard.

His name was Bobby.

"Bobby," he whispered to his reflection in the mirror. "Your name is Bobby."


"Everything taken care of?"

Ray grunted out a "Yes" and sat down in the patio chair between Jenna and Donna. "Alarm codes are updated. I have some cowboys watching the house and Harry sent over a few men," he told his wife. "Listen Jenna," he nodded at the other woman, "you and Charlie should stay here at Southfork for a few days. This place is safe, but if Calhoun can't get to JR, he might go after family to draw him out."

"I'm not family," Jenna reminded him.

"That's horse shit and you know it," Ray shot back. "Stop being so stubborn and let us protect you and Charlie."

"Please?" Donna pleaded with her friend.

"Alright," Jenna gave in. "But just for a few days."

"Good," Ray sighed with relief. "How's she holding up?" He nodded his head in Sue Ellen's direction.

"Not well," Donna shook her head. "She remembered a lot of painful things at therapy today. She won't talk about it and she's refusing to see JR at all."

"I feel for her," Jenna said. "All those awful memories coming back at once…"

Ray stood up and walked to the other side of the patio, taking a seat beside Sue Ellen without bothering to wait for an invitation.

She didn't even look up. She sat there beside him, silent and still as stone.

"I know you don't remember this," Ray said evenly, "but you and I had a knock down drag out over JR once."

"What?" her head jerked up and she stared at him with wide eyes.

"Yeah. The two of you weren't even together. I mean, not really. Fighting like cats and dogs. Anyway, he did something...oh hell, I don't even remember what it was. JR has done so many evil deeds it's hard to keep them all straight. I came to Southfork, determined to beat him half to death. You stopped me in the living room and told me I would have to go through you."

"I don't...I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I know," Ray softened his tone. "And it doesn't matter what it was all about. What matters is that you have always known what he is, Sue Ellen. And you've always loved him anyway. Whatever happened between the two of you, whatever awful, nasty thing you've remembered he's done, remember- you already forgave him. There's something...something so strong between you two. We all thought you were dead. But not JR. JR knew you were out there and you needed help."


"I don't know," Ray shrugged. "He said he could feel you."

"I...I could feel him too," she said softly. "Somehow I knew he loved me and that he was coming to get me."

"That's what I mean, Sue Ellen. I know you're in pain now. But the two of you have something together most other couples can only dream about. Focus on that...not the bad memories. "

He got up and walked away without another word, leaving Sue Ellen to sit alone and stew over his words.


Barnes was going to be a problem.

Jerry wished he had never given the other man the file he'd gotten from Maxton. Barnes was like a dog with a bone, refusing to give up on his mission to destroy JR even though his plans were unraveling all around him.

Pam and Jack were both refusing to get involved. Marilee Stone had given him an ultimatum. Soon Jeremy Wendell would start rattling his saber. Barnes was backed into a corner; and now the mousey little man was demanding more help from Jerry.


Cliff Barnes was going to be a problem - one Jerry had no desire to deal with.

Barnes might very well soon be met with an unfortunate accident.

Jerry couldn't allow his carefully laid plans to be interfered with.

The only thing that mattered was Sue Ellen. Everything and everyone else held no value whatsoever.


Sue Ellen sat at her vanity and tried desperately to control her breathing.

"I don't give a damn about your lover!"

"He isn't my lover!"

"Oh. I see…"

"No, you don't see! You don't see anything!"

Jerry Kenderson. She and JR were arguing about Jerry Kenderson.

Sue Ellen closed her eyes tightly and tried to remember more. She had...warm feelings for Kenderson...whoever he was. She'd told JR he wasn't her lover...but…

Another memory teased at the corners of her mind. She was in a ladies' room, standing at the sink.

"Sue Ellen?"

In her mind she could see another woman...a beautiful young woman… Jamie. It was Jamie.

"Sue Ellen, are you alright?"

"Yes. I just needed a moment alone."

"JR was getting worried. He sent me to check on you and make sure you were alright."

"Did you happen to notice if Dr. Kenderson was still lurking around outside?"

"I didn't see him...Sue Ellen, I'm sorry. I just assumed.."


"You and JR. You seem so happy tonight. I figured the two of you were back together."

"Not yet," Sue Ellen blushed, "but I hope we will be by the end of the evening."

"And Dr. Kenderson?"

"There's nothing between us. And to be honest, he is making me a little uncomfortable…"


Sue Ellen's eyes snapped open and the memory was suddenly gone. She looked up and saw her husband standing in their bedroom doorway. "JR.."

"Another memory?"

"Yes. I think...we were at a party. Jamie and I were in the ladies' room. You sent her to find me."

"A fundraiser. For Graison research. That was one of the best nights of my life. "

"I came back to you that night."


"Can we…"


"I need to talk about Jerry Kenderson. I'm so confused. "

"Confused about what?" JR forced himself to remain calm.

"He wasn't my lover."


"And I...he made me feel...uncomfortable."

"You never told me that."

"JR, there's something...not right. I remember wanting to get away from him but I still feel…"

"You feel what?"

"As if he is somehow very important to me."

"I see."

"Please. I don't want to fight. I know I love you. I know I didn't feel romantic towards him. But...oh, JR! I'm just so confused. Can't we just talk about him? Please? I need to sort through my feelings…"

"Alright, honey," he moved fully into the room and shut the door behind him. He walked over to her, extended her hand, pulled her up and settled her into his arms. "Whatever you need, that's what we'll do."


Daughtry turned away from the window and walked back to his desk. He opened one of the folders in front of him and studied a picture carefully.

Sue Ellen Ewing was a beautiful woman.

More importantly to Daughtry, she was an innocent woman.

She shouldn't even be involved in this mess. And she certainly didn't deserve to die.

Daughtry had made a case to his superiors to call Calhoun off. His pleading had fallen on deaf ears. The company was more than willing to let Calhoun slaughter her to keep him happy and to keep Bobby Ewing's existence a secret.

But Daughtry had other ideas.

He couldn't stand back and watch this happen.

He had to do something.

He reached for the other folder on his desk and stood up.

It was time to put a stop to this madness once and for all.

No matter if it cost his everything- even if it cost him his career...or his life.


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Yes finally Bobby is remembering his name and also that he has a brother named JR. I can't wait until he get out of the nuthouse.

Nice that Jenna and Charlie will be staying at Southfork for a while.

Looks like Ray gave Sue Ellen the pep talk she needed.

Jerry is super annoying. I hope he gets what's coming to him!

Great scene with JR and Pam too when he confessed his real motivations for doing what he did regarding Lisa Alden. At least he was being honest.


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This fic is an alternate timeline where the dream season wasn't a dream. It picks up after the last episode of season 9.


Life Is But a Dream

Part 28:


JR kissed his sleeping wife's forehead, straightened, and walked silently from the room. He gently closed the bedroom door and headed down the hallway towards the stairs, cursing himself under his breath the whole way down.

She had exhausted herself. They'd hashed out Kristen and talked about Katherine. Worst of all, they'd talked about Jerry Kenderson.

JR had told her the truth; that she had dated Kenderson but had never slept with him and had certainly never seriously considered leaving their marriage for him.

And she knew all of that - in her brain anyway. She even told him she remembered Kenderson making her very uncomfortable. But she also confessed that for some reason she had very strange feelings about the doctor- that somehow he had been very important to her.

JR had gently reminded her that all of her memories and feelings weren't accurate and that the doctor in the hospital had warned them she might have more false memories. That had led to a scene of her accusing him of thinking she was crazy because she thought she had seen Bobby.

JR had handled it all the best he could, but it was all wearing on him. He was afraid he had been a little too harsh with her and that now she wouldn't be able to trust him completely.

And he still couldn't shake the feeling that Dr. Jerry Kenderson was somehow involved in this mess. He needed to figure out exactly how - and to make sure he paid.


"You're telling me that Jock Ewing paid you to switch the blood samples?"

Harry kept his eyes on the ground, unable to meet the judge's gaze. "Yes. But I failed. The paternity test results are legitimate."

"Then what is Mr. Ewing's objection to providing the DNA? If it will show he is, in fact, the father of John Ross Ewing III, then why not just go through with it?"

"Your honor, I'm sure you read the papers and you know about Mrs. Ewing's kidnapping and dramatic rescue. I'm sure you can imagine how physically and mentally fragile she is. The humiliation of the publicity surrounding this stunt by Mr. Barnes may very well send her over the edge."

"There won't be any publicity," the Judge said. "I'll issue a gag order and seal the record. But the test will move forward. Mr. Barnes brought me credible evidence that the paternity test had been tampered with and you just confirmed that evidence is authentic. The court will send a lab tech out to Southfork later today and the Ewings will provide him with DNA without protest. Understand?"

"Yes," Harry sighed. "I understand. JR Ewing is going to be furious."

"Perhaps," the judge said sternly. "But that's not my problem, sir. It's yours."


Bobby closed his eyes and tried to remember more. Things were starting to come back to him, but everything was still hazy.

He remembered a wedding and a pool. Hunting with some other men. Playing blocks with a little boy.

"Christopher," he murmured. There was no longer any doubt in his mind that Christopher was his son.

But Sue Ellen wasn't Christopher's mother. No. She was family, but not his wife. His wife…


The name came out as a whisper. Pamela was his wife and Christopher was his son.

And so help him God, he was going to figure out a way to get back to them.


"Do you want me to go up and check on her?"

JR's head snapped up and he narrowed his eyes on Donna's face. "No. Let her sleep."

"Alright. Sorry, JR. Just trying to help."

"I know, Donna. I didn't mean to snap at you."

"It's alright, JR. I can only imagine how stressful this is for you."

JR nodded and turned his attention back to the papers in front of him.

"JR?" Donna's voice was tentative. "About Sue Ellen's therapist…"


"She...I mean I don't think…"

"Spit it out, Donna."

"Sue Ellen was fine before her session. Afterwards she was hysterical. I know she needs to recover all her memories, but from what Sue Ellen told me, they spent the whole appointment digging around in her brain about Kristen. It just seems to me like…"

"Like what?"

"I don't know, maybe I'm crazy."

"What, Donna?" JR snapped, losing all patience.

"Why would a therapist, knowing how much she's been through, knowing how fragile she is, why would a doctor force her to concentrate on what she knew was going to be a very upsetting set of memories? Why not start her off with more general things? Her home? Her family? Her job? Why poke and prod at something that was clearly upsetting her?"

JR sat back in his chair and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. "That's a damn good question, Donna. Maybe…"

His words were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell and the sudden appearance of Harry McSween. "I talked to the judge, JR. He is issuing a gag order but…"

"But what?"

"But he is refusing to cancel the DNA test. He's sending a lab tech over now. He'll be here any minute."

JR growled and stood up. "Guess I had better go wake Sue Ellen. Stick around, Donna. She's going to need you."


Daughtry walked out of the door and onto the city street. He glanced around, then chuckled wryly when it occurred to him that if he had been followed, he'd probably never know it. Calhoun was too good to get caught skulking around out in the open.

He hoped he was doing the right thing. Losing Bobby Ewing would mean losing all of Dr. Ellis's research. The Company would be furious. He would be lucky to get out of this with his life, forget about his job.

But he couldn't let Sue Ellen Ewing die. As far as he could see, the only way to save her life was to make sure everyone knew Bobby Ewing was still alive.

The Company wouldn't risk killing such a high profile target if the secret she knew was exposed to the whole world.

He hated having made the choice he made - but there was no alternative.


Jack flipped through the file Harry had dropped off earlier in the day. He'd already found April.

She'd run home to her mother. Jack was surprised about that. April loved her family, but she hated being at home and being constantly reminded that she came from a poor, trashy trailer park. If April had voluntarily gone back to Ohio, she must have really been in a lot of emotional turmoil and in serious need of her mother's comfort.

He smiled to himself when it crossed his mind that she was going to find out the true meaning of the word turmoil very shortly.

He picked up the phone, dialed the number, and waited for an answer. "Hello? Yeah. I need to book a flight. One way: Dallas to Cleveland. First available one."


Cliff banged on the steering wheel and cursed loudly.

The traffic downtown was brutal. He was late for a meeting with Wendell and that man hated to be kept waiting. Cliff really didn't need any trouble with Jeremy. This morning's meeting with Kenderson had been absolutely disastrous. He didn't need another alliance blowing up in his face.

He honked his horn in frustration and groaned loudly. Cars were backed up so far, he couldn't even see what the actual problem was. The two left lanes were completely blocked but the right lane and the lands coming in the other direction all seemed clear. He wondered why they weren't routing cars into the empty lanes.

He reached for his mobile phone, intending to call Wendell's office to warn him he was going to be late, but a sudden movement outside his window got his attention.

"What the hell.." he muttered to himself only a moment before the car crossed two lanes of traffic heading the wrong way and smashed violently into the driver's side of his car. He lost consciousness immediately, so he never saw the driver of the other car crawl out the back seat and take off running down an alley.


"That's it?" JR asked after the lab tech swabbed his cheek.

"Yes, sir. I already have samples from your wife and son. I have everything I need. '

"Good," JR growled. "Then get the hell out of my house."

The lab tech packed up his case and nodded. "I'll see myself out."

JR waited until he was out of the room then turned his attention to Ray. "Donna with Sue Ellen?"

"Yeah. She seems to be holding up just fine."

"For now," JR sighed. "You remember me telling you I had reason to believe Cliff had a file on me?"


"There's a lot more in there than just the botched attempt to manipulate the paternity test. He knows things...let's just say Barnes has the means to make my life miserable. I don't know if Sue Ellen is strong enough to handle what's coming."

"She isn't," a soft voice came from behind him.

JR turned around and saw Lucy standing in the doorway. "How long have you been standing there, girl?"

"Long enough," she confessed. "JR, I have been spending a lot of time with John Ross. And I've been watching Sue Ellen carefully. They're both barely holding it together. I don't know what's in that file, but knowing you, I'm sure it's all awful. You can't let Cliff use it."

"I don't see how I can stop him," JR muttered.

"Maybe I can."

"What?" Ray spoke up. "How?"

"What if I told you I know something that will make Cliff back off? That I have something he'll want more than anything else in the world. Even more than Ewing Oil or getting revenge on JR."

"I'd say," JR breathed out, "get in here, close the door,and start talking."


"You're awfully quiet."

Pam looked up from her dinner plate and shrugged. "I was just thinking about Cliff. I'm worried about him. He feels like Jack and I both abandoned him."

"Cliff needs to grow up," Mark told her. "He can't expect you and Jack to help him hurt people you both love just so he can get over on JR."

Pam started to reply, but was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. She stood up, walked to the phone, and picked up the receiver. "Hello? Yes, this is Pamela Graison. What?! Oh my God! Is he alright? I'll be right there!"

"What is it, Pam?" Mark asked, his voice full of concern.

"Cliff has been in an accident. A hit and run. He's hurt badly. I have to get to the hospital right now!"


"Is John Ross okay?"

"Yes," JR said quietly, removing his tie and glancing over at the bed. "He didn't even seem interested in why the tech wanted to swab his cheek. Are you okay?"

"I think so," Sue Ellen shrugged. "I just wish I could remember…"


"JR, I have to ask you something. Promise me you won't lie just to make me feel better."

"I promise, Sue Ellen."

She was silent for a few moments, watching him shrug out of his shirt and toss it into the closet. "Are we...I mean do you...are we sure…"

JR stopped in mid motion unbuckling his pants and leveled his gaze on her eyes. "Are we sure what, honey? That John Ross is mine?"

"Yes," she choked out, her voice thick with tears. 'I just can't remember, JR!"

He walked over to the bed, sat down beside her, and reached out to take her hand in his. "Sue Ellen, John Ross is mine. There is no doubt. None. We are absolutely sure. "

"Then why would Cliff Barnes do this? Why would he do something so awful?"

JR sighed heavily, attempting to find the right words. "Cliff Barnes hates me. And I hate him."

"Why? Because of me?"

"Not at first. The feud started with our daddies. It's gotten worse between me and him. Honey, it's a long, ugly story. But you didn't cause any of this. You got hurt...caught in our crossfire. I hate myself for that."

"How could you hate yourself knowing I Iove you so much?"

He smiled at her and bent to place a soft kiss on her lips. "I love you too. And John Ross is ours. Don't you lose one minute's sleep over this DNA test. Promise me."

"I promise," she cupped his face in her hands, "as long as you promise to give me a better reason to lose sleep."

JR chuckled lowly and pulled her into his arms. "That's a promise I will have no problem at all keeping, Miss Texas."


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Poor Cliff he always seems to end up in accidents or even getting killed in your stories. Can it be that you don't like him much?

At least JR and Sue Ellen seems to be working out their problems. Let's hope the whole blood test thing will be over and done with soon so they could put it behind them.

I look forward to when Bobby returns to his family.


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Poor Cliff he always seems to end up in accidents or even getting killed in your stories. Can it be that you don't like him much?

At least JR and Sue Ellen seems to be working out their problems. Let's hope the whole blood test thing will be over and done with soon so they could put it behind them.

I look forward to when Bobby returns to his family.
I have conflicting feelings about Cliff. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I can't stand him.

He gets the short end in so many of my fics because he makes a good enemy for JR.


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I don't own any of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

This fic is an alternate timeline where the dream season wasn't a dream. It picks up after the last episode of season 9.


Life Is But a Dream

Part 29:


"Would you please calm down? All I'm saying is maybe you should skip your appointment today."

"Why, JR?" Sue Ellen demanded. "Don't you want me to get my memories back?"

"Of course I do!" He defended. "But Donna brought up some very valid concerns about your therapist and how upset you were after your last session…"

"Funny, Donna never brought up any concerns to me!"

"Of course not, Sue Ellen. She probably didn't want to upset you!"

"Oh yes. Because I am emotionally fragile, overly dramatic, and flat out crazy!"

"No one is saying that, Sue Ellen," JR tried desperately to keep his temper in check.

"No," she agreed flatly, "none of you are saying it, but you all think it!"

"I don't, " his voice turned soft and gentle. "I don't think that at all, honey. I think you've been traumatized and your behavior is appropriate."

"But you don't believe me about Bobby, do you?" She challenged.

"I believe you saw something, Sue Ellen, but it couldn't have been Bobby."

"See? You do think I'm crazy," tears spilled out of her eyes. "You promised you'd look into it, but you haven't. "

"Sue Ellen.. " JR was interrupted by a knock on their bedroom door. He growled under his breath, walked over, and snatched the door open. "Yes?"

"Sorry, JR," Clayton said sheepishly from the doorway. "But Harry McSween is on the phone. He says it's an emergency. "

JR nodded, closed the door, and walked over to pick up the phone on the bedside table. "Harry? It's JR."

JR listened silently, his face turning dark and angry. "Get over here right away. "

"What is it, JR?" Sue Ellen's voice was weak and worried.

"I'm not sure yet," he told her truthfully, "but it's nothing good. Sue Ellen...please. Just promise me you'll stay away from that therapist until I can figure out what's going on. In fact, I need you to promise me you won't leave Southfork at all. Please, honey."

" think someone is still trying to hurt me, JR?"

"I do,' he said softly, sitting down on the edge of the bed and cupping her face in his hands. "I couldn't live if anything happened to you. Please promise me."

"Alright, JR," she gave in reluctantly. "I don't like it. But I trust you. I'll stay home."

"Thank you, Sue Ellen," he leaned forward and kissed her. "I promise you won't regret it."


Jerry slammed down the phone and let out a string of curses.

Barnes was still alive.

There had been a traffic jam and the car hadn't been able to get up enough speed to cause a violent enough impact to kill the bastard. He was in the hospital, bruised, concussed, and wounded - but still alive.

Nothing was going according to his plans recently. Barnes still had the folder on JR from Maxton, and he would probably soon be spilling his guts about where he got it.

The CIA was watching his research so closely that he couldn't even safely contact Doctor Ellis. He needed to make sure Ellis had a handle on Bobby Ewing and that there was no threat the youngest Ewing brother would ever be a problem, but there was no way to do that now.

Worst of all, Sue Ellen was still pregnant. So far she'd only had one session with the therapist. JR had her tucked safely away at Southfork where even Jerry's goons couldn't get to her.

He had to admit that the walls were closing in on him. And he had to figure out what he was going to do about it - fast.



Pam looked up as her husband walked from the bathroom back towards the bed. "I'm alright, Mark," she sighed.

"Worried about Cliff?"

"A little," she shrugged. "I'm so relieved that he's okay, but.."

"But what?"

"But he's hiding something. He doesn't think this was a random accident. Something is going on and I can't figure it out. "

"The police said it was probably just a random drunk driver," Mark reminded her.

"In a car with no registration and no plates?" Pam said doubtfully. "Cliff is involved in something bad and it's caught up with him. I can feel it deep down, Mark. Someone tried to kill my brother."

"What are you going to do?"

"Go see JR," she informed him. "Whatever Cliff has done, you can bet your bottom dollar it's about JR. And I am going to find out exactly what's going on here."


"Whoa. What are you doing here?"

"Looking for your sister," Jack informed the young blond who had answered the door at April's mother's trailer. "Let me in, Michelle. I know she's here."

"You can come in," Michelle said, moving aside to let him through the door, "but she isn't here. At least not at the moment. She took Mama to the doctor."

"When will she be back?"

"Hard to say," Michelle shrugged, gesturing for him to have a seat on the couch. "Chemo today."

"Chemo?" Jack repeated.

"Mama is real sick, " Michelle said sadly. "Sit down, I'll get you some coffee, and I'll tell you all about it."



Lucy put down her magazine, looked up, and smiled at her grandmother. "Hi, Grandma."

"Good morning," Ellie breezed into the dining room. "Do you have plans for the day?"

"Not really," Lucy answered. "Figured I'd hang out with John Ross and the rest of the kids. JR doesn't want any of us leaving the ranch."

"You've been a great comfort to John Ross this last little while."

"I care a lot about that kid. He reminds me of me when I was that age. Stuck dealing with the constant drama surrounding Ewing adults."

"Yes. Southfork is often a difficult place to live as a child," Ellie admitted. "Mitch must miss you terribly. Have you thought about when you will be returning home?"

"This is my home, Grandma," Lucy's voice was flat. "And I don't want to go back to Atlanta."

"I see," Ellie said, carefully keeping her tone even. "Would you like to talk about it?"

"Yes," Lucy smiled a sad smile, "yes, Grandma. I really would."


JR wouldn't have tried to kill him.

In all the years, all the battles, Cliff had never once been worried that JR would stoop to murder.

That crash had been no accident. But JR Ewing wasn't the guilty party.

And that left only one possibility as to the identity of his would be assassin.

"Kenderson," Cliff croaked out, his throat dry and his head pounding. "Jerry Kenderson tried to have me killed."


JR pushed the folder aside, stood up, and walked to the window.

Clayton, McSween, and Ray sat silently, waiting for her to speak.

McSween had been woken up at 5:00 am by the ringing of his apartment doorbell. He'd opened the door to find an envelope lying on the ground outside his door. The envelope contained a folder. The folder contained pages and pages of information: phone logs from the jail, financial records of shell companies and individuals, Sue Ellen's medical charts, the complete service record of BD Calhoun, and the complete medical history of a man named Richard Rice.

"Any way to find out who owns the movie number that Lowell and Maxton both called from the jail?"

"I put in for a warrant," McSween told him. "But that will take a lot of time. Not to mention trying to get a judge to accept an anonymous package that showed up at my door as probable cause. It would go faster if you could get Harv Smithfield to use his contacts at the Justice Department."

"Are we going to talk about this so-called Robert Rice?" Ray demanded.

"It can't be Bobby," JR said stubbornly. "I watched him die."

"Same blood type, same scars, same physical description. Jesus, JR! The same dental records! Sue Ellen saw him!"

"That number…" Clayton muttered. "It's the key. All those calls. From the jail, from Sue Ellen's doctors...even from Cliff Barnes. We have got to know who owns that line."

"Why wait on a search warrant?" A shaky voice said from the doorway. "Why not just go ask my brother what the hell is going on?"

"Pam," JR turned toward the voice. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough," her voice broke. "JR...Bobby…"

"Is dead," JR cut her off. "Someone is playing sick mind games with us."

"We need to go see Cliff," Pam insisted.

"Yes," JR agreed. "But we need to figure out exactly how we're going to handle him. Ray," he said, turning to face his brother. "Go get Lucy. Pam needs to hear what she told us yesterday. "

"JR! We need to go see Cliff right now!"

"No, Pam," he said firmly. "We have to do this carefully. There are a lot of lives at stake, including your brother's. We can't afford even one small, single mistake."


Daughtry smiled ruefully when he heard the door open. He didn't need to turn around. He knew who had come to see him. "You're later than I expected you'd be."

"Did you think I wouldn't find out what you did?"

"Of course I knew you'd find out," Daughtry chuckled. "I just told you I was expecting you."

"Why? You knew I'd have to kill you. But you still sent that package to McSween."

"Because I have no intention of being a part of the murder of an innocent woman," Daughtry shrugged.

"You haven't prevented it. She has to die. All you did was put yourself in the ground with her."

"JR Ewing will know everything soon."

"Maybe, but he'll be dead long before he can tell a soul. Him and his wife."

"Are you going to kill McSween too? And Barnes? What about Krebbs and Farlowe? Too many people know by now. You can't kill them all."

"Of course I can," Calhoun laughed, "I will kill them all. Starting with you."

Calhoun raised his gun and shot Daughtry in the back of the head three times. He watched emotionless as the other man crumpled dead to the floor.

"One down," he grinned, placing the gun back into its holster, "and the rest to go."


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